Walmart Beauty Box + InStyle Box Launches 2/26 + FULL SPOILERS!

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On 2/26, Walmart Beauty Box + InStyle are launching a limited edition Award-Worthy Beauty Box!

Here are the details:

The Box: InStyle Award-Worthy Beauty Box 

The Cost: $5

The Products: Box approximate retail value of $33+:

On 2/26, you should be able to buy it hereAre you going to buy a box?

FYI – this is a one time purchase that is separate from the Walmart Beauty Box subscription. Walmart Beauty Box is a $5 quarterly subscription box. Check out our Walmart Beauty Box reviews to see what you can expect from this beauty subscription box!

(And our reviews of Cheap Subscription Boxes to find other similarly priced boxes!)

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I have tried on 2 computers and my phone, and I can’t get the order to go through to buy the box. Boo.

    • I tried to an errror occurred, I’m think it may be sold out. Bummer

  2. I’ve never gotten a Walmart box, don’t shop at Walmart for anything, and sub to many higher end boxes. So this is not for me. That said, it’s almost insulting. It’s not a beauty box, it’s a hygiene box. Is cleanliness the best a Walmart Shopper can hope for? No glam here, that’s for sure.

    • Um…. It’s a $5 box. All of these items can contribute to making someone feel beautiful hence beauty box. It may not be what people were expecting out of a box sponsored by Instyle but still only $5 and I believe the $5 is shipping the box is free. The Found sheet mask is $2.5 alone (half the cost of the box).

    • Michelle, Every sub is different. So we all have choices to pick from.
      Which Thank You MSA for all of the information you put out. Its appreciated and helpful.
      If I want a high end box, food box, pet box or Walmart box, thats my choice. But if I dont want a box, for whatever reason, I dont see a need to leave a negative comment & judge others.
      As Redhead36 Stated, we all feel beautiful from different things. Same with Happiness comes from different things.
      I have tried and use many many boxes, including “high end”. Congratulations to you btw that you get “high end”. I hope that you enjoy all of your subs.

    • Is cleanliness the best they can hope for? LOL. You’ve OBVIOUSLY never been to a Wal-Mart.

  3. Just ordered the beauty box this morning. It includes a $15 coupon for the magazine so the contents is valued at $18. The Olay is only .5 oz. But still a good deal for $5.

  4. Hi Liz,
    I am not ordering this box. But just curious if theres another one, do we order through our account that we already have?

  5. Anyone know what time this will be released?

    • It want let me order the instyle box does anyone know why or how to order it

    • How can you order the instyle I’ve been trying to order it but it keeps showing today’s date and that’s it can someone help me

    • I did just get one.

    • It’s up now but I’m having trouble ordering it. It’a charging me nothing for the box but $5 shipping? Is this normal?

      I have a confirmation number or an order.

      • I just ordered mine. $5

      • Annie, ues thats correct and normal. Box is FREE, but $5 shipping.

      • Thanks! Got one 😊

  6. Damn.
    I will def get one, but I hate hate hate how they exaggerate the value!…hiss!

  7. Here’s a lil FYI and heads up at least until whoever curates the boxes for Walmart’s Beauty Box…..
    Either only have the Trendsetter box,get rid of the Classic box,or make the Classic box a little closer to the awesomeness of the Trendsetter box!
    Ladies if you’re not already receiving the Trendsetter box,switch it immediately….I did and I’m not salty anymore….the Classic box doesn’t compare to the Trendsetter at all!!

    • Why not just get both?? They are only 5.00. I’ve got both for a few years now and am ok with it.

  8. Even with the over-inflated box value, it’s a great deal, especially considering that $5 covers shipping so it’s basically free stuff.

    My issue is that it’s just boring. I really did think InStyle would dress it up. Maybe you get a 3-month InStyle subscription or something???

  9. I will get this special box… I love Pantene products, another mask is good and wanted to try the Olay Whip. Too expensive to buy a full container of it, so it gives me a chance to try it!

  10. I signed up for this got to the end and the site would not allow me to enter payment anyone else have this issue ?

    • Hey dear,
      Are you trying to sign up for the reg Walmart Beauty Box or the one time In-Style Walmart Beauty Box?
      The In-Style you can’t sign up until the 26th of this month,Feb. Unless of course they release the sign up page earlier(which I hate because if I mark the 26th and it’s released early,chance is I’ll miss out…hate that!)

  11. I try to avoid Walmart like the plague (or should I say flu?) Never got a winter box and they eliminated the purell wipes at my Walmart that I would use to clean my shopping cart. How friggin cheap can they be????

  12. I’m still waiting for my Winter Box to be billed, shipped & received. I only got my Fall box last month after contacting them 4 times.

    • Me too.

      • Add me to that list. I got only one box last year and then nothing. So bizarre.

        • Hi Kathy,
          I know I missed my summer box,had no idea why.. until I went on my account and realized I had gotten a new debit card to replace my broken one and never revised my new acct info. I had one other time where I forgot and the money wasn’t in there,so I missed that box also!
          Did you change anything with your form of payment?

  13. Nope. Nothing in there is interesting to me at all….and I’m still waiting for my winter box.

    • Hey Maggie,
      I don’t know if the winter boxes have even been sent out yet,I haven’t seen any posted on Instagram yet…
      I didn’t get my Fall box until the middle of December,lol…..shouldn’t that be the winter box…just saying?

      • I received my winter box yesterday, feb 20th. I get the trendsetter box. Im 44( ive been told that matters?). I got a Mabelline lip liner, a matching matte lipstick. Both full size and both in mauve/ nudetones. A spray can version of Aquaphor. And a peel gel mask. I was pretty pleased. Best box I’ve ever gotten from Wal-Mart actually.

  14. Nope. Nothing in there is interesting at all….and I’m still waiting for my winter box.

  15. How much value is being given to each product to get to $33??

  16. I think the bar for Walmart boxes has just been set so low that we’re happy for anything that even remotely improves upon the past couple years. Oof. Not falling for it. I broke up with Walmart a year ago and I’m reminding myself right now- NEVER GO BACK TO AN EX.

    • Lol. Love this! And POINT MADE.

  17. How in the world does this reach $33 retail?? An Olay foil packet ($1?), Pantene foam ($3?), Secret deo ($3), and sheet mask ($4?), body wash ($3), and toothpaste ($3) = $17. And I’m probably being generous. I’ll still probably get one, sigh.

    • I thought the same exact thing Rachel…lol 😱 Like would it keel ya to send a mini size Olay or full size….I don’t even care….I’ll even compromise….a full size of whatever fits in the box…lol..
      But it IS $5 and I don’t think any of us expect a box full of brand name makeup for the cost of shipping….just tell the truth and don’t exaggerate!

  18. I would pay more ($10 or $15) for an exciting special edition box. This doesn’t differ from a regular Walmart Beauty Box (which I’m still waiting on…)

  19. Yes, please!

  20. It does look better than the past couple of Walmart boxes, if you even got them..some are still waiting for Fall, and Winter. A couple items have been in past boxes, but items i would use. Face mask, toothpaste, and 1 of the olay products I think?. I am interested to try the other items. But, on the fence. It looks worth the $5, just not sure I’m that interested.

  21. For $5 of course I am.

  22. Are they full size or travel size? Or a combination?

    • They won’t all be full. The Olay whip moisturizer is $27 for full. That looks like a foil in picture.

  23. This one gets my attn. I’m still waiting for my beauty box however grrr.

  24. I’ve tried a lot of these and can’t get enough so I’m definitely gonna buy!!

  25. Bleh, price is great obviously but I do not like that conditioner (smells great and is definitely a cool texture but I just didn’t find it works well). Do not like whitening tooth pastes, would have LOVED to see one of those new small ball deodorants! Really the only thing I’d use is the sheet mask, so easy pass for me.

  26. I like the price and I haven’t tried any of these products yet, so I think I will get one.

  27. They couldn’t have at least tried to make it a more exciting box? 🙄


    • Same here.

    • Lol. It’s $5

      • It’s still just as boring as the normal Walmart beauty boxes. For a “special edition” they could have tried a bit harder to get back the customers they lost during the Fall box disaster

        • I don’t know why InStyle would even want to put their name on this.

          • I had this exact same thought.

          • Agreed.

          • Totally agree. I literally lol when I saw “..award worthy..” that is more than stretching the truth,!!

      • And I’d rather apply that $5 towards my Macy’s beauty box, which I actually enjoy receiving.

        Besides, I doubt I’d use anything in this “special edition” box other than the toothpaste, so it’s not even worth $5 to me…

  28. Looks like a nice value. I love that deodorant too. Toothpaste is always useful and I’d really like to try the foam conditioner. Is there a purchase limit on these?

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