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ThredUP “Fancy Finds” Goody Box Review – January 2018

Anna Reilly
ByAnna ReillyJan 19, 2018 | 22 comments

thred up box

ThredUp Goody Box
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Goody Boxes by online consignment shop ThredUP are new women’s fashion styling services featuring exclusively secondhand clothes.

thredup goody box unboxing

ThredUP’s mission is to help people explore fashion… sustainably! By recycling unwanted clothes that are still in fantastic condition, ThredUP hopes to lessen the waste produced and resources spent on manufacturing new clothing. Oh, and to save their customers some money on the designer labels they love, too!

There are four styles of Goody Boxes to choose from—Cold Weather Essentials, Office Styles, Night Out, and Fancy Finds. Whenever you’d like to receive a box, choose your style, fill out the ThredUP profile, and you’ll receive a box of all sorts of items to try on in the comfort of your home. Keep what you like. Drop what you don’t want back in the box and pass it on to USPS within 7 days. (There’s a free return shipping label in your box.) You’ll only be charged for what you kept!

thredup goody box unboxing

My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

thredup goody box all items

About the Fancy Finds Goody Box by ThredUP

The Subscription Box: Fancy Finds Goody Box by ThredUp

The Cost: $20.00 non-refundable deposit to get your box of clothes. From there, you only pay for what you keep. The $20.00 deposit will be applied towards any purchases you make! Free US shipping and returns.

The Products: 12-15 secondhand styles picked specifically for you by one of ThredUP’s “Treasure Hunters”. There are four styles of Goody Boxes, each of which delivers different types of items. The Fancy Finds Goody Box that we’ll focus on in this review advertises “Designer labels make the best layers when the weather dips below 50°F. We’ll tailor your box to match your size, style, and budget,” and includes items like jeans, long-sleeve tops, sweaters, and jackets.

Ships to: the US and internationally

Fancy Finds Goody Box by ThredUP January 2018 Review

pocket of informationthred up info

Goody Boxes are one-time boxes that you order on-demand. When you place your order, you’ll give ThredUP your size and preferences. There’s even an opportunity to riff about your style, link to your Pinterest board, and go deeper on your body type. I mentioned that I’m pear-shaped, that I love minimalist colors and unique silhouettes, and that occasionally, I like using a bold color, texture, or finish to make an ordinary outfit feel special and bold.

fold out promo cards accordion folded promo cards reverse side of promo card

ThredUP provides a little bag of information cards. First, I opened up an accordion-folded set of promotional cards. On one side, there are inspiring sayings and on the other, there are tidbits of information about ThredUP.

thred up detail card product list for thredup goody boxinstructions in thredup goodybox

Here’s the invoice for the box itself. There’s a list of every product and its value, plus instructions for what to do with your goodies.

return label

They include a return shipping label in the package. Make sure your mailman picks up your returns within 7 days of getting your box!

letter about thredup

I also got a note from the CEO of ThredUP explaining the dreams behind their Goody Box program.

Ready to see the clothes? Okay, let’s get started.

gold long skirt gold skirt

Women’s Js Collection Casual Skirt, Size 8 – Cost to Keep $19.99

I know this metallic skirt seems a little bold, but I actually love the idea of it. The way it lays is really flattering, and with the right heel (I’m wearing it with flats in the photo), I feel like I could make this skirt look really fun and fancy for a night at the theater or something to that effect. (I could tuck in a fitted white tee, throw a structured jacket over it, add a long necklace…) The only problem is that it is wayyy to small for me. In the photo above, I’m standing up taller than I ever have in my life, hoping to make it work. It actually looks great until you hit the waistband, which really nips in. I’m 90% sure (I didn’t save a screenshot as I filled it out, and there’s no way to look up the size I listed on my account) that I listed myself as a 10 in bottoms, but maybe they thought that the smaller size would sit okay at my natural waist. Because of the cut and color, I’m guessing that this piece is an older piece of vintage clothing (maybe from the 90s or even the 80s). In my experience, older items run smaller—where an 8 in modern clothing might have a chance, an 8 in this retro piece just didn’t work.

striped lace up blouse lace up blouse

Women’s Calvin Klein Pullover Sweater, Size Medium – Cost to Keep $16.99

I love me a black-and-white-striped top. (I mentioned that in my account profile!) This knit top is a great neutral that I could easily throw on with jeans and booties and go. The lace-up detail isn’t quite my style, but the shirt fits nicely and is plenty comfy. It’s got a little stretch to it but retains its structure well. I think it’s pretty flattering.

gray adidas stella mccartney top sheer back sweatshirt tee

Adidas Stella McCartney Sweatshirt, Size Medium – Cost to Keep $25.99

Oh wow, I am a big fan of Stella McCartney, and her Adidas pieces are just. So. Cool! That said, I’m not 100% sure this top works for me. I really love how it’s a new twist on the traditional gray athletic sweatshirt. The puff sleeves are really sweet and surprisingly flattering to my arms and shoulders, and the sheer back detail (which would look much better with a statement sports bra beneath it…) feels fresh and modern. However, I feel like I would’ve liked this particular piece in one size larger. I’m usually a medium (like a 6-8) in tops. but this top seems made for a slightly longer, straighter silhouette. The bottom ribbed hem keeps creeping up over my curvier hips, rather than staying put, which makes the sheer back look a bit bunchy. I love the design (what a cool find!), I’m just not sold on whether it’s the right piece for me.

bell sleeved black blouse bell sleeved black blouse from behind

BCBG Max Azria 3/4 Sleeve Blouse, Size Medium – Cost to Keep $38.99

The best part of bell sleeves is how they make you want to twirl around (and giggle about twirling), as you can see from my top photo. This silky top fits really well—the ruching in the back defines my waist, and the cut accommodates my broader shoulders so nicely. And again, I love a bell sleeve. (They’re so fun!) That said, there’s something about this top feels a little too Kris Jenner to me. All my love to Kris Jenner, of course, but my style’s a little more Kourtney. (Don’t worry, Khloe, you’re still my fave, but your sister’s got more of a “me” closet.) Okay, I promise to stop talking about the Kardashians now.

The lines in this top are flattering, but I’d prefer if they were just a little cleaner (so like, same idea, but maybe a flattering cut that doesn’t require ruching in the back, ditch the wide collar, or make the neckline button all the way up instead of stopping at a V…). But that’s just me. I have to say, I’m impressed by the condition and the fit of this top. I feel like the playful details could really flatter someone who fits this style a bit more.

dark navy cape cape button on cape pocket in cape

Helene Berman Wool Coat, Size Medium – Cost to Keep $38.99

Now, THIS is my style! I’ve never owned a cape, and I feel like this wool one might be my first. I love the short, stand-up neckline, the big buttons, and the thickness of this piece. It feels legitimately cozy and warm, despite it not having formal sleeves, etc. There are buttons on each “wing” of the cape if you want more of a sleeve feeling, but it looks just as cute worn open and free-flowing. The wool is warm and cozy, and the silhouette makes me feel like a 60’s mod. I love where it hits on my hips, too. Oh, and did I mention there are pockets? Folks, there are pockets.

white and black fuzzy sweater

Bke Pullover Sweater, Size Medium – Cost to Keep $19.99

What a fun, kooky sweater! It’s the kind of thing I’d grab if I was thrifting myself. I could see wearing this top over a blue oxford that’s been tucked into a short, structured skirt, plus black tights, and booties. I thought the cut ended up being a little boxy on me, but I’ve gotta say, the fuzzy fibers sure are cozy! It’s got neat horizontal lines running up each side and plenty of squiggles zooming around the sleeves, front, and back of the top. I could do without the squiggles, honestly, but the neutral palette and playful texture is drawing me in.

ruffle blouse ruffle on patterned blouse

C Abi Long Sleeve Blouse, Size Medium – Cost to Keep $20.99

This is another top that fits me great but isn’t quite my style. It’s semi-sheer and has a lightness to it that makes it really easy to wear. The length of the top, in particular, feels really flattering—it’s the kind of thing I could either wear loose and out or tucked in. I do love the ruffle trend, and I like playing with different shapes and volumes in my outfits, but the ruffle front of this top feels a little too romantic for my tastes. But I could see it being a really great work shirt for someone else—I bet the ruffle would look really cool popping out from an open blazer.

white gap blouse zipper on gap blouse

Gap Long Sleeve Blouse, Size Medium – Cost to Keep $14.99

It’s a little boxy, but I think this is my favorite top in the box. First, I love the crisp, cottony feel of the fabric. It’s cool and easy to wear, and of course, since it’s white, it goes with everything. The sleeves are the best part, though—they’re a little poufy and they hit me at a neat spot. Tuck this top into a high-waisted pencil skirt, and the sleeves really pop. It’s kind of a blank canvas, but a blank canvas beefed up with fun, voluminous details, so it’s a little beyond ordinary. Oh, PS, I totally forgot to latch the hook-and-eye closure at the top of the back zipper, but know that there definitely is one!

black turtleneck

Liz Claiborne Collection Silk Pullover, Size Medium – Cost to Keep $16.99

This is another somewhat simple piece from this box that I really love. This thin, ribbed sweater has a trimmer fit, which makes it ideal for tucking into skirts or trousers. I also think I look really snazzy in turtlenecks like this one, so I was excited to see it in the box. I feel like it’s something I could easily dress up or down or even layer underneath a fun jacket.

cropped turtleneck oversized turtleneck

BCBG Max Azria Wool Pullover Sweater, Size Medium – Cost to Keep $20.99

Okay, to be fair, in my style profile, I literally said that an example of one of my favorite silhouettes was “a fitted black cropped turtleneck paired with a voluminous, floor-length skirt.” That was basically my New Year’s Eve outfit from last year—a cropped black top with a flouncy, long, layered tulle skirt and heels—and it looked awesome. So I get why they picked this sweater for me. However, it’s just not my style. The turtleneck is so cowl-like that it’s kind of overwhelming, and the wool content makes this top just a tad scratchy. And yes, it’s cropped, but maybe not at the ideal point of my body. I’m a believer that the right styling can transform any item, and that goes for this gray and black top. Maybe layer it over a super high-waisted, tailored pencil skirt, and brighten things up with a collection of gold, antique-looking brooches? I think it also demands someone with a straighter silhouette or a slightly longer torso, which could help it sit in a more flattering way.

long tan jcrew cardigan hooded cardigan

J.Crew Cardigan, Size Medium – Cost to Keep $20.99

I love the idea of this long cardigan, though I think it’s smaller than I’d prefer it to be. (As it is, I don’t think it’s that flattering to my hips.) The caramel color is just so classic. While I don’t think I’d wear the hood up very often at work, I could see tossing this sweater on at home when I’m shuffling around a chilly apartment and flipping up the hood while I chill on the couch. I wish more cardigans were this long! I’m always cold, so anything that my whole body can snuggle into is OK by me!

gray cocoon cardigan cocoon sleeve

Banana Republic Wool Cardigan, Size Medium – Cost to Keep $15.99

This cardigan is surprisingly comfy and warm, given it doesn’t have sleeves, really. The gray color is versatile, and the cardigan hits right at the spot on my hips where I like jackets to sit. But I do feel like this piece feels a little dated—I remember when these kinds of cardigans were popular several years ago. It also feels a little more rustic than what I’d prefer (the big buttons, the big, ribbed collar, etc.).

two pairs of pants that don't quite work

Ann Taylor Faux Leather Pants, Size 8 – Cost to Keep $23.99

The Addison Story Long Sleeve Top, Size Medium – Cost to Keep $14.99

J Brand Jeans, Size 30 – Cost to Keep $37.99

There were three items that had some big fit issues. You can see that the top I’m wearing runs super small for a medium—it was gapping at a few points and wouldn’t comfortably button all the way down either. The ruffle detail you see on the front is cute, and the gray color is really pretty, but it wore much more like a small than a medium. As for the pants, the Ann Taylor ones on the right did go all the way up my legs but were comically tight. (I felt like Ross in that scene from Friends where he gets trapped in his tight leather pants!) The light-wash, distressed J Brand jeans seemed like just the kind of piece I would’ve loved to add to my closet… if they had fit. I neglected to notice how low-cut the rise was—not surprisingly, these jeans didn’t agree with my plentiful booty and stopped cooperating about halfway up my thighs. Sad face!

The Verdict: I wanted so badly to fall in love with this subscription—I love thrift store and consignment shopping, but don’t have the time to treasure hunt as much these days, plus I love the idea of refreshing my closet in sustainable ways. (Recycling clothing means less clothing headed for the landfill, plus less demand for fast fashions made using resource-guzzling, potentially unethical manufacturing processes.) I did like that I got a TON of items to try—it’s literally so much fun cracking open the giant box and rummaging through all of the pieces picked just for me. But I think Goody Boxes have a few kinks to work out before I’d give a hearty “YOU HAVE TO TRY THIS!” to any of my friends. Specifically, I feel like things could’ve been curated better towards my specific style and body type. I don’t know if that will come as the “Treasure Hunters” get more experience, or maybe it’ll require them to add some more questions to their style profile (to gather details about just what kind of a medium on top, large on the bottom I am). I also personally think the prices are a little higher than what I typically find at my local consignment stores for tops. In other words, I think you’re paying for curation on top of the items themselves. The condition of all of the pieces I received gives me hope for the future, though. I’m really rooting for this subscription, mostly because it’d be such an awesome, green addition to the current assortment of styling services out there!

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? Every box is different and packed based on the customer’s tastes and what’s available at the time.

Value Breakdown: The price to keep each item I received is listed above. Resale prices are at least slightly less than what the items would’ve been valued at when they were sold new. The average price across all 15 items I received was $28.06, though many of the items in the box were worth under $20.00.

Remember that the deposit on the box was $20.00, and that while it’s non-refundable, the deposit can be applied to whatever you keep. That means if I keep at least one $20.00-ish item from the box, I’ve made the box worth it.

One last important thing to note about value! When you request a box, you’ll be able to pick a price range you’d like to stick to for individual items. Mine was $15-$50, but if you wanted, you could also go lower (the lowest is $10-$25) or higher, depending on your preferences.

What do you think about the Fancy Finds Goody Box?

ThredUp Goody Boxes are available now! These boxes are similar to StitchFix, but with secondhand items - you pay a $20 styling fee that can go toward any items you choose to keep. Each Goody Box features a sampling of secondhand items sourced from women’s closets across the country (and rigorously ... read more.
Anna Reilly
Anna Reilly
Anna loves collecting little treasures, be they pop-culture finds, handmade mementos, or new potions to put in her makeup bag. Beauty boxes got her interested in the subscription world, but now she's swooning for all things kawaii!

Anna Reilly
Anna Reilly
Anna loves collecting little treasures, be they pop-culture finds, handmade mementos, or new potions to put in her makeup bag. Beauty boxes got her interested in the subscription world, but now she's swooning for all things kawaii!
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This review was SO entertaining!!!! Some of the shots were hilarious, and I loved that you found positive things to say about most of the items, even if you REALLY disliked them (c’mon, you know you did)! I laughed out loud several times.


I tried this box and didn’t have much luck either. I definitely didn’t receive anything I would consider to be “fancy”. And hardly anything fit me, I was so disappointed:(


I’m going to give the custom goody box a try! I didn’t see the fancy one when I signed up? I’m interested in the office box as well.. luckily $20 is low risk so I’m interested in seeing what happens!


The cape looks really nice on you. I agree that the prices are a little high for used clothes.


That black cape and the turtleneck seem like major scores to me. I usually don’t keep more than a couple pieces from style boxes anyway so I’d say this box is a success.

Anna Reilly

Good point! That cape is such a winner. It’d be great for these sort-of-cold days in between the dead of winter and spring 🙂 Thanks for reading, Ks!!!


I am so excited to see this reviewer!! I really hope to see a review of another type of Goody bag, since this is the only one I definitely would never try (I’m not fancy lol).


I like their winter goodie box much better. I really like some of the pieces they sent you but since I am not a fancy find gal the winter box is more my taste. I have ordered 2 now and about to order my third. 🙂


Love that cape! Wish I could buy if if you’re sending it back!


That was an extremely eclectic mix! I had high hopes, as I love the idea of clothing subscriptions that have affordable clothes, but it seems this is not quite right


I have been dying to try one of thredup’s Goody Boxes, but they don’t offer plus sizes. They go up to XL and I usually wear 1X or 2X.

Dawn r

I was going to try this but they never got back to me whether they allowed free returns from Alaska. I was concerned because they don’t when you purchase normally from their website.


surprised thredup considers gap and j crew “designer” labels.


Me too. 🙂


And Liz Claiborne.

Julie B.

You must keep the cape and the black turtleneck! Especially since the deposit goes toward the cost. I buy frequently from thredUP. It’s always a fun experience, and they’re good about returns (except the clearance items) so I usually just return and get credit for more items.


Wool coat/cape is a MUST HAVE!!! Looks amazing on you!!!

Anna Reilly

Aw, thank you so much, Judy!!!


To be honest, I tried Thread Up years ago (long before they did these style boxes), and I gave them three tries. The size issues you mention? It’s a constant thing with them. There’s zero continuity, and one medium may end up fitting like an extra large, while another may end up fitting like an extra small. Even their sized items – size 6 jeans, size 8 dresses – it was all random. It was a wholly disappointing experience for me, and seeing that you are experiencing the same issues years later means that I won’t try them out again. It felt like a big waste of time – pick out cool items, wait for them to get to you – hope they fit – if not, repackage, take time out of the day, get to the post office, etc. It’s not ideal for a busy person on the go.


Isn’t that a problem with the individual brands though? Thredup doesn’t size the clothing… I’m sure they just go by the tag. The manufacturers just size things differently. I’m sure you could just stick with brands you know fit the way you want them to fit when you order from them…


Cristina – exactly. That’s what I was thinking. It’s not thredUP’s fault. It is what it is. That’s why men’s sizes make much more sense. 🙂 But I expect that. For me, a medium might be too big while an XL might be too tight.

lynn m.

that cape, white shirt and the striped cropped sweater are so cute on you! I would layer the stripped cropped one with a long tank. I love the idea of this box as well, but agree it is one that kinks need to be worked out of.

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