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POPSUGAR Must Have Box January 2018 Box FULL SPOILERS!

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We have full spoilers for the January 2018 POPSUGAR Must Have box thanks to tayb76 in the forum!

Each box will include:

What do you think of the full spoilers? This looks like a great January box to me!

Here are some of our other spoiler pictures in case you missed them:

Farmacy Honey Drop Lightweight Moisturizer – Retail Value $45

If you aren’t familiar with Farmacy, it’s an amazing ingredient-conscious skincare brand with fab packaging!


Salvage your skin with this hydrating, weightless moisturizer. It’s packed with superfoods, hyaluronic acid, and honey. It’s light enough to wear under makeup and moisturizing enough to keep dry skin at bay.

The wooden lid is magnetized to hold the metal spatula in place, too!

The formula is light, creamy, and absorbs almost instantly. It was gentle on my skin and perfect hydration before applying makeup – I’m a fan!

In case you missed the first spoiler, this box will also include: Best Year Ever Wall Calendar – Retail Value $20

No excuses for not fulfilling your dreams this year. You’ll smile while turning the pages of your brightly hued calendar that includes stickers and playful illustrations for every month. It’s hole-punched so you can easily hang it on your wall, which makes it easy to stay organized and motivated all year-long.

It’s a 12-month calendar that measures 8 in. x 23 in and it has…STICKERS!

Here is a look at all the artwork included in the calendar:

I will definitely be saving these for wall art! And here’s a picture to give you a better sense of scale:

If you haven’t signed up yet, use coupon code MUSTHAVE5 to save $5 off of your first box!

Check out all of our POPSUGAR Must Have reviews to see what you can expect from this subscription!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. I love all the differing opinions! Sadly I cancelled when I saw the calendar…red plastic purse flashback. If anyone is interested in passing on the hat, vitamins, and cup let me know! It’s a fun box

  2. Thrilled for the Farmacy. The rest seems useful, though not necessarily exciting. Maybe I’ll feel more excited when it arrives?

  3. Love this box! If anyone wants to sell their whole box I would be willing to buy!

    • Very underwhelming. A lot of repeat items and mediocre repeats at that. February had better be a lot better.

    • I would be happy to sell to you! Let me know if you’re still interested.

      • Laura – feel free to email me molliejkrupp at gmail
        and we can discuss!

      • If your box is still for sale, I’ll take it!!!!!!

  4. I signed back up when it said “Get January box” then I looked at my account and it said first box February box and I was upset because I wanted the moisturizer well I am not that impressed with the rest of the box. I find Popsugar box to be a big hit or miss. I was really impressed with the December box. Hope February is better.

  5. Great box! But, very similar to January 2015…which tells me I’ve been subbing too long..ha!

    • I had the same thought!

    • I was thinking the same thing! Was it really that long ago??

  6. I’ve only been subscribing since September, but so far I’ve noticed a pattern (at least as far as my tastes go) that every other month has a great box and every other month has a “meh” box where I usually only like one or two of the items. I liked August’s box but didn’t buy it, September’s was mostly a miss, loved October, didn’t care for November, December was great, and now January I’m only excited about the moisturizer. I’m interested to see if this continues throughout this year.

    • I agree. Wish we could skip a month instead of having to cancel then resub.

    • We have been subscribing for years and my daughter and I said the same thing: You get a couple of bland meh months and just when you are about to cancel- a great month pops up. I almost wish they would up the price and go quarterly and pay more attention to curation. They could rival FFF if they did.

  7. Is it weird that the only thing I am interested in is the empty moisturizer container 😉 ?

    • A little, yes 😋.

    • I think that is cool!

  8. AMAZING BOX! Love everything! Thanks Popsugar! ☺️

  9. After getting the delay email, I happily received the box today. The hat is really soft and slouchy with an adorable faux fur pom. It’s really soft and cute and nice to get a new winter beanie since I wasn’t planning to buy anything new at this point.

    The moisturizer smells just right…not too much of anything but pure goodness.

    I’ve got soooo many versions of every item in this box, but I really did enjoy opening it today. Someone wrote that it seems like it’s light or missing something, and I agree, but this is a cute box.

    My favorite items are the reusable coffee cup and the beanie. I’d have preferred something else instead of the bando wall calendar…I just don’t get the big hype of that brand, I guess.

  10. Love the Keepcup, moisturizer it’s Ok, because I have a lot of them… calendar I think it’s useful not my type but cute- the other items….. mmmmmmm I REALLY REALLY REALLY DID NOT LIKE THEM.

  11. Glad I skipped this box the face cream I like but is only 1.7 oz looks really small in the pictures do not like anything else

  12. This looks light because it is missing sponsored items. I hope we didn’t see the last of those.

  13. After the awesomeness that was the December box, I’m a little underwhelmed. It looks like it might be a while before I get my box, so an entire month of that calendar is going to waste. I’m not a hat person, but living in the northeast at this point in time, I may have to become one. Vitamins are useful I guess (often buy vitamins is just buying the ingredients for expensive urine), and I’m not a fan of protein bars. The cup I’m happy for, as I’ve been jealous of the one sent out in a previous CauseBox that I missed, and the moisturizer gets decent reviews.

    • Lol exorndive urine is so spot on!

  14. I received a PS box very similar to this one a few years back. I was happy then and happy now. I do feel like the box is a little light though

  15. I just bought it yesterday. I bought it only for that moisturizer……but now I’m a little disappointed because the value of the box is A LOT lower than most of their other boxes from previous months…..I really don’t understand why they put so many heap snacks in their boxes because it doesn’t make the value any better. I also never use calendars(I prefer planners) so that is a total dud.
    But whatever, I hope next month is better.

    • How did you buy it on the 5th? It’s been sold out longer than that…..

  16. Sold out? 😭😭😭😭
    This box looks awesome!

  17. That’s it?! 😳

  18. I really like this box! A lot. I am glad it’s sold out because I would’ve purchased lol

  19. I love this box! I’m sad it is sold out, I would order a second one for everything. I can never have enough reusable water cups and I am excited to try the hydrating vitamins.

  20. No fomo here 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

  21. I’ve yet to receive a food item in PS that I’ve previously tried, so the bar and tablets will be fun. Love travel cups and I don’t have one like this. I like the knit cap though I rarely need one here. Full sized skincare is really exciting!

  22. So happy it sold out… There’s nothing in it I really need (or want) but I would have bought it cause I am impulsive like that.. So .. YAY!

    • Haha, me too! Saves me from myself!

  23. I read that you should stay away from any skincare or moisturizer that comes with spoon . They add the spoon to make it seem more or special then what it really is.

    • Spoons are provided because it’s more hygienic to remove product with it instead of dipping your fingers in and leaving whatever bacteria or contaminants that are in them. It helps extend the safe product life…I appreciate it for creams and gels that come in pots (instead of tubes).

      • Agree lb! I love this brand

      • 👍🏻 … simple truth!! 😎

      • are your hands dirty when you apply skincare , makeup or anything else your applying to your face? I have never had an issue with bacteria and my skincare . It is totally bs and a big waste of money to buy that spoon ! Your touching the damn spoon right maybe we need a spoon for the spoon or maybe gloves too lmao 😂

        • Yes your hands are dirty when you are applying all the other things you mentioned. I prefer tubes and pump foundations and use brushes for my makeup so I am never dipping my fingers in the product and contaminating the rest of it. Bacteria can grow in a “host” quickly. Spit in some sour cream and put it back in your fridge to test. Lol. But I bet you use a spoon to dip that out instead…

        • Also, I’m happy for you if you’ve really never had problems. But I have oily, acne prone skin and bacteria like that can cause breakouts. So even if you can’t see anything wrong in the product, it may affect your face. It does mine so I try to avoid it.

      • Interesting… how do you get the product off of the spoon?

        • I imagine you can wipe the product off with your finger or apply directly to your face with it. Then you can wash the spoon before you put it back in the jar.

          • I imagine you could just do the same thing with your hands before putting them in the jar.

        • After I put it in my hands I wash the spoon so it’s clean for the next use.

        • You put it on your fingers. Then you wash the spoon before the next use. I’m not sure about your daily routine, but I have a few steps and would prefer to not have to wash my hands between each one to avoid contamination…especially cold weather and dry hands time of year. So I would use the spoon and then clean it off with my hands at the end of my routine. Just easier for me…it’s ok if you don’t agree or don’t want to use it. Don’t. As I said above, I see it similar to how you would use a spoon to take a serving out of a tub of sour cream, cottage cheese, yogurt, etc. I’m assuming you don’t use your hands for that and wait for bacteria to grow…

    • Its not the spoon that’s the issue. It’s jar packaging. Product in jars are exposed to more air (and sometimes light, depending on what it’s made of) and since you need to place either your finger (or spoon or anything) in it in order to get at the product, you are also potentially introducing bacteria into the product itself.

      This is not necessarily a problem (most bacteria’s aren’t going to cause you issues) but it DOES degrade the product. Meaning it is less effective or goes bad more quickly.

      That goes for pretty much any product in a jar. Pumps, tubes, opaque containers, etc are much, much better for keeping your (sometimes expensive!) product stable and effective.

      I’m now a lot more concious of this kind of thing, especially with moisturizers containing ingredients like vitamin c, acids, retinols and peptides. I want my good stuff to last (and be effective as long as possible!

      (sorry for text wall!)

      tl;dr jars allow your product go bad faster (less effective), get your goodies in opaque pumps/tubes. etc whenever possible.

  24. This is the first month I haven’t had a popsugar sub…and while i keep telling myself I dont need any of that stuff I still WANT it! What is wrong with me?! This is a sickness I tell you!

    • Ha! Seriously feel ya!

  25. Wow, I would only want the Farmacy product, so it’s good I didn’t get too FOMO’D or jealous for this box. The rest, I’d have to give away.

  26. It’s zero degrees here today. It’s not physically possible for me to have too many beanies so I’m happy to get another cute one. I will get good use out of everything but the calendar but still – I’ll use the stickers so even that’s not really a loss!

  27. I still don’t understand how this sold out before I could order one and I resubscribed on the 4th… 😔 it says February will be my first box.

    • I ordered on the 3rd, it says January is my first box, processing. So it sold out right after the farmacy spoiler came out.

      • I purchased on the 3rd as soon as I saw the Farmacy spoiler. I love all Farmacy products and this is an item that I would pay full price for anyway so may as well get the rest of the box as a bonus!

  28. I’m super excited for everything except the calendar. Really happy to have another keep cup. I use the first one I received from PopSugar all the time.

  29. Will swap double value for keep cups! Click on my name! I don’t get this box but could use it.

  30. I received a shipping notice email saying my LE shipped out from California and it’s on some weird tracking site through USPS and will be here Monday. On fedex delivery Mgr it shows a delivery from ps out of New York. But on my order status for Jan box it says processing. Does anyone know if that means my January box is on the way? Thx for any help!

    • The FedEx should be your monthly box and it shows up as soon as the label for you is created. The tracking is for LE Box.

      • Thank you for your help! My le somehow went from California to Nevada past Kansas where I live to Indiana and has been stuck there since Friday! It was supposed to be here today. Not sure what to think of this!

  31. I’m willing to sell my box for the cost of shipping, minus the breakdown cost of the moisturerq. It’s the only thing I want. If anyone is interested my email is chewsulin at gmail.

    • For anyone who just wants the moisturizer..I went to farmacybeaty dot com, and they had a pop up where if you give them your email, you will get 15% off your 1st order, and it’s free shipping for orders $40 or more.. Just know that where there’s a will, there’s a way.

      • Thanks for the tip. I decided to buy another Sleep Tight Balm from Farmacy before this box sold out.. I had debated on 2 of the Honey Drop creams, but my skin needs a bit more ” oomph” and the Balm provides that.

  32. Well at least I get a full size Farmacy. The rest is not for me. I already swapped the calendar. The hat would be much better without the pompom. It makes it really young looking so that will be going up for swap. The cup is ok but I need a much bigger one. This box seems kinda light. I feel like there should be something else.

    • Most of the products in here seem so childlike. . . Ie the hat, calendar, the bar, the Cup to little. All their cups are small. It would be nice if they made a grown up,size?????? The only thing I will really like cause I already use is the Honey Drop!!, It. Seems to me that PSMH should group up a little!!!

      • Call me a child then cause I like everything.

        • Lol, awesome

        • 👆 🙌 🙌. 🙌. 🙌 👆

          There are some serious crab apples on most of these reviews. Easy fix. If you consistently hate most of your boxes—don’t subscribe and don’t read reviews. Simple. Or just take a break for a while. This should be fun! These boxes are designed to fit a wide array of personalities. Is it so wrong for some of the boxes to make someone ELSE with a different personality happy once in a while?!?! I notice it’s usually the same people across multiple box brands who are constantly unhappy.

          This box is nice for post holiday season. Temps in the south are so much colder than normal. I enjoy hats and scarves and gloves over wearing an overly bulky coat. Hat is cute and a great neutral color. If you don’t care for the Pom then gift the hat or snip it off the hat. Easy fix. I am 47 and conservative and love the hat. I think it can look young or mature age appropriate based on what clothes you pair with it. But to each his/her own.

          I used my Farmacy night time ultra thick face gel the past 2 nights and woke up with a dewy soft radiant face. Love this brand so much. Will be super excited to get this lighter day cream to try.

          I use a great multi vitamin and fish oils now, but am always open to try something new.

          Hooray for the Rx bar. We buy these regularly and they taste great for such a healthy, no preservative, few ingredient snack.

          The calendar: perhaps testing the waters to include a younger demographic?? It’s cute if you have an artsy flair. I’m just not much into wall calendars. Easily gifted or swapped so I’m not bothered by it as long as it’s not a consistent theme.

          It took me a while to use my last keep cup. I love it for tea. The perfect size. Use it frequently. It’s glass so I don’t travel with it in the car. So happy to see a safe plastic version!!! Whoo hoo!

          I’m always happy to see quality items in colors that blend with most anything. Nice job! I pay full price for my sub and am excited to receive my box!

      • The keepcups are perfect if you have a Keurig. They are the only travel mugs I own that fit for that purpose. I like not having to dirty a mug to transfer coffe into a travel mug. Although the one in this box looks bigger than the one we got January 2015.

        To anyone wondering, I can attest that they don’t break when dropped. Fell on black ice last year and it didn’t crack even though it fell as hard as I did.

        • This Keep Cup is 16 oz. and plastic. The January 2015 one was 12 oz. and glass. I did manage to break one of the glass ones by dropping it on a tile floor.

  33. Love everything but the the hat. Not much use for them in central Texas. I just got rid of my BOS and FFF beanies in “White Elephant” gifts over the Holidays. I find whatever I don’t like or need in a sub box, a family member or friend loves. My family benefits greatly from my sub addiction!!!

    • Love it!!!

  34. I’m not a PS fan typically but this is an awesome box. The items seem universally useful…or at least giftable.

  35. Liz, what color is the hat?? It looks like a nice pinkish beige on these photos but the link shows a solid grey/white…. 🙃 …. thanks in advance for any help!!

    • Hm, I don’t know for certain (I don’t have the box yet). Sorry!

    • I am the one who posted the photos! The hat is grey, even though in some lighting the pom can look a tiny bit pinkish. But I think it’s just the light grey.

      • Thanks for the post & color detail! I’m planning on wearing it with the scarf from the December PSMH box!

        • That’s a great idea!

    • I think it looks pink because of the reflection off of the inside of the box, but we will see.

      • Thank you all!!! 😎😁

  36. Haven’t subscribed to Popsugar for quite a while, just wasn’t diggin’ it, but, if this one goes for a discounted price later on this month I’ll probably grab it! Really like the moisturizer and the hat.

    • It’s sold out.

  37. LOVE!!! A rather nice January box….. yAY!!! 😁

  38. Am I having Deja vu? For long time Popsugar subscribers this box looks like a repeat. I swear we had a previous winter box that had a pompom hat, keep cup and a calendar. Love the Farmacy item, but the rest is a little underwhelming. I think it took me almost 2 years to swap the previous pompom hat!

    • We totally did- Jan 2015? I’m still down with it though! Love those mugs and the mask:)

    • Okay this was my exact thought! “Wait, is Liz showing the past box? Wait no, there’s the Farmacy… weird deja vu!”

    • Christine, I’m with you!!! I do think the hat is cute but man, I wish Popsugar would try to line up some fresh brands. I think this is at least the 5th time they’ve included the brand Hat Attack in boxes (between monthly and LE) over the last handful of months. Not hating on the brand but I just don’t understand the repetition when there is so much potential for them to seek out partnerships with brands that haven’t already been included (at least recently).

      I actually never ended up using the keepcup from that past box (still in the back of a kitchen cabinet), so I can’t even say whether I am happy to see it repeated. But at least it has been a while since they included it! I don’t necessarily mind repeats if it’s been a while or if it is in fact so awesome that it’s a must-have. 🙃

      • I am laughing because I am so there with you Marie! At the time of the last box with the keep cup, I had 4 subscriptions to Popsugar (hangs head in shame). All 4 of my cups are still in the boxes in my possession. The 2 I will get of these will join the collection. I have a problem for sure!

        I will second the acceptance of repeats for really coveted items. Bring on the PEHR BINS!!!!

        • 😂😂😂 “hangs head in shame.” So funny. I agree about the Pehr bin! The Pehr throw blanket, too. That’s a brand I love to see!!!

          • Don’t call for Pehr too much. I don’t want more table runners and napkins. 😉

  39. I actually love everything in this box and will use it all – I’m happily surprised.

  40. It is just meh for me. I’m glad I didn’t get this one. I love love love the Calender ! But that is it and can’t justify paying $40 for that lol

    Maybe next month will interest me. They seem to do that here and there but then the rest of the boxes just don’t cut it for me 😬

  41. All stuff I will actually use. I can’t wait for mine to arrive!

  42. I’m ok missing out on this box. With all the Black Friday subscription box deals I bought, I’m still trying to get through all those items! Gotta give it a rest these next few months and get ready for the spring boxes. I am curious about the moisturizer though.

  43. I loved the December box but signed up too late. I also loved the le. Bought that one. This is my first month for Popsugar. I hate to say I’m disappointed. I hope it gets better. Everything is going to my swaplist:(. I love farmacy but I don’t think the moisturizer will work for me. I have a beanie from fff. Oh well, maybe February will be better.

    • I don’t mean to sound like a Debbie downer but I don’t drink coffee and I use my phone for a calendar. Subs can’t please everyone and I was worried since December was so great. Hopefully, like I stated February will be great!!

    • I will buy the box off of you if you want to sell it!

    • I will purchase the whole box from you!!!!!! Interested?

  44. This box is pretty good. Can’t wait to get mine!

  45. Love, Love this box. I will use everything and buy another if there is a special. Also, my tracking shows it is on the way and I will get next week! Great way to start the year Popsugar.

    • It’s sold out so there won’t be a special.

  46. Yup, January is the off month. Makes sense since December was so great, it follows PS’s pattern of Hit or Miss. They’re rarely consistently awesome 😕

    • big surprise, you don’t like it.

      • My apologies, I don’t like boxes filled with stuff I don’t want/need


    • If you have the Box, I’ll purchase the whole thing from you!!!!

  47. That coffee cup looks so cool. I can’t wait to try it!

  48. Is the January box still in stock?

    • No it’s sold out unfortunately. I was thinking of purchasing even though it’s not a wow box as I want the cream and would use the hat and mug.

  49. Is this box still available if we Subscribe ? Thanks

    • Sorry, it looks like your subscription would start with the February box.

  50. What a beautiful box; bummed it’s sold out! If someone is selling theirs, let me know.

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