Allure Beauty Box April 2018 FULL SPOILERS + $5 Coupon!

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Allure Beauty Box Spoilers

We have the exclusive full spoilers for the April 2018 Allure Beauty Box from Allure! 

There are three box variations this month:

Box 1:

Box 2:


Box 3:

What do you think of the full spoilers? Which box do you want?

If you haven’t signed up yet, use this link to get your first box for only $10 a box. (Regularly $15 a box.) As of today, if you sign up now, your first box will be the March Box.

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Ugh. They’ve started creating leftover boxes.

    • Christine,
      My sentiments Exactly!!! I cancelled after Nov, keep thinking I might reSub, but so far nothing’s been tempting…especially random, leftover, mishmash boxes and with shampoo samples?? C’mon! I read the Allure newsletters, they are always touting the new great this or that beauty product. I was thinking, “Oh good, well maybe a few of those will end up in an Allure Sub box”. But NO. I guess that would make too much sense.

      • I agree!! Their newsletters and info about new and up and coming products are nice, but you would think they would correlate this into the box. Also, when looking online i see a lot of “allure winner’s and those are never in boxes.

    • and what is this month mystery gift?

  2. Just say NO to variations! Keeping things consistent is one of the reasons I love Allure. Anyway, keeping my fingers crossed for box 2 or 3.

    • I want 2 or 3 also!!!

    • I’m done with the variations as well. I liked knowing that we were all getting the same quality of product.

    • I’m so bummed.. I wanted 2 or 3 too and of course, ended up getting box 1.. It was the worse out of all three. I wish Allure would stop doing variations.

      • I also got box 1. Super disappointing compared to the others.

      • Me too. The make up eraser sample was a joke also. This has got to be the worst box I’ve gotten from them. I hate getting hair samples as I have a lot of it and its naturally curly and I usually like just 1 brand for it.

      • Oh my gosh. I got my box today and it’s absoulety horrid. It’s the first one. The thing is, I could SMELL it before I could even see it. I love smells and perfume etc but the smell of this box is horrid!!! Then opening it is even worse. So disappointed this month and this sub seems to be going downhill ever since they switched up curators.

        • It’s that shampoo. It made me want to gag. I put it into my shampoo sample box (ha- only other sub addicts would think this isn’t weird) and I could smell it in my bathroom the next day. Horrid!

        • That’s the box I wanted mainly due to what I did not want. But, YES! It did smell! It’s just the scent combo of everything. I have used the rahua products at a hotel once and love them as a spa type treat. Same with the korres. I wanted the primer too. Not excited about a lippy that needs sharpening and certainly not happy with the fabric swatch.

      • Yep, I wanted 2 it 3, but got 1. Gave the shampoo & conditioner away the day I got my box. I only use on line of hair care.

    • Call them and tell them to do away with variations. We have about 40 people from the reddit beauty box forum calling and complaining. Maybe they will listen!

      • Exactly. I waited on hold today for about 15 minutes. They are getting a lot of calls about variations, and the bogus value of this box. I had to call twice. I wasn’t being nasty but the CSR was. I’m not going to put up with my name being interrupted, talked over, corrected, have my name mocked( 1st & last) but CSR refused to give her name? Got hung up on when I yelled at her to stop talking and transfer me to a supervisor. Guess what? They track and record those calls.

  3. I wonder if 2 and 3 are for new or newer subscribers. We’ve had both Drunk Elephant and the Skinfix cleansers in previous boxer. I can’t see Allure sending older subscribers those samples again.

    • I’m a fairly new subscriber and I got box 1. I’ve never gotten Drunk Elephant or Skinfix. I was hoping for box 2 or 3. 😔

  4. I just don’t want box 1. I don’t like to sample different shampoo/conditioner. That is just not a product that I personally need to explore as I already have my go-to (and in gigantic bottles that last well over a year lol). Either of the other two boxes will make me happy!

  5. Variations make me cranky. I subscribe to Allure because I don’t have to deal with variations.

    • I agree with you. My sister and I (both in our 40s) subscribe to this box. Now if there are variations and we don’t each receive the same box, I’m afraid we will fight over it like we did when we were kids fighting over which got the better Easter Basket lol

    • Yes Yes Yes…. It’s fair and well that is one of the many reasons why I love Allure Beauty Box. I feel like ever since they started changing things is when boxes started to come reallly really late. Every month is gets worse. I won’t get March until April.

      • Same here 😤 I still haven’t gotten mine & I never received the email from them to choose my foundation color either, but they sure took my $$ 2 weeks ago 😡 I’ve been a subscriber for almost a year now and the only thing I could count on was no variations, now I think I’m going to cancel for next month & save my money. This & Ipsy have been really disappointing me for the past few months so I think I’m done with them. Look Fantastic, Boxycharm and Yes Oh Yas are really stepping up so I thinking I’ll just stick with them.

        • Ugh, it’s the 30th and I haven’t received mine either! Tracking has it stuck for a week at shipping partner and haven’t handed it off to USPS. So disappointed

          • Call Customer service. It’s an 800 number and wait time is fairly minimal.

        • I got the wrong foundation color in my March box than what I selected, I called customer service and they are supposedly sending me my correct color. Haven’t received yet, but the CS woman was nice and took care of it fast. She did warn it would probably be 4 weeks. I assume it’s shipping with all the April packages in general (not inside but they must be shipping out batches of incorrect ones, or had to wait on company to buy more samples?).

          Anyway, long story short, call customer service and they will set you up with correct shade that may take a bit to arrive, hopefully lol. Was a quick call and fix there at least.

    • Exactly. Same here. That’s exactly what I said to them on the phone. Then I suggested that the powers that be at allure come on over to mysubscriptionaddiction and read what their subscribers really think since they don’t return emails.

  6. Ugh, that Rahua Shampoo is the stinkiest Shampoo ever. I like the rest of that box…but seriously that junk smells just like licorice.

  7. This is really pissing me off. The fact that they hardly ever did box variations was the biggest reason I chose Allure to begin with. This box does not just cost me $15.00, it’s $16.48. I have emailed them to ask why? I have emailed them to inquire about skipping or canceling. I don’t ever get a response. If you try calling, you get someone who acts like they don’t know what you’re talking about or tells you some “story” that doesn’t add up aka lies or they basically tell you that you don’t know what you’re talking about…

    • 16.48 is with tax

    • It’s the tax based on where your mail goes to. I’m in FL and our sales tax is 6% and the county I lived in prior to 2014 didn’t add any tax to that but we moved to another county and that’s where I was when I signed up for Allure. I couldn’t figure out why my box was more than $15 plus 6% tax. It’s cause the county we lived in added a half percent or one percent to the state tax but we didn’t know that because we still worked and shopped in our old county since we were only 2 miles from the county line and closer to civilization than if we were to go through the rural road we lived on, through the rural part of that county to get to their “major” city which was still not as major as where we were from originally. I think we lived there a good two years without ever knowing it was more than 6%!!!

      • Yes, it is taxes but I don’t understand why. I don’t get charged tax on some subs because they don’t have offices, warehouses, etc. in the city, county or state. Take Play By Sephora for instance; They have 2 store locations nearby in the same state and county. I get charged the highest tax rate available. Obviously that’s the tax rate I’m paying for allure, almost 10%. But why? The tax I end up paying on online orders can vary as well. Take Hanes for instance, no store here, so I pay the lowest tax rate for my state. Sometimes, I pay the tax rate for the state I’m ordering from or the state their warehouse is in. Anybody ever notice that? So I’m not understanding why I’m paying such a high tax for the allure box. I’ve called but anyone in allure CS does not seem to understand what I’m talking about. I must be confused??? I’ve tried contacting by sending an email via there website every other week, 4 emails, no response. Considering this and the whole box variations thing, I’m not sure how much longer I’ll be sticking around.

    • Oh their customer service is absolutely AWFUL!! They NEVER reply and if they do, they tell you they’ll fix it and never do. I am STILL waiting for the brush from the January 2017 box! Yes over a year ago! Cancelled!

      • Were you able to cancel through the website or did you have to call?

  8. Ugh I hate variation boxes!! And we had la la elephant and skinfix already. It doesn’t matter which box I get but I like to not have variations, 1 of the reasons I like Allure is because they only variate minimally. I don’t want to wish and hope for a particular box only to have a completely different 1.

  9. All these products start blending together in my head thus I really don’t care which box I get. Certainly not going to cry because I didn’t get the variation I wanted.

  10. I just signed up, mainly because I’m loving the Naked lip that I just bought and want more. They are $25 at retail. I’m hoping for box 2 but would be okay 3, just don’t need 1, don’t need shampoo and conditioner, they’d have to go to the donate pile.

    First I have to get the March box, which is okay, some will go in the donate pile.

    • Did you get an email about shipping for your box for March, yet? I signed up on 3/3 and I never received an email, aside from Order verification. I’ve reached out to CS to try to find out when the box will ship and when I can expect to get charged again, and I’ve heard nothing back. Their website literally tells you nothing at all. And i truly do not want to be charged for April before I even get my March box. I’d like to get my first box and decide if I want to keep this sub before I’m forced into another month or two.
      Extremely frustrating, IMO.

      • I was wondering the same thing! I signed up 3/12 and haven’t received a tracking email, I went back to their website and it says that new orders will be receiving the April box. So I don’t know? I’m already leaning towards cancelling because I like to view my options and on their website, I don’t see anything besides my account information.

        • My mom signed up a week after I did. She lives ONE BLOCK away from me. We both checked our accounts at the same time today, and hers shows shipped, mine still nothing. I’m calling and canceling today. I’m done. After reading all of the complaints, I regret ever signing up.

  11. While I’d love to get the primer, I really don’t want the shampoo/conditioner.

    I’m not digging the variations. Hoping that Allure does not continue down this road. Box 2 or 3 are okay, but none of them are blowing me away…

  12. I wish there were no variations,as it always leads to disappointment. I’m hoping for 2 or 3. I have naturally curly hair and only use devacurl. I hate receiving hair products.

  13. I would like to receive box 1 or box 3. Box 2 is fine, but I already have a retinol product that I like. But all the boxes look great. Excited to see what I get!

  14. I don’t pay $15 a month for shampoo and conditioner samples. Certainly not expensive shampoo brands that I would never buy anyway.

    • I wholeheartedly agree Dea.

    • I was so excited when I first signed up for a lore as everybody got exactly the same thing but they must have gotten so many new subscribers they have to do variations which is the main reason I signed up for this particular subscription in the first place because there were no variations. I honestly do not want to ever see a shampoo and or conditioner sample in a beauty box. I have extremely fine hair and there are tons of hair products that I cannot use because they wearing my hair down. And if you notice box one variation has a total of six items where the others only have five and I’m sure they’ve done is because they realize in my personal opinion the value of boxes two and three are higher then the value a box 1. Or they are trying to compensate for the DE products being added to the other variations although I would really like to try that primer and variation one. Oh well. It is what it is however I’m still disappointed that Allure is now doing variations every single month

  15. I do believe Lala Retro and Skinfix are both repeats from previous boxes. My theory is long time subscribers will get Box 1 and newer subscribers Box 2 and 3. I am getting Allure for almost 2 years and definitely hoping for box 1 😀

    • I was just going to say…I’ve already had the Lala and the Skinfix (I really don’t want another Skinfix…) just saying….I don’t like multiple variations either.

      • And I did end up getting Box 1.

    • I agree with you. That’s my guess. I’ve been subscribed for almost 5 years.

    • I want box 1 too, i want to try the primer and the Korres.

      • Me too. It’s the rest of the box that’ll be not so great. The shampoo and conditioner is a big issue w me because I have long hair and it’s curly, and I , as I’m sure do others, have my own s and c that I use for my type of hairs needs. Just would not be useful, wish I could however try the bio- retinol squalane or the moisturizer in variations 2 and 4. Ahhh well, cant win them all I guess. Def already had the lala retro and skin fix cleanser too this past year.

    • Are we allowed to offer swaps? I’d love box 2 or 3, is there a place to say where you are located for exchanges?

  16. They all look wonderful to me! I’m so glad I started subscribing to Allure in January. This is definitely one of my favourite boxes!!!

  17. I’d be happy with any of these boxes!

    Did anyone else notice that in February’s box, the little booklet had said that the usual editor of the box had gotten a new job and there is now another lady in the position? I’m thinking that this is the reason things have been kind of “off” with this sub.

    • Still waiting on my February & March boxes!!! I like the boxes most of the time, IF I get them, but their CS bites.

    • I noticed this too! I loved the first few boxes I received and used to have box envy before I subscribed. Now I don’t really find that products in each box make sense. I’m doing the 4 for $10 offer and hoping it’s better by then.

  18. Variations can cause major FOMO indeed!

    This might be a “skip” month for me. It’s easy to call in and ask them to pause your membership and they won’t charge you for the month. It’s also easy to call in and cancel if you are not happy or would otherwise like to end your subscription.

    Everytime I have called, I’ve gotten nothing but excellent customer service.

    People (and companies) make mistakes, but if you call and give them a chance to rectify it, you might be pleasantly surprised. This has been my experience with Allure CS every single time ☺

  19. I want #2! Looks amazing! Universe, you heard me…

    • Ditto! Box 2, box 2, box 2!!!

  20. I received Dec 2017 to February 2017 Allure boxes no problem, I got them as described on the website. I thought it was great, one of my favourite boxes! Then they thought they could get away with sending those who subscribe through Amazon an old box from 2016 – because they “couldn’t customize the foundation shade”. I’ve got a refund through Amazon because what they sent was not what was as advertised. I won’t be resubbing again, and seriously reassessing the all the other subs I have.

    • Oh wow, if you don’t mind my asking what all did you get? I am also subbed through Amazon and just got the shipping notification yesterday. I wasn’t subbed in 2016 so might be okay with a different box as wasn’t blown away by the March spoilers anyway, but would be really wary to receive products that were almost 2 years old..!

      • I got the November 2016 box. I am ok with some variations, and know that I might not get exactly what I want, but I don’t expect to be sent an old box.

  21. I’m done with subs who are doing variations now. It’s not worth it to me. I’ll read Liz’s review for her box and can’t wait to get mine. Then mine comes and it’s totally different and useless. Not doing it anymore. Please no more variations, their so disappointing to get a box you didn’t want.

  22. Hoping for box one. I don’t like 2 and 3 at all. Nor do I like the whole variation deal, it’s not something I realized Allure did when I subbed. Might need to cancel because I’m sure I’ll rarely, if ever, get the variation I want.

  23. Boxes 2 & 3 have repeats so I hope I get Box 1. I’m not happy about this variation set up. Not happy at all.

    • I totally agree

      • That’s why I cancelled. And they lured me back with 10.00 box for 3 months. But it’s not even worth 10.00. I’m sad. I hate variations. That’s why I quit glossy box too

        • I agreed to the 4 months at $10 too. I am thinking about writing to cancel and just telling them to charge me another $5 for this month if they need to. I guess it is ok as far as products go, but it looks like the sizes are going to be ridiculously tiny. 🙁

    • I prefer box 2 or 3, which means I’ll probably get box 1. Like a lot of others, i’m NOT a fan of variation boxes, which Allure never used to do, except for variations in colors of products. Allure- please listen to your customers!

      • Agreed whole heartedly. I believe most of long time subscribers to Allure continue to stay with them not only because of the great value but because they did not do variations. Personally this is only my theory that when they teased about having a full size Sunday Riley product, that they got tons of new subscribers and that is the reason we are now getting variations every months. Again this is only a theory but I do not recall ever seeing variations every single month like they have now and it is rather disappointing. But again this is only my personal opinion

    • If I get box 1, I’ll gladly trade for either 2 or 3, but preferably 2.

      • If you get box #1 and I get box #2 or #3, I will GLADLY trade with you!! We will just have to keep eachother updated somehow!!

  24. Actually – all of them look pretty good:)

  25. I hope I get box 2!

  26. Box 2 or 3 would be nice.

  27. I’d be happy with any of them.

    • Me too! 🙂

  28. I would like any of these. I will re-sub through Amazon. It’s worth the extra $5 to be able to start and stop a sub easily.

    • Is it hard to cancel the subscription?

      • It’s like cancelling Comcast.

        • Oh my god i know it is almost impossible to cancel with them 😱😱, so is it better to subscribe during amazon then?

          • When I unsubscribed over the phone, it was totally easy. I was bracing myself for the experience based on the feedback here, but it turned out to be really nothing.

        • Trying to cancel Comcast is like trying to escape the 5th circle of Hell.

          • Trying to do anything with Comcast is like trying to escape the 5th circle of hell. They’ve charged my landlady like 37548097 late fees because they keep saying her automatic payment didn’t work. But why does it never work? No one ever knows. They just take the late fee off, she pays over the phone or online and again sets up the automatic payments and the cycle repeats. One time it was because a store employee had typed her bank info wrong!

      • It’s easy to cancel. I just email and they confirm it. Sometimes they will respond back with an offer of 4 at 10 each (but not always).

      • Oops – Sorry I meant through Allure not Amazon. Amazon’s version is easy to cancel online.

      • Not if you sign up with Amazon. Just click a box.

  29. I’m hoping for Box #1. No interest in the primer OR the hair stuff, but I’d really like to try the Korres.

    I’m a big Drunk Elephant fan, but I’ve tried both of these products and didn’t care for them. I don’t use SPF all that often and the LaLa is too heavy for my freakishly oily skin.

    • I feel like I’ve already gotten the stuff from 2&3 in previous months. I’m hoping for #1 also.

  30. Why do I look at variations? I dont think ive ONCE gotten the one I wanted and I always want one way more than the others 🙁

  31. I’m not a fan of variations! I cancelled boxycharm because I was always getting things I couldn’t use, and paying for shipping to swap things with others isn’t worth it.

  32. #3 please

  33. I reeeeaaaalllllyyy hope I get the 1st box, it’s the only one with skincare that I can actually use…. I’m really tired of Allure having variations…they were my favorite box and I could always count on them. I didn’t even get to choose the shade of the foundation for this box so I’ll prolly end up with the darkest one… I’m blonde with blue eyes btw lol 😂

  34. I am asking for #2 or #3. If I get # 1 I am willing to swap.

    • I’m hoping for #1. I’d be willing to swap if I got #2 or #3.

      • Ok Casey we can help each other if we don’t get what we want!

  35. Box 1 looks pretty nice. Box 2 and 3 not so much though. The Skinfix cleanser and both Drunk Elephant products are all repeats and my skin didn’t care for any of them the first time around. So no resub for April. Maybe May will be a better fit.

    • I’m hoping for 2 or 3 and will swap with anyone who wants box 1 if I get it!

  36. I’m cool with any of these variations, and I’m pretty picky. Good with Rahua or Drunk Elephant. The other stuff is fine.

  37. I’m not a big fan of variations but luckily I’ll be happy with whatever box variation I get.

  38. Hoping that I get box 1, I really want to try the primer.

  39. I love DE and that’s the main skin care I use, so I’m hoping for those to keep in my travel bag.

  40. Hoping for box 2 or 3.

  41. Not at ALL happy with their ” curation” this month. Should have one box OR some personalization.

    Allure has gone way downhill, IMO.

  42. I don’t like any of these boxes. I hope May is better.

  43. A very underwhelming box IMO.

  44. Nope.

  45. Lol, I’ve gotten and tried the Drunk Elephant Whipped Cream that is so hyped and was not that impressed. Would prefer box 2 or 3 to get Drunk Elephant for swaps but box 1 is stuff I would use at least

    • To clarify, I would use all the stuff in boxes 2 and 3 as well (not hating) and have been wanting to try Biossanse. Just trying to make myself feel better if I don’t get box 2 or 3

  46. These are all great boxes, but I still hate variations.

  47. ugh…..I hate variations as I seem to never get the one I want….Wonder what business model they saw that made them think this was a good idea

  48. I really want box 2 or 3!! I love DE, and I have no use for the shampoo in box 1.

  49. Oh dang that Drunk Elephant stuff is going to make some people reallllly grumpy.

    • Why?

      • Because Drunk Elephant has a large following, and is very pricey. People don’t really feel the same way about Korres, Stellar, or rahua.

        • Oh I see. Also they paired DE with Biossance which is pricy too. Ugh… Now I’d be mad with the first variation! I thought that I’m ok. 😀

  50. I want the box 2 or 3 bc of either of the drunk elephant products. They look amazing, either way I’m happy with whatever I get 😉

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