BoxyCharm 2018 Possible Future Box SPOILERS!

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We have possible palette spoilers for future 2018 Boxycharm boxes!

We also know ColourPop will be featured in future boxes:

  • ColourPop
  • MAC
  • tarte

What do you think of the possible spoilers? Do you think we’ll be getting one or more of the palettes pictured?


If you sign up now, the March box will be your first box – the waitlist is temporarily lifted!

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I can’t request my Colourpop palette preference, can I? There’s only one I want but with my luck I’d get any other one. lol! If I could, I’d join.

    • No, unfortunately you can’t request, but the good thing is everyone wants a different palette so if you don’t get the one you want, there’s a good chance to swap for the one you do want. I don’t own any ColourPop palettes so if someone wants the one I get, I’ll happily swap.

  2. So excited for colour pop to be in the future boxes. This brand is great quality. I already own several things from them so im pumped! 😊

  3. I’ll take 1 of each Please LOL Love them all now just got to figure out if I need to get my daughter her own box to keep her hands off mine.

  4. I have 62 palettes including the new Life’s a festival too faced one ( so giddy over it) I am 48 years old very active. I do most anything from going dancing to riding Harleys , nothing stops me. Especially not my age. I love all colors, shades, ranges, or whatever strikes me at the moment. I am missing a palette from colourpop I will gladly except any of these into my collection. I know, I know, how can I have 62 palettes and none from colourpop. I buy mostly urban decay, too faced, tarte, Kat von d, have the occasional few mixed palettes of different brands boxy has sent out in the last year. Bring it on boxycharm, I like your style. ( kissy kissy )

    P.S. Of course there is no way I can use all these palettes!! I’m realistic! But!! It if I want a specific shade of shadow, likelihood is that I have it. We all get to choose what we spend our own money on. Mine is palettes ( kissy kissy )

  5. so happy with this! i would love ANY of these

  6. I don’t have any of these, so would be happy to get whatever they send. But can anyone tell me, how on earth does everybody get decent use out of all these palettes? I still have a few unopened, due to previous Boxy palettes and the ones I’ve purchased on my own…I only have two eyes and do my makeup once a day! And don’t tell me to unsubscribe cuz I won’t.

    • lol! i feel the same way! but i love eyeshadow so much! i use a different palette everyday so mine are getting used very slowly.. no complaining here 🙂

    • I rarely buy palettes anymore BECAUSE of getting them from Boxy! I have gifted a few of the neutral ones since I have plenty of those colors already. Very happy to get new colors for my collection!

  7. I only use Colourpop super shock shadows because they are AMAZING!! However, I do want to try 1 of their palettes so any of these will be great. Come on with it Boxycharm!!

  8. Has anyone tried the golden state of mind pallet and liked it? I tried it from Sephora and ended up returning it because I couldn’t get any color payoff. If you have any tips let me know. The other pallets look fun though!

    • For GSM and the Semi-Precious Metals palettes, the makeup artists usually use a wet brush to apply for better color payoff. I don’t have any of these palettes but love my Yes Please palette and single shadows that I have. I’d like any but the MLP or EoS palettes, mostly because I have similar shades elsewhere. Love Colourpop though!

    • If you do not get any good color payoff with a brush you can try 2 things. Wet your brush with some setting spray before dipping into the palette and foil the shadow it will make it last longer and will make the color pop, or apply with a finger and tap onto lids. Works best with metallic or shadows with sparkle and shine. Hope that helps.

    • I already bought the golden state of mind a few months back and i reallh enjoy it. I love all the shimmer. I personally use an eyeshadow primer and it lasts all day for me and the colors really stand out. Im obsessed with colour pop products right now. Lol i cant wait for aprils box. Hoping i get any of the other pallets since i already have golden state of mind

  9. Yayyyyyy saw this on Yosefs IG stories yesterday! Hoping its true! At least if there’s variations, there’s a chance we can all get what we want thru swapping! Im so excited!

    • Can I choose which one I want? Pretty please Boxycharm!?? I want the You Had Me At Hello palette! I love the colors. I’m 48. Please DON’T send me the Little Ponny palette!

      • I’m 47 and I love the My Littke Pony palette. LOL.

      • This is not boxycharm. And you dont get to choose your products. Boxy is not tailored to our individual wants, its just curated boxes, and being 48 has nothing to do with makeup, I really wish people would stop using their age as an excuse for personal preferences. Im 53 and I love bright colors and glitter and my age has nothing to do with what I like and your age shouldn’t affect your preferences either.

        • sorry, this comment was for Lucy, not you, Marie 🙂

          • Hi Jan, I respect your opinion. If you use lots of color in your makeup and feel beautiful, good for you! Do what makes you feel happy and beautiful. I don’t like bright colors on my face, I changed the way I do my makeup about 7 years ago and I feel beautiful with matte shades and more subtle colors. When I posted my comment, I was talking about me, only me. I didn’t mean to offend or criticize anyone. Please, read my message again, I was sharing my personal opinion about myself. Nothing wrong with that, right? 😄

        • Oh, by the way Jan, I have been a Boxycharm subscriber for seven months now and I know that we don’t get to choose what we want! I read the other comments and jumped into the “choosing wagon” just for fun!

  10. Please don’t let these be variations! I want them all, especially the gold one and the purple one

  11. I do enjoy receiving eye shadow palettes in my Boxy, so this is not a complaint. It’s a suggestion… I wish they would mix it up some. I get tired of receiving eye shadow palettes, so often. Perhaps include an entire face palette (that has blush, highlighter, pressed powder, eye shadow and a bronzer). Maybe a lip palette of some sort, some good quality skincare items- like a good overnight moisturizing mask or some “Saturday Skin” skincare items, hair care items. I do love Boxy, just wish they’d branch out a bit more.

    • I totally agree, a face palette, lip kit or skincare mix would be nice!💖💖💖

  12. I love ColourPop palettes!! They’re so beautiful and highly affordable. I have 4 already. You Had Me At Hello looks gorgeous!!

  13. I wish we could tell them if we already own one haha. I have Element of Surprise. 1/5 chance of getting it isn’t too terrible…

    • I have all of them except Element of Surprise, so I hope I get that one.

      • I have all of them except for semi-precious, so I’m in a similar boat!

  14. I’m down for the golden one please! That my little pony one looks similar to the Winky lux cat palette that I did not end up liking.

    • I was thinking the same thing! I gave that Winky Luxe palette to my younger cousin, and I had no interest in those My Little Pony collab, from anywhere. I love Pur Cosmetics palettes, but theTrolls, & MY Little Pony collection were a hard pass.

      I’m excited about the prospect of a Colourpop palette in a box, though! Their palettes are just as good, if not better, than higher end brands.

    • I own the pony pallette and it is nothing like the winkie lux pallette. I love both but they are very different.

  15. OMG I already have all the pallets except the little pony one which I don’t like 🙁

  16. It say future box spoiler,does that means April???

  17. P.s.i wanted the color pop one from sephora but it was sold out..the photos of looks people did with it looks amazing too.

  18. Oh yes ma’mm!!!! Please, I’ll take all the pallettes shown throughout this year and won’t complain…haha excited for the other items mentioned as well!!

  19. Looking through the comments it is reading like the My Little Pony pallette is colorpop. I thought it was Pur. Almost positive. Are they owned by the same company? Or am I missing something else?

    • Pur has one too. I have it and it’s great. Pur’s has a galaxy looking unicarton and the palette is white

    • Hooper this is not PUR it’s the color pop one. I’ve been wanting th PUR my littl pony one badly!!

      • Ooo wow it was meant to say “Nope”not Hooper lol

      • I have that palette and I just love it.
        I don’t think they’re going to do anymore restocks on it so if you really want it you might want to snag it. They’re trying to clear out the collection, it was all on sale about a week ago.

        • I’ll have to order ASAP it’s just too cute to pass up. Ho stay I seen the ColourPop , but was not to enthusiastic about it like the PUR one. The PUR just looks mor my style lol.thank you for the heads up maybe I can find it on sale som where online !

    • They both have a my Little pony pallette. I personally prefer the colour pop one.

  20. Could this be 5 months in a row!? OMG Never canceling my BC!

  21. I have the My Little Pony palette in my cart right now. Haven’t pulled the trigger yet and now I don’t know what to do. Do I buy it? Do I wait?

    • Wait,if you don’t receive it in Boxycharm, it will go on sale. Granted I bought mine Black Friday but I get sale emails all the time.

  22. Please let me get MLP!!🦄

  23. Bring on the colourpop Boxycharm , I love getting my Boxycharm each month . I keep some I give some but I’m always happy with what I get.

  24. Lol, I already have all of those palettes. 😊
    Well, not all, I have the left three on the pic.

    • Same here! I’m a big time ColourPop beauty junkie and have All of these palettes!

  25. We should get 2 since they’re not pricey. 🙂

  26. Hey Boxycharm as long as you keep sending out eyeshadow palette, I will stay subscribed. Promise!


  27. Wooooooo dammnnnn boxy!! I cannot wait!!! I need to get more friends signed up lol

    • I want YOU HAD ME AT HELLO <3 swoooooonn

  28. Great spoilers! Gotta love ColourPop 😁

  29. I have the my little pony palette and it is one of my top three to reach for whenever I do makeup looks.

  30. I’m hoping for the purple one, but I can’t picture anything but the semi-precious being able to easily fit inside the box. Maybe the other ones could squeeze in, but certainly the golden one is too big?

  31. Awesome.. I have not tried anything from color pop yet, would love the last purple one or the my little pony one… I purposely signed up for BoxyCharm because they put palettes in boxes and I have not been disappointed with them yet. I am waiting on the March box which will be my 3rd box from them. Honestly I think this sub is the best value for your money. I wish there was another sub like this. I am building my makeup collection and love getting the full size products. Right now I get Boxy, Sephora, Ipsy, and just signed up for Macy’s and Allure to try. If anyone knows of another box that sends full size products please reply to my comment. I had also tried Birchbox but cancelled after 3 months I did’t like what I was getting, too many hair care and repeats and had Lip Monthly but didn’t think that was worth the money for 4 products and colors I wouldn’t wear.

    • Beautyfix!! Some full size products every month. Great value and nice to have more skin products since I have so many makeup subs.This month they messed up with one of the full size items (mud mask, but sent everyone a $25 gift card to make up for it….amazing customer service!)

      • Well I ordered something and used the $25 credit and they ended up charging my credit card full price. I emailed them last night and no answer yet.Beware in case this happens to you.

    • Lola Beauty Box sends full size products and seems to be a pretty good box. They have a lot of full size pallets in their boxes too.

    • You can try lola beauty box and rickys cult crushes

      • Thanks for the info on Lola, just looked at the past boxes and going to sign up for that one, definitely think it is worth it. The Ricky’s box looks really varied and not consistent to me so i’ll go with the other one. <3

    • I second the recommendations above. Ricky’s NYC Cult Crushes is a bit random in the selection they send, but the good months are *really* good.

      • Thanks I looked at the reviews and think i am going to go with Lola box, Ricky’s looked a little more all over the place. Not that it looked bad, just the other one I think is more my style. Thanks for the help. <3

    • Tribe Beauty box is expensive, but they send unique full/deluxe sized products that are different than other beauty boxes (April spoiler is a deluxe Marc Jacobs setting spray).

    • Hey! Tribe and Zola sub boxes give full size pallets and products. Tribe is a bi-monthly new box and there is a waitlist now. They’ll e-mail you when it reopens, but jump on it quick because they opened at midnight on March 9th and was sold out 55 mins later lol! Hope this helps.

    • Don’t worry, boxy will build you’re collection pretty fast! Been with them 7 months and I have an entire box of random Boxycharm palettes. I love that they send out different types of palettes too.
      I signed up for the same reason you did and it really is a fantastic way to help build out your kit with the added benefit of sending products and brands you may not pick out yourself. I know I’ve discovered some great brands and have made many many additional purchases from them…all thanks to Boxycharm. It’s also a great way to test drive new brands and get an idea of what you can expect before you commit to a full price purchase.

  32. I like the hello palette.

  33. I freaking LOVE Colourpop!!!!

  34. Compared to all other boxes this is the best subscription box for the price ❤️

  35. Maybe they are picking which one will go in a box OR there will be 5 variants with 5 different boxes each getting one of these palettes.

    • You may be right. It looks like they all may be Colorpop, so they could be variations of the same box. That brand is just so cheap. I expect better from boxy. 🙁

      • Cheap? Maybe inexpensive but definitely not cheap quality. CP are one of the few companies who make the majority of their products without talc. For those of us that are allergic, it’s huge. Talc is a cheap filler and SO many companies still use it. CP is also cruelty free, made in USA and mostly vegan. A high price tag doesn’t mean high quality in my opinion!

        • I agree. Colourpop is less expensive than other brands but I’ve found their products have more color payoff and staying power…even on my oily skin. In fact, I already have 3 of the 5 palettes shown and I’m not mad. Lol.

        • Exactly. Which means the box would be such amazing value box because these palettes are inexpensive! Leaving more room for extra products! ❤️ Man I love boxy!

        • Totally agree with this! In my experience, ColourPop is so much better quality than some high end brands. (Ahem, Too Faced!) And their products never make me break out. So for me, it’s exciting to see them included.

      • ColourPop is inexpensive, but I love their makeup. I am a cosmetics snob, frankly. I was 12 when I began wearing makeup and I was wearing Lancome, Clinique, and other cosmetic counter brands shortly thereafter because I had tried all of the drugstore brands and they were garbage. I only tried ColourPop because I received a sample and loved the color. I was astounded by the quality of the makeup. Their lippies wear perfectly for me all day. Their eye colors are true-to-color and blend beautifully. Considering they are an Indie company, there is no reason for their cosmetics to cost a lot. They have very little overhead, and their advertising costs must be a fraction of big companies.

        Mr. Yousef, sir… the palette on the right please.

      • The price tag for one of their palettes is still hefty enough to be worthwhile, particularly if the other items in the box for that month are bigger ticket. I’m pretty happy about this, I’ve been wanting to try colourpop’s eye shadow formulas, but have heard mixed reviews, so I never wanted to spring for one. This is a great way for me to try them.

      • Check out Temptalia beauty blog reviews of Colourpop. Their products (especially lip products and eyeshadows) routinely outperform many more expensive brands.

        • I have to admit, I love Color Pop. Their eye shadows are brilliant. I just ordered a couple palettes, Anastasia Prismn Palette and Too Faced Palette with the Too Face Eye primer. The eye primer makes all the difference. I’ll compare them and let you girls know.

      • Colourpop has some of the best eyeshadows, just because they are less expensive doesn’t make them cheap!!

        • Exactly. Kylie Jenner’s makeup is formulated at the ColourPop lab. She has the same base formula as them and there is no real difference in how hers perform compared to ColourPop. The main difference is Kylie’s is way more expensive. You’re just paying for the name.

      • Colourpop inexpensive because they have very little advertising costs, and so can keep prices down. Their factory is actually right down the freeway from me!

        These all do look like Colourpop palettes. I’m guessing that Colourpop is doing a little spring cleaning and the boxes will be variants!

    • That was my first thought too.

  36. More palettes. How original!

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