BoxyCharm March 2018 Box SPOILER #3!

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We have a new spoiler for the March 2018 Boxycharm thanks to Boxycharm Beauties!

The March box will include:

Pretty Vulgar “Make Them Blush” Powder Blush in Hush Blush or Prim Vixen – $26

In case you missed it, Boxycharm sent us one of the March spoiler items early, so we have additional pictures and swatches for you!

All subscribers will receive:

Boxycharm X PUR Cosmetics Palette

The formulas are cruelty-free, gluten-free, talc-free, and vegan-friendly!

The palette includes a mix of mattes and shimmers:

Here they are swatched:

Gorgeous pigment! (Let me know if you have any questions about the palette I can answer!)

This box will also include:

The Vintage Company Smokey Eye Brush Set

What do you think of the March Boxycharm spoilers?

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

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  1. I signed up on Thursday (yesterday) and got notification today that my cc had been charged and I’m off the waitlist.

    That was fast!

    • I received my February box today and I was so excited I was on the waitlist for roughly 3 weeks and was praying for the February box now I’m so excited to be getting marchs as well! You’ll enjoy it! I also got exactly what I wanted the lip plumper the naked highlight palette and the eye liner plus the brushes and cover fax! It’s well worth the money

  2. I wanted to let everyone know that I am now off the wait list with Boxy Charm. Wow that was fast! I am glad though. I don’t know if I will be getting the Feb or March box. It doesn’t matter just so I get something Anyone know what I am getting?

    • @Joyce yay so happy for you. Whatever month they bill you in, will be the box you receive. So, if they billed you on any day in February, you will get the Feb box. If they don’t bill you until March 1st or 2nd, then you will get the March box. Hope that helps. 🙂 You are going to love this subscription. I know I do. 🙂

      • I received my 1st Boxycharm box yesterday… <3 it.

    • I just signed up for the box today. 30 minutes later I was off the waitlist . I’m so excited

    • I just signed up for the box today. 30 minutes later I was off the waitlist . I’m so excited. And if I don’t want certain colors or things,that is ok. I have nieces who will love it 😊

      • Hi Sherry!
        How great for you! That’s the awesome thing about Boxy Charm…. At $21 a month….a deal any day of the month… Anything you don’t like or want… It’s not hard to find someone to take it off your hands and the best part is ….you 100 don’t mind at the price you paid for the entire box!

        • Tysm. I’m so excited. This is my 1dt box and it’s supposed to be here March 6

          • Congrats! You’re gonna love it!! Your first box will probably be February since you got off in Feb. I really liked my Feb box! Welcome to the boxy family!

    • I just got off the waitlist too, mine should be here by Thursday, so excited 😍

    • If your credit card was charged in February, you will get the February box. If it’s not charged until March, you will get the March box.

    • Congrats! Hope you love Boxycharm! This sub is fantastic. I rarely get items I don’t like or can’t use in some way and I really hope it works out that way for you too! Welcome to makeup nirvana!

  3. I’ll never understand why people subscribe to subs and then proceed to complain about the items they get. You’re not being forced to subscribe and you know going into it that you get what they send. The whole point of these boxes is product discovery. If you don’t like the color you get but like the formula, go buy it in a color you do like. If you’re giving away most of the items and constantly complaining about them then maybe the box isn’t for you and you should cut it loose and let someone that will appreciate it have your spot. If you’re complaining you have too many of this or that, but you’re also getting multiple beauty subs, maybe you should cut back on subs or go out and actually purchase the items you want instead or hoarding stuff you will probably never use in hopes of getting something you like. Or donate it to a women’s shelter or a church that does community outreach.

    Also, just because you don’t personally like a product doesn’t mean it’s a bad product. It means that either it’s just not a good product for you or you may not be applying it in the best way. I see this all the time on these threads. Same thing with colors people receive. Just because it doesn’t work for you doesn’t mean it’s just ugly. It means it’s not right for your skin or skin tone but it will work for the right person. Makeup is not one size fits all. One particular example is the Pur lipscrub from last month. You need to put it on before you start anything else on your face, rub it in to exfoliate, then let it sit on your lips until the very end of your routine then do your lips. I got some decent plumping out of it and nice soft lips. It’s not a crappy product and does what it says. You just need to use it correctly.

    I’m sorry but it just drives me crazy. Maybe it’s a sign of the times but just some comments come off as “they should cater to me and my skin tone only and give me what I want” and that’s just not how it works with these boxes. Yes they have you fill out a profile but at the end of the day they are only getting certain amounts of the products. What they get is up to the distributors, not them, so you are getting what the distributor sends. These profiles are more geared towards finding out what kind of products you are interested in rather than colors preferred. I actually like that the distributors send out shades that work better for different skin tones rather than cater to one color. Makeup and sub boxes should be more inclusive. You are not the only person. The world doesn’t revolve around you and neither do sub boxes. If you’re using subs to get all of your makeup and constantly complaining that you don’t like what you get, go buy your own stuff. It’s about product discovery, not relying on these subs to supply everything you need. Like everyone complaining they didn’t get the Naked highlighter palette. I was disappointed I didn’t get it but I ordered it because I wanted to try it out. Just because you didn’t get it in your box doesn’t mean you can’t get it and if you’re spending so much on subs that you can’t afford to go out and buy the products you wanted but didn’t get or the colors you wanted then you are spending too much on subs.

    • Amennn!!!! I agree with you 110%! If people don’t like what they get, they should just unsubscribe and go out and buy whatever they want. I’m pretty sure there’s a lot of people that are on the waitlist that would appreciate that. I personally think it’s fun to try different brands and products that I would normally not think of buying.

    • That was worth the read Candace. Well said.

    • I hope everyone who loves subscription box read this well said.

    • Maybe you don’t READ the end of most of these posts…usually (which is what I enjoy about them) the ladies ask …”WHAT DO YOU THINK” or “WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS”

      Seriously, everyone has different opinions, likes, dislikes, etc and I for one enjoy reading comments and read what everyone has to say. Not everyone is going to like everything (espically with variations etc)

      • I agree with you %100. Very well said.

      • I’m thinking she meant the ones that are constantly on here complaining and saying they are going to unsub , but never do. Which I have to agree then unsubscribe if your that “unhappy” with the subscription boxes, I don’t think that was directed at the ones who simply don’t like an item in this mo this box, but the ones who are ALWAYS complaining. Just adding my thought I’m neutral

      • Everyone…please keep writing your negative comments! If a box is going downhill, changes dramatically, or is a phenomenal disappointment, I want to know.

        Also, I want to thank anyone who bothers to comment; good or bad, we read them and then make up our own minds.

        • I think some people are just negative people who complain about everything. Yes, they are free to write whatever but the person who started this comment thread is right. If someone is mad that they didn’t get what they wanted in their version of the box, it’s no reason to say boxycharm is going downhill. I’ve been a subscriber for 6 months and both of my daughters subbed as well. We love it. It costs $21…much less than most items in any given box. Even if I only liked one or two things, I’d still get my money’s worth. Not only can we purchase an item if we want it, but there are tons of people who want to swap. I got the Ofra palette and was thrilled because I would never use up.that highlighter. The blush included wasn’t a color of ever think to buy but tried it and loved it. It’s fun to experience new things that I may not think to buy for myself in Sephora or department store. That should be why people subscribe. We all know going in that we are getting random products. No one needs to complain over and over and STILL hold onto their sub. My one daughter waited on the list for a few months. She would have loved a spot sooner if one of the haters just stopped their subscription. I totally agree with the original comment.

        • I agree rosemary…i enjoy reading it all. Everyone is different and it’s always good to know when things are going bad. I got bit by beauty 5 the last month before they disappered with everyone’s money….but I also come on here and enjoy all comments, good or bad, I think this is what makes this site so great, many people with different thoughts, opinions, etc and I enjoy it.
          Keep them rolling in ladies and gents!!!

      • Right? Who cares if someone doesn’t like the contents of a box they got? It’s their right and opinion, just as it is for someone who did like the contents, to be able to express their thoughts on a box. I look forward to reading everyone’s thoughts…. the good and bad, and I don’t think it’s a wise decision to belittle others for doing so. For those who are sick of reading about people not liking what they got… don’t read it and just keep moving!

        • I agree 100%with you cause I believe they like feed back the food and bad I really wanted the high lighter pallette I didn’t get it and at first I was alittle disappointed in the ofra pallette refill not because I didn’t like it but the reason I ordered boxy charm was because I have limited money disabled and I loved the ideal that you get awesome products for very cheap not because I buy to many boxes and when I got the refill box I was disappointed cause I can’t afford to buy the refills that go in the box so I believe alot people where having the same problem as I was I’m disabled and have very limited money but just because I’m poor doesn’t mean I don’t like makeup I love boxy charm don’t get me wrong just this last month I was alittle disappointed this is the first time in a yr that I have order so I don’t think what the lady said above is very nice being very judgemental any way everyone have a wonderful day and bless boxy charm

    • Well said, I totally agree

    • Thank you for saying what has needed to be said for a very long time.

      • Ty. I like everything. If there is something I don’t like my nieces do.

    • Boxycharm should definitely implement preferences. Feburary was a perfect example why.

      There seemed to be a pretty even split of people who wanted the Ofra and people who wanted the Naked, but got opposite.
      Also, some people really wanted the glitter, while other’s wanted one of the lip scrubs. They should really let us tell them what we like, then send the variations based on that. I’ve also gotten soooo many lipsticks that are the same color as my skin, if there was an option where I could choose the darkest shade, I would.

      I’ll continue to voice discontent when I have it. It’s my right as a customer, and a company will never improve when they don’t know how their customers feel.

      • I completely agree with you! I got the Ofra palette, which was the one I wanted, As well as the lip scrub! Boxycharm is a great company, but every company can improve, and having feedback they can respond to definitely helps.

    • Preach! A lot of these subscribers are so ungrateful!! We pay very little for all the FULL SIZED products we get. I love Boxy Charm, if you don’t like it go sign up for Ipsy’s baby-sized products and please unsubscribe so someone else can take your spot. This is truly for makeup lovers not make up dablers.

    • Preach! Agree 100%

    • I agree 100% with Candace! Well said!!!!

    • That lip scrub though…. I LOVE it!!!! Y’all don’t want yours, send it my way!!

    • AMEN SISTER! Couldn’t have said it better but think the same.

  4. I just got off the waitlist like 2 weeks ago and I got an email yesterday saying my box shipped. Does that mean this box shipped or is that Februarys box?

    • Likely. I was off in January and received January’s box.

    • You get a box for each corresponding month that you get billed. So, if they charged you in February, they just shipped you the February box. Then you will get billed again in the first few days of March and will get March’s box.

      • That is cool. Then I will get two boxes. Thanks for letting me know. I do appreciate it

      • Awesome! I wanted February’s box. Thank you!

  5. I already have the entire shade range in this blush. I’ll probably wind up stacking this though. It’s a pretty respectable blush with a lot of pigmentation so I’m happy to get another one at a deep discount.

    If you’ve never used PV blush, be warned, it’s pigmented. You need to go in with a light hand and blend well unless you want to look 🤡.

    I find their Prim Vixen shade to be flattering on a range of skin tones. The key with it is to blend blend blend with a brush and then then blend some more with a beauty blender. It is just beautiful sheered out. It also doesn’t read ashy on deeper skin tones, which is great for the deeper skin ladies that want a pop of color and I will often reach for this with deeper skinned clients looking for just that. Once you get your makeup on, spray your face with setting spray, pat that in so it’s not just sitting on top, and be amazed. I know it looks wild in the pan, but Prim Vixen can look natural. As with anything, it depends on how it’s applied.

    Also, am I the only one loving the vintage eyeliner? I tested it out in my water lines yesterday and was thrilled. I tend to shy away from pencils because my eyes water constantly due to allergies and even waterproof formulas travel downward, fade out and wear off within a few hours. So I didn’t have high hopes for this. It proved me wrong. The formula just glides like butter, so smooth it’s ridiculous with zero tugging. I wore this for 10 HOURS yesterday and it was still going strong and staying where I put it when I took my makeup off. This was especially great for tight lining my upper waterline. One swipe and it was done. Didn’t even have to go over it! Even high end brands don’t perform like this on me. I’m amazed and quite impressed actually. I know a lot of people don’t like it when they get eyeliner but I’m so glad they sent out the Vintage one. I doubt I would have picked this on my own. I’m so happy to have found a pencil that will work for both me and especially for clients that also suffer from watery eyes and prefer a pencil formula. Because believe me, they ask what they should use, and I give the spiel suggesting liquid or gel liners & sometimes they’re disappointed when I say you need to switch formulas. A lot of women don’t like to hear they need to change their routine or product formulas. Now I can just suggest this bad boy so its a major win. Im going to order 40 of these. 10 for my kits and the other 30 as giveaway products for clients looking for a good pencil formula that will survive itchy, watery eyes & still look fierce af. This eyeliner won me over in a big way. Well done, Vintage, well done. I look forward to discovering other products from this brand and seeing if they capture my heart like this amazing little eyeliner did. That’s what makes Boxycharm so great, I can discover products I’d never pay full price for just to test out. I really hate when I buy something and either I have a limited amount of clients it works for or it’s just a complete flop all around. I’m looking at you, original Subculture palette, Lancome Hypnose mascara, Too Faced Love Light highlighter, most Bobbi Brown eyeshadow palettes, I could keep going. Makeup isn’t cheap. I spend a massive amount of money on product every year (anyone wanna take a stab at how much?) so any way I can save money is just wonderful and Boxy has done this well for me as well as pointed me in the direction of a few products that I didn’t know I needed in my arsenal that are more affordable. Thank you, Boxycharm.

    • How deep a skin tone Candace? I love it but due to dry eyes no use trying. I tried the vintage liner and use for cat eye since I am waiting for my Lorac pencil to arrive. I did enjoy that the Boxycharm discount covered the shipping for my CoverFx setting spray. I am not much on contour but do work a blush and generally use the deep plums/purple but was shocked how well the Pur blush compact orange worked. I didn’t try the Naked compact but did thrill a friend’s daughter.

    • Great post…thanks!

    • I never really wore eyeliner (just applied dark shadow with an angled brush) !until trying this pencil- I love it! Like you said, it doesn’t tug at all. Now I’m wearing eyeliner every day. That’s what sub boxes are great for

    • Thanks for this post! I just got my February box yesterday so I’ve not had a chance to try out the products on my face yet. But now I know that I will for sure be trying out the Vintage eyeliner!

    • I also really loved the eyeliner! Lasts all day long and looks great!
      Thank you for the review on the blush- excited to try either shade 🙂

  6. For everyone that’s complaining about a waitlist while a small portion of it could be for hype they also develop and work with the partners months in advance for these boxes and I love the fact that they don’t over order because unlike certain boxes that will ship old stock boxy seems to have everything fresh and not expired.

  7. I got the ofra palette. Looking to trade for the highlighter if anyone is interested.

  8. Did anyone receive the ofra palette in the last box that would like to trade for the highlighter palette if so please email me !

    • I would love to. How do I email you?

    • Please pm me on fb Kim Abersold (Kim Hunsicker)

    • Me! I want to trade!

      • I have the Naked pallete to swap – ctretinjak at Hotmail dot com

    • YES ME

  9. I pulled out just in time! The last box was a total flop and I just knew It wasn’t going to look up anytime soon.

    • Yeah, I’m glad I passed the baton to someone on the waitlist. The last 3 boxes have been a miss for me.

      I finally started to organize my stash and started by dumping my year of mulitiple beauty box addiction on my bed…needless to say I have an embarrassing amount of makeup and skincare 😲

    • It was looking up for me with the Crown brushes.. Woohoo… and the eyeliner and a birthday gift for a friends daughter. I am still in love with my Crown blush brush and already am mad for the big finishing brush we got this month. And I am getting brushed for a smokey eye.. I’m ready…

  10. While ultimately I’ll be happy with either, I’m hoping I get the bright pink. I ave so many things like the other color, and those bright pinks look great on me when I use a light hand. Goes great with my cool toned skin.

    • Me too! I’ve got dusty rose, and nude/brow everything!!! I am a pasty white, bust out the pinks baby! Lol

      • Spell check, ugh… ⬆ I meant nude/brown and pastey white, sorry!

  11. So how many months will I be on this wait list? I am confused about that. I thought it would be like all the other subscription boxes where you just order it. I don’t understand why they do not buy enough stock to service new customers as well. It really isn’t giving me a very good impression of Boxy Charm. You know when you see a new service you really like you want to start it right away.

    • As far as I know MSA is not affiliated with Boxycharm. If you were waitlisted by Boxycharm I don’t think MSA can do much. I was waitlisted in early December and was off in time for my January box. Hope you aren’t on it long. In your case you need to be kind of hopeful for a bad box so people cancel. LOL.

    • Boxycharm has been in waitlist mode for over a year now, probably a year and a half. This isn’t a new thing for them. They have, however, been getting people OFF the waitlist much quicker this month.

    • I actually think that is a marketing tactic. It makes it look like 1. They are so much in demand there is a waitlist 2. Keeps you from canceling if you know you have to wait to get pur back on, you may miss something good. 3. When you come off the waitlist they ask you to share it on Social Media that you are off the waitlist, so therefore it shows other’s how great Boxycharm must be to have a waitlist. Clever marketing, yet may put some off also or they may get tired of waiting and cancel. Especially if they miss a really Fab box.

    • I subscribed on November to boxycharm and got off the waitlist on January and received January’s box. Because they have limited supplies, they mostly wait until someone unsubscribes. this month has been very quick because so many girls were disappointed by the last 2 or 3 boxes. Being in a waitlist is not a bad thing, theres almost better stuff in the future. waitlist won’t take more than 2 months. don’t get impatient because we’ve all been there. and calling out boxycharm won’t help. again, its really not that bad

    • I doubt they’d be able to make such great boxes if they didn’t have a waitlist. Something that just throws in a bunch of small samples that can be thrown into the next box/bag if they accidentally order doesn’t have much risk if they over order. Boxy has such high valued, uniquely curated boxes that if they accidentally over order they have a bunch of expensive palettes or such lying around that they can no longer sell. They wouldn’t be able to afford to keep that behavior up for long without starting to only order lower value products, having repeat items, or raising their price, all of which would then make them far less desirable a box.

  12. This service is a Rip Off. The reviews should be removed from this site. I tried to join today and they put me on some kind of a wait list so I guess I wont get the March Box. I am unhappy because I really liked it.

    • Why should the reviews be removed because you are wait listed for a subscription box? MSA does not control how BoxyCharm runs their service. You may not be added right away due to the popularity of this particular subscription. As with any subscription service, there is no guarantee that you will receive the current box when you sign up.

      The March spoilers are for people who already have a subscription to BoxyCharm and people who might want to see what types of products are sent out before signing up.

      • You are right this service has nothing to do with Boxy Charm. I actually really enjoy this site and the administrator and those that write the reviews and model the products. They are very nice and kind. I realize it is not their fault.

        I was just upset because I tried to sign up and was immediately waitlisted. I have tried many subscription boxes and have never been waitlisted on any of the others. I don’t understand why they do not stock enough product to service new customers as well as their existing customers. This makes a bad impression when someone opts to try their service for the first time.

        • Likely the reason why they don’t stock enough product for current and new subscribers is to create excitement and anticipation, perhaps to feel a bit exclusive. Finally when you do get off the wait list you get that inclusive feeling. I’m sure it’s all marketing. Personally, I was on the wait list from September till November. I received the November box.

          • Since most boxes don’t have a waitlist, if I don’t like the spoilers, I cancel and rejoin the next month. Boxycharm’s waitlist certainly discourages me from skipping a month. I wonder if that isn’t the reason.

  13. Omg, it’s been an eyeshadow palette and brushes for the 3 boxes now. This adds great value to the box but I’m starting to get overwhelmed with brushes and “meh” palettes! I do really like the PUR palettes that have been in previous boxycharms, though.

  14. How the heck can someone use sooooo much make up every month? I’m starting to learn that quality over quantity is the way to go in the end.

    • It’s called hoarding.

    • I’m always so impressed by Pur palettes though! And the blue looks so promising!

  15. yeah, i tried to do the order the day they restocked and then they were having “issues” so it wasn’t working, and then when they finally email me back that it’s resolved, everything is sold out. So now i’m wondering if I wait for the next restock, but i’m assuming if I cancel I lose the charms, and I was kinda thinking of canceling this month.

  16. I am so PUMPED for this box!!! Liz, I know this has probably been asked 100 times, but I haven’t read all the comments yet, is this PÜR palette the same formula as the previous one we got? It looks amazingly pigmented. Have you applied it to the eyes yet? How does it blend? Im so excited!

  17. I know that I can’t wear that Prim Vixen, but I’ve never swapped anything before. I always give everything away, but I think my family and friends are finally getting on product overload. Everyone’s attic is about to collapse with Mardi Gras beads and makeup and skin care that I keep giving away to them. 🙂

    How do I register for swaps? I know it takes a month or two for a spot to fill up from what I’ve read. I won’t be an active “swapper”, but just one thing here or there. I subscribe for better or worse, but why do that when there are people that really want an item that I have no desire to keep or give away for the 100th time.

    • Nevermind. Just noticed the “Swaps” It is extremely easy to join. Wish that I could delete this question. Carry on.

      • I’m on palette overload and would love to swap some of the recent Boxycharm palettes I’ve received, but I’ve been waitlisted for swapping for months now.

        • swap with me did you receive the amethyst one ? I want that lol also for this box if (God forbid) I get the bright pink I have to swap it for the muted on whats your email?

          • I am happy to swap the Cover FX Shimmer Veil or the Naked Highlighting palette, also have previous palettes to swap, email me at ctretinjak at Hotmail dot com

        • we can swap if you want. did you get the amethyst lm I want it also for this month if I (od forbid) get the bright pink blush I have to swap for the mutted one

        • Me too I have some things to swap as well but been waitlisted for about 2-3 months.

        • Me too 🙁

    • I’m on the swaps but my technologically impaired self has never been able to figure out how to actually swap, so I just find people in the comments on here and IG to swap with lol! I’ve heard there are also FB swap groups, but im one of the very few that don’t have facebook, so I haven’t tried that.

        • Lisa,

          Thank you for sending that to Jackie. I wrote, “Nevermind.” But, in the end, I never could figure it out. lol.

      • What is IG? I would love to swap my Ofra palette and blush for the Naked highlighter but I too am on the wait list to swap. Trying to figure out other options.

        • IG is Instagram lol I’ve found a few people to swap with in their comment sections of their photos.

          • Thank you!

  18. Has anyone had charms issues resolved by CS before? I went to use a $40 off last week and had 3 items in my cart so was just paying for shipping, and it was only taking like $10 off.. so I emailed them and they finally get back to me 4 days later saying that the issue has been resolved, they were having technical problems…. well now all the things I wanted are sold out. Do you think they’ll actually resolve it with me in some way? or anyone know how often they restock charm shop? I kinda want to cancel, but don’t want to waste the $40!

    • They restock the Charm shop once per month around mid month. It’s probably too late to have any resolution to your dilemma this month as they sold out the products. Sign up for MSA Boxy Charm spoiler alerts. They post the minute the Charm shop is replenished.

  19. I am actually really excited for this spoiler! I always have loved the pretty vulgar packaging and I wouldn’t mind getting either color! I actually was feeling kind of meh about the first two spoilers so i’m much more excited now

  20. So if I join this service today will I get the things listed above?

    • I doubt it. There is usually a waitlist to join Boxycharm. I was watilisted for a month. You can sign up and see. They don’t charge you until you are off the waitlist (if there is one)

      • Liz is really good about posting when Boxy lifts their waitlist and that’s when I signed up over the summer so I would keep on the lookout for one of those posts!

    • There is usually a waitlist so it just depends when you get off the waitlist

    • If you get off the waitlist in time, you will definitely get the eyeshadow palette and one shade of the blushes. I’m not sure about the brushes yet. There are different box variations each month with some items being in every box and other items being the variations.

      • All their official spoilers are in every box. They normally do three per month. The remaining spoilers come out after boxes start shipping and can be variations.

  21. I cannot wait for the March box!! The palette is gorgeous (and I love Pur Cosmetics – great pigmentation, light to no fallout, long lasting and best of all: great price/value!!). I also love the brushes too, as you can never have too many brushes <3 I am not crazy about the neon pink for blush, as I don't wear blush myself, but I could see myself getting creative and using it as an eyeshadow XD Of course, I'd prefer the darker, more mauve-y rose looking color, but I know that I'll be happy regardless 🙂

  22. I don’t use blush so I hope this is a variant item. Otherwise I’ll have to toss it on my massive blush pile

  23. Nice! I hope I don’t get the pink.

  24. I really hope I get the hush blush. I prefer subtle blushes *fingers crossed*

    • I want Prim Vixen so I’m here if you wanna swap! 😊 🙂

  25. The palette and brushes are nice. I want to try something different. I never thought I would say this but makeup is getting boring and I hate clutter and it just sits and I give it away maybe enjoy leggings or something with crystals and sage sticks who knows.

  26. The dark blush looks like the one I have coming from cashing in my charms last week

  27. Oooooooh! Love that neon pink blush! I know it will not be neon clown pink on. I have way too many “safe” neutral colors!
    I’m much more adventurous than that. It’s just nice to have some colors that’ll dare you to try them. Can’t wait!!!

  28. I don’t have any preference on the blushes so if anyone gets a variation they just did not want, I’d be willing to trade them for the one they did.

    • I’ll post what blush I’ll receive as soon as I know what variation I’ll be getting.

  29. I just canceled. I have enough palettes and brushes – and the blush colors don’t excite me. I think it’s time for a break. Hope someone enjoys the open spot.

  30. Ahh I want that rose blush so bad!! It looks so perfect for my skin tone! This box looks so good this month!

  31. I got the exact variation I wanted this month, is it too much to hope I get the exact variation I want next month? I’d prefer not to get the neon pink, but boy am I stoked we’re getting another Pretty Vulgar item! 😍😍😍

    • I hope that I don’t get the neon pink color.

  32. Is the pretty vulgar blush the big ticket item then in next months box?

  33. I.NEED THAT PINK! How can anyone have too much makeup or palletes? I was hoping Decembers box was gonna be awesome because,Marchs looks perfect.and it’s my bday month so lucky me

    .also those are full size brushes.

  34. Loving the color in this box! Perfect to welcome Spring.

  35. I hope I get the pink. I’m always so afraid to try pink blush, this would at least tempt me a few days a week. I just didn’t want to pay tarte $30 and hate it lol

  36. What do I need to do to get that Prim Vixen blush? I love Boxy, but the relationship we have… I know if I get one of those blushes it’s going to be the natural one. I have half a dozen shade variants on that. Oh please, sweet Boxy, send me some gumball pink!

    • I want the Rose one! Take my gumball pink I know I

    • Me too, would love that hot pink for summer nights💖💖😍😍, but I will get the subtle pink colour for sure!

  37. I’m on product overload and I do not care. This box is looking fantastic! Vegan palette yaaassss. Actually kind of hoping I get the bright pink blush since I think it may look good with my skin tone and take me out of my comfort zone.

  38. This is my last month with Boxy, and I am happy to go out with a great box! I can generally wear most blushes, and I am kind of into the flamingo pink! I also like the kind of retro vibe they’ve got going on this month.

  39. Wow that pink is bright …. lol really hoping I don’t get that color.

    • SAME. *prays to the box gods*

    • I want that pink so badly! That means you’ll get it and I’ll get the rose. And those shades suck on me. That’s how it always goes

      • if I get the pink, and you get the rose, I’ll swap with you! I am good with either one, so if someone else is more particular about wanting a specific shade, and i get it, I’ll swap!

  40. this month is looking wonderful!

    • Agree!!👏

  41. I cancelled months ago and this is the first time I’ve had box envy. The colors in that palette are amazing. And I love Pretty Vulgar’s packaging and products!

  42. I literally just cancelled boxycharm about five minutes ago since I am on product overload! These are really pretty 🙂

  43. Does anyone know if these brushes are full size or travel size?

    • With Boxycharm always full size.

      • Actually, they sent a set of travel size Luxie brushes a few months back, so you never know. I’m guessing these are full size, though.

        • I kind of hope they are travel size. I wish I had kept my travel size ones now, ya know. To travel with lol

          • I actually hated the travel sized brushes we got. I felt like the handle was too short and I couldn’t get a good application. I donated them to the women’s shelter.

  44. Awesome! So excited for this box.

  45. I will never break up with you Boxycharm! You are the best! If I have to skip lunch a couple of times to keep you – I will!!! Love, love, love March Spoilers!

    • Yes!!

    • Unfortunately, I’m running out of room for palettes. I already had to downsize and move my bras so palettes could take over. I’m going to have to give my spot up, just waiting on some color, thank you boxy!!

  46. Yes ma’am, for once, it’s not a glowy month and looks really interesting!! Kind of excited for once!!

    • The items aren’t all revealed yet. Let’s hope they don’t stick one in still

      • Hahaha happy thoughts!!!

  47. I thought Sephora was discontinuing this brand?

    • Where did you read that? I know Sephora just started carrying this brand not even a year ago. Maybe like 8 months ago?

      • It is a Sephora brand. I read it wasn’t selling well and it will be on its way out soon. I haven’t seen them add any new products for long time and its been over a year.

        • Oh, okay!! I know there was a hype, of sorts, on IG when the product came to Sephora. I knew it wasn’t that long ago – so I was a bit confused. I only own one product by PV – I like it and the packaging, but I don’t know much more on the brand. Thanks for the info!!

  48. The packaging is so pretty.

  49. So excited ! I am hoping with every new spoiler that it isn’t a variant.

  50. I just know I’m going to get that horrid 80’s neon pink monstrosity. Some of Boxy’s stuff is amazing, then some of the time I just don’t know what they are thinking.

    • Heather: You really never know how a specific product will apply until you take a brush to it. I can’t tell you how many colors gave looked wretched in pan and when I try them with a brush…VOILA, they are quite different. You really just don’t know until you try them, you might be surprised.

      • You are so right about that!

      • You are totally right that sometimes things look completely different when you try them out. But I looked for pictures of the swatches for this, and they all look exactly like the color pictured here. Bright cotton candy, bubble gum, neon pink. Maybe it will work for some people, but it is just not my color.

      • Amen. Would also like to add that while a blush might not compliment one skin tone it may knock it out of the park for another. It doesn’t make the color horrid. There are other people.

      • Yep. I just watched a youtuber who is medium complexion with mature skin wearing the Prim Vixen and it’s gorgeous on her. I really hope I get that one.

    • I love bright pink blushes! A light touch and I’ve found they look very natural.

      • Yes, like a pale person with a cold lol

    • Me too!! I loved, loved boxycharm when I started with them. Then they went disco ball glitter (which I know some love, don’t hate me) and so many variations. I never get the variation I want. Last month, all I wanted was the Seraphine lip scrub. I saw that spoiler months ago and was so excited. Of course, I didn’t get it! I ended up with cheapest variation. Now I’ll end up with the bright pink blush. That’s why I quit glossybox because it makes me feel like a second class citizen. I want my old boxycharm back!

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