Me To You for Girls College Care Package Review + Coupon – February 2018

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Me To You Girls Box February 2018 Box closed

Me To You Box is a monthly care package service for college students. Care packages may include personal care items, healthy snacks, trendy gifts, dorm essentials and tech accessories. A portion of their profits also goes to Julia’s Butterfly Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to improving the lives of terminally and chronically ill children and their families.

Me To You Girls Box February 2018 Box Open

When subscribing you can checkbox the number of boxes and which months you want to send to your student. You can also specify if you want to order a Girl’s box or Guy’s, along with shirt size.

This box was sent to us at no cost for review. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

This is a review of the Girl’s Me To You Box, which is $36.99 plus $4.00 shipping.

Me To You Girls Box February 2018 review

About Me To You Box

The Subscription Box: Me To You Box

The Cost: $36.99 per month + $4.00 shipping

The Products: curated monthly care packages for your college student

Ships to: US only

Me To You for Girls February 2018 Review

The only paperwork that comes in this box is a simple info sheet. No prices or invoices are included, so whoever you send this to will not know the price you paid or the value.

Spongelle You Have My Heart On A String

Spongelle You Have My Heart On A String, Full Size – Retail Value $15.00

Me To You kicked off our relationship with a great start with this item. If you haven’t heard of Spongelle before, I am quite frankly shocked. This brand is a subscription box favorite, and the idea behind the product is a sponge infused with body wash that lasts for at least 14 washes. This would have been perfect for those communal shower days when I was in undergrad, because it would have made my shower caddy less bulky. Luckily, while I am still a college student (well, law student) the communal shower days are over for me and I can hang this up in my shower. Scent wise this is a really bright and refreshing scent with notes of juicy tangerine and rose. The buffer aspect of this scrub gives my skin a good exfoliation without rubbing me raw, which I always appreciate.

Love Is Project Original Bracelet

Love Is Project Original Bracelet

Love Is Project Original Bracelet – Retail Value $32.00

The Love Is Project is a collaborative that combines storytelling with empowering people in impoverished nations. The Love Is Project employs artisans across the world to make these bracelets, which provides economic empowerment to the artisan and schooling (from elementary to university) for their families. The bracelet itself is a conversation starter, and the founder has travelled across the world asking people “what is love?”

I think this is a perfect inclusion for a February Box— instead of focusing on some of the superficial aspects of Valentines day, this bracelet and the meaning behind it can appeal to a broad range of people. I got two of these bracelets, as it came in both the girls and guys boxes (guys review coming soon!), and I gave one to my best friend, who is one of the most loving, kind, and thoughtful persons on this planet. I think she is the perfect embodiment of what love is, and I am glad that I am able to help spread the message of the Love Is Project. I highly encourage you to learn more about this project.

Lolli and Pops Dark Chocolate Bar

Lolli and Pops Dark Chocolate Bar, 3.0 oz – Buy a set of 5 for $30.00

Ooh, Lolli and Pops! That’s a shop I only go to when I am feeling *really* fancy because the gourmet treats I enjoy from there really does not work with my weekly budget. This is another item that came in both the guys and girls boxes, and I think including a chocolate bar from this brand, compared to a chocolate bar you can buy easily at a store or gas station, really elevates this box. The chocolate itself is that perfect mix of sweet and savory that you get from a good dark chocolate. Plus, I learned from Ragan that one ounce of dark chocolate contains about 19% of your daily iron intake. That means this chocolate bar is practically healthy, right? (wink emoji) I only wish that instead of plain dark chocolate, this chocolate bar was one of the ~fancier~ flavors like red velvet or birthday cake. That is my personal preference, and going with regular dark chocolate is probably going to appeal to more people, anyway.

Pinrose Perfume Petals, Two Petals

Pinrose Perfume Petals, Two Petals – Estimated Value $0.79 each (buy a pack of 14 for $11.00)

If we are being honest, I think I got this as a sample before from a different box (Birchbox? Sephora Play?) and completely disregarded it. I am older and wiser now, so when I saw these petals in the box I was excited to try them. Plus, the packaging is top notch. These petals (aka perfume wipes) are specifically designed to be able to bring them on the go with you. I hate when I get somewhere and realize I forgot to put on perfume, so I definitely like these little wipes. I tried wild child first, and it smells awesome. The wipe itself is small, but the smell transferred well on application. I am throwing lil’ dipper in my purse and saving it for the next time I wish I could freshen up on the go. Price wise, however, I don’t know if this is something I would repurchase. I don’t have a *regular* perfume, and instead just use whatever sample I have from a subscription boxes laying around. I love the convenience of these, but I don’t think they are so revolutionary to change my perfume game. Even though I don’t think I would repurchase, I believe these are a great inclusion for this box.

Mudlark Pagemarker Sticky Note Pack – Estimated Value $8.00 (buy a similar item for $10.00 here).

I couldn’t find this exact product from any major websites, so I am using a guesstimate on the value. I love sticky note sets like these because they make my school notes interesting. When I use page markers in textbooks, I usually use the see-through ones, so I will most likely use the page markers in this set to mark up papers and documents. I enjoy the floral pattern, and these are a solid item to round out a box aimed at college women.

Verdict: I thought my first Me To You box knocked it out of the park! All throughout undergrad, I would wish my mom would send me care packages. She never did (she showed her love in other ways), and I am so happy to get this box now. I love this box as a 23-year-old Law student, and I would have loved this box as a 19-year-old Political Science major. Value wise, the box costs $36.99 plus $4.00 shipping, and I received over $60 in items, by my estimates. That isn’t the craziest box value compared to price, but considering the thoughtful curation and high-quality items, I am very happy with the value. I cannot wait for the March box!

The Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? Yes! As of publication, the February box is still available for purchase.

Coupon – Use code FREE4U to save shipping on your first box!

Value Breakdown: At $40.99 per box, you are paying about $8.20 per item.

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What do you think of the Me To You Box? What is the one item you would have loved in a care package when you were a college student?

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Written by Jessica Hapak

Jessica Hapak

I am a staunch believer that pineapple doesn’t go on pizza and when I’m not studying for law school I’m relaxing at home with my cat. I’m a sucker for anything labeled a mystery box and I’ve never met a bath bomb I didn’t like!

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  1. I’ve bought 8 months of the Guys Monthly Box for my son for the last two years. Wish I had found it sooner. You simply can’t beat the quality brands in each box. Shocked by the comments here. How could someone say anything negative about Love Is Project – a give back company!! I love Me To You Box and will continue to purchase. Each month has been full of unexpected premium brands which is exactly what I am looking for to gift.

  2. I’m sad to see comments that are needlessly negative being posted. Perhaps expressing one’s differing viewpoint in a positive manner would be a better choice.

    A side benefit from being kind to others while still expressing your own viewpoint is that you also end up feeling better about yourself (talking from personal experience here!).

  3. Hi Jessica! I was also in law school at your age – and a Poly Sci undergrad too. So I can empathize & send you encouragement for the journey. I have two children who also chose law school after college. Let me cheer you on & wish you success. Treat yourself well & find trustworthy friends to study with & just share the ups and downs together. Hugs! And the box…care packages, emails or even snail mail notes are the best when you’re a student, so I encourage anyone who read my long comment to reach out to a student today with a package, email or card/letter. They will love it!

    • Thank you so much for your kindnesses, Jo. I really appreciate it.

  4. I feel so sad that they are marketing this only towards girls ?
    why does it have to be gender specific ??why can’t it include everybody??? So odd and wrong

    • You didn’t read the info at the top. There is a guy option.

      • You are not understanding my point this box should have no gender identity at all. No box should. Why is this a “girls” box

        • Then start a college sub with no gender-specific items.

          Marketing is targeted to one niche audience. People who don’t read don’t go into a bookstore. How horrible of the bookstore not to sell food and clothing! Discriminating against people who don’t read!

          Why stop at gender? Are you also against boxes targeted to one ethnic group (black beauty boxes) or one age group (PMS boxes discriminate against women in their seventies! How dare they!)

        • I would venture to say that the majority of subscription boxes are gender-specific. I’m not sure why anyone would single out this box in being wrong for targeting one gender.

  5. Thank you for the review, Jessica! Your friend that you gave the bracelet to sounds lovely! I will gift my bracelet to someone special as well.

    I think I can offer a different perspective on the value of the bracelet. The cost of materials to make the bracelet may be low, but the difference it makes in the world is great. The bracelet has a beautiful message and it truly is a worthy cause.

  6. I used to make bracelets like that. Couldn’t have cost more than $3 dollars or less to make. 🙂 Where is the value in this (not even just RV)? When I was in college, I never received care packages, but had I, I would have loved things from my hometown that I couldn’t get in that town, shower/toiletries/bath and body items (full-sized), food, things like gift cards so I could buy something I wanted or gift card to a favorite restaurant / movie theater, etc. I could list so many cool things that could be in this box, including things that are cool/trendy/etc. for your college years. I don’t see the value as if I received this in the mail in my late teenage / 20-something years at my university, I wouldn’t use most of it.

    • Thanks for your input, Linda! What items do you think would be a good fit? I am sure the company will read these comments and would love additional feedback for future boxes.

      • Pretty much the items above that I mentioned, Jessica. 🙂 I relied on loans and grants to get me through college, so things like little gift cards I can spend on things I need, bath and body stuff, “care packages” of food (but not overwhelm the box with them), things I would find at home (my hometown) that I can’t find in my university’s town (I attended the University of Minnesota)… during Winter, a nice scarf (not infinity), warm and luxurious hat/beanie and cool gloves…

        Possibly a day planner and organizer for various classes and to write down homework assignments/papers to write/tests to study for that you can transfer to your syllabus 🙂 So many possibilities..

  7. It’s lovely that they are helping people in other nations earn a living! That said, I made such bracelets in high school. Not a $32 item.

    • I agree.

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