POPSUGAR Must Have Box February 2018 Box Spoiler #1 + Selection!

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We have the first spoiler for the February 2018 POPSUGAR Must Have box! (And it is customizable! Log in to your account to pick the metal color of your choice!)

Each box will include:

La Soula Universal Love Bracelet – Retail Value $39

As a token of our affection, we want to gift you with this celestial bracelet in your favorite metallic shade. The adjustable band includes a tiny diamond positioned at the center of the star and will make your wrist sparkle.

The metal is brass with white or yellow plating, and there is one authentic diamond in the star.

Here it is on me at the smallest setting:

The bracelet measures 6.75 inches with an additional inch extender.

This bracelet will be available in your choice of gold or silver!

What do you think of the February 2018 POPSUGAR Must Have Box spoiler? I’m loving that they brought back jewelry selection! 

Here’s how to select your bracelet:

Log in to your account and click “Customize” under the subscription section:

Pick your color or click make it a surprise:

Then you’ll be able to pick any discounted Add-Ons you’d like to add to your February box:


Then click “Confirm Selection” and you’ll see this confirmation info:

If you haven’t signed up yet, use coupon code MUSTHAVE5 to save $5 off of your first box! (Your first box will be the February box.)

Check out all of our POPSUGAR Must Have reviews to see what you can expect from this subscription!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Liz, is there anyway you could post a picture of the silver bracelet on your wrist as well? Thanks!

    • I just went to their site and if you click on subscribe it will show a picture of a woman wearing the gold and silver so you can see them side by side.

      • Thank you!!

  2. No thanks. The bracelet looks a little cheap and juvenile. But I recognize they can’t please everyone!

    • I agree! To me this looks like somethng you can get in Ali Express for a couple of bucks. This is my last box of the black-Friday 3-box deal, I believe, and if they don’t otherwise wow me, I may not resubscribe.

      • Agree. This box seems be hitting a demographic that I’m not entirely a part of. It’s a cute bracelet for sure…and I think it’s going to make a lot of other folks happy.

  3. I love getting jewelry costume, etc. in subscription boxes. But, I am a little on the fence about this bracelet. Someone echoed my thought in my head about wishing it was a Kendra Scott bracelet. I love her pieces. My concern is I wear the rings from the BOS quite a bit. And just when someone is asking me about them and I am about to share there is a tarnish spot on my skin. (I always forget that part when I am about to put them on for the day). If we get something in these boxes and it was a really good value or simply beautiful I love chatting that item up. The rings were different and added a different kind of texture and boldness so the tarnishing takes away from the conversation. So even though I am not into jewelry that has a star or moon, I am open to it but I am also hesitant because I don’t want to give a piece where tarnishing has a strong possibiliy to occur. Also, the retail value of the rings were not cheap for a costume piece. I wonder if there is a spray we can spray on the piece to avoid tarnishing, kind of like a scotch guard for jewelry….

    • Try clear nail polish

      • I will have to do that Calli. Thanks!

  4. Thank you for the spoiler. Helped me decide to cancel. I had signed up just for the January Farmacy item. This is not what I expected for the Feb jewelry item. I’ll stick to Penny +Grace for my cheap cute jewelry fix.

  5. I love this bracelet. I got the gold version and it will get a lot of wear.
    It is odd to me that they put a real diamond on it (even if it is tiny) but use plated brass.

    • My thoughts exactly!

  6. I wish it was Kendra Scott again, at least the quality of her pieces are amazing. This is my last box unless March somehow pulls off an upset and suckers me back. Doubt it will happen….

  7. Ordered the gold and will wear it as an ankle bracelet. Kind of tired of all the plated jewelry that tarnishes and makes black marks on my skin, etc.

    • Oooooo YES! Thank you for the ankle bracelet idea! I’m grabbing it in silver. I LOVE THIS and it will work perfectly for me as an ankle bracelet, as I live in Phoenix and I am in flip flops or sandals for 80% of the year!

  8. I actually really like this! I usually go for silver but I’m gonna choose the gold this time! It doesn’t seem like the highest quality but I’m not too worried about it as I’m not paying for the individual bracelet but the box as a whole. And I don’t wear jewelry that often, though I’m starting to more, so hopefully it won’t tarnish as fast.

  9. I really liked my La Soula rings and I think they tried their best to fix the tarnishing issue with my silver ones, but I have a set of rose gold replacement rings I swapped for that seem to be tarnishing too. I’m done with plated jewelry for the time being. Better to spend a little more myself and get solid gold or silver that will last for more than a minute.

    • 100% agree….

  10. I’m really disappointed to hear it’s a product by La Soula. I received rings from them in the fall BOS and have had them replaced three times now and am currently reaching out because I can’t even get a weeks worth of wear without my finger turning green on day one and the rings tarnishing after just a week. Horrible quality and I would hate that this bracelet tarnish just as fast. It’s a beautiful bracelet but I just wonder how much wear I’ll get out of it before it tarnishes and if there will be a lot of subscribers with the same problems and how Popsugar will handle it as the replacements are useless because they are just the same quality and it will just occur again. Wish they would have gone with a different brand although I have to give La Soula props for being great to deal with and provide excellent customer service. Also the bracelets RV is pretty low compared to other jewelry that they have sent out. Really hoping that this bracelets quality is better and that I can wear it all the time because it looks like a piece of jewelry I would keep on all the time.

    • Have you tried a polishing cloth? It worked well for me.

      • Just a plain cloth you mean?

        • I think some cloths have cleaning solution already in them. Maybe that’s what she means? They sell jewelry/silver polishing cloths like that

          • Thank you! I will give that a try. I had contacted them to see what they were made of to hopefully find a product for that particular metal.

          • That’s a good idea

  11. I’m on the fence but love the February boxes! Was not impressed with the quality of the LaSoula rings in RZ but customer service was impeccable and at least the retail on this isn’t super inflated like those were. I received the wrong necklace for December but there were no gold ones left for replacements so they said they would send a gold one from a previous box. Have not received it but thrilled they would do that anyway!

  12. This looks like a pretty bracelet, I’m excited for February! I really liked the December and January boxes. LaSoula was really good about replacing my Rachel Zoe Box of Style rings that were not great quality.

    • Im currently talking to them about how the last replacement they sent me turned my finger green within the first day and how I’m concerned it will tarnish quickly if my finger has already turned green. They have been providing excellent customer service so I feel bad but I paid $100 for the BOS and think I should be able to get some use out of the products. They just emailed me asking for my phone number to call me. I get awkward and nervous over the phone and really don’t want to handle this issue over the phone but I guess I have to. How have your replacement rings held up?

      • I had rec’d gold rings as no other choice (they were black/green when i rec’d) in my RZ box + when I called La Soula, she said I could choose any color replacement – I picked rose gold and have worn them every day with no tarnish issue at all – shower, swim with them on + everything! I did however get them caught on something and had to reshape them to wear….

        I know from a jeweler friend that even real silver, can, on some people tarnish in a hot minute, it just depends on one’s chemistry + sometimes w/costume, people can be allergic depending on what is used to make item…

        I always wear a bunch of bracelets and 4 of the 6 are solid metals, 2 are gold filled made by david smallcombe (highly recommend + he explains on his website about metals) and they look brand new after years of wear!

        I know La Souka said they had an issue with a large batch of the rings, perhaps try a different color as the three colors may contain different metals….

        • THank you for that information. I had no idea! I didn’t experience my finger turning green the first time which is odd but you are possibly right and that’s good to know.

      • Hmm… seems like maybe you can’t be pleased… I mean no offense, but at a certain point, don;t you think this gets tired, VM? You’re going to be one of the reasons boxes cant keep up or values go down. You’ve received THREE replacements? And keep going for more? And how many replacement items have you demnded from the Dec BOS now too? Did you do the honorable thing and return the damaged items or did you in fact demand even more, like candles to “make up for your being inconvenienced?” Can you hold yourself accountable as well for taking advantage at a certain point??
        This is exactly why boxes cant afford to be in business anymore and those who have businesses like MSA will suffer as well.
        Are you selling the excess freebies you get on eBay? Using them as swap bait?
        And now you’re too uncomfortable to speak to them on the phone, though you come across as fine demanding what youre owed online.
        Come on- youre taking advantage. many people can see it and its uncomfortable and upsetting to watch.
        Be honest. Stop the games please. Its not cool.

        I agree with pb and Alex and others who even though so many of us had la soula issues, at a certain point we realistically know boxes provide these deals and they’re plated- it’s just UNREALISTIC to expect them to be solid at this point. Both due to obvious cost factors as well as the sheer volume of complaints the companies now get every month demanding costly replacements and such.
        And to be honestly clear- I think replacements for defective or damaged merchandise is definitely something to discuss with these companies. My problem and concern is with the amount of people taking advantage, likely selling or swap baiting the freebies to the point that these boxes either go further downhill in value and quality or all together have to stop business.

        Think about the affects of your actions, those who unreasonably complain and have unfair expectations. Think about the FRAUDULENT CLAIMS. It’s an ugly think to think of but it’s hapening more and more. They will hurt a lot of people. Including MSA and Liz business.

        • Anna,
          You say “no offense” but your entire comment was offensive, rude, presumptuous, and derogatory. You are assuming she is scamming, do you know her personally? You are guilting her for wanting grade A product. You never know maybe the ring was the main reason she decided to purchase the box. If you have a problem you should bring it up with the company that decided to clear out their defected stock into subscription boxes. She is.
          I don’t know her and she may be scamming, but since I don’t know her I am not going to put her on blast. Almost troll like.

        • It’s unfair and downright insulting to imply that I sell anything or swap anything and to refer to any replacement items as freebies. I understand where you are coming from and that it does affect the company but am I expected to pay for it and just throw something away because it’s damaged? I didn’t deal with BOS other than to tell them I had received my rings tarnished and afterwards only dealt with La Soula. They sent me a single ring instead of the two and it also arrived with a small tarnished spot which I didn’t even bring up but asked if I could get the other ring as it was a set. I really loved them as I’m a Jewelry fanatic and it was one of my biggest items from the box to begin with so it was upsetting. They sent me the ring and I didn’t even get a weeks worth of wear. Making sure to remove them when washing my hands as so forth. I actually did not receive 3 replacements but had the original, the replacement with one ring missing and then the additional ring as one had been left out. I stated how amazing they had been and how unfortunate this all was but I contacted them to see if there was something to keep them for tarnishing or just something. I didn’t contact them because I wanted to wear the item for more than a week which isn’t unreasonable. People get nervous on the phone, you know the people that make someone else call in to order the pizza to avoid talking on the phone. I had no idea that there had ever been an issue with these rings nor heard anything from BOS addressing anything of the sort. To me $100 is a lot of money and that’s what I pay for BOS. Like I said I was directly talking to La Soula. I went to business school I’m not dumb I know how the world works and basic economics to come to my own conclusions on what to do. Had it been an actual physical store that I’d been dealing with would you still attack me the way you did above and make unfounded accusations attacking my character, to make me feel bad and make me look bad. Not to mention implying I commit fraud. How dare you. If you are sold a defective item you have every right to expect that something be done otherwise I’m throwing my $100 down the drain. I would love to see how you would act had you been dealing with Macy’s at the mall over the same issue. It’s no different. If you choose to pay for something that you just go home to throw in the trash that is your choice. It sucks that there’s have been so many issues as I’ve repeatedly stated that I love the Box. I’m not trying to hurt anyone’s business which you also implyed I was doing. I’m not any of those types of people that you cruelly implied that I was. I’m
          now confused as to who you are speaking on behalf to say that people think I’m taking advantage of anyone, making them feel uncomfortable and upsetting them. How exactly am I making anyone feel uncomfortable please explain as I’m honestly confused. How am I upsetting people. You are really out to get me aren’t you. And to do so in a public manner instead of a PM over the forum is plain mean and an attempt to embarrass me. Just because we have different views as to what to expect from a company does not give you the right to make acuse me of all that you did and make me out to be an opportunist. Did you research me to find out who I am on the forum while you remain anonymous? Sue me for having expectations out of a business and that you are better then me for not having expectations from a business you are giving your money to. For all you know I run a small business and pride myself in providing my customers with quality products and highly value their satisfaction. PM me to tell me once again on who’s behalf do you speak for and how you come to your conclusions on who I am and what I do.

        • I really can’t stand when people use the forum to morality police. Stop it and mind your own business. Who are you to judge or presume?? What a revolting “no offense” comment. It is offensive and thoroughly uncalled for.

          • Agreed. Most people get subscription boxes to get a little bit of excitement in the mail. We should try to not assume the worst in people and enjoy the fact that MSA allows us the opportunity to have a discussion amongst ourselves. I otherwise love hearing what everyone says about these boxes – please keep up the beneficial feedback all of you do 🙂

        • “No offense”. Really???? You are accusing her of things when you really have no idea what’s going on. I for one am not uncomfortable with her posts, but am extremely uncomfortable with your post tearing her down.

        • Anna, you are upset because someone worked with a company to get a product with a high retail value that makes her finger turn green to replace and she is the reason MSA will lose business? I am glad she said something because how will companies know there is a problem with their formula if we don’t express it to them? You want her to do the so called honorable thing and just keep her opinions to herself. Her comment was not rude but explained her process. Besides, part of the fun of getting our boxes is to show them off which helps companies gain more business. It is hard to brag when your finger is tarnished. And we all appreciate MSA but we have this forum to express our opinions, even yours. I just disagree with yours completely.

    • Were your replacement rings Better quality then the First rings they sent out in the box. Mine were just as bad

    • My La Soula rings arrived okay, but tarnished really quickly. I didn’t bother with a replacement because — from what I’ve heard — they’re all like that. It’s just not great quality jewelry.

  13. The Soula rings in Box of Style were such low quality! They were tarnished when I got them, asked for a replacement and the new ones got tarnished within hours and stained my fingers. Worse quality than a kids play ring. So not so excited about this one…

    • Interestingly mine arrived tarnished but after leaving them out of the box they came in for a few days they looked like new. I honestly think it was a packaging problem in addition to poor quality. I didn’t have an issue of tarnishing or the rings turning my fingers green after wearing, but that may just be a body chemistry thing as I have tend to have that problem with silver jewelry and I ordered the gold rings.

      I like my rings but the quality was poorer than anticipated and you can’t really see the diamonds. I hope this bracelet isn’t if similar quality for those that purchase, but I won’t be purchasing this box as of now. The bracelet just isn’t my style. 🙂

  14. OMG…. so in love! I select the Gold bracelet, so feminine.

  15. I chose silver as I might have a better chance of selling it. Not a fan of jewelry. But that’s okay fingers crossed next spoiler is the deal breaker. January’s first spoiler scared people away… a calendar? LOL

    • I agree about January’s first spoiler being a disappointment, but am shocked at how fast the box sold out after that.

      • I think it was the Farmacy item that sold it out. I tried resubscribing just for that.

  16. I love this spoiler! I just signed up and picked silver. So excited about this adorable bracelet. And I’m really glad they’re giving a choice of metal now.

  17. This may be my last box from the BF sales over a year ago. I’m picking the silver. I’m not that thrilled about getting jewelry in subs because they always seem a little lower quality to me. I did add the notebook (love the colors of the design and it is ruled) and since it is February I am going for the cuticle oil. I don’t need it but it’s limited and cute and supposed to smell of roses.

  18. I like this! I think it will look really cute in a stack. I’m going to be 50 next month and the moon/stars theme doesn’t read ‘immature’ to me. I’ve been really into the star motif in general lately. Historically, the Feb box is one of the best of the year. Looking forward to the rest of it!

  19. LOVE THIS BRACELET. So excited for this!

  20. Would love to swap for silver!

    • I just posted mine on the swap page!

  21. Not really my style. Reads a bit too young for me. I’m glad others like it though.

    • The choice in colors is nice though for a regular box!

      • Assuming they honor the color selection and not mix them up like last month 🙂

  22. I like the bracelet in silver! Perfect theme for me, Moon & Stars! Yay! February is my last box so I hope it’s a great one!

  23. I was satisfied with LaSoula’s customer service in getting my RZ BoS rings replaced when all the plating was worn off within a week, but I have no plans to ever purchase any of their overpriced jewelry. This is cute, but my expectations are low, considering the source.

    • Hmmm I did not have luck despite contacting them twice. Maybe I’ll try again…

      • Hey Cheryl,

        I didn’t have luck my first few times either, but I kept at it and got them replaced! Good luck!

        • Contact La Soula directly. [email protected]
          I got nowhere with BofS, but Kim replied within a couple of days and sent them right away. You can include a picture and your shipping address to speed things up. Also the metal you want. Good luck!

      • call them, it took me 2 mins! La Soula phone number is 844.668.6899 (ext 51895)

    • It was easy to get my first replacement rings which I dealt directly with LaSoula and they were great about it and have excellent customer service. I received my replacement package but it only had one ring and not two. I contacted them again and they sent another replacement of two rings telling me to keep the single ring that they had mistakenly boxed. The ring turned my finger green within the first day and Im sure it will tarnish within a week at this rate so I contacted them again just this week and they just responded by asking for my phone number to call me. I really feel bad because they have been so nice and have provided excellent service but I can’t justify the cost of the box and an item being unusable. I’m nervous about them calling me because I get nervous and awkward over the phone. I wonder why they want to do this over the phone. I also told them in the email that I was dissatisfied with the rings altogether because of the low quality and how the instantly tarnish. I hope that they are nice and understanding over the phone as they have been over email. I just wonder of what kind of outcome will happen.

  24. Man this is so not my style. Very teen and cheap looking IMO. What color is everyone choosing so I know what may be more popular on swaps?

    • I’d love to swap for silver one.

  25. I am waiting for the next spoiler too. The bracelet is cute but not enough to get me wanting this box yet lol. I hope it’s better then January box that was disappointing.

  26. I love this! A *love* themed piece that works all year, not just near Valentine’s time. But I hope that Popsugar can actually deliver on our bracelet picks, unlike the December box in which many subscribers received the opposite of what they selected.

    • Exactly what I was going to say. I’m so glad they give us the option because I only like silver. But it was disappointing I didn’t get my pick in the December box. I was lucky enough to get a replacement but it was still a hassle and I had to wait (not very patient….LOL).

      • I was sent wrong color necklace too, I sent an email and in 3 days with no response back, the mail arrived + i rec’d the silver necklace! I was shocked but happy!

        • I received the wrong color necklace but didn’t think to contact them. Oh well. Hopefully we will get our choices this time

          • could still try!

            the silver is really pretty so I was happy I did as I had shipping issue with a LE box, so I mentioned wrong color in same message and it just appeared at my doo – also, PSMH gave $10 credit for a very late LE box which I had bought at discount already….

        • Wow! That’s great! I sent an email and it took 3-4 days to get a response but was thrilled when they said they would send a replacement (was hearing they were out so I didn’t want to get my hopes up). It took about 2 more weeks to get it but at least I did! I hope they have all of the confusion sorted out now…

  27. so excited! La Soula was amazing dealing with RZBOS rings so i’m looking forward to this bracelet + think i’m going for silver! FYI – RZBOS was supposed to send out an email to all subs written by La Soula explaining what happened + how to replace but RZBOS never did…

    so happy with spoiler!

    • Maybe they missed you in their efforts to replace… I would message BoS, or email [email protected] with a pic of the rings that are damaged and what color you requested. Not sure if it’s too late or not, but their customer service was pretty good…

      • I spoke with La Souka + they were awesome! it was RZBOS that never responded, boo! Thank you so much, that was so nice of you to post info!

        • **Soula**

      • It’s not too late I just emailed them and they asked for my phone number to call me. I wonder what they have to say as I’ve had them replaced three times because they tarnish instantly. I have a question for you all and would appreciate your feedback. Did your replacement rings fare any better in quality and not tarnish instantly?

    • I actually received an email from RZBOS and got my rings replaced. Also, La Soula has sent an email with a 50% coupon off of any of their merchandise. And they recently sent out another email offering a $100 dollar choker for $25. I would reach out to RZBOS if you need your rings replaced! 🙂

      • thx so much! it’s sorted but I never rec’d an email from RZBOS nor a response from them!

        I saw someone’s post on here so I just called La Soula directly on phone, she was fantastic!

    • This is the first I’ve heard of this and am still dealing with LaSoula over every replacement tranishing instantly. How was the quality of your replacement? What is it that you mentioned that BOS was supposed to send out to everyone and when you say over what happened are you referring to the ring tarnishing? Could you please explain this to me as I’m so disappointed in their quality of product.

    • Can you explain what BOS was supposed to explain about the rings in the email that they never sent.

  28. Liz what does the charm say? Brass China? Thank you.

    • Brass China on one side, La Soula on the other. Hope that helps! 🙂

  29. Yeah for a bracelet instead of a necklace this month! Now, the color choice.

    • love bracelets, love la soula and love the cosmic theme! I wear a stack i never take off mixing silver, gold + rose gold but thing i’m going for silver!

      • This is my first time ordering a Popsugar box. How do you choose what color preference you like? I already signed up for the box a couple days ago. Thanks!

        • Sign in, go to subscriptions at the top, and then you should see a customize button. 😊

          • Thanks so much!

        • log into your account and there will be a choice to choose for your Feb box, click on silver or gold then done and you are set!

          • Thanks so much!

  30. Spoiler not enough to re-sub. Waiting for Spoiler No. 2 🙂 Thanks for posting Liz. Hope the next spoiler will come before the deadline for customization

    • A lot of people want this box and January sold out fast so you may not be able to get it after another spoiler.

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