Ipsy Reveals Are Up for the February 2018 Glam Bag!

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The February 2018 Ipsy reveals are up!

Here is what I will be getting in one of my Ipsy subscriptions:

What are you getting from Ipsy this month?

If you are new to Ipsy, it is a $10 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes.

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  1. I’m getting Seraphine botanicals Lychee and Gold Blush, Sand and Sky Clay Mask, Trestique eye pencil in chocolate, Meteor Shower by Blaq, Luxie Beauty Blending eye brush (double end).
    I am able to “Like /No Thanks” items. I didn’t get any items I “liked” and got one item I “no thank you’d”. My bag is fine, just bummed that the preference option didn’t work better.

    • i want that meteor shower scrub so bad 🙁

    • I wasn’t impressed with my bag either i really wanted the Luxie brush and mascara. I didn’t get them I only like one thing in my bag and that was an eyeshadow I got. This bag sucked

      • I hated mine too! If anyone wants to trade I’d be happy to swap for the one with bubble t lip balm, Luxie brush, bang blush, sugar lip in viola, and apto lotion. I didn’t use any items from the bag they sent me!

    • I got a pink and a green pencil and have no ideal what to do with them

  2. While hunting around to see what others got cuz my bag sucks I found an offer for a Jelly pong pong brush set. It’s $20 for 7 brushes in the ipsy offer section.

    Thought someone else might be interested too. I need a powder brush so this was too good to pass up.

    • Thank you!

  3. I was really excited for some of the products that were in the spoilers and I didn’t get a single one, this may be my very first Ipsy bag that I’m not loving.

    Jersey Shore Cosmetic – Apple Harvest Balm (the only item I may like)
    Ofra – Liquid lip in Ipsy Unzipped (may be too pink for my skintone)
    Seraphine Botanicals – Lychee + Gold (more blush)
    Naked Cosmetics – Desert Sunset #02 (loose eyeshadow)
    Makeup Forever – Aqua XL (black eyeliner, and I already have this one in waterproof)

    It’s ok Ipsy, there’s a first time for everything. You’ll do better next month.

  4. I haven’t seen a bag twin yet, this is what I am getting:

    Ofra Cosmetics – Liquid lipstick in Ipsy Unzipped – I know I will like this, but I always get lipsticks in the same general color. I even changed the colors on my beauty profile hoping for something different.

    Estate Cosmetics – Dew Me Baked Highlighter in Afterglow – I am excited to try this as I just started using highlighters, but I could not find much online about this brand!

    EVA NYC – Freshen Up Dry Shampoo – I am indifferent about this, I love this size product for my gym bag, however I REALLY would of rather had the dual ended brush!

    Naked Cosmetics – Vanilla Lip Scrub – I am excited about this, I have never used a lip scrub before!

    and finally,

    IT Cosmetics – Bye Bye Undereye – Iam excited about this one!

    • Nice bag! I’m jealous of your highlighter.

    • I got the bye bye under eye in a previous bag and it was awesome.

  5. Pacifica Shadow Palette in awesome colors…A spray scent(this is a first for me), blush,Trust Fund wine polish, & moisturizer. I love each & every product this month…Can’t wait….

  6. Yeah so glad I cancelled

  7. Ofra Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick in Ipsy Unzipped

    Seraphine Botanicals Lychee+ Gold Blush

    417 Hand Moisturizer

    Mellow Cosmetics Precision Liquid Pen Eyeliner

    IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye

    It’s an OK bag most of it will go up for swap. I’m cancelling this month just because I’m on box overload and will resub for specific boxes if there are specific things I want

  8. I’m getting in bag 1:
    Bubble T lip balm
    Clinique lip color & lip primer in Love Pop
    Briobelle-primer mask
    Marsk- foiled eye shadow
    Luxie double ended brush

    Bag 2:
    Mellow cosmetics- Matte liquid lip paint in Tehran
    Pacifica-Beach Crystals eye shadow
    Naked cosmetics-vanilla lip scrub
    Balq-meteor shower scrub
    Bang Beauty-blush

    • Bag twin for your first bag 🙂

  9. My bag is..

    Bubble T lip balm – eh, another to toss in my gym bag.
    Eva NYC Dry shampoo – I love dry shampoo!
    Sugar Cosmetics Matt as Hell Crayon Lipstick in Viola – I haven’t seen anyone get this yet??
    Luna Highlighter – I don’t use highlighters, so this will go to my high school age sister
    It Cosmetics Bye Bye – I already have this, but I love it so I’m happy to have more.

    Pretty decent bag, I think.

  10. I’m getting the seraphine botanicals blush AGAIN. I didn’t love it that much the first time. I emailed them to see if I could get something different, but it’s probably too late. That’s a bummer.

    • I got it for a second time also – not thrilled.

  11. Love mine!😁

    Klorane dry shampoo

    Estates Baked Highlighter powder in Afterglow

    It Bye Bye Under Eye

    Luxie 2 ended brush blending shading #249

    Apto moisture day cream

    I’ll probably use everything except maybe the Highlighter (maybe use it as eyeshadow).

    • I would love to swap for that purple highlighter!

      • I’ve got the highlighter if you have the double ended brush,?

  12. Ill be getting the Luxie Dualended brush, Mellow cosmetics liquid lip, biobelle face primer mask, Marsk loose silver shadow, and the it cosmetics bye bye under eye cream. Only thing I’m not really all that excited for is the lip product I’m on a overload of nude and brown lip colors. I have plenty of people to pass it on to so i don’t mind. Over all Feb bag for me is great!

    • I’m getting the same except instead of the eyeshadow I’m getting a Luna Baked Highlighter.

  13. I’m getting the brush, pink clay mask, swiss chocolate eyeliner, a tube of makeup remover, and an eye shadow. I am pretty happy with this and will probably only swap the shadow. Can’t do singles anymore.

  14. I like pretty much everything in my bag this month!

    * Trust Fund beauty nail polish in wine o’clock
    * Pacifica Beach crystals
    * Luxie Beauty blending and shading brush
    * Bubble Tea cosmetics Macaron Lip balm in lemongrass
    * Trestique mini eye pencil in swiss chocolate

    I’m most excited for the Pacifica palette – the colors are so pretty!

  15. I had actually paused my bag for this month due to product overload then went back and changed it before it was too late due to fomo. I’m so glad I did. I really like everything that I have coming.

    * Naked Cosmetics vanilla creme lip scrub
    * Marc Anthony grow long leave in conditioner
    * Trust Fund beauty nail polish in wine o’clock
    * Pacifica Beach crystals
    * Luxie Beauty blending and shading brush

    I received the Ofra unzipped before and I absolutely love the color, to me it’s like a pinkish mauve. I hope the ppl who will receive it enjoy it as much as I do.

    • I have this exact same bag. I can’t wait. It totally beat out what I have coming in my Birchbox this month. 🙂

    • I got the same bag too. I got the lip scrub from them last year and not quite out of it yet. Surprised they sent me a duplicate item so quickly. I don’t think the survey works at all as I said No nail polish and I’ve gotten it 3 months in a row! Looking forward to the Pacifica Beach Crystals.

  16. Ehh, not that happy about my bag. probs will only use 3 products, tops.

    TRUST FUND BEAUTY Nail Polish in Wine O’Clock
    (super upset, i don’t paint my nails. i have emailed ipsy multiple times about not getting them anymore and clearly they aren’t listening)

    BUBBLE T COSMETICS Macaroon Lip Balm in Lemongrass and Green Tea
    (not to happy. will probably use once and then it will get lost in my bag and won’t be used again for months)

    MELLOW COSMETICS Mini Matte Liquid Lip Paint in Tehran
    (not mad about this but gosh, does it look like a strange color… very concerned about that)

    PACIFICA Beach Crystals
    (purple…. its purple….are you kidding me???? i’m not some 12 year old girl playing around with makeup anymore. ipsy, how are these neutrals??)

    LUXIE BEAUTY Blending and Shading Eye Brush 249
    (yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! i love a Luxie brush!!! this is so pretty and so nice for travel)

    ****Also, if you have the option to pick products under your membership tab, they have added some products to that list, so take a peak!

    • Bag Twins. I’m excited about the Pacifica palette. Shades of purple/violet look great with green eyes.

      Every item is perfect for me. Well, not sure about the dark nail polish but I’ll give it a try.

    • I got this exact bag!!

    • This is the same bag I’m getting and I love everything! I polish my nails, love neutral lippies and I love purple eyeshadows for my brown eyes. Ipsy nailed it for me!

    • Bag twins!!! Almost never happens to me!

    • I’m getting the Mellow Cosmetics lip paint in Tehran also. Oddly enough, I already have it from an old Birchbox subscription. The color *is* kind of strange… on me, it is a very cool-toned brown, kind of a brownish-grey.

      My skin tone is pretty fair/light and it doesn’t look good on me by itself, but I use it to top off other lipsticks that are brighter and bolder to get a more muted tone that works better for me. That might be something you could try if you don’t like the color in person. Other than that, I think the formula is pretty comfortable.

  17. I’m getting:

    Mini Matte Liquid Lip Paint in Tehran- love!

    Beach Crystals- I’ve never tried there eyeshadows, but I like the colors!

    Lychee + Gold- I’m really excited about this! I love their blushes!

    Perfecting Primer Facial Mask- I think I tried this before, but I can’t remember if I liked it, so I’m happy to try it again.

    Blending and Shading Eye Brush 249- I love luxie brushes!

    I actually love everything this month. I have zero complaints!

    • Mine is exactly like yours except for the blush I am getting Naked Cosmetics Vanilla Creme Lip Scrub.

      I have lots of lip scrubs but I like them…but when I get to use them all I don’t know (guess I will gift a few).

      That lip balm some others are getting though sounds nice…I like lemongrass and lip balm so it’s a good combo.

      I took blush off my profile (does not mean I will never get any as I took eyeshadow off also but am getting that this time) as I have so many but I would not have minded to get the Seraphine blush (looks pretty, I like the brand also).

      I think I will like all I am getting also.

  18. Not happy with what I’m getting this month. I’m getting the lip balm in the pot, a dual ended mascara, a loose eyeshadow, dual ended brush and same moisturizer as Liz. I only want that.

  19. I’m recieving
    -Trust Fund Beauty polish in Wine O’clock
    -Trestique Mini eye pencil in Swiss Chcolate
    -Bang Beauty Blush
    -Biobelle Priming mask
    -Luxie Brush blending and shading brush

    • Bag twins!! I’m happy with it, you?

  20. Ipsy really did nail it for me this month. Solid 5/5.

    NAKED COSMETICS Desert Sunset #02 (loose metallic sand pigment)
    MELLOW COSMETICS Precision Liquid Pen Eyeliner in Black
    ENGLISH LAUNDRY Signature for Her Eau de Parfum
    MARC ANTHONY Strengthening Grow Long Leave-In Conditioner
    IT COSMETICS Bye Bye Under Eye

    I know a lot of ipsters aren’t crazy about black eyeliners, but I wear it every single day and I love getting to try new formulas/application methods. I already have the Naked Cosmetics loose pigment from a previous offer and I love it–especially mixing it in with my sunscreen for a little extra sparkle! I always love to try new leave-ins and concealers, and I am over the moon about getting to try a new fragrance for once (last time I got a fragrance from ipsy was 2015). Overall, this month is the best mix I’ve had in a while.

  21. I haven’t seen my bag version stated yet. I’ll be getting:

    Trust Fund polish in Wine O’clock
    I love nail polish, so I’ll be keeping this

    Mellow Cosmetics Liquid Lip Paint in Tehran
    This looks too brown on me, so this will be gifted. Fortunately, the person I gift my brown lipped to looks great in them, and will gladly take more.

    Hey Honey Come Undone Face & Eye Daily Makeup Remover
    I’m so excited to try this out.

    417 Hand Moisturizer
    I love hand creams, so yay!

    Luxie Blending & Shading Eye Brush
    I don’t wear eye shadow, so this will be gifted

    Overall, I thought this was a pretty good bag!

    • Bag twins! But I’m looking forward to the Luxie brush and the only thing that I won’t use is the Mellow cosmetics and it’s a duplicate so I’ll have two to swap. I like browns, but not that brand. I’m happy that there is only one item that I won’t be using this month!

    • Bag twins!

    • I wish I had a friend I could give my browns to! I’m on overload and most aren’t my color, but unfortunately my only makeup wearing friends look worse in them than I do!

  22. I’m actually really stoked for my bag for once. Instead of them giving me odds and ends their actually giving me a great variety of products. I’m getting bang beauty blush, Marc Anthony grow long leave in conditioner, the lunxie dual ended eyeshadow brush, naked cosmetics lip scrub, and it cosmetics bye bye under eye . That to me is a awesome bag! Considering that I literally exed out a whole lot of repeats that I kept getting and that’s why I was curious as to what I’d get this month.

  23. I’m getting:

    *Jersey Shore Apple Harvest Hydrating Lip Balm
    *Naked Cosmetics Desert Sunset #02 loose shadow
    *Biobelle Perfecting Primer Facial Mask
    *Luxie dual ended Blending and Shading Eye Brush 249
    *It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye cream

    I don’t think the algorithm has quite figured me out yet either. I may keep the lip balm but the rest will be going up for swap.

    • Oh wow! I skipped this month, checked this post for possible fomo and this is the only bag variety I’ve read so far that I would have wanted Lol. Wish the algorithm filed me into whatever group it placed you in.

      • @Melissa – most of it (possibly even the whole bag) will be up for swap as soon as it gets in my hands so please look me up if you swap and you’re interested!

  24. I’m getting

    Ofra liquid lip
    Pacifica shadow
    Seraphine blush
    Biobelle primer mask
    Luxie beauty brush

    I’m pretty happy with this bag I usually get skin care which I love but getting more makeup is a nice change.

    • This is the bag I’m getting too. I’m really happy with it–it’s a nice mix of products!

    • Bag twins except I got thwanna bang beauty blush super excited for it all!

  25. I’m getting Ofra liquid lip, Beaute Basics eyeshadow, Blaq Meteor Shower, Luxie brush, Apto day Lotion.

    I’m happy in a “could’ve been worse” way. One more liquid lipstick to add to my collection but at least it’s not nude/brown…I don’t think Ipsy has ever given me an eyeshadow I like. I usually get the pink or beige that doesn’t even show up.

  26. I’m really happy with my bag this month.

    -Pacifica Beach Crystals
    -Mellow Cosmetics Liquid Liner
    -Eva NYC Dry Shampoo
    -Luxie Brush 249
    -IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Undereye

    I’m most excited for the Bye Bye undereye but I know it’s going to be too dark since they don’t the shade Fair. It will still be good to try the formula though.

  27. Super disappointed

    Dew Me Baked Highlighter Powder in Afterglow – It’s lavender. No thank you.

    Blush in Smoked Peach, Cheeky, or Showstopper. I have 87 blushes and none of these colors look very appealing.

    Liquid Lipstick in ipsy Unzipped – Liquid lipstick… AGAIN

    Moisture Retaining Day Lotion – Meh.. I like Moisturizer so this is fine.

    Angled Contour Brush 30F – I’m not EXCITED about this, but I could always use another brush. I hope next month is better..

    • If you’re swapping your highlighter please let me know!

  28. I canceled Ipsy two months ago. Overall, I just wasn’t excited with the product picks anymore. I’m much happier with Allure and Boxycharm.

    • Same. I cancelled awhile back cause i was sick of getting the same black eye liners and sh*tty eyeshadows. Boxycharm is so much more to my liking than ipsy ever was.

      • I still check back on spoilers and reveals out of curiosity. From what I’ve seen it’s nothing new or exciting. Boxy is well worth the extra $!

  29. Mine’s pretty good, but I’m getting a perfume(??). I don’t want that.

    • I didn’t even see a perfume in the spoilers. What brand is it?

        Signature for Her Eau de Parfum

        Why You’ll Love It

        It’s got notes of jasmine and chocolate (aka some of our favorite things).The scent is sweet, but not overly-sweet and it has a powdery, musk base that’s so addictive.Get ready for people to ask “What scent are you wearing?” all day.

        I don’t even like chocolate 🙁

        • I love Jasmine perfumes and chocolate sounds interesting, but I really dislike musk-based scents – so maybe it’s good I didn’t get that one.

      • Sooo many of the product options are not in the spoilers…

  30. This is the first month I redeemed some of my points for the Seraphine botanicals lychee and gold blush. However, when I looked at my spoilers, it’s one of the five products. Does this mean I’m getting two of the blush? Or when you redeem points do you get less products?

    Has this happened to anyone else before?

    • Yes that’s exactly what happened to me. I just emailed them but it looks like it could take a few days for a response.

    • You should try to connect with their customer service. Just say “I recently redeemed this exact product for points and it is in my bag. Can I either have a different product to sample this month or get my points credited back without receiving the duplicate item?” Or something like that. In my experience, the customer service folks are pretty accomodating. Just try to connect with them soon, before your bag is packed and shipped!

      • That’s a great way to phrase it thanks! I emailed them and will see what they respond back. Hopefully, because I contacted them early then they’ll be able to adjust it.

      • They ended up responding in under 24 hours, were so nice, and are just including an extra product in my bag! Great, efficient response in my opinion. And they shipped it out already too so maybe it benefited me to have a problem! Extremely impressed with their customer service!

        • I’m so glad it worked out for you! ^_^

  31. I’m getting a black mascara and a black liquid eyeliner- I received both in different brands last month, so I’m a little meh on them. The sand and sky mask, Beaute Basics eyeshadow, and the luxie dual ended brush. So 3/5 for me.

    • That mask is amazing! I received it in December. It works really well at unclogging pores and brightening your complexion.

    • In my last review I flat out told them I hate liquid eyeliner. Not getting one this time.

      I also unchecked liquid lipsticks, still getting the Ipsy Unzipped color which is actually okay, since it’s Ipsy.

      • Getting the shadow single, hoping it’s not the bronze one. Bronze makes me look sick.

        I checked that I like purple eye shadow and yet, no Pacifica.

        • Me too! I only checked “plums” in eyeshadows hoping for the purple palette, but alas I’m getting the Beaute Basics. Unlike you, I would love the bronze. Those pink-nude shades are useless to me and I give them low ratings but they keep coming.

  32. I got :

    Ofra Liquid Lip
    Farrah Contour Brush in purple
    Luna baked highlighter
    It cosmetics byebye undereye concealer
    Jersey Shore harvest apple lip balm

    I don’t know why, but I am very underwhelmed by this bag. Good thing I like the actual bag itself.

  33. Anyone willing to trade something in there bag? I really wanted the Luxie brush, this is what I got.
    Mini Matte Liquid Lip Paint in Tehran
    Eyeshadow in Sweet Taffy or Lavish
    Radiant Glow Highlighter in 24k Magic
    Bye Bye Under Eye™ in Light, Medium Tan, or Warm Deep
    Moisture Retaining Day Lotion

  34. I’m happy with my bag this month. I’m getting:
    Bubble T lip balm
    Trust Fund polish in Wine O’Clock
    Pacifica beach crystals eyeshadow
    Trestique mini eye pencil in swiss chocolate
    Luxie blending/shading brush

    I’m most excited about the nail polish and pacifica.

    • Looks like we got the same exact bag, haha. I’m so new to make-up, so I’m really not sure how to make the Pacifica palette work…should be interesting learning how to create a look with it.

      • It’s a neutrals (with a pop) palette that looks amazing with green or light brown eyes. There are instructions on your Learn More on how to do a purple smoky eye with it.

    • Exact same bag except I’m getting the Mellow liquid lip paint instead of the Trestique eye pencil!

  35. -Jersey Shore cosmetics apple harvest balm

    -Naked cosmetics desert sunset #02

    -Luna baked highlighter

    -Luxie 249 dual ended brush

    -It Cosmetics bye bye undereye concealer

    I’m pretty happy this month

    • Bag twins! I’m really excited about my bag. Love all the products 🙂

  36. I am getting:

    Seraphine Botanicals Lychee & Gold Blush – nice product, but got it in July also

    Sand & Sky Clay Mask – nice, but I get a mask every month

    Haley’s Beauty Fine Primer – nice

    Purheals Propolis cream – nice

    Luxie Blending & Shading Brush – not excited for a dual ended brush

    Still happy with everything for a $10 bag. Would have loved to try Pacifica shadows or It concealer.

    • I love masks and never get them!

      • I would have loved to try the sand & sky mask too. I always get lame masks

    • Bag twins! I think its a pretty good bag overall. Looking forward to the primer and the lotion. The mask sounds fun and the blush looks good, even if I’m on blush overload…and I get a brush every single month…but better than another lipstick I won’t use…

  37. I’m getting:
    * Pacifica Beach Crystals shadow palette
    *Trust Fund Beauty nail polish in Wine o’ Clock
    *Bubble T Cosmetics Macaroon Lip Balm in Lemongrass and Green Tea
    *Trestique Mini Eye Pencil in Swiss Chocolate
    *Luxie Beauty Blending & Shading Eye Brush 249

    Honestly, I’ll never use the Pacifica shadow palette, and probably will never use the eye pencil either (I don’t like brown eye pencils, and rarely wear liner as it is).
    Storing the brush seems difficult, but I’ll probably at least use it.

    I’m excited about the polish and the lip balm.
    This was my first bag and I’m not incredibly excited about it, but I’m hoping my feedback will provide for a better bag next month. I won’t give up this early on.

    • Bag twins! I’m most excited about the brush because I love Luxie brushes, and the color, and it will be my travel brush! I am hoping the shadows are cool toned and I’ll love the shadows! The polish looks pretty as long as it’s not too dark. The lip balm looks cute. And I want to try a brown liner! So I’m happy with my bag. I really wanted a highlighter-maybe the Luna one, and was hoping for a cool red lipstick. But I’m happy that I should be able to use everything this time!

  38. im in love with my bag

    Liquid Lipstick in ipsy Unzipped

    Mini Eye Pencil in Swiss Chocolate

    Perfecting Primer Facial Mask

    Loose Eyeshadow in Foiled Again

    Blending and Shading Eye Brush 249

    • Bag twin! I’m not in love with it though! I am excited about the mini eye pencil and Ofra lippie. I’ve tried that mask before and it wasn’t a great primer. The way I store my brushes will mess up one of the brush but I do love Luxie brushes. I’ll have to figure something out for it. I’m not crazy about loose eyeshadow’s either. I’m torn this month, although I do love the actual bag! This bag variation does have a pretty high value, which is real nice for $10!

      • Loose eye shadows are really easy to apply and I find that they have much more staying power. 🙂

  39. I’m getting
    FARRAH contour brush
    Beaute Basics eyeshadow
    Clinique color pop lipstick
    Pureheals propolis 80 cream
    and Meteor Shower by Blaq scrub.
    Overall a pretty good month.

  40. Their algorithm did me no favors this month. I don’t have highlighter or blush selected and ended up getting both. I have hand/body lotions marked as well as liquid lipsticks and Ofra, and still didn’t get anything in those categories.

    • Sounds like we have the exact same issue. I don’t have highlighters or eye shadow selected and they are in my bag. Ugh! They have so many cool lip products and hair products I would have been happy to see in my bag. Since I selected those types of products yet they are not in my bag

    • Same here. Even did the manage membership part where you can select products and I only got 1 thing I wanted.

  41. Ipsy is ripping me off. I’m sooo mad. I ordered the seraphine blush with 600 points and they are using that as 1 of my 5 items. Second my profile states I only wear nude eye shadow and they are sending me a gray eye shadow.
    Last months bag was identical to my December bag colors everything just different brands. I used to be the biggest supporter of Ipsy but something as gone crazy over there.

    • No, they are not ripping you off. You obviously redeemed for it and you are also getting another as part of your bag. You can try to email them to cancel the point item and give you the points back…since you are receiving the same item in your bag this month. Point items do NOT show up as part of your monthly bag items. You’re unable to opt out of specific colors.

    • Just email them (soon) and politely request either points back or a different product since you already have that one. 🙂

    • Gray is a neutral so I think it’s an appropriate color for eye shadows. I’m with the other poster, not getting what you prefer isn’t someone ripping you off.

    • I had the same thing happen to me with the points and duplicate item. They responded to my email in under 24 hours and said they’d put a bonus item in my bag. Great customer response in my opinion. If I love the duplicate item I can have two or gift one.

  42. I’m getting:
    PÜR Mini Fully Charged Mascara
    MARSK Loose Eyeshadow in Foiled Again
    LUNA BY LUNA COSMETICS Baked Highlighter in Luna or Electra
    LUXIE BEAUTY Blending and Shading Eye Brush 249
    NAKED COSMETICS Vanilla Creme Lip Scrub

    I’m excited about my bag this month!

  43. I got the Bubble T lip balm
    Ofra liquid lip in Ipsy unzipped I figured I would get this and I love Ofra
    Mellow eyeliner in black yuck!
    English laundry perfume I did not even know that was an option this month! Its 10 ml so decent size too.
    Beauty Basics eye shadow in taffy or lavish.
    Pretty happy with my bag except for the eyeliner.

  44. I’m getting..
    -Jersey Shore Cosmetics hydrating balm
    -Pacifica Beach Crystals palette
    -Eva NYC dry shampoo
    -Luxie dual ended brush
    -It Cosmetics bye bye under eye

    • I’ll take the luxe brush off your hands ☺️☺️😭😭😍😍

  45. I tried to add a link with the pic of my products, don’t know that it posted. (I don’t see it.)

    Here is what I’ll be getting:
    Ofra Liquid Lipstick in Unzipped
    Pacifica Eyeshadow little palette in Beach Crystals
    -417 Hand Moisturizer
    Trestique Mini Eye Pencil in Swiss Chocolate
    Bang Beauty Blush (looks like there are color variants)

  46. I’m 3/ or 4/5 this month which I’m still thrilled about.

    Trust Fund nail polish (love!!)
    Primer mask (interesting)
    Double ended brush (love!!)
    Brown eye pencil (love!)
    Blush (meh)

  47. Yes! I was going to skip this month but decided to stay and love my bag!

    Got the ipsy double brush (yay!), seraphine botanicals lychee+gold blush, it cosmetics bye bye undereye concealer, jersey shore cosm. balm, and pur mini fully charged mascara.

    Exited to try these 🙂

  48. I’m getting the following:

    -Farrah Angled Contour Brush 30F (it’s PURPLE!!! I chose this from the survey, sooo excited I got it)
    -Ofra Liquid Lipstick in Ipsy Unzipped (this color looks soo good. I had wanted this last month, so I’m happy to be getting it now!!)
    -Biobelle Perfecting Primer Facial Mask (chose this from the survey also!!)
    -It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye (YES!!!!!!!! I’ve been wanting to try this!)
    -Estate Cosmetics Dew Me Baked Highlighter Powder (this is probably the only thing that I’m not super excited about. A purple highlighter?! Who knows, maybe it will surprise me)

    Overall, I can’t wait to get this month’s bag!! 4 of the 5 items I can’t wait to try out!!! Ipsy always comes through for me 🙂

    • Lol I’m very happy for you “it’s purple!!!” Sounds like a fun bag for you 😀

    • I got the same bag except instead of ofra I got mellow cosmetics lip paint in Tehran.

      Not happy. Brands I’ve never heard of, purple highlighter and how many times do I have say I hate brown lip products.

      I needed an excuse to cancel and this bag is it.

      Only thing I’ll use is the it eye concealer.

    • Bag twins! I was pleasantly surprised by this month’s bag. 🙂 I’m also on the fence about the purple highlighter, as it definitely isn’t a natural color – but I might try it anyway for a party look or use it as an eyeshadow,

    • Any of you who don’t want your purple highlighter I’ll swap for it!

  49. Wow! I like mine, it’s mostly make-up. (I didn’t check any skincare on my selector.)

    Pic of what I’m getting:

  50. Even after taking the survey they still haven’t done a good job. I really wanted the bubble t lip balm. They have me eyeshadow which in still opted out of.

    *Ofra liquid lipstick which I already have
    *F.A.R.A.H Angled Contour Brush
    *Pacifica Eyeshadow Palette
    *Naked Lip Scrub
    *Klorane Dry Shampoo

    • Same here Beccah, really wanted the lip balm and got another brush. Plus, mascara which I could already paint my house with I have so much. Oh, well for $10 it’s not a huge gamble.

    • I don’t usually bother swapping ipsy stuff, since shipping costs aren’t worth it but I will trade the lip balm for your eyeshadow if you want!

      • Yes yes yes! Are you on the swap site?

          • Great! I will save the eyeshadow for you!

          • @Linds – I had no idea you could link your name….how cool! How are you able to do that?

          • Hi Frances! I went to my swap profile and copied the URL and then went to my profile and entered it in the “website” portion where it suggests to enter a blog link or something, hope that helps!

          • Hi Linds – awesome sauce! This is such a useful tip…..Thank you! 🤗

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