Walmart Beauty Box + InStyle Box Available Now + FULL SPOILERS!

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The Walmart Beauty Box + InStyle limited edition Award-Worthy Beauty Box is available now!

Here are the details:

The Box: InStyle Award-Worthy Beauty Box 

The Cost: $5

The Products: Box approximate retail value of $33+:

Are you going to buy a box?

FYI – this is a one time purchase that is separate from the Walmart Beauty Box subscription. Walmart Beauty Box is a $5 quarterly subscription box. Check out our Walmart Beauty Box reviews to see what you can expect from this beauty subscription box!

(And our reviews of Cheap Subscription Boxes to find other similarly priced boxes!)

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  1. Yeah! Just got mine. Nice size samples. Just ordered another!

    Funny, have yet to get my Winter box, but this came right away.

    • Same. I just ordered another one! That Secret deodorant and Olay is enough to cover the $5 cost, and we are doing a lot of traveling this year. I am thrilled to be able to order another box. 🙂

  2. Got my box yesterday, yahoo! Thanks MSA!!
    (I’m in Massachusetts)

  3. i ordered 2 boxes, but several hours apart…

    i have received the first box, and have yet to even get a shipping confirmation for the second box…

    i have some weird, abusive relationship with walmart boxes, apparently–i just won’t learn…

    oh, yeah…the box i did get is great!
    nice, larger samples…

  4. In order to order this box if you have an existing account is by clicking on the saved card, just click the button and then click place your order. I just got mine.

  5. OK ladies…my box has shipped today!! WOW. I’m floored!! Yahoo!

  6. Has anyone been able to get this to work WITHOUT signing up for a new account with a different e-mail address? I thought after the horrible rollout of the beauty profile quiz issues they had that would not save to anyone’s account that they would have spent some time fixing the glitches in their system.

    • Hi Heather! I followed the link from here and saw the box. I logged in and purchased the new box. I’ve received other Walmart beauty boxes before. Not sure why it worked so easily for me. Sorry you’re having trouble!!

      • Good to know, thanks! Not sure why most of us can’t get it to work without a new account, but at least we know it isn’t supposed to be exclusively for new members or anything. Thanks!

    • When I hit the ‘CREDIT CARD’ button, nothing happens.

      • You need to put your credit card number in, even though it says it is “stored”. I went around and around with that myself! lol

        • I did that, and it still doesn’t work. I get the same error message either way.

    • Yaa, wohoo it worked!! I was able to sign in to my account and I ordered the box!! Yipeee

    • i get it with my same account i use for my beauty box

  7. I ordered one, no issues. Hopefully they fixed whatever it was. (Maybe too many people trying to buy at once?)

  8. Do we know the size of the Olay Whip? I didn’t see it listed here or on the Walmart site.

    • Sorry I just zoomed in on the picture, it says 0.5 oz.

  9. I ordered mine super early this morning and it went right thru yay! I was then also able to sign up for the quarterly box too so I should be getting the winter box too 😉 I’m a bit excited 😂 😂 😂

  10. I had no issues. I logged into my Walmart beauty box account and it was listed as an option to buy. Heck for $5 it’s a no brainer.

    • Still mad at my local Walmart for getting rid of the purell cart wipes especially during flu season. I won’t spend a dime in that cheapskate store.

  11. Error.
    I can’t buy it.

  12. I was able to make two separate orders. Yay

    • Me too, I got 2 lol 😉😊

  13. Hmmm….want it but trying to talk myself out of it. I have to go look at my overflowing stash now to see if that helps me decide that I don’t need to bring more stuff into the house…but I am weak….LOL

  14. I was only able to get one using a new email address. Looks like a good box of essentials. Great for travel.

  15. I keep getting “An error occured on our servers-please try to place your order again”. BUT–I did happen to look while in my account at my subscriptions–which are GONE!! I was billed 2 weeks ago for one of them–still no shipping for it…but now BOTH of my ongoing subscriptions (both well over a year old) are gone! NOTHING shows in subscriptions!

    Does everyone still show their subscriptions in their account?

    Is the box ending? Really wouldn’t surprise me with all the 3-4 delays of shipping old products but it’d sure be the right thing to by notifying your subscribers!

    • I just checked mine and it is empty also.. Not sure what is going on. I suggest you make up a new account with a new email to get this box and see what happens with your existing account later. I didn’t want to miss out on the box.

    • My Subscriptions listing is empty for both accounts too. I’m gonna wait and see what happens as far as getting future boxes. (All my other info is still on the account.)

      I’m doubtful that this sub is ending – At the end of my order with a new account, I was given the option of becoming a subscriber.

    • That’s bizarre. My subscriptions page is blank also, but they are showing in the account dashboard and orders. I’ve been getting this since they’re very first box. I guess we will have to check back on that.

    • I had the same issue. I finally signed out and had to set up a new account with a different e-mail address to order this box. Perhaps it’s an issue with their server. I’ll look in a few days to see if my subscriptions are listed. I signed up for both the Trendsetter and Classic.

    • Haven’t received neither of my 2 winter boxes. Account says still processing. I was charged for both on Feb 9. I would just prefer a refund, their boxes are very crappy lately.

    • Actually, I just found out – If you go through the link above (with /limit edition box added the to regular address) , no subscriptions appear to be listed, but if you go to the site using the regular address (beautybox dot walmart dot com) you can view your subscriptions.

      Still not sure why so many are having a hard time ordering the box under their existing accounts. Maybe the page selling the LE box isn’t connecting properly with our regular account page…

  16. Ugh… it won’t let me place an order without logging into my account, and I’m unable to log in. I keep getting an error about my phone number, when my phone number isn’t even a part of the log-in screen! I thought that maybe I was entering the wrong password, but it doesn’t let me reset it. I guess I won’t be getting this one.

    • Same thing was happening to me when I tried to order! So I gave up. Took it as a sign. 🙂

  17. so I had to create a completely new account and was able to Snag one. Not sure why it wasn’t working with my usual account. I tried for an hour.

    • Me, too!

      I tried a few times, putting in my cc # already on file for two different accounts with no luck. Opened a new account with another email and same card & addresses, and VOILA! Snagged one!

      Not sure what’s up with that.

    • Thank you for the tip. I did that and it finally worked. Frustrating!

  18. I have tried with several different credit cards, including the one that is already stored in my account for the quarterly boxes, and I am getting the same error messages. What is going on???

  19. Liz, do you know if the winter 2017 boxes are ever going out? It’s almost time for spring. They’re slacking lately & don’t communicate well. Thanks!

    • unfortunately Walmart sends their boxes out after the season pasted or almost past. we probably wont see winters box till April/May honestly. This is my second year with them and they just can’t get it together with there timeliness which is annoying event for 5$.

    • I think its funny when she gets asked these questions. What do you expect her to do? Maybe you should call them if you have questions about your account.

      • She does get advertisement fees and boxes in exchange for writing a review. The more helpful the blog is the more likely they have people to come visit and the more revenue they can generate.

        Perhaps, also the user also tried reaching out and didn’t get in contact with anyone and is asking to see if that is the common outcome. Or she just thought it was easier to post than find the answer herself.

      • @Colleen, I’ve had sub boxes for over 3 years now & am capable of handling customer service issues. My question was a very general one that Liz, as the owner of MSA, might be privy to, that’s all.

    • I’m not sure. I’ll reach out and see if they have any updates I can share.

  20. Most of the items are very handy, great for traveling. Specially the toothpaste, deo and body wash.

  21. Liz, would buying this particular box automatically sign me up for their seasonal boxes? I am only interested in this one. Thanks!

    • Nope, this is a one-time purchase. It will NOT start a subscription. Hope that helps! 🙂

      • Liz, thank you for the quick response. I am going to get one. Cannot beat $5 price 🙂

  22. Still not working!

  23. I just had a problem. and entered two different credit cards

  24. Still not working for me 🙁

    • me neither 🙁

  25. I snagged mine for that Olay Whip!

    • Me too! Just ordered the box – no hitches thank god!

  26. To those who were having trouble ordering (me included), seems to be working now.
    Good luck!

  27. I got one:)

  28. I just realized that I would love them to make a deodorant sampler box. I would definitely be in for one or two.

  29. I ordered one. This is worth $5. I want to try the Olay Whips and already like Secret Clinical deodorant. I love face masks and the other Olay item will be nice to check out.

    I really wish they’d get it together for their regular sub though. Very frustrated with them since the Fall 2017 boxes and how late they were. Now I was charged 2 weeks ago for the Classic Winter box but its yet to ship and no charges yet on my Trendsetter one.

    • Same here! I was charged on Feb 9. Still says “processing order” on the website. 🙁

  30. I was able to purchase one after creating an account. I had a foil sample of the Olay Whip and have been interested in purchasing the full size. I’m hoping this trial size will help me decided.

  31. I got one.

  32. I was able to order successfully and received an email confirmation already. Hopefully they fix whatever problem you are experiencing! Looks like a nice box.

  33. I was able to order a little after 11 am EST and also was able to log back in and order a second one for my sister. Both are pending in my account, but I haven’t received a confirmation email from Walmart yet. I’m using Chrome browser if that helps.

  34. Thanks for the reminder. I bought one. I figured why not considering I haven’t been charged yet for Winter boxes in either of my accounts (Classic or Trendsetter) so this way I’ll at least get one Walmart box this season. LOL.

  35. I was trying to order but it won’t allow me to enter my credit card information…

    • Click on the actual words that say “card number”. It’s not a button, just words. They made it really confusing! It took me a minute to figure it out.

      • I got it! Thanks so much! I’m so excited, been wanting to try Olay Whips for a while now but didn’t want to spend $ on a full size in case it isn’t what I want.

  36. I’ve been trying to order this InStyle box for the past hour and am getting an error message at checkout: “An order occurred on the server. Please try to place the order again. I called’s Customer Service @ ~7:30 AM PST and they noted that “there was nothing on my cart,” that others were experiencing this issue, and that I “should try again in 30 minutes.” If anyone is successfully able to order this item, please confirm via comment — thanks!

    • Hmmmm. I was just able to order one. Had to go out of my shopping cart to login, find the box again, added it to my cart and tried to check out. It did give me an error once about my credit card info (which I thought should have carried over from my ongoing sub) but I re-entered the number, exp date and CV number in the spot where the error was highlighted and when I hit submit that time it worked. A new order shows in my list “pending shipment.”

    • I was finally able to order @ ~8:25 AM PST (possibly because I created a new account?). Hopefully this will be helpful info to other “Left Coast” folks!

  37. I tried multiple times to order but an error occurred, may be sold out.

    • Just ordered. No issues. 11:45 EST.

      I get the Walmart beauty box so I just clicked on my stored credit card and hit submit. Easy peasy.

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