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Trash Club by Divine Trash Vintage Fashion Subscription Box Review – January 2018

Anna Reilly
ByAnna ReillyJan 7, 2018 | 25 comments

black divine trash package

Trash Club by Divine Trash Vintage
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Trash Club by Divine Trash Vintage is a fashion subscription box that sends you a new vintage treasure each month. Run by two women out of Missoula, Montana, this awesomely irreverent styling service is the answer for people whose tastes aren’t satisfied by more mainstream subscriptions. As they put it on their site, “If you want to be a badass with an unconventional vibe or a trendsetter that is constantly fielding “where did you get that???”, then you have come to right place, my friend!”

tissue wrapped item from divine trashdivine trash package wrapped in tissue 

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items inside divine trash january 2018 box

About Trash Club by Divine Trash Vintage Fashion Subscription Box

The Subscription Box: Trash Club by Divine Trash Vintage

The Cost: $30.00 per month + free US shipping

The Products: Great-quality vintage clothing and accessories curated to your size and preferences

Ships to: US for free. If you’re shipping internationally, contact the Divine Trash crew first.

Trash Club by Divine Trash Vintage January 2018 Review

This is my first time trying a secondhand fashion subscription, and I am so excited! Here’s what Trash Club is all about:

tissue wrapped item from divine trash

I first heard about Divine Trash’s subscription box via my beloved BUST Magazine (I can’t WAIT to read the Greta Gerwig issue!) and had to check it out. While I love the convenience of styling services, the eco-conscious part of my brain is really attracted to the idea of secondhand clothing styling services. (I’ll be reviewing one of the new ThredUp Goody Boxes soon…) I’ve spent so much of my very young adulthood bopping around thrift stores, and I have a few go-to consignment shops I visit regularly nowadays. In my experience, secondhand clothes can be just as amazing as things I’d buy new, but unlike new items, they don’t tax the earth with more manufacturing, plus you’re saving a piece of perfectly good clothing from heading to the landfill. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about showing up at a party wearing the same top that nine other friends also bought at the mall that weekend. (That was the main reason I was a thrift store fan in college—I went to a small school in a small town, and if it was at the local Target, you’d better believe 20 other people on campus owned it.)

divine trash info card divine trash subscription information

The process of signing up for Trash Club is super fun. If you can’t tell by the name, this subscription has a little irreverent edge to it and that vibe shows up in everything the Trash Club folks do. The site is full of hilarious, dry humor and slang, and the style profile you fill out has questions like “What year did you come out of your mom?” It’s probably an acquired taste for some, but for me, it’s delightfully weird. I feel like Ilana from Broad City is taking me shopping, which is basically my dream, so…

I didn’t expect the profile to be as thorough as it was, but I was really impressed! There’s a chance to note height and weight, gender identity, the coming-out-of-your-mom thing, and even to riff about your body shape and what you most love to wear or want to try. They even have a cool little widget where you’re shown laydowns (like Polyvore boards, if you’re hip to those) of different styles of outfits, and you click to remove ones you dislike. It’s a cool way to narrow things down and visually show what you like to wear. I recently read that Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up book and really enjoyed mentally (and sometimes verbally) saying “These clothes do NOT spark joy!” as I trashed the not-me looks.

matchbook retro matchbook matchbook from divine trash

Okay, let’s talk about the box itself. First, there’s the info card above, which includes amazing recommendations of where to wear my cool new duds. Then, we have this retro book of matches! How cool is this? Matchbooks used to be as popular an advertising tool as getting your product in an Instagram post, and the fact that this vintage-minded company nodded to the past with its promotional goodies is so clever to me. Plus, this candle lover is always in need of matches, so it’s a useful bit of ephemera for me!

note from divine trash stylist

Before we get to the star of the show, I wanted to point out my one of my favorite parts about this box—this little, handwritten note on the back of the garment tag! Lots of styling services include a note from the person that curated the box, but I’ve yet to see one that’s handwritten. This subscription has a lot of edge to it, but this thoughtful, personal touch tells me there’s a lot of heart behind this business, too. Like, I want to meet these women! I want to hang out!

olive jacket worn by person

Olive-Green Army-Style Jacket

Not to keep you waiting any longer… THIS is the amazing item I got in my first shipment! Are you picking up on the Freaks-and-Geeks-Lindsay-Weir vibes I am serving, because I am serving a LOT of them in this jacket. I’ve long loved army-ish jackets, but surprisingly enough, this thrift store lover has never actually bought one for herself. Most of them end up looking too big and bulky on me. But this army-style jacket (I’m not sure it’s a legit army jacket, and I don’t want to assume…) is awesome. I’ve been enjoying playing with oversized shapes on top of more tailored silhouettes (which I noted in my profile, by the way), and this jacket is perfect for that task. Look how cute it looks over a fitted tee and skinny jeans!

close up on olive jacket

Do you like my fashionable hair-tie-as-bracelet look? I know, it’s very chic.

closeup on lapel of olive jacket

Oh, another great thing about secondhand clothing is that it already has the soft, well-worn feeling right off the bat. This jacket is in amazing shape (there was a stray thread maybe, but all of the seams and stitching is tip-top) and it wears like a dream. Part of the reason the fit is so good is that it’s got plenty of structure, but it’s just worn out enough to hang more casually over my broad shoulders. It feels like a pair of high-quality jeans you’ve worn for a decade, so now they’re dreamy soft and barely stiff at all.

long sleeve on an arm

Really the only fly in the ointment here is that the sleeves are suuuper long.

shoulder and sleeve of olive jacket

But I unconsciously scrunch nearly ever sleeve that I wear, so a long sleeve is no worry for me. I’ve been wearing this cuffed at about a 3/4 length, but it also looks mighty nice in the “JCrew cuff” that Emily helped me create. (You basically do one giant cuff up to your elbow, then cuff that up on top of itself, so that the hem of the sleeve pops out.) You learn something new every day, I tell ya.

The Verdict: I feel like I wrote so much about just one item, but folks, it’s because I am so smitten with this jacket! I’m really impressed by how well the Divine Trash crew nailed my style and size on the first try. I’ve been wearing this around like a cardigan, but once spring hits, I’ll be happily using it as my go-to jacket. I’ve got oodles of pins and patches that might suit this jacket well, too. It doesn’t specify on the Divine Trash site whether you get just one item per month or if there’s a possibility for multiple smaller looks, but I can confidently say that this jacket is worth at least $30.00 to me. I’m so stoked to have discovered this subscription—every part of it, from the quirky name to the wacky site copy is right up my alley. The jacket is a perfect fit for my bod, and the subscription is a perfect fit for my personality!

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? You can definitely subscribe, but what you get will be super unique, both because it’s vintage and because it’s picked specifically for your tastes! According to Divine Trash, Trash Club packages will ship within a week of your charge.

Value Breakdown: This box cost $30.00 with free US shipping. There was just one item inside—the jacket—so that means it must be worth at least $30.00. Personally, I feel like if I found something similar, quality and fit-wise, it’d be at a place like Madewell, and it’d be way more expensive than $30.00. So I feel like I got a lot of value from this order!

Keep Track of Your Subscriptions: Add this box to your subscription list or wishlist!

What do you think of Trash Club by Divine Trash? Do you like shopping secondhand?

"Is your mailbox always empty and you’d like to change that? Or do you live in a place where shopping vintage clothing is inaccessible to you? Or do you just hate the vibe of snooty vintage boutiques? Or maybe thrift stores just make you feel depressed and overwhelmed?! Well you should join our Worl... read more.
Anna Reilly
Anna Reilly
Anna loves collecting little treasures, be they pop-culture finds, handmade mementos, or new potions to put in her makeup bag. Beauty boxes got her interested in the subscription world, but now she's swooning for all things kawaii!

Anna Reilly
Anna Reilly
Anna loves collecting little treasures, be they pop-culture finds, handmade mementos, or new potions to put in her makeup bag. Beauty boxes got her interested in the subscription world, but now she's swooning for all things kawaii!
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Ha! I was just thinking wow that’s some professional looking sleeve folding! Nice. Thanks for modeling for us! 🙂


Love to see this business getting some press! I live in Missoula and Divine Trash and Betty’s
Divine (divine trash opened as a second hand store within Betty’s) are a long standing Missoula Hip Strip staple. I love to see a eco-conscious subscription service too. As a lucky local patron I can peruse the racks at my leisure, but knowing these ladies’ style tastes and having them personally pick your items, it almost seems worth the subscription even though I live near the storefront. Check them out and if you are ever passing through missoula, Betty’s Divine and Divine Trash are must do stops!


Looking at the blurb from BUST I would expect to receive several pieces a month. They picture both clothing and accessories, almost insinuating you’d have an outfit. I don’t think it’s out of line in expecting that for $30.

Haley used to review a thrift store sub that had excellent value.

This is one I’d rather read reviews on than commit to it myself. :/


I paid $20 for a similar jacket via Poshmark and just got lucky that it was in pristine condition. That jacket is now my absolute go-to pretty much year-round so I feel you when you score a thrifted garment that knocks your socks off and is destined to become a favorite. Could you have found something similar for a lot less? Probably. But if you love it, can see it becoming a wardrobe staple, and didn’t have to go hunting for it yourself, it’s worth every bit you paid for it.

Dootsie Bug

XS-XL sizes only.


As a Junior Leaguer, we donate a mandatory amount every year and run our own thrift store in a very needy neighborhood. We, by hand, inspect every single item. This is all voluntary, although we do have a paid staff. Our items are all set at a very reasonable price, like all dresses are $6, for instance. Let me tell you something…there will be dresses that cost over $500 and up, but some will be also in the $50 range. We know and love the people in the neighborhood and throw events where we give away toys at Christmas and costumes at Halloween. We get items like vintage jewelry and ties from Gucci. The ties sell for $3. We only sell what we would wear or put on our children or in our home, because that’s where it came from!

Just because something isn’t new, does NOT mean it isn’t cheap or less valuable than something someone can find on sale. I could walk the rows of our sales room (we are busy bees in cramped quarters in the back), and pick out bags and bags and bags in an hour that would probably equal the amount of a new Porsche, yet would cost around $100. We price brand new baby items especially reasonably, around a quarter or a dime, and it’s usually Baby Gap or from some crazy expensive boutique with tags on it.

Please don’t trash thrift stores. Lots of people would not have clothes for their babies or that important job interview.

Now, as far as this box, we would sell it for probably less than $5. I’d be like the person that commented that you got “hosed” haha. The personal note is just written on probably everyone’s item, and I can get matches at my local sandwich shops, but I don’t like the smell and prefer lighters to light a candle. Oh well.


Oh my goodness. Who could predict this would be such a polarizing box?


I would LOVE that jacket! I actually prefer shopping second hand rather than mall shopping. I estimate 70% of everythingI own is second hand. Most vintage clothing is better quality than the “fast fashion”. Plus after discovering the horrible conditions factories abroad force people to work in I find it hard to buy new clothing.
I am considering subbing now after reading your review Anna!


That is extremely overpriced. I have one exactly like it that I got from the local Salvation Army thrift shop for about $5.


I totally see the attraction to this sub although I do think it’s a little overpriced. I just signed up for a Goody Bag from ThredUp also and I’ll be interested to see what comes in that and I’ll be watching for your review.

While I do I think you pay more for the curation on this box, I will would happily pay that much for an item that I A: Love and B: is good quality.
I don’t agree that new is always better. And I own a (new) clothing boutique. I love vintage and thrifting and wear a good mix of both new and thrift. Brand names don’t always mean quality. I have plenty of unbranded stuff that is really high quality. You just have to look for it.


I kept looking at the review thinking i must be missing something for $30. How about adding a used wallet or used scarf. I’d be concerned about the smell. Do they smell gross! like someones basement. Do they have moth holes, do they smell like smoke or bad perfume. – I like the idea, yet $30 is ridiculous. How about 4 items for $30? With free returns if they stink or if there impreffections.

Anna, I do like your reviews, yet this one was a bit over the top on excitement. You can find similar items onsale at major retail stores for the same price + they are new and returnable. No need to spend $30 for a used item. New is better then used, unless its truly an antique that can be resold on ebay for double the price paid for.


I am sorry but you are really out of touch with reality!


New is not necessarily better than used. There’s nothing wrong with buying used clothing and actually, it’s better for the environment. Reduce, reuse, recycle. I buy used and vintage clothing all the time and have never had a problem with smell or moth holes. Most places will not sell you something gross and they are washed or dry cleaned before being put on the shelves. Even the Goodwill here washes their clothing before putting them on the rack.

I do agree though that this sub is a bit on the high priced side. You could get a way better deal going to a vintage clothing shop, or even online. For 30$ at least two items should be in there… if not three.

Anna Reilly

Just popping in to note that this jacket was smell-less! If it wasn’t in a vintage-themed subscription, I actually could’ve been tricked into thinking it was a new item, the condition was so nice.

Thank you all for your comments! I like seeing everyone’s perspectives on new vs. used – keep sharing your experiences 🙂


I disagree.

New is NOT better than used. We live in fast-fashion times. “New” and “cheap” usually means an individual made the garment in terrible working conditions. That garment will end up in dumpster if unsold or once it rips in a few months. It’s ethically and environmentally irresponsible.

I never have seen used garments sold with a smell? Even places like Goodwill do a good job cleaning clothes.

While I agree the jacket is a bit overpriced, I see people spend more on crappy quality at Forever 21 and Walmart.


I love you Anna- really, I’ve so enjoyed your reviews and personality but…
I feel like if we were friends in really life and I didn’t tell you “I feel you got hosed,” I’d be a bad friend.
I’m begining to get a bit of a seedy vibe about some of the thrift/vintage/secondhand subs trying desperately to come across as unique and hipster cool enviro and all, when in reality they’re going to thrift shops and garage sales and buying stuff for pennies on the dollar and turning around making a killing on others. I dunno, seems skeezy.
I wouldn’t feel this way if it weren’t so ridiculously overpriced and they put more effort into better printing of materials (crooked bad handwriting isn’t cute to me, in a consumer sense- it comes across as too cheap or lazy to give AF).
I’m sorry and please don’t think I’m just trying to be rude. I’m your age and know fashion and buying and genuinely I believe the valuation is not there.
I also respect ‘to each her own’ and that everything can be worth what someone is willing to pay for it, so I’m glad this and the money spent (? Unless it was in exchange for promotion/review) brings you joy.

All that being said, I have a 1984 Mitsubishi with some authentic, vintage rust spots and a low hanging but legit OG antique headboard…. anyone interested in this unique Trash Vintage special for the low cost on a current day generic Honda? LOL


This comment is on point!!!❤


This cracked me up.

Agreed though. If I went to a Goodwill or similar store I’d be able to find a jacket like that for half the price. I would be comfortable with something like this sub if it was maybe 2 items – then you’re getting each for about $15, plus the curation factor.


I agree. I definelty expected a box of items for $30. Not 1.


I feel like you are paying a lot for curation with this. I think that’s great if you like the idea of thrifting but hate actually doing it, but if you enjoy thrifting, that significant mark-up probably won’t seem worth it.

Anna Reilly

Hi Erica!

Yeah, you and a few other folks are rightly mentioning how this is probably a little pricey for someone familiar with thrifting (that’s why it’s called THRIFTing, after all), and I think you’re absolutely correct. This is definitely more of a hip-consignment-store price, or even the kind of price I’d see at one of the popular vintage fairs we have in town.

I have less time nowadays compared to during my peak thrifting days, so lately, I’ve been turning to consignment shops as a time saver (since more of the filtering for style/quality has been done already). Maybe that’s making my brain more okay with slightly higher price points? I will say $30 is probably one of the highest prices I’ve paid for a single item in awhile, but knowing how willingly I’ve dropped $30 on a single flimsy top or jacket at the mall, I still feel like I’m getting a great deal on such a nice jacket. (Seriously, it is super sturdy and comfortable!!!)

All that said, I am SO jealous of the folks who have the time to treasure hunt (or just have AWESOME thrift stores near them that always have great finds)!!! I miss it so <3 <3 <3

Thanks so much for commenting, Erica! Happy thrifting 🙂

(PS: This comment section has been SO interesting to read! Thank you all for sharing your perspectives on new vs. used, thrifting, and fashion in general!!!)


I like the idea but…30 seems a little expensive for that. Not new obviously, but used and brandless? I probably wouldn’t pay more than 15 at goodwill for it, then again I would have no way to know it’s quality. I’ve just noticed a fair few of second hand subscriptions are coming without the second hand price tags.


It’s not Army.


I think I would love to try this sub,that jacket is so cute!


OMG, this is so super awesome! And I’m just the next state over from them….. definitely keeping a watch on this one! <3

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