Allure Beauty Box March 2018 Full Spoilers UPDATE!

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Allure Beauty Box Spoilers

We have an update to the full spoilers for the March 2018 Allure Beauty Box from Allure:

Also in the box but not pictured:

Make Up For Ever Artist Rouge Cream Lipstick C211 -1.4 grams

UPDATE: The Simple item has changed. Subscribers will receive one of the following:

Simple Micellar Make-Up Remover Eye Pads (FULL SIZE) OR

Simple Waterboost Hydrating Gel Cream (FULL SIZE)

What do you think of the spoilers?

If you haven’t signed up yet, use this link to get your first box for only $10 a box. (Regularly $15 a box.) As of today, if you sign up now, your first box will be the March Box.

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Hmm. Weirdness with the Allure Beauty Box. I got 2 shipped from Allure. Should have been one only.
    Second box has 8 products, including the products shown plus the Londontown cuticle oil.

    I don’t know what they are doing ( again). LOL.
    Good thing I like all of it, except the hairspray because even a light spritz of any hairspray glues the ends of my hair together.

  2. I just got my first Allure box today, it was everything listed, and the Y335 is great for me. I received the liner and the eye wipes, which are both my preferences. I also got a full-sized Londontowne Kur cuticle oil. Which is right on time because I was using a Burt’s bees hand salve on my cuticles the other day. The sunscreen is tiny, the lipstick is a good shade for me, I like having the hairspray and wipes for my carry bag, and I can’t wait to try the overnight mask. This box is a total win for me 🤗

    • Londontown is awesome!!!…their polishes are great too. Congrats 🙂

  3. My March Allure box has been at my local USPS processing facility for 5 days, I finally emailed Allure to see if they can do something. I’d like to get my March box still.

    • I’ve bwwn waiting for weeks. I’ve been charged twice. I emailed 3 days ago and haven’t heard back…. really bummed but not liking the customer service. You can’t see history or tracking or anything along those lines.

      • This (March) was my last Allure box. I don’t need anymore chaos than my life naturally has in it. Allure has no communication and that drives me insane. So I cancelled yesterday.

    • Have you received your box? I haven’t received mine but I never get a shipping notification. I have no way to track it. I emailed them a few days ago, but no response. I would really like my box!

      • There must be something going on, I haven’t received my March box either and it’s April 1st. I called them last week and they said I would still be receiving the March box.

  4. Got my box today, the make up forever products came with a free shipping code from Sephora. But I can’t get it to work! Anyone else having this problem?

    • It won’t work for me either – super annoying!

  5. If you subscribe through Amazon do you get different boxes? My March box was completely different products.

    • Yes, they can’t offer customization through Amazon, so they sent the November box to anyone who subscribed through Amazon.

  6. I just got my box today. Surprisingly, I got the Y225 shade I picked.
    Also got the MUFE lipstick, the liner, hairspray, eye pads, water mask, and sunscreen.

  7. I got my box yesterday, Wednesday 21st. I got all the original spoilers. Although I don’t recall what shade of MUFE foundation I chose, it looks about right. There is not shade name on the sample, only a number. I also received the MUFE Crème Lipstick (adorable), Oribe Free Styler hairspray, Simple micellar eye pads, Laneige water mask, and LaRoche-Posay sunscreen fluid. Everything was intact and packaged nicely.

    • FYI: I received foundation #Y335. I also received the EyeKo liner (forgot to list).

      • ME AGAIN! I looked back and see I ordered Dark Sand, and that is what I got.
        I’m done with my post now. LOL

  8. Four days ago I received an email with a tracking number for my March Allure box. Four days later it still says the box is in transit to the carrier facility. WTF, Allure?! Mail the thing already!!!

    • Mine is saying and doing the exact same thing!

      • Glad I’m not the only one. I got an email on 3/19 saying my box had shipped. Pulled up the tracking info and as of 3/17, it’s sitting in Atlanta. No updates since 3/19.

    • Mine said that for 5 days and then I got it randomly.

  9. My box should be here tomorrow, Friday tops i think but i haven’t received an email about choosing a foundation shade…like what the hell??? if they send me a dark shade they better exchange it for another item…seems like a lot of boxes from different companies keep being disappointing 🙁

    • I received my box today. I selected the lightest shade and received one of the darker ones, I’m pretty disappointed.

      • Same here. I called and they said they would send me the marble shade but I know it will be months before I see it.

        • Don’t hold your breath for it to ever show up. I didn’t receive the new subscriber gift and five months in I still don’t have it.

          • They key is to contact them every 2-3 weeks until they send it… it’s a pain but I have gotten the items each time.

      • I got my box the other day and the shade I got is Y335; it’s sooooo dark. I know I picked the lightest shade, I’m so pale lol. I’m super disappointed it’s the only thing I was looking forward to in the box.

  10. I see a lot of you received your box. When did you get them? I haven’t even gotten a shipping notification yet, and I always get one.

    • I got mine yesterday. The shipping email was time stamped about 2 hours and 10 minutes prior to the delivery in mailbox.

    • Kim,
      I didn’t get my box yet either. I have never got it late in the month. This is a good box . I live in NJ

    • Kim, I haven’t gotten mine either! I’m glad I’m not the only one.

  11. I’m glad someone noticed the foundation shade. I picked Y225 but got Y335. Did anyone get the shade they picked?

    • I’m curious too…

    • I think everyone received the Y335. I asked for the Y225. I also received the eyeliner; I was hoping for the mascara. They sent me the Simple eye pads. There are 30 pads but this is a mini packet, half the regular size. Now I have a collection of Oribe hairspray from various boxes ( suddenly there is an Oribe product in all my subscriptions) This box was I complete miss for me! I hope they come up with something better in May. In the meantime , who wants a Y335 foundation?

      • Not me. I’ll donate mine to the women’s shelter…

        I got the hairspray, lipstick, the gel cream, and the sunscreen. Really just a ho-hum box. I guess I’ll eventually use everything…or donate it.

        • I got Y335 too. WAY too s dark. What the heck is going on with this company ? I got the email with my shipping notification the same day that the box arrived.

    • Same for me, booo.

    • NOPE. I’m super fair and will never be able to use this. A little disappointed in this box. I also got no email conformation until I emailed ALLURE.


    • I think I did. I picked the lightest shade and got a Y225, which makes me happy. I got this shade in an Ipsy bag a while back (before they started to suck) and it’s a good match for my pale self.

      I got a Y335 in a Play! box and while the base shade is pretty close, it was a bit yellow.

    • I picked the lightest shade possible because I’m so pale, and I got shade Y335, very disappointing!

  12. Apparently it doesn’t matter what color of foundation that I picked. I got Y335, instead of Y225. Waaay too dark. I’m annoyed. Why did they even do this customization?

    Also, no shipping notice…just appeared.

    • I was wondering… they had names for the shades when I got the email. I got Y335. Of the 4 shades available, I picked the second lightest shade hoping it would match my niece. Not sure if I got the shade I picked or not.

      • I went on the Sephora website and found which numbers corresponded with the shade I chose (marble), and that’s how I saw Y335 is dark sand and marble is Y225.

    • I also got Y335 instead of Y225, marble.

      • I did send an email to CS about this….let’s see what they say.

      • Me too 😕

    • I’ve had that happen. It just arrives, or I get the ship notice the day it shows up.

      I had to whine at Customer Service to get this one to break loose.

      I got the gel cream, which is cool because even at my advanced age (56), my T-zone still gets oily.

      • Hey Lady, mid 40’s hear! I’m certainly loving the chin acne at this age! Lol! Wth? I like some of the neutrogena gel products. This Simply moisturizer is a bit similar. I used it in place of a serum under the Laneige sleep mask aka night cream. Talk about super moisturizing!

        • Dawn, I can totally relate my skin can’t seem to realize that I’m not going through puberty. I’ve had a lot of luck with Peter Thomas Roth’s Aha bha clearing gel ending the most of my breakouts luckily but I don’t want to use acne stuff forever.

          • Holy Hormones!!! I’m lucky to have a female physician who is just a couple of years older than I am. Some topics I’ve brought have led to her just nodding and giggling in agreement with my blunt opinions. Basically confirming it’s normal before she can say it. Lol! Oh ya, chest acne? Huh????????? Why? I could have understood this 30 years ago but not now. If perimenapause is this much fun, I can’t wait for the real thing!

  13. Received shipping notification AND the box today! Got the Eyeko liner and the Simple hydrating gel, which is what I was hoping for (yes hard to believe I wanted black liner, but I got the Eyeko mascara in my Ipsy bag this month)!

  14. Liz has posted this with the spoilers before regarding Amazon subscribers March boxes

    “UPDATE 2: If you subscribed through Amazon and not through Allure Beauty Box, you will not be receiving this March box since Allure isn’t able to do customization for Amazon orders. Instead, you will receive this box.”

  15. Good Afternoon! I said I’d be back after my March box arrived. Funny, I got the shipping email at 2:16pm CST, box was marked delivered at 4:06pm. I’ve been subscribed since September. My box contains everything shown with the variation for my box being the Simple hydrating gel cream. That’s a huge relief to me. This is very useful to me where the eye makeup remover wipes would not be. I’m very shocked at the MUFE foundation. I got Y335 and I’m just shocked at how close of a match it is. I have red undertones so that’s not easy to get a foundation or even a B.B. cream. I love Oribe but it’s way out of my price range. This is going straight in my travel bag same with the foundation Laneige sleep mask. The lipstick and eyeliner are already promised to my niece. Now, about this face sunscreen… It’s so stinkin’ tiny it’s almost a waste of packaging. It reminds me of a Birchbox sample.
    I actually appreciate a box with 7 items. I’m happy to have gotten Simple moisturizer but the size of the Laneige is a but disappointing. Not to mention the full size product is a $7-$10 drugstore product.
    The spoilers for April have me nervous already.

  16. Good Morning! I decided to log into my account this morning. Under Order Date: 03-09-2018 Track Shipment is highlighted blue, clicked on it and it is out for delivery today. LOL! Not one single response to emails. No shipping info email sent. March will be my 7th box. I’m not at all happy with the changes to spoilers and the whole box variations thing. I’ll post what I get in my box after it gets here.

    • I just checked to see if mine had that and it doesn’t! This will be a long wait again.

  17. I have not received any shipping notification usually I get an email around the ninth or 10th of the month. Is anyone else still waiting for shipping notification ??Something is definitely going on with this company. I truly believe when they advertise the heck out of that Sunday Riley serum they got tons of new subscribers and that is why we are seeing every month now three or four variation boxes. It appears the general consensus is we all signed up for Allure because they didn’t have variations. I have a feeling this company is going to learn the hard way that they are going to lose their long time and loyal subscribers do to this

    • No shipping notification here either!

      • Me either!

        • Or me.

          I will call tomorrow.

          I was joking that the amount of hype means it’ll be late.

          Looks like this will be a self-fulfilling prophesy.

        • I did not get a notification but my box just showed up in my mailbox today!

    • I was billed on the 9th, but have not received shipping notice or box yet. Some months I do not receive any shipping notice at all, the box just appears in the mail…whenever.

      • FYI: …and I usually don’t start looking for it until AFTER Liz posts her review. She always gets her box early.

      • I was billed around the 11th and haven’t received a shipping notification either. Usually Allure is the last sub I get :-/

    • I was charged on the 9th, but haven’t heard anything since — no tracking number, and nothing has shown up on informed delivery. My box was very late last month also. One thing I do notice, however, is that when I get a box late in the month they tend to throw in a little something extra – last month it was a 5ml Missoni sample. I do appreciate that.

      • I just get the box.

        They must like you best (joke).

  18. Does anyone know if subscribers through amazon will be able to pick foundation shade? I don’t know how I would even contact them about if?

  19. My March box was totally not this one! I did get the eyeliner, but everything else is different. I was kind of excited about the sleeping mask, but it’s cool. I’m still happy with this month’s!

    I got:

    Eyeko Eye Do Liquid Eyeliner in Carbon Black, 1.2 g

    Bonvivant Aloe Botanical Mask Pack (1 use)

    Klorane Thickness & Vitality Shampoo with Olive Extract, 100 ml

    Eau Thermale Avène Hydrance Optimale Riche Rich Hydrating Cream, 15 ml

    Red Flower Icelandic Moonflower Moisturizing Body Lotion, 30 ml

    Bvlgari Omnia Crystalline Eau de Toilette, 5 ml

    • Same! I got this box as well. I reached out to customer service to ask “what the what?” just to see why I got something other than what they said was the March box.

      • We all got November 2016!!!!!!!!!! BOX!!!!! I just emailed Allure asking why they blew me off with a year and a half old beauty box. Will update you when I get the response. I am so mad!

    • I got the same box as you. Why would Allure show spoilers and then send us completely different items?

    • That’s what my daughter got in her box as well. My other daughter hasn’t opened her box yet, they just came in today, so it’ll be interesting to see if they get the same things.

      • How did everyone get their boxes already? I haven’t received an email confirming shipment or anything. I’m so confused and CS does NOT email back, apparently. I supposed I’ll be calling Monday and canceling already. I don’t want to but I also can’t sit here and have money coming out of my account and not be able to actually get answers. And now reading others got different boxes from what we were told. That’s a hard no for me!

    • I got this same box as you. Actually kind of upset because I was excited about the other spoilers.

    • How did everyone get their boxes already? I haven’t received an email confirming shipment or anything. I’m so confused and CS does NOT email back, apparently. I supposed I’ll be calling Monday and canceling already. I don’t want to but I also can’t sit here and have money coming out of my account and not be able to actually get answers. And now reading others got different boxes from what we were told. That’s a hard no for me!

      • I heard the Amazon subscribers are getting their boxes but it’s the Nov 2016 box. For Allure… my card was charged on the 9th but I have gotten no shipment email. No update on my account either. I usually see a shipment link there first.

  20. I just signed up w Allure about a week ago and the following evening I received the email about choosing the foundation shade. I was kinda impressed bc I had 5 choices. 4 shades and the 5th was No Preference.
    I thought that was pretty cool as I only expected the usual 3 choices: Light, Med, and Dark. 😃
    That being said, I needed another beauty sub like I need a hole in my head. Ugh…I just really wanted to try the foundation before buying full size. For whatever reason, I am TERRIBLE at matching myself for foundations. Just this past month I purchased 4 diff brands and don’t used any of them! They weren’t drugstore either..😔.
    Wish I had someone to share them with. My whole family is male it seems. Any suggestions?

    • Sell them on eBay, or donate them to a woman shelter. I’m in the same boat. I’m trying to find a good foundation. The closest I have got is to the hourglass foundation stick is pretty nice.

    • Some stores will take them as returns. Also, some of the higher end companies have a photo sensitive machine thingy they put up to your skin and determine what foundation color is your best match. (Estee Lauder for one.) I did that and it was good..!! also, try blending several colors together and use your beauty blender…that helps get a good, light, even coverage I have found…Best of luck..

      • I broke down and went to a Bare Escentuals shop after they released the last round of new shades. The clerk matched me satisfactorily and recommended colors from their other types.

        Sephora will do it as well, and recommend from the lines that they carry.

    • If you have a Rite Aid close, you can return used product to them as long as you keep your receipt. I can’t remember how long you have to do the return, but I’ve returned foundation and tried a new shade after a full week.

  21. I’m kind of annoyed.

    Allure is starting to hype the F out of this box, which means it’ll ship late.

    Don’t look for it much before the 21st at the rate they’re going.

    • Wow, you nailed it, I just got mine today.

      • I got mine today, 3/22.

        I’m reasonably pleased with it, so I will keep on subscribing.

  22. OK I’m ready for my next box. I wanna see what I get…the suspense is killing me LOL

    • Does anyone know what the $15 gift is when you start up?

      • I received the Bite Beauty multistick…full size! hope that helps!

      • I got a burst bees lipstick. The color is pretty, not too flashy and it feels good on the lips. I would never buy it but I was happy to accept the full-size free gift for signing up.

        • I received a 5 sample pack of perfume. I wonder if it depends on the month you subscribe. I saw an ad that the free gift would be eyeliner, one ad for a face serum.

  23. Now i’m annoyed, i wanted the wipes.

    • Me too!

    • Me too.
      We’ll I just used bonus points at ipsy for a simple hydrating booster, I hope to get the gel moisturizer. I’m not a fan of the lipstick as we got the same shade lip gloss or whatever it was and it looked grey on me. Eyeko eyeliner I’ve gotten from them before. MUFE foundation is my savior, also any skincare is a win for me.

    • What part of the month do they send these boxes out? Tia

      • I usually receive mine by the middle of the month.

        I’ve been checking the site and they haven’t updated the order date yet.

    • Same😫🤞🏼

    • Me too

  24. I don’t like the variation thing. Hoping for the moisturizer. Otherwise, it’ll be a bummer month for me but there’s always next month.

  25. Did everyone receive the e-mail?
    I never did receive it, looked in SPAM and promotional nothing.

    • Got an email Feb 12- heading is Customize your March box.

      There were 3 choices- a light, a medium, and a dark shade.

      • I did as well. It’s for the foundation that’s in the box. I had another question so I called. And asked this as an afterthought.Tra

    • Just rechecked the email link- there were actually 4 choices, Marble, Dark Sand, Almond, and Cognac, plus a 5th choice was no preference.

      • It depended on your profile because I received different colors to choose.

    • Hey Patricia- I was just looking through emails again, and I noticed at the bottom of yesterday’s February Allure round up email you can still choose your shade.

    • Believe me Allure is a mess, I signed up in early January and had to wait for February box because January was sold out , ok so I got my first box second week of February , great and they kept telling me to update my information , so I decided I wanted to cancel, yup first month, they said they would give me 4 for $10 if I stayed so I said I would got my email for make up shade for March etc and on 26th of February I get another email your box is on it’s way, I thought what, this must be march, so finally the box arrived , February again… I emailed and asked why they did that and they told me I had re signed up and got billed for another February box , to make a long story short I cancelled Allure..

      • I actually cancelled my beauty box also. I placed my order on the 17th of February and they won’t even send me any email other then customer service will get back to you.

  26. Dea: It really all depends on the business model & the actual value of the distribution/audience receiving the box. Some companies do pay for samples, albeit a reduced rate.

    I believe Birchbox pays for their samples (amongst others) as it allows for a better curation than just a box of random products.

    So, my point was that we don’t really know how Allure has set up their business and such a high priced item might have cost them. Add to that I actually was being a bit snotty about this month’s box selections…just for the heck of it. 😉

  27. Three questions/variables about this make me unsure whether I’ll be happy or unhappy with this month’s box. (1) I LOVE the lipstick! Is that definitely in all boxes? Strange how Allure didn’t show it in their spoiler photo or list it in the photo caption. (2) Really hoping I get the Simple eye makeup remover pads variation. (3) My skin tone is very light, so foundation is always tricky for me. Fingers crossed!

    • Actually, I have a 4th question/variation preference – did everyone notice that in Allure’s caption of the photo, it says we’ll get either the eyeko eyeliner OR eyeko mascara? I would rather have eyeliner personally.

      • Mascara here. I despise liquid eyeliner and I’m so sick of getting nothing but black.

      • Oh – good catch. You’re right! I personally hope I get the mascara. I have quite a few, but I use mascara every day and black liner only occasionally.

    • Gina: Allure offered for all of us to select a shade color. They sent an email a week or so ago…maybe you didn’t see it? I think they offered 3 or 4 shades, but I was pleased because one of those shades is MY shade. Ahhh, finally some luck.

      • Same. I asked for Marble. I’d like to get the wipes, but the moisturizer is ok. I’m just happy they’ve been including full size products! It’s gonna be really difficult to to January’s box (full size Sunday Riley CEO Flash serum, $84!!) so I’m gonna stick with Allure for now. The full size CLE highlighter we got last month looks promising, but I haven’t tried it yet

  28. I’m happy with either choice. The lipstick and Laneige item are happifying enough for me anyway!

  29. In Dec Allure gave us a 3 month preview of the items to expect, will they give us another preview of the products to expect in the next 3 months?

  30. I like these brands but all these samples (except the Simple, which I can pick up at Target or CVS) are super tiny!

    • Agreed!! Pretty disappointed the one full size item is a drugstore item.

  31. I’m only sticking around for the MUFE foundation that will probably be too dark for my super pale skin. I was looking forward to the wipes, because I love them and need some. But I’m ok with the change too. February’s box was lackluster for me, I was only holding out for March. But if April doesn’t have good spoilers I’ll probably cancel.

  32. Wow! A full size item in this box! Those wipes are wonderful (they are the kind I buy), but wouldn’t mind trying the gel either.
    I really hope I get that shade lipstick. It’s so wearable for me, unlike last month’s “Gwyneth.”

    • This box is a 👎🏾🙅🏾‍♀️ for me. Just like last month.

  33. Frankly, I’m not pleased with this month’s box. I am a huge fan of Allure, but not this month…perhaps they are saving $$$ from the big splurge of Sunday Riley Serum in January. In any event, I will take what I get and give away what I don’t want.


    • Sunday Riley gave them these for free. You can’t imagine that they pay anything for these items – your $15 goes to pay for shipping and the wages of the warehouse packers and customer service reps, as well as for printing that glossy brochure full of editorial “this is the best product I’ve ever sampled” hyperbole.

      • Dea: It really all depends on the business model & the actual value of the distribution/audience receiving the box. Some companies do pay for samples, albeit a reduced rate.

        I believe Birchbox pays for their samples (amongst others) as it allows for a better curation than just a box of random products.

        So, my point was that we don’t really know how Allure has set up their business and such a high priced item might have cost them. Add to that I actually was being a bit snotty about this month’s box selections…just for the heck of it. 😉

        • I would imagine Allure has a better model than others because since they are a beauty magazine they can trade off sample costs (if they have them) with advertisement space or reduced prices for advertising for the brands. I’ve noticed a lot of times there just “happens” to be articles that include the same products that are in the Allure boxes that month also.

  34. I’m happy with either or. Not a big deal. I just purchased the full- size products from last months box. I had to buy 2 more of the High lighter Cle Essence Moonlighter Cushion. That stuff is amazing and so subtle too. It’s my new favorite. That’s why I don’t like to complain about products that we receive in our boxes because you never know what you’ll love. Get free shipping too from CleCosmetics.

  35. I’m good. Looking forward to trying new things. They really seem to be trying .. just an FYI a Kat Von D lipstick sample thru an allure email… not sure if it will work but will try . I’m combination skin/oily but still love the hydrating moisturizers at night to “seal” in my serum

    • I clicked the link in the email and it sent me to a blank page. I was going to check it out for the people who missed the freebie a few days ago when PSMH Must Have IT gave them away. Anyone else successful with the link?

      • It worked for me I have safari as my default browser maybe try a different web browser?

      • I couldn’t get the link to work either. I gave up after a couple of tries.
        (I use chrome as my browser) It also didn’t work on my phone.

      • Me too😢

      • It worked for me, too. I also got the confirmation email saying I’d get my same in 15-20 days.

        • Booo. Didn’t work for me.

      • Amber: I was so frustrated with getting a blank page that I called the Allure Customer Service offices about 2+ hours after they sent me the email. And guess what? After asking the agent to check, she came back and assured me the reason it was coming up blank was because the samples had run out. This is only AFTER 2 hours! What I’d like to know is why offer an item if you only had such a limited amount to gift? Rather than making this customer happy…they left me angry. c’est la vie in the beauty biz.

      • Same here, but I had already gotten it through a Sephora deal, so no great loss.

      • I got to the link, but it said it was no longer available (I’ve had the flu and haven’t checked my email for a few days). Oh well……….

    • I have got to stop multitasking. Didn’t think earlier message go through

    • I got the same email but the link doesn’t work. It just all white page and I use safari. Bummer I got so excited for nothing😅 Thanks allure for the excitement!

    • Nope the kat von d samples are all gone thanks to people posting the link from email on Reddit and other sites. I tried 4 minutes after I got the email yesterday and it was blank..,called allure and was told it wasn’t “live yet” and to keep trying, called back today and was told they are all gone now.

      I’m so flustrated with sub boxes not rewarding loyal subbers. Seriously, I think the people whom play the cancel every other month and then resub game obviously get better items to try out vs someone that sticks with the boxes month after month, even when they have crappy boxes months in a row , to stick with it, then everyone sees a good month and jumps on that month…..i am really starting to think that thinks really how you need to be to even attempt to get any decent items to try out, since they seem to save the good stuff for “new subscriber’s “

      • Agreed.

      • Exactly. I know for a fact if you cancel Allure, they’ll offer you 4 months at $10 to stay. I know at least 3 people that have done this then on month 5 they cancel. I’ve decided to stick it out with Allure until April. At that point, I’ve got to cancel at least one sub (Allure, Sephora or Ipsy). If Allure keeps giving us a full size product every month, it’ll probably be Sephora…….

      • Yeah, Sephora is bad for that, too.

        A couple of months ago, they had a one-shot box that sounded cool, but I wasn’t able to get to my computer until late, so it was gone.

        With stuff like that they used to give the VIB and Rouge reward level customers first crack, but not for this.

        • Pink5…
          What kind one time box was it?! When they have them, where do you find them at?? I miss so many “promotion ” emails because i get so many from different places I can’t keep up. I do however check the sephora site out more then check emails.

  36. Hearing this news just about ruined my day….

    • It was the only item I was looking forward to in the box. Everything else is not for me.

      • I was so excited as my daughter needed face wipes and was sending her my box this month. In so done with boxes changing last minute to variables. It is happening too often and about ready to drop all but ipsy! I can still get excited for 10 instead of 50 a month and buy what I really like in the store or online

    • The good news is, it’s a drug store brand, and cheap so you can just go pick some up at your local CVS

  37. I’m good. Looking forward to trying new things. They really seem to be trying .. jus TGIF a Kat Von D lipstick sample they an allure email… not sure if it will work but will try . I’m combination skin/oily but still love the hydrating moisturizers at night to “seal” in my serums. Skin care junkie

  38. I’m okay with this change. I don’t typically use makeup removing wipes, but I would like to try either the eye makeup remover pads or the gel cream. Either one sounds like it’d be good to try. I don’t need the gel cream. But I would be happy to try it out. But, since it’s drugstore, if I don’t get the eye makeup remover pads (I’m always looking for a good eye make up remover), I can go pick them up myself.

    • I have the eye make up wipes. They work fine, but the container stopped sealing so they dry out (the sticker completely fell off.) Unless you have the patience to put them in a plastic bag to keep them moist, I think there are better products out there.

      • Good to know. Thanks!

      • I haven’t had that problem with mine at all. As a matter of fact, the one or two on the bottom are filled with the most moisture for me, I think because gravity brings everything down to the bottom of the package. I’ve been using them off and on since I first received them in a box. I usually switch off between eye makeup removers but if you are using these packs, don’t switch off until the package is done because it might dry out if you keep it open longer than a month.

    • Agree. I’ve had good luck with Simple brand.

  39. Oh man I really wanted the wipes. I have enough moisturizer (and high end brands for that matter) to last me for years!

    • Same here!

  40. I’m glad I read the comments, I was thinking it got upgraded to receiving both!

  41. Since I wasn’t very excited about the wipes I’m good with the change. Hoping I’ll get the cream and not the eye wipes. I only use Neutrogena makeup wipes so I wouldn’t need anything else. Any creams I don’t like for my face I use on my neck and chest so always willing to try something new there!

    • You know I have so many samples of moisturizers and I never think to use them on my neck or chest and since I’m 54 now the age is really showing up there I wish I would have started years ago because I’m kicking myself now. I noticed it’s being talked about more and rightly so. Those areas show my age more that my face does !!!

      • Don’t give up hope! I’m 53 and only started a few years ago. It’s amazing the difference I’ve seen since I started using them regularly. I also swear by the Pixi Glow tonic for both my face and chest. I get so many face cream samples that I just don’t really like for my face but I just use them up on my neck and chest. All those good ingredients aren’t going to waste!

  42. Oh, man! Bummer. I really wanted to try the make-up remover pads. I wear a lot of eye make-up and always struggle to remove it completely at the end of the day. I don’t really have a use for the hydrating gel cream for “dehydrated dry skin” when it’s almost spring. My combination skin leans way more towards the oily side once spring is here! The subscription box gods don’t typically favor me, though, so I’m likely going to end up with the gel cream. Dang it.

  43. I hope I get the eye pads but either way I’m ok with what I’m getting this month.

  44. Bummer. I hope I still get the wipes. I pretty much use those every day. I have oily skin and have enough moisturizers to last me years by now…

  45. I really like these spoilers, I’m hoping for the gel cream!

    • I got the gel cream but instead of the MUFE Y225 they sent me the Y345. Might be able to use it in the summer, kinda dark though….😐

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