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Yosef from Boxycharm did a Q&A today with some information on their plans for 2018!

In 2018 Boxycharm is planning on the expanding the beauty profile and product review sections of their site in order to provide more customization in future boxes. This will include new brands and types of products (skincare!).

Boxycharm also mentioned that they’re planning a Boxycharm Beauty Expo for August 2018!

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Check out the full Q&A here:


In case you missed our latest spoilers, the April 2018 box will include:

One of the Colourpop Eyeshadow Palettes!

If you sign up now, the March box will be your first box – the waitlist is temporarily lifted!

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

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  1. Bruh where the spoilers at

    • I know? Usually this late in the month they’re all out..I’ll keep checking:)

      • I wonder if they aren’t giving out spoilers since there isn’t a waiting list.

  2. It would be really nice if boxycharm would explain why it is that they STILL do not have items for charm points. 😠 I have been a subscriber since the beginning and have only been able to cash in points ONE time because they never have products to purchase with points! What a joke…

    • Theres a ton available and been available since i signed up in december…

  3. The wait list was lifted because so many people were tired of boxy sending clown make up. Hopefully customization will help this. I cancelled mine this month.

  4. In theory I like the personalization but in practice it usually doesn’t work, at least with Ipsy and the like. My favorite boxycharm boxes have been the ones with the least variation because then I’m not wishing for the other option.

    As far as adding skincare I’m not a fan. I like that it is all makeup related. Sure, an exfoliant or something every 3 or 4 boxes is fine and mixes it up a little. However, if I start getting skincare in every box it’s not worth it to me. Imo, they should just make a completely seperate box subscription for skincare if they want to, not add to one of the only exclusively makeup boxes that are worth it.

    I also don’t want concealer or powder or anything that has to match my skintone to work at all. I’m crazy pale and olive toned so I doubt anything they send me would work.

    Boxycharm is not broke so why are they trying to fix it?

    • More skin care!! I LOVED the Dr. Brandt. 🙂

  5. If I can’t opt out the skincare/haircare I’m out. I use specific stuff on my face and I don’t want a bunch of useless junk. Same with hair care. I have very long naturally curly hair and can’t use many products. Since the majority have straight hair I’m not likely to get products I can use. It would figure a good thing would get ruined. I liked boxy because they sent products everyone could at least try. There are other boxes that provide a mix of products. Beautyfix, Glossybox, vegan cuts etc.
    I don’t want a bunch of crap like makeup wipes/toner/micellar water etc either. That kind of stuff is pretty inexpensive and there’s no reason people can’t purchase that kind of stuff themselves instead of expecting a sub box to provide it for them 🙄, subs aren’t meant to provide your entire routine for you.

    I remember a comment on a Boxycharm thread where the poster said some people treat these boxes like makeup welfare. She was spot on.

  6. I would subscribe if there is an option to choose mainly skincare or makeup, since I’m looking for primarily skincare.

    • there is not an option to choose skincare, you just subscribe to the box and they send you various of things every month.

  7. By the way he makes it sound theyre not going to make it all skin care, he’s saying they will have more options and variations based on what you want based on your profile and reviews (like Ipsy) so it sounds like if you only want makeup you can put that in your beauty profile then thats what you’ll mostly get.

    I for one am very excited to hopefully get makeup (or skincare) thats more tailored to my preferences. Ive received so many lippies that I cant use because they dont work with my skin tone or just not a color I like so Im happy that theyre making this change. Plus it will be so nice to actually start getting stuff like foundation or concealer that they will hopefully be able to send us after we fill out the profile. Everything they send out now has to be neutral so everyone can use it.

    All we can do is hope for the best and hopefully they will send us the makeup/skincare that we all will keep enjoying.

    • I did see that they will not send foundation but will be sending concealers. Foundations are too difficult to tailor for each subscriber.

    • Lololol yeah, like those ‘profiles” really get paid attention too.. that is a joke. Lolol

      So sad boxycharm is choosing to do this. I guess i need to start looking around for another all makeup sub.

      • I made adjustments to my Birchbox and Ipsy profiles and found it made a noticeable difference in the products I received. If their algorithm is good, having profiles should help.

  8. I would be very pleased with a little more skin and hair care in boxy. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE all the makeup products, but I think a mix (maybe 75% makeup and 25% other) would be a nice balance. There are so many awesome brands and beauty products that are not just color cosmetics. I’d love to sample them all.

    • Oh Lord, I sure hope no hair care….i am so sock of allure and sephora sending me hair care I just throw away each month because it’s not useful to me

      • Same!!!! Ughhhh I hate hair care in beauty boxes. I only use pureology and have everything I’ll ever need lol.

  9. That CEO is starting to remind me of Diddy/Puff Daddy whatever his name is currently…. Has to be in all the videos… LOL Personally I could care less about their warehouse – (fb live) I hope their customer service improves. Last month my Cover FX came with the doe foot applicator broke off – I told them I did not want a replacement or points (can we talk about how bad their reward system is? I have been a member for 5 years and have not spent A SINGLE POINT1) and I got an email back saying I had to provide them with a pic and my tracking number to get a replacement – so it is OBVIOUS they do not read their e-mail… I must say though – at least they have never ripped me off. ahem… Curl Box! canceled and they never sent my last month nor replied to my e-mails, BEAUTY BOX 5 got me for 4 months of money and no boxes and COHORTED in England – so expensive – sent me a duplicate palette – and owes me for January – they promised multiple times to fix it and lied. They have done nothing – 5 years with Boxy and have not been ripped off yet! They just need better rewards program.

  10. I’m glad I redeemed my charms for some good stuff recently. Sounds like the Charm Shop will be used primarily as a referral program?

  11. Why dont they just do a skincare heavy box and leave the makeup heavy classic Boxycharm box alone? They’re going to mess it up. Oh well, nothing good can last forever.

    • GREAT IDEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They should let us choose if we want makeup heavy skincare heavy or a mix!

  12. Hopefully, those who are allergic to most skincare products can opt out? I still have both of the unopened Dr Brandt products!

    • If you would like to sell them for a reasonable price, email me! nicolemariefaith at Gmail dot com

  13. I would love skincare but will they do less brushes then can’t say I like all the brushes every box.

  14. More skincare is much needed. I have allure for good skincare products but they are sample sized. It would be nice to have full size skincare products.

    • Try BeautyFix for skin care, amazing!

      • I LOVE my Beautyfix box! Almost a year I have recieved my box and only once was I disappointed but because it was a mistake on their end, they refunded the purchase price and allowed us to keep the entirety of box which still was an amazing value!

        Dermstore is generally a few dollars more on each of their products average, you can not beat their selection and customer service.

  15. Does anyone know what website their talking about when at the end of the video they said they were active on the forums? If love to be on there but don’t know what site. Tia

    • It’s on the Facebook pages. Boxy beauties, etc.

    • They are on facebook. Search for Boxy groups.

    • Thanks guys! 🙂

  16. I sub to boxy for the makeup. If u wanted skincare I would’ve kept beautyfix. If they do this I’m out! I kept only boxy because they do all makeup. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    • I agree with hoping they don’t start doing skincare, I do get BeautyFix, and get Boxy for just the makeup and would not like it if they start adding skincare!

  17. I love makeup but I still need to cleanse, treat, and moisturize my face so I’m all in for some skin care products.

  18. Can’t wait to see what’s next

  19. I watched the video. It sounds like primer is coming really soon!

  20. Finally BC will give us skincare in every box?, about time, having a combo of makeup and skincare is the best option, IMO. I have found a few great items in BC so far and having the prospect of a moisturizer or eye cream soon is making my day!

  21. Is anyone else having trouble with the new website? I know he said that if it says you account is not active and it doesn’t have your credit card info, it’ll be fixed in the next couple of days, but does that also mean we can’t write reviews? I cannot find where I could leave a review…anywhere. I hope it all gets fixed soon!

    • Same issues here!

    • I just came here to see if anyone else was having this issue…

  22. Sigh. I had been thinking about ditching Ipsy and subbing Boxy for a while, and March’s eyeshadow palette combined with Ipsy’s bag o’ skincare that I will not use finally made me pull the trigger. If Boxy becomes more of a skincare box, then I won’t remain a subscriber for long… that they are predominantly make-up was the reason I subbed.

  23. I’d like them to stick to makeup and to include fewer made in China products. Nothing against China, but sometimes their boxes feel like a private label makeup subscription box.

    • I agree. Jan and March were a made in China palettes. I thought of unsubbing but then I saw Colourpop. I left Ipsy because of Made in PRC items.

      • What is PRC you items?

  24. Ugh….i sub to this box because I know it’s all makeup. I’ve got other subs that give out lots of skin care and stuff I don’t use.

    • @Justmissjamey, which sub boxes do you get that gives lots of skin care products? I’d love to get a sub of skincare items. Thanks for any info!

      • Beautyfix is mostly skincare.

      • March’s Lookfantastic was almost all skin care. Not sure what they usually are, that was my 1st. It was a great box.

      • BeautyFix is the BEST for Skincare and great sizes!

      • Beauty fix, allure, Macy, birchbox (they are small samples, but still most all skin care), target boxes usually have scrubs, or cleansers type items, also Walmart boxes have random usable stuff. I recently cancelled glossybox, and bomi box sent amazing skin care, but they would charge me 40.00 a month and send me tiny samples and foil facemask, and what they sent me was for the “bag” and not the box, which is like 20.00 I believe and I sent photos in month after month showing them “hey, your sending me one maybe 2 full sized items and then a handful of face masks” when i would see unboxings on YouTube that showed “bags” vs “boxes” and they did not care. So after 6 months of basically wasting money and customer care really not doing anything other then saying “sorry” kind of ruined it. If they would have sent me what was shown online I would still be getting it.

    • Me too. I don’t want skin care. I receive it in other boxes and try to swap it away. Many other boxes offer skin care. I subscribe to Boxy for make-up. I wanted a box that would give me all make-up and Boxy was the only one doing that. Yes, they have sent us some skin care items but it has been a small percentage – and I like that. As the saying goes: don’t fix what isn’t broken.

  25. I am thrilled with the addition of skin care! While I agree that there are other boxes that cater to that, Im on a budget and only get Boxycharm and Ipsy, I cant afford to get another box so Ill be happy to get a box that has a good mixture of both makeup and skincare. 😊

    • Me too!

    • I’m super excited too! I’d like it to be majority makeup but definitely getting 1-2 skin care items each month would be awesome. I can only have so many eyeshadow brush sets – would much rather get a mask or face wash or something!

    • I would re sub if they started to include skincare. They use to when I first started. Usually just one skincare item and the rest makeup. That would bring many people back.

  26. I’m on the fence about skin care. I think masks and such are okay to get once and a while, and I think they’ve done a good job about balancing it so far. BUT I am not at all happy about more variation in the boxes. Yeah, they _say_ more customizable, but I left ipsy because I didn’t like not ‘knowing’ what I would get (and always managing to get the worst version for my taste), and while $21 dollars is a good value in general for what they give, it’s a bit much for spending for several months until they ‘get my preferences right’. I had a bit of taste with the high number of variant boxes in Feb, and I almost cancelled my subscription after that (I got the ‘worst’ variant for me, when I was SO excited about finally see bright bright colors and glitter!).

    • Silverlady, you said it exactly. With the variations, I especially dislike variations with skin care.
      So many boxes are changing formats which I appreciate the trying to keep it fresh, but this is going to be a big pass for me, especially for $21 a month. With Allure, I can manage my account and get the balance I need in makeup and skincare and we mostly all get the same. Plus, I am now getting to the point where I am being more selective with my dollars because I have been burned way too many times.

  27. Ughhh, I don’t want them to add skin care. That’s what birchbox and beautyfix are for. I love boxycharm because of the wonderful makeup items. I really hope they don’t change it.

    • They used to include a skincare item all the time. It was wonderful! I found some holy grail products that way!

  28. I love make up and skin care I am new to the sub boxes so I am happy with getting either. I do get the makeup to try new stuff and what isn’t for me give to my oldest daughter who loves to just do make up looks

  29. “Customization” is nice-speak for “there will be more variations because we cannot get the numbers of each product required to give all subscribers”.

    • That+ is exactly what came to my mind first too . I just hope that if I am not big on the social media pic share etc I do not get the worst of the worst boxes.

    • That’s exactly why I left ispy. If they start doing that with this more expensive box… I’m out so fast. February’s high number of variant boxes already left me upset.

  30. They need to improve their customer service.

  31. I was put on the waitlist when I joined today 🙁

    • They said that you may be on one during their movement onto the new platform for their site but you will for sure get this month’s box

      • How much longer is it going to take.

    • How do you know? I just ordered mine also. Can’t talk to anyone or login to my account.

  32. Thanks Liz I don’t have FB so I’m glad you posted this. And thanks to Yosef for informing us with everything that’s to come.

  33. Excellent news. Boxy is great… but they do need to expand their product selection a bit. I’m glad Yosef is listening to the requests of the subscribers.

    • Yes! Its needed this. I keep getting the opposite variations. I don’t like not knowing the top three for sure products and colors but after so many wrong colors, I’m ready for a change. This month was the first month I got every option I liked. I’m glad i follow you. I do not do facebook anymore.

  34. Also: maybe throw in some better service. My PUR palette arrived broken last week and instead of replacing it right away like a normal company, they’re sending it with April’s box. Who does that???

    • At least you’re getting a replacement. In the past I’ve had a couple of big items arrive broken, and they usually say they ran out of the item and just gave me charms.

      • I got two broken bronzer palettes in a row. The first one arrived destroyed abd the replacement they sent arrived the same. Then I got a ton of charms and had to wait for
        something to appear in the shop. I wanted the dang bronzer palette.

    • Same thing happened to me! Mine arrived broken as well and they replied that they’ll send me out another with next months box. Ummm what if I was planning on cancelling?! Now I’m suckered into another month just so that they’ll give me what they owe for the previous month. Terrible customer service.

    • The same thing happened to me last month and they said it would ship with this months box. However, they ended up shipping it separately and I got it in about weeks!

    • Ooooooooh yeah… they did that with my gunmetal palette… I’m like, as if I don’t wait long enough to get this and now I have to wait even longer…🤦🏽‍♀️

    • Mine was broken too! I emailed them and they said they would send it with next months box, but then a few days later I got a shipping notification? So I’m assuming they’re sending mine now, and maybe including my charm order? My box is .1 lbs so that’s my guess! I’ll find out when it gets here.

    • Yea, they’ve always done that. I guess it saves them shipping costs.

    • I wonder how palettes are being broken they pack them quite well to ship to us . I wonder if they are broken when I company that makes them ships them out like quality control issues at factory

    • At least they sent you another. I recieved one last year broken, they said it happened in shipping and gave me a few points.

  35. No skincare pleaseeee!! I subscribe to Boxycharm for makeup not skincare. I stopped getting Beautyfix because I have it coming out of my ears, makeup too lol 😂 but I love the makeup and so do all the people I gift it to

    • I agree with you Toni. There are already boxes that cater to skincare. I am here for makeup! I am overloaded on both as well, but bright colored makeup is a lot more fun to have a surplus of.

      • I agree! That’s why I cancelled birchbox and glossybox. I just want beautiful makeup!!

      • I so agree. I don’t want skin care. I sub to this for makeup. No other box out there does all makeup like boxy. But someone above said it’s because they have too many new people coming in and can’t keep up with demand and it seems skin care is cheaper then makeup :((

  36. I just received my March Lola box and it is sooooo good. Now have to make tough decision if I should keep BC or Lola, considering that they are run by the same company.

    • Lola and Boxycharm are not run by the same company. Lola is not affiliated or owned by another beauty subscription company. They have addressed that already.

  37. I’ve never signed up before. Do you think if I do sing up for the March box one of those colourpop palettes will be included?

    • The Colourpop palettes will be in April box. In March there was a different one – a collab qith Pur, also very nice one 🙂

  38. Awww, this means more variation. 🙁

    • The variations would bother me LESS if they were customized and we got items we will love. (Hopefully the value comes out to close, UNlike how they do it now)

  39. Yei for skincare! 👏👏👏 I am on makeup overload, I was thinking of unsubscribing!!

    • Totally agree! Love the addition of skin care! We all need great skin to display the awesome makeup we get.

    • Me too!

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