BeautyFIX March 2018 Box Update Info – $25 Gift Card

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FYI – BeautyFix is giving all subscribers a $25 gift card to address the size discrepancy in the Peter Thomas Roth Mask:


We want to thank you for being a part of our BeautyFIX™ family. We work hard to put together beauty and skin care products backed by professional ingredients and prestige. During the process, mistakes – albeit rare – can happen.

After the March BeautyFIX was shipped out for delivery, it came to our attention that the incorrect size for the Peter Thomas Roth Irish Moor Mud Mask was included in the box. This was our mistake and we sincerely apologize for the mix up.

Please accept this $25 gift towards your next beauty splurge at as our way of making it up to you.

In case you missed it, here are the March spoilers:


FYI – this box is not available for sale.

Check out our reviews of past BeautyFix boxes to learn more about this subscription.

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I emailed their customer service and was assured a promo code would be emailed shortly…it’s been over a week since then and I have not received anything :/

  2. This was only my third box, but I am so happy that I made my switch over. I am also grateful to beautyfix for handling this month’s box error. I used my $25 code to purchase a full sized REN that we all got a sample of last month. I don’t know if anyone else here suffers from severely oily skin, but if you do then that stuff helps tame the beast! I noticed it getting great reviews for brightening your face, but I’ll add that it’s magic on taming facial oils too. Apply it and let it dry before doing your daily makeup routine. Try it out and see if it helps you as much as it does me. 🙂

    • Did they send you an email or something in the mail? I have not received mine yet! 🙁

      • Yes, I got an email. Hope you get yours soon as well.

  3. I am happy with the resolution. But has anyone broken down and calculated the value of the items even after the $25. It doesn’t look to me to add up to over $100 even with credit?

    • I don’t really think the value matters. The point was to give you the box for free and you still keep the box

  4. BeautyFix is my most fav sub of all time!

  5. I called their CS because I hadn’t received my email yet, and they let me know the emails are being sent out in groups…so if you haven’t received yours yet you should be soon. They said everyone should receive emails by Monday 🙂 I’m excited!

    • Thanks for letting us know!!

  6. I used my $25 for a tube of Alterna CC hair Creme….cost to me was $1.09 (and the shipping is free)!!!!

    Thank you BF!

    • Check on the Dermstore Order history and make sure your order is there. Also did you get an E-mail confirmation of order?

      • I subscribed on the 2nd and my history isn’t showing either. Emailed customer service who informed there is a glitch in the system but sent a tracking number and said I am indeed subscribed. It’s my first time purchase with the company so I’m hoping the CS is as good as the reviews say.

  7. I don’t want to be a Debbie Downer either, yet you guys better make sure when you use these codes that it is actually showing up on the Dermstore history. I placed a order and used the code I owed 64 cents and paid it with my Paypal credit ( I have proof) never got confirmation order was placed. Looked on Dermstore history and there was no order placed. It is almost just like my order has disappeared but yet they debited my paypal. Very odd. Will try to phone them tomorrow. Yet something is not right here!

    • My order is showing up in history and I received an email confirming it. Total was $0.00. Sorry it is not working for you!

    • I ordered yesterday and got a shipping notification last night!

      • Me too.

  8. Well I don’t want to be appear Jean downer, but my experience is a little different. First, I loved the box even before the coupon code, comb and all. Over the weekend, I ordered two boxes. Then Monday, one of the MSA readers received her box and the mask was not even close to the promised size. She contacted Beauty Fix. Well I am a little frustrated because I never received any emails from Beauty Fix that there was a problem with the size of a product in the box. Luckily I belong to the MSA community and heard about it, but customer service means taking care of all of your customers. Well, then on MSA I hear there is a coupon code that is being emailed to customers. I have not received that yet. So I log on and do chat Beauty Fix. Well, they don’t know when I will get my code and have no way of knowing. Then I was told that even though I ordered two boxes, and even though the box is a blatant marketing misrepresenation, I will only receive one code. When I explained that I bought this in good faith, etc., and we went back and forth, The chat rep said she could put some points in my account that can be converted. Again, I don’t want to dampen anyone else’s experience, but why should I be penalized or have to go the matts (movie trivia) to get a code, especially when I have done everything and wanted this box. I even told the chat rep that I would post this, not to cause ill feelings, but if anyone else bought more than one box be aware of the outcome. My other option is I can send it in for a refund which because I don’t believe the customer should have to work harder than the business I am now leaning towards returning both because I am frustrated.

    • I’m in the same boat with 2 boxes and I’m also not willing to accept the one credit. They will need to come up with a better solution.

      • Don’t know if this will help but they advertise a retail value of over $100 per box. Without the credit the box is valued under $80. It makes the comb the highest priced item in the box.

    • Look in your spam mail. That’s where I found mine. It had been there since yesterday. When I called today they said I wouldn’t receive it until next week. But I was reading how others had already received there’s so I went looking for it. Sure enough it was in my spam folder.

    • Geez, if you bought two boxes you should get two codes. That only makes sense to me since the $25 code is compensation for the one wrong box.

    • I got an email with the code. When I placed an order using the code I got a confirmation that the order was being processed. The next day I got another shipping confirmation and the price was changed to full price as if I never even used the code. I emailed them telling them how disappointed I was and cancelled my order.

    • They sent me a code and when I placed an order using the code they did not honor the code so I said to myself forget it and cancelled my order and my sub with them.

  9. Great customer service!

  10. I like this box.. I asked the CS if I could get second box instead of $25 code but I was told the box was no longer available..

    • I’d send you my box at cost plus shipping. Contact me mthsieg at gmail dotcom

  11. I was totally bummed at first since I subbed to this box specifically for the PTR mask and $25 doesn’t allow me to purchase that mask. However, I found and ordered a PTR mask sampler with my $25 credit that actually amounts to more than 1.7oz and I ordered it completely for free with free shipping. Now I am excited all over again.

  12. I used 10 dollars in points too and paid 5 bucks for a 40 dollar order! Bam what a good day! Lol

    • How do you get points?!

      • Reviewing and sharing your box on fb. And for normal purchases. Go to your account and look under dermstore points. You can review old boxes that you’ve bought. Hope this helps!

        • Thanks for the info! How do you review the boxes? I can’t find the link from the order page.

          • The boxes are hard to find to review, but just review each product you try. Go to the product and say you want to write a review…but sign up for the Dermstore Rewards first.

          • If you are signed up for rewards, log into your account by the drop down menu at the top left of the page. Your account page will have a circle and Profile Name below it. Below that you see “About” “Reviews” and “Account.” Click “Reviews” and see a blue box “Write a review.” Then you get a page with all your purchases with a box to review each one. This way they are all in one place and it’s much easier than searching for each item. Good luck and I hope this helps!

  13. What a good company! I’ve been searching for a promo code for Beautyfix! Does anyone know if these unique codes are linked to email accounts or if they can be sent to someone else? Anyone want to try to swap them for something?

  14. I used my credit and they’ve already sent my order!!

  15. The Dermstore has now become one of my favorite stores…it shows they really value their customers and I will gladly order from them from now on. Great service!

    • Yes. They do a good number of 20% off sales which I love. Next one they have I am using my gift of $25. Btw, tried that PTR mud and tat stuff is STRONG!!! Next time I will leave 7 minutes .. skin looks good just a bit tender and I’ve used serum, mosterizer, and hydrating moisturize and still. It’s got the strength of a peel. And that small jar will last me for at least two months if I use weekly.

      • I’m waiting for the 20% off sale too.. Right now, it’s skinceuticals that 20% off.. I’m a little concerned that they only allow one promo code, but I’m hoping that being it’s credit and not a coupon, that they’ll let me put in 2 codes..

      • Nope.. it doesn’t work.. They have 20% off skinceuitcals with code SKINC20 right now.. then I tried to use my $25 off promo code.. they only let use 1 promo code at a time.. You could save up your rewards and use them with the $25 promo code thought.

  16. Amazing customer service I wish the other subs would follow DermStore’s lead. They took full responsibility and owned the mistake. Just WOW.

  17. I also think that Dermstore took care of this matter seriously and promptly. I bought mine on 3/6 knowing the size of PTR product size because it took the promo code Liz got for us. So I knew was going to be happy with my box for the price. I didn’t contact customer service, but did received the $25 code this afternoon. I have read the PTR mask is small, but I might get a few uses out of it if I use it only on T-zone. Looking forward to receiving my box.

  18. Ok how do we get this is the big question?? I’m a subscriber and didn’t receive anything and that email it to msa not us!

    • You should receive an email. I just subscribed recently and got my shipping confirmation the other day. Earlier this afternoon I received the same email as Liz posted, with a confirmation number to use my $25 credit.

  19. I don’t sub to BeautyFix but this is the kind of pro-active, client-centric customer service that makes me want to subscribe! Well done.

  20. I think their resolve is more than fair and generous. Great job, Beautyfix!

    I just hope people can appreciate this and not try to take advantage of a great company’s generosity and kindness by trying to find loopholes or angles. That is what ends up hurting us all in the long run- so let’s enjoy this great resolution!

    • This should have been posted to the comment below this one.

      • Agree, Stef… it was my intention, and I tried to but I think it somehow moved when posted. Oh well, lol.

  21. So if I subscribe today will I get the $25 gift card and the March box?

    • No. Come on now, That’s just greedy.

      The gift card is to apologize and make amends for those who ALREADY purchased. Please don’t try to take advantage. This is how/why companies can’t keep costs down and deals coming. Tooo many greedy people quick to take advantage. Why would you think they owe you a gift card if they already openly admitted their error and made amends to those affected???
      Not cool, girl.


    • It’s not available anymore. It’s for the people that ordered before the misunderstanding.

    • I don’t think so, the website is showing the March box as sold out. I suppose they pulled it because of the mistake and won’t be selling it anymore. I think your first box would be April. You could email customer service just to be sure

  22. I’m happy with this solution. It’s basically the cost of the box. I was curious to see whether they were going to give it for the price if they PTR mask or the box. I didn’t see them spending the money for a full size mask to be shipped to every subscriber unless the supplier was in error and was paying for the masks. On another note I personally don’t like it when beauty subscriptions include sheet or eye masks and count them as full size products. I’ve had this happen with several different subs and it always feels like cheating to me. It’s an easy and cheap way around a promise for so many full size products. However the last sheet mask I got from Dermstore was $35 so I’m not including that one.

  23. Liz – you left off the best part, the email is titled “There Should Have Been Moor”. This was already very good customer service, but I think they deserve some props for the excellent pun.

    • ^^ This! LOL I loved that almost as much as spending the $25 lol


    • Agreed! Impressive response from Beauty Fix!

    • Yea- that was cute:)

  24. Honestly, I love the box, in general, that wasn’t even part of the reason I got it, but I must say they have one of the best customer services in Sub boxes & fastest delivery. I will happy spend $25!

  25. I’m a happy customer! I will use the $25.

    • Welp I got what I paid for the March box (exp the tax) I think I may save my $25 for a little while. Hopefully we can save it for awhile

      • It’s good for one year

        • Ok thank you

  26. I’m kind of tearing my hair out here. This morning, the March box was “coming soon”, now it’s “sold out.” Is there a way to get on the wait list for a subscription?

    • No, you have to wait for April. I just talked to CS and they will not be reopening the March box sales. Also, to anyone who wants to know- Their CS said to use your credit for the next box- you will have to unsubscribe and resubscribe when the April sales open.

  27. Am I the only one who thinks this was like an overpriced Ipsy bag minus the bag itself? Just a bunch of sample sizes that are teeny! Not a single full sized product besides the comb! The soap is smaller that what you would get in a decent hotel (1 oz, RV $2.80), the Demalogica is .34 oz ($16), the Bioderma is 45ml ($2.06), the eye mask is $5.83 and the PTR moor mask is $12.35. I paid full price for this sub and I did it for the full sized products, where are they?

    • Agreed. I subbed them for two boxes last year and realized it wasn’t worth the monthly price tag. I wish there was a skin care box in this price range that ACTUALLY gives you enough to try a product.

      • I long for the October 2017 days — that box had a full size Dr. Brandt AND a full size Paula’s Choice! When compared to what they’re serving up now, it’s hard to stay subscribed.

        • Oh me too. Oct 2017 was one of my most fav boxes

          • Me three! That is why I used my $25 to order another Oct 2017 box. What a great deal! I actually think this March box is still a good box, but incredible after their response and $25 refund. It is a free box. How can anyone complain about that? I love Beautyfix.

          • May I ask how you were able to order another oct 2017 box? Cuz if absolutely love to buy one too 😁

          • I loved that one too. They still had it available so I ordered another one with my credit. What a great deal. Very happy with this resolution. Thank you BeautyFix.

    • It’s because these are higher end luxury products so they clearly cost more per unit/oz than hotel generics.

      Also the more people continuously try to hack deals and take beyond reasonable, the less companies want to or can give because it affects profit margins.

      These subs were meant to supplement and introduce people to lines they wouldn’t necessarily purchase at full Size/price. Not meant to supply everyone with a continuous flow of full Size product. But people have become so irrationally entitled and greedy, presuming and demanding and expecting full sizes all the time instead of viewing it as an occasional blessing.

      Adjust your expectations to a fair reality people and show some gratitude.

      Everyone has gotten so obnoxiously demanding and think they are entitled to the best at the lowest cost nowadays. Sub box sampling has contributed to the greedy take take take me me me attitudes of the masses.

      A little gratitude and humility would go a long way in society. We deserve what we earn and work and pay for. We don’t deserve luxuries just because you watch tween billionaires like Kylie and Instafame you tube hoes use them like Vaseline. If you work hard, you don’t live off credit and the backs of hard working people, you can buy your deserved worth. Simple.

      • Well put!!!!

      • Amen!!

      • This sounds like a political endorsement 🙂

      • Well said, I’m so tired of hearing all the negativity and want, want want because I didn’t like it!

        • Totally. So tired of the entitlement and complaints.

      • Amen. Can you post this on a Boxycharm thread?! 😋
        The entitled, me me me, ungrateful, it’s not good enough for me attitudes really irk me too. Especially when it comes to Boxycharm and beautyfix. If it’s sooo bad or someone’s sooo overloaded, why do they stay subbed? I think some people get this stuff just to get it, or because, like you said, they’re wanting subs to provide everything they need so they don’t have to pay full price for anything.
        These companies work hard to get these items. It can take upwards of 6 months just to reach a deal with the suppliers. How about a little appreciation for the people that work hard to make this possible?

      • This. 1000% i get so annoyed reading all the whiney, entitled posts (and yes Boxycharms threads are some of the worst in this respect) it just takes the joy out of sub boxes sometimes.

      • I think 95% of the negative reviews are fake. Posters think you can’t tell who they are when they use madeup names. After reading here for a year I can pretty much pick out the repeat offenders.

        I ignore most if not all of the whining, especially if they are bashing a company who otherwise has a pretty good reputation.

        Granted there is the occasional screwup by a company & absolutely they should be put on blast if it’s true.

        But there are some really miserable people out there in social media land and you take the good with the bad when you allow folks to post opinions.

        I love MSA and won’t ever let the Debbie Downers rain on my parade!

    • No, it is not like that at all. I have been subbing to this through three iterations for 8 years. It is nothing like Ipsy and there is a heck of a lot more than teeny samples. If a sample is small, it is of a $200 product. When was the last time you got a $50 tool or $70 full size in an Ipsy bag?

      • I wouldn’t consider this comparable to ipsy either but I do think small skincare samples are discouraging, regardless the cost of the full-size product, since multiple uses are really required to know how a skincare product will perform.

      • Totally agree!

      • This ^^^^ amen.

        I think one of the problems is that people have gotten to sample so much stuff out of their general tax bracket (for lack of a better phrasing) that they assume size for size is fair. They don’t get that there’s a huge difference between getting a high end Laszlo sample will never be the same size wise as a Walmart box jergens or st Ives sample. The product itself is such a different formulation when you’re dealing in high end. You simply can’t compare or expect for a ford or Chevrolet or Jeep to equal an Audi, rover or Tesla. Apples and oranges.

      • Totally. Ipsy is so out of Beautyfix’s league they can’t be compared.

    • If that is all you received you’re box is missing items. You should also have a

      2 oz First Aid ultra repair cream
      1 oz R+Co texturing shampoo
      Harry Josh Comb
      Nu Face Prep n Glow

      I’d give them a call. CS is really great.

    • The small sizes are why I don’t sub. I would rather have one or two full sizes than a bunch of tiny samples. With skincare, you need enough product to tell if it works for you or not.

      • Exactly! It’s difficult to tell if a product will work for you when it’s a sample that is only good for 1-3 uses, as are many of the products in this month’s BeautyFix. I’ve already had two Ipsy bags in the past few months that had about the same RV as this box and they also contained more items that were suited to me. Since Ipsy is about 1/3 the price, it’s only natural that one would have higher expectations from BeautyFix. I have received many full size items from Ipsy through the years, including the $24 Luxie brush last month that has a higher value than anything in the March BeautyFix box. Plus, it’s something that I will actually use so that makes it even more valuable to me.
        Since I rarely am able to take a vacation, when I finally can, I confess to staying at nice hotels. As a result, the soaps from these hotels are better brands/larger-sized/ more luxe (and in some cases, better known, but certainly more coveted) than V76 by Vaughn. For example, Lush, Lather, Peter Thomas Roth and Le Labo Bergamote 22.
        I am not someone who has ridiculously high expectations from these boxes in general but this one was really disappointing to me. I am happy that others are very pleased with a comb that is not meant for my hair type and a box of small samples but for me personally, I think the value of BeautyFix should be comparable to others boxes in that price range instead of to Ipsy, which has improved greatly in the past year.
        I love reading the comments since they are very helpful to me and they often guide me towards which boxes to try and which ones to end. I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to learn the specifics from this site and this community. Thank you.

        • I agree with you 100 percent! I was really disappointed with this box as well. I subbed a $25 dollar box after researching quite a bit and this is not the norm for Beautyfix at all. Maybe they just had issues this month all around. Hopefully next month is better I never expect full size products but i need enough for at least a week.

  28. Do we have to email them to get this or they sending an email to everyone? I haven’t gotten anything yet…

    • I received an email, and I never contacted them about the mask. I wonder if they’re sending the emails out in batches.

    • I haven’t gotten anything either.

  29. I didn’t get march simply because of product overload – but, WELL DONE, BF, I’ve used their customer service in the past and they are second to none……. 🙂

  30. I am a Dermstore customer for life! They always have the most amazing, competent, friendly customer service.
    Stuff happens sometimes, and I’m impressed with the way they are handling this situation. And I’m perfectly happy with the resolution because now I can get whatever I really want!

    • Their point program is great too! I love Dermstore.

  31. I’m happy with this solution. I only paid $14.95 for the box with the MSA discount. I was just going to give the mask to my daughter anyway and now I can use the $25 to buy a end of the year teacher gift on the site (BKR Bottle)

  32. my Box has been delivered

  33. Well done, BF. The best CS I’ve ever found on line.

  34. Coming from Reddit and am asking on behalf of some other people who are asking if there is a way to use this code for the April BeautyFix?

    • Someone said you had to cancel and resub to use the code. It may be on the BF thread about the problem but that’s how it was answered this morning.

      I would think if you call CS they would apply it though. I’ve made purchases with points on the phone. I love their CS.

      Worth I try!

      • Great, thank you! I sent CS a message!

  35. Dermalogica sound sleep cocoon is 0,34 oz (10ml)

    • I will use my 25 on Dermalogica eye cream. Stuff is bomb. Lucked up and found green tea eye cream at Marshall’s and nrwely fell over with glee. Now I can get Dermalogica about same price with gift code … happy dance … especially since the BF sample lasted so long …

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