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POPSUGAR Must Have Box January 2018 Review + Coupon

POPSUGAR Must Have is a monthly lifestyle subscription box for women. Each month they send a mix of items from categories like beauty, fashion, food, fitness, and home.

This box was sent to us for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

The Subscription Box: POPSUGAR Must Have

The Cost: 39.95 a month

COUPON: Use code MSA20 to get $20 off your first box!

The Products: “Must Have” items for women selected by POPSUGAR editors. (Fitness, Home, Beauty, Food, and more)

Check out all of my POPSUGAR Must Have reviews and the Women’s Subscription Box Directory!

Each box comes with a fold out card detailing the items included, and what themes inspired the box.

The themes this month are renewed, fresh, nourishing, self-care, snug, and rejuvenated.

Now, on to the items!

Hat Attack Lightweight Ribbed Hat with Faux Fur Pom – Retail Value $44

This beanie is super soft and slouchy! The grey knit has some variation so you get flecks of white yarn as well.

And a matching faux fur pom!

It’s 100% Acrylic, with a 100% faux fur pom. Here it is on:

I think the ladies at Somewhere Lately always look SO stylish in their faux fur pom beanies, and I’ve been meaning to buy one thanks to their feed, so this is a perfect box addition for me!

Farmacy Honey Drop Lightweight Moisturizer – Retail Value $45

If you aren’t familiar with Farmacy, it’s an amazing ingredient-conscious skincare brand with fab packaging:

The wooden lid is magnetized to hold the metal spatula in place, too!

The formula is light, creamy, and absorbs almost instantly. It was gentle on my skin and perfect hydration before applying makeup – I’m a fan!

And, I love that the moisturizer has no added perfume/fragrance! Best Year Ever Wall Calendar – Retail Value $20

It’s a 12-month calendar that measures 8 in. x 23 in and it has…STICKERS!

Based on the comments for the spoilers of this box, I know not everyone is feeling this calendar, but I love it! (I love pretty much all things Bando.)

I think the designs are fun and bright and they will be great to keep as wall art even after the end of the year.

And here is a picture to give you a better sense of scale:

Keep Cup Original Clear Edition 16 oz – Retail Value $19

POPSUGAR actually sent a Keep Cup in the January 2015 box, too! This is one of those products where I’m always happy to have a spare, though. (And unlike the 2015 box version, this one is 16 ounces and instead of glass, it is made from a BPA and BPS-free plastic called Tritan. No worries about accidentally dropping and breaking it!)

This is the large, 16 ounce reusable Keep Cup. It’s BPA-free and dishwasher safe.

The white band is removable/adjustable, so you can position it to where it works best for you.

And the lid has a snap-on plug to keep your drink covered!

Here it is in hand to give you a better sense of scale:

I’m always drinking tea, so I will be using this daily!

Nuun Hydration Vitamins in Strawberry Melon – Retail Value $7

Here’s a quick explanation of how these tablets work:

Each tube contains 12 effervescent tablets. Simply drop a tablet into 16oz of water to make a tasty drink. Each tablet delivers vitamins A, B folate, B6, C, E, and D for health and wellness; and magnesium, calcium, sodium, potassium, and chloride for optimal hydration.

Each tablet has only 10 calories, and they are vegan and gluten-free, too.

I liked the Strawberry Melon flavor, and I’ve been meaning to buy electrolyte-infused water, so this was perfect timing. (And the tablets are easy to break in half for fitting in any size water bottle!)

Chocolate Sea Salt RX BAR – Retail Value $1.99

I discovered RX Bars thanks to subscription boxes a while ago, and I’m a fan! They taste great, and they keep the ingredients super simple. I’m impressed with the protein and sugar counts, too:

I’ve sampled a lot of their flavors, and I think Chocolate Sea Salt is one of the best.

As you can see, this bar has some crunch to it thanks to cashews and almonds! (And it is gluten and dairy free!)

And RX Bar included a coupon code for 15% off your next purchase:

And lastly, there’s a coupon for $25 off your first two boxes from Hello Fresh:

Make sure to check out our Hello Fresh reviews to learn more about this meal kit subscription service.

Verdict: This box has a retail value of about $137. I think that’s a great value, especially since it includes several items I would have paid the full retail price for. I like the mix of items, everything feels practical, and the calendar and beanie and fun, too! (And while we’ve seen Keep Cup from POPSUGAR before, at least it is a different version of a very useful item.)

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? No, right now it looks like the February box will be your first box when you sign up. When you click “Subscribe Now” on the POPSUGAR site, the box your subscription will start with will be highlighted.

Coupon – Use coupon code MUSTHAVE5 to save $5

Value Breakdown: At $39.95 for this box, here’s what you are paying approximately per item:

  • Beanie: $12.83
  • Farmacy: $13.12
  • Calendar: $5.83
  • Keep Cup: $5.54
  • RX Bar: $.58
  • Nuun: $2.04

What do you think of the January POPSUGAR Must Have Box? What’s your favorite item in the box?


How do subscribers rate POPSUGAR Must Have?

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (59)

  1. This box was finally delivered at my house after fed ex snag…. but I have to say that I loved the add ons. The bag with poppy flowers was really sturdier than expected and the cleanser was a gel foam that was good for sensitive skin. My silver wishbone necklace was very cute too! The skin moisture cream had an off smell but it left my skin soft. Loved the box. Cute hat too. Roll up the cuff twice to make it frame your face. I will miss the monthly box .

    Pulled the stickers out and tossed the calendar.
    Tried the Nuun tabs then ordered tons more (Amazon).
    Gobbled the RX bar for lunch…a fave.
    Put the hat, cup and moisturizer into regular rotation.

  3. That beanie hat just turned me off, the rest of the box was ok. I agree with the commenter that wished it were a piece of jewelry. At least we didn’t get another book. (I’m not anti book, i’m a librarian, i just don’t like others choosing them for me.)

  4. I like this box but am not sure it’s much savings with the inflated MRVP

    • With the moisturizer itself at $45 on Sephora, I would definitely say it’s a good price savings. I was close to purchasing that product at that price, too, so it’s a good savings looking at it that way.

  5. Is anyone else having trouble with the coupon code?

  6. Hi Liz… question on the vitamins… is there soy in them? I’m allergic and I’m really excited to try them! Also I’m a huge fan of RX bars! They are yummy and for a vegan a great source of protein. I’m so happy they are made without soy! Yay!! So please let me know. I also haven’t tried this flavor RX bar yet, I usually stick with the blueberry or the berry one. Can’t wait to try this one!! Thanks again!

  7. This is a great box! I can’t have enough reusable to-go cups! Farmacy is one of my favorite skincare brands so a hit run for me!

  8. I just got my January box. At first I was a little worried because the box felt light but the first thing I opened was that moisturizer. The scent is perfect, barely detect one, and it reminds me of a nice custard for the face. I can’t believe how quickly it absorbed and my skin felt so soft right after. I always have loved Popsugar’s snacks so I can’t wait to try it. I am so glad they included farmacy in this box. This is my first time to try it. I also like the fact that since they did include a spatula it sticks to the jar so it is less likely to get lost.

  9. Surprised by the negative comments (no judgment- just surprised). I think this box is great and I figured others would like it too. To each their own I suppose! Excited to get my box! 🙂

    • Think about it this way. Look at the fifth picture down and just estimate (without looking at brands) how much the box is worth. A calendar, a plastic cup, a tiny jar of lotion, a small tube of vitamins, a beanie, and a hard chewy small edible (not really) bar. LOL. The only thing I am interested in the lotion because of the effects it has. Everything else likely only cost a few bucks (each) to even make. You can get a faux fur beanie with pom at Old Navy right now for $5 regularly priced $15. But for some reason you throw “Hat Attack” on the label and it over triples in price. Worst part it was likely made in the same sweat factory. HA!
      I think people get excited about the idea of something and they see the retail price MSA includes and people get all googly eyed. Don’t get me wrong I love subscription boxes I have well over 15, but this looks more like companies were clearing out their warehouse for inventory purposes. Items they couldn’t unload for retail.

      • I agree with you about the beanie, but don’t knock the RX bar till you try it; it’s not only edible, it’s a good protein bar.

      • Oh I’ve had them and couldn’t get past one bite. Thing went straight in the trash. Had one in my PinchMe box. 🙂

      • I see what you mean. What I meant, though, was that I happened to find that this was a good mix of items (RV aside, because I almost never agree with them!) and thought others would agree. Personally, I always just decide on if I like the items in the box (not so much focus on RV which is almost always inflated). That’s ok, though- people are entitled not to like it! I’m just surprised my instincts that others would find this to be a good box were off.

      • Weird! My name showed up wrong in the above comment. Sorry! Should be X.

    • I loved everything and all is useful!

  10. I like it, a lot…..LIKE the Keep cup 🙂 …. hat is super cute and LOVE any and ALL Farmacy!!! This is not meant as a negative, just an observation…. “One day I hope to see a scarf, hat, accessory in a color other than grey” …. just sayin’…. 🙂

  11. Liz do we know if the hats are all the same color? Thanks!

    • Yes, they should all be the same color. Hope that helps! 🙂

      • Thanks Liz you’re the best! You look fabulous in yours, can’t wait to get mine, the color is awesome. 😊

  12. Liz, I love that you do the value breakdowns for the boxes. I find them so helpful! Thanks!

    • Thanks for letting me know they are helpful! 🙂

      • Yes, I agree. Very valuable info….thank you

  13. I love every single item in this box, which might be a first for me with sub boxes (minus a few 2016 allure boxes)! Can’t wait to get this!

  14. So glad I passed on this and saved my Money! I would not have used a thing in this box so me personally it’s a win win!

  15. I subscribed for the first time after seeing the Farmacy spoiler. Wish the beanie were a piece of jewelry instead. Im actually more excited about the RX bar than that $44 beanie.

  16. Happy to sell this box to anyone who wants it! I meant to unsubscribe and have no use for these items.

    • Will you sell for the same price you paid for the box with free shipping?

      • I really hope that’s a tongue in cheek comment. Are you seriously asking a stranger to pay to have that box shipped to you and cover the cost herself??

      • many people are on plans that cost much less then the normal cost…..just saying. I’m not the person to ask but I think it’s fair to ask anything you want?

      • *than

        Also, she asked “for the same price YOU paid” so no, it’s not fair to ask anything you want. It’s been considered common courtesy to assume you would pay for the shipping if you wanted to buy from someone. Just as you would pay shipping for swaps.

        Also also, it’s against the site rules to sell items via the blog or forum

      • AC, to each their own. Thanks for the catch on the grammatical error though, I will definitely take that to heart next time I have my phone type out a comment for me lol.

        I just thought she was asking about someone selling at box price which I would have no problem with, also I’ve seen people do it on here for years so I guess I can definitely see how Calista would assume she could sell on here.

      • Ahhhh…..the entitlement!

    • I would like to buy it!:)

    • Ugggg… I wanted the calender so much, but when I subscribe I only got to get the Feb one… [insert 3 sad face here]
      Contact me if you wanna sell yours!!!
      I’m at yahoo, vikili13, thanksssss <3

      • Same here 🙁 I wanted to Farmacy item but now they’re saying I’ll start with Feb.

    • I’m interested!

    • I will purchase the box for full price plus shipping. I can pay PayPal this evening.

      • I’m so sorry Rebecca I didn’t see your post until after I hit submit.

    • If someone hasn’t taken you up on that offer yet I’ll buy it!

    • Calista- I would love to buy your box for price you paid plus cost to ship to me!! 🙂 kathleen dot nunn at gmail dot com.

    • If you haven’t sold it yet, I will buy it!

  17. I really like the curation of this box. If PS wasn’t such hit and miss, I would subscribe in an instant.

  18. After November’s box, I cancelled…but now I’ve missed both December & January and not having any luck swapping so far….😕 go figure.

    • If anyone is interested in swapping or selling….
      I added my link for the swap page 😊

      • mmm… it should be the link to your swap listings 😉

  19. I know there has been a similar cup (made of glass, though) in the past. I can’t understand the lure of a plastic cup (except so you can’t break it) because it won’t keep anything hot. I carry porcelain ones. They’re the best.

    • I wouldn’t put anything hot in a cup made of a material that would transfer heat to my hands. So cups like these I would use for cold beverages. And also, I’m super clumsy so I really like the plastic! 🙂

    • Lol so funny I’m the opposite. I’ll never use porcelain or ceramic mugs as I’d break them and hate anything that feels warm on my hands. I prefer stainless steel mugs as they keep heat but also meet my other preferences. 🙂 Everyone’s different.

      P.S. the keepcup I received in a previous box had the look, weight and feel of glass even thought it was plastic. It just doesn’t break like glass. I dropped mine on ice before and it’s still in one piece. Lol You may like it in person!

  20. I just got mine and I’ll use everything! I needed a calendar, Love Keep Cups and I’m thrilled it’s larger and plastic, I love those bars and will use the vitamins. I live in beanies in the winter. As long as I can use the moisturizer, I’ll keep it but I’m never sure with my skin.

  21. The moisturizer and Keep Cup make the box for me. I enjoy Rx Bars and am intrigued by the vitamin tabs. The Calendar is a big nope and I live in a climate where beanies are rarely needed (I’ve worn one once in the last year), so that’s getting swapped. It’s definitely a good January box though. If it was a different calendar and fashion item, it would be a home run.

  22. same ol’ stuff

    • Yep. At roughly 70% off sans the frustration of shopping, it’s an excellent value for stuff that I will use!

  23. I literally only tried getting this box for the Farmacy item. I got February instead, hope it rocks!

    • Same here! Signed up when it said January and 24 hours later, it said my box would be February. Bummed because that Farmacy moisturizer looks great. Hopefully February will be too!

      • Me too, signed up Jan 5th and boom sold out!. But now that the box is revealed I am glad I didn’t get it as the ONLY thing I like is the moisturizer. Crossing fingers for a rocking February since January is bleh

      • Yeah, I always dislike the January. And I have subbed to PSMH since box one, so honestly swear I have gotten every single one of these items in some variation in other PS boxes except the Farmacy.

  24. I was fairly certain we had that cup before in pink and the beanie is not much different than the Jack and Lucy one. I had dejavu all over again.

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