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Succulent Studio Plant Subscription Box Review – December 2017

succulent studio box

Succulent Studio is a plant subscription box that ships you two Southern California-grown succulent plants each month.

succulent studio unboxing

My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

all items in succulent studio january 2018 box

About Succulent Studio Plant Subscription Box

The Subscription Box: Succulent Studio

The Cost: $10.00 per month + $6.50 shipping

The Products: Two succulent plants grown in Southern California using organic media and fertilizers.

Ships to: US

Succulent Studio January 2018 Review

This is my first succulent studio box, and I am so excited! Let’s meet my new plants:

how succulents are packaged

The plants come secured in this cleverly designed box. The care instructions (keep in lots of sunlight and water when soil is dry, or every 7-10 days) are printed on the inside of the lid, which is nice—no extra papers to worry about!

succulents in january 2018 box

Here they are!

small desert plant small pointy succulent from above

Hens and Chicks Plant

There’s no messaging about the plants themselves in the box, so I’m just guessing at the species of succulent. If I’m way off, please let me know! This bitty bundle of leaves is only about an inch wide—it’s a tiny baby! It almost looks like a little plant pom-pom, haha. I love the wine-hued tips of the sage-green leaves. Beneath the protective hay on top is about 2 inches worth of soil, in which the plant is rooted.

small succulent from the side small succulent plant from above

Echeveria Plant

Again, I’m guessing here, but I think this is some kind of echeveria plant. This one is so pretty! It’s like a very sturdy, pale-green rosette. The leaves are cool and a tiny bit rubbery, and they share the wine-tint of the last plant. This little one is just slightly larger than its buddy—it’s about 2 inches wide—but shares the same soil-under-hay packaging.

The Verdict: I love these teeny plants! They’re so darn cute. I would’ve liked more information about which ones I received, but I appreciate the care instructions (and that they’re printed on the box lid to eliminate more waste). I’m a fan of tiny things, so I’m excited to try and find some charming little vessels to transplant these babies into. Maybe some thrift store juice glasses or tea/espresso cups?

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? It’s not clear whether everyone gets the same plants, or something different, based on what’s available. Sign up here and see which plant babies you get!

Value Breakdown: After shipping, this box cost $16.50, meaning each plant costs $8.25. While I’ve gotten larger individual plants for that amount, I’ve usually found them at chain hardware stores, where I’m unsure of the details of the growing process. It’s possible that the organic aspect makes the higher price point reasonable. If you have lots of experience with succulent plants, please comment about what YOU think about the value! I’d be interested to hear your take 🙂

What do you think about Succulent Studio?

Succulent Studios

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Written by Anna Reilly

Anna Reilly

Anna loves collecting little treasures, be they pop-culture finds, handmade mementos, or new potions to put in her makeup bag. Beauty boxes got her interested in the subscription world, but now she’s swooning for all things kawaii!

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Comments (27)

  1. I received my Jan shipment a few days ago…it looks like my plants might be suffering from that below freezing cold snap we had.. they both look limp and unhealthy..could you please send me out new plants ?

  2. This company is just awful. I placed my first order back in March and I received my first box about a week ago. My String of Buttons was out of the pot thrown around the box. It was brown. My Octopus was so tiny and all the tips were brown and dieing. My Octopus was actually glued into the pot. I emailed the company and the first thing they said to me was to replant the string of Buttons that it will come back. It was brown folks. Not green, brown. They offered nothing back. They had no excuse for gluing a plant. Since email them got me no where, I went to Facebook and left a comment on their most recent post about their packaging and shipping method. Of course an employee came back with an excuse about the virus. Also gave me “tips” on how to save my dead plant. Lol. I commented back that I do not need tips on how to revive a dead plant that I pretty much paid 8.25 for. I told them they need tips on packaging their plants so they do not arrive dead.
    Now I had pretty high expectations for this company because at the same time I ordered from Succulent Studios I also subscribed to Mountain Crest box. I received 2 boxes compared to only 1. My Mountain Crest box came with 4 beautiful healthy plants plus a freebie! I got 5 beautiful healthy plants in one box for 20.00. So when I received my just one box from Succulent Studios I was very very dissatisfied.
    After leaving those comments I went to leave a review on their Facebook page and realized I was blocked! They removed my comments and made it so I could not leave a review or a comment. I was absolutely shocked by this! They are hiding the bad reviews. I turned to my Succulent group for help with this company. I received over 300 comments on that one post from people sharing their nightmare of an experience with this company. Very very sad that they could not handle a little constructive criticism.

  3. I have not received my November box. Studio took my money.

    • Hi Linda! It appears that your box has been stuck at the Hunstville post office for the last couple weeks… we’re so sorry that happened! We’ll go ahead and reship you another November box, and in the meantime we urge you to contact your local post office and ask what the issue is. You should have received an email with a tracking link from us when we shipped your box earlier in the month – you can use that as a reference. As always, let us know if there are any other issues by reaching out to us. We’re here to help!

  4. I loved the concept of this subscription service. I live on the East Coast and as stated in other comments, some succulents do not exists here. I have had a rough experience with them though. Back in February, one of my succulents was dead when it arrived. I e-mail and I was told to watch a video to plant a part of the succulent and it would regrow. My plant was black! It didn’t regrow. So I lost money on that. Just recently, my postal office seems to have lost my package. So I e-mail again. The customer service of these folks really isn’t good. They asked me to check into it and get back with them. I had already been in contact with the postal service for 3 days. Did they think I was stupid and didn’t already do that check? Then instead of trying to fix this, they asked if I wanted a replacement. What is that? I paid $15 and didn’t get my plants and I have to be asked if I wanted a replacement. If you decide to do this, I do not recommend them for east coast people. The shipping is too harsh on the plants and they do not have good customer service.

    • Hi Mary! I really appreciate you leaving this feedback. I’m surprised at your experience with our customer service team – what you’ve described is certainly not how we’d like to support our subscribers. (Though I will say it is rare for people to check with their post office, so we always ask just in case that box hasn’t been ticked!) We always offer to replace boxes that arrive in poor condition, but I agree our team should have sent this to you without question. We also just released a totally redesigned box for much safer shipment, as well as biodegradable pots that will keep your plants happier and healthier during potting. I’m very hopeful this upgrade to our packaging will allow your succulents to arrive in far better condition! In the meantime, I’m more than happy to help in whatever way I can – whether that’s ensuring you get new, healthy plants (it sounds like our team may have already sent a replacement box), issuing you a refund, etc. Please email me and let me know how best I can help at this point. I’d love to turn this experience around for you.

      Erin @ Succulent Studios
      [email protected]

  5. I received a 2nd delivery today, and enclosed is a card saying I received my 3rd and final gift. But this was my 2nd not 3rd.

    • Hi Anita!

      Hmm, definitely sounds like a little mixup happened in our warehouse. We’re more than happy to double-check your gift order if you’d like. Just email us over at [email protected] and we’ll get things sorted 🙂

  6. Anna, thank you so much for reviewing our subscription box! The purple plant you received is an echeveria perle von nurnberg, and the green spiky one is a sempervivum calcareum. The team and I are working on designing a little insert card for the box that has more information and specific care instructions for each plant – so hopefully that will be a help for our subscribers. In the meantime we’ve been posting the names on our social media profiles to tide everyone over! We do select monthly succulents based on hardiness, uniqueness, and seasonality – and we ship the same two succulents to all subscribers every month.

    I hope this helps clear up a few things 🙂 Thank you again for this lovely review and your suggestions and feedback!

  7. The first plant is a Sempervivum (not sure what kind though). Many come with that coloring naturally, but there are green ones that turn reddish with stress, like lack of water. It may turn green once you transplant it and give it some water.

    The 2nd plant is echeveria perle von nurnburg. They are one my favorites. I love the purple, green and blue hues. The leaves are curled up a bit because it needs some water, but other than that it’s in great shape!

    They are soooooo expensive though!! Neither of those should be over $4 and that is on the super expensive side! I’m from California though, so we have them readily available. I guess it’s an ok option for those on the east coast who can’t get ahold of succulents.

    Oh! Don’t throw away the leaf that fell off of the purple plant. Just place it on top of the dirt when you replant. It will sprout roots and leaves, then grow into a baby succulent!

  8. I just bought 2 succulents at Target this morning. One was $1 one was $3 and was the 2nd one you showed. I always have succulents; I love them. Not happy with them not giving information about the species. Am interested to see if they have species we don’t carry on the East Coast.

  9. I like this idea. Depends on if the plants are hard to find locally or not as to whether it’s worth doing a sub.

    The red tint does mean that the plant is stressed, but it’s not necessarily a bad thing. It doesn’t need to be stressed all the time, but it won’t hurt it. I’m surprised how in tact it came. It really wouldn’t take much for the head of the plant to be snapped of so that seems like a win to me. Some succulents can be fragile—they are good in drought conditions but their leaves can snap off pretty easily.

  10. I”m from SoCal and I’d say the pink coloring reflects the amount of water – or lack thereof. Not a bad thing necessarily. My mom has a serious drought tolerant yard with many succulents. They can be very hardy.
    Oh, and the size of the container can influence the size of the plant. I’ve had my grow crazy-like wild, while neighbors kept theirs tiny.

  11. I love succulents and have tapped out the variety at my Lowes so I signed up. Hoping they send some unique varieties!

  12. I love succelents and This sounded cool but 2 little succulent plants with nothing else does nothing for me. It’s needs something more. I can pick out 2 succelent plants at Lowe’s for a lot less. Really don’t see a point to this. It is lacking…

  13. Cute idea, but it seems a tad expensive for what you receive.

  14. Yup – a big fail on not providing the species names. And the “organic fertilizer” isn’t a selling point. You’re not going to eat the cacti, so what does it matter? Organic fertilizer = chicken p o o p, which can be full of metals, bacteria, and viruses. Chemical fertilizer = no metals, no bacteria, no viruses.

  15. FYI – On their website it looks like they offer $5 off for new customers.

    Looks like this has the potential to be an interesting sub but they would have to provide more info and more or bigger plants before I would sub.

    I have so many questions/issues that are not answered, even on the faq on their website:

    1. How do they ensure the plants won’t be frozen in transit?

    2. Do the plants have substantial roots on them?

    3. I’m taken aback that they don’t tell you what each plant is.

    – Do they at least indicate that their plants are nontoxic to people and pets in case of accidental ingestion?
    – Not all succulents have the same growing requirements nor do they grow at the same rates, which is important if you want to plant them in an arrangement. How to deal with that?

    Btw Anna, I think I remember reading you are in Pittsburgh. If so, check out Chapon’s Greenhouse, they are the best for all sizes of plants and info!! (I’m just a fan, not affiliated w/them). In addition to tiny plants they also sell accessories for use in making fairy gardens, if you like that sort of thing.

    • Thank you so much for your questions and suggestions about more care instructions. That is really helpful feedback, and we fully agree that we need to provide more info. We are still very new to the subscription side of our business, so we’re working as fast as we can to provide a more robust FAQ (should be live in a couple days!), and we’re also working on designing a little insert card for the box that has more information (i.e. plant names) and specific care instructions for each plant. In the meantime, we do post the specific plant names for this month’s succulents on our social media pages to tide our subscribers over. Hope this helps!

  16. Not worth the price, go to a garden store or even Lowe’s and home depot, you can find a great variety of succulent any for that price you can get a whole dish garden of them in the ceramic planter.

    • I was thinking the same thing. Home Depot has succulent gardens in a pretty painted clay pot for around $15.

  17. Very interesting! I’m going to keep an eye on this one.

  18. What an interesting subscription idea! Thank you so much for reviewing this one!!!
    I’m really put off by the fact that they don’t tell you the name of the particular succulent…. I’m assuming this subscription is to get people more into plants and giving them more knowledge and hands on experiences, but omitting the names seems super counterproductive.

    Hopefully that’s something they will fix in the very near future. I might be subscribing to this one if so!

    • Hi Kelly!

      I’m with you – I’m into the idea of this subscription (my apartment is becoming increasingly more plant-filled…), but there are some details that seem overlooked. Knowing the plant names would be an awesome first start. Or even giving more information about where they grow naturally, or maybe creative ideas for what to use for planters, etc. could help bump the value up a bit for me.

      Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment! (And to everyone who’s been weighing in on this plant sub!)

    • Hi Kelly! I totally hear you, and the team and I are working really hard to provide a solution to this very clear problem/omission. We are still new to the subscription side of our business, so there are a lot of things still in the works (like an info card insert for each box and a more robust FAQ on our website).

      We are passionate about providing organically-grown, drought-tolerant plants to people around the country, so it’s definitely important that we better inform our subscribers about their plants and our mission 🙂

      In the meantime, we are super responsive to questions on social media and our email: [email protected]. I hope this helps!

      • I really appreciate the response Erin, I’m glad to see that you guys are looking at the feedback that is out there!

        I think this is a great idea and I wish you guys the best of luck!

      • This is SO helpful, Erin! Thank you so much for your comments <3 I totally missed that you share your plant names on social media - I'll make sure to note that in future reviews!!! Thanks for putting together such a fun little subscription. My plants say "hello"!

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