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Play! By Sephora January 2018 Box #036 FULL SPOILERS!

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Screen Shot 2017-02-18 at 9.12.22 AM

We have the full spoilers for the January Play! By Sephora box #036! (Thanks, mnablondie!)

Play! by Sephora December 2017 Box #036 will include:


Play! by Sephora December 2017 Box #028 will include:

Here’s a look at all the products that may be in your January box:

First, here’s a look at the bag:

What do you think of the spoilers?

To find out which box you’re receiving at the beginning of each month, follow these instructions:

If you log in through a browser, not the app, and go to my account > account details > online orders and open the play! Order Details (it was dated 11/1 for me), you can see the “item number” next to the image.

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I’m box 069, and I can’t find anything out about it????

    • #69 is lousy. Smash box primer (third time this year! ). Eye cream (again), the nude lip (so wanted the NARS or the Fresh), Boscia peel wash, ouai treatment mask (at least three times of hair masks in the last year!!!)

      I cancelled. I’ve had it since the beginning, and I am tired of seeing items I would like to try, but I keep getting the same stuff, that I don’t even use!

      I don’t use foundation primers, or anything with silicones. So I get that every month. I don’t need any more black eyeliners, thanks.

      I have short hair, so I don’t need any hair masks, so that is what I get, every time.

      The lip colors are usually awful, but if they get one that’s good, it won’t be in my bag.

      It’s a decent price for what you get, but to not get anything I can use for the last year and a half is just plain sad. I’m tired of giving it away. For $132 a year, I’ll just but something I want, instead of spending on something I won’t use.

      Sephora has a ton of great brands and items to choose from, and for them to send the same thing over and over is going to have them fail. Epically.

  2. Just got my 036 box. Nothing wowed me except the Ole Henriksen mask. At least the “value” of that is just over $10 so the other things I can swap and look at as bonuses. The primerizer and eye cream are tiny as well. Torn between continuing to subscribe so I can swap for things I want or just cancel and buy the one or two things I like each month in eBay when the market floods. Same with boxy for me this month (brow pencil only thing I will be keeping). Maybe I need some breaks.

    • I have 036 too, but my email from Sephora said I would be getting the Fresh toner instead of the Smashbox primer? Can you confirm if this happened for you? I’m hoping for the toner!

      • Hi Annika! Same happened to me, and I called their Play dedicated phone number. You can get it in the FAQs or I believe it’s in the email. At any rate, I did not get the toner. I got 250 points. Another MSA’r here said she got a refund,as the same thing happened to her! I hope that helps you!

  3. This is my box. I was hoping for the fresh Rose toner too. I don’t usually like the hair products and especially conditioners – fine, think hair. But I think I’ll be trying the BRIOGEO Don’t Despair, Repair!™ Deep Conditioning Mask. My hair is so dry this winter. The sample is a perfect size for me.

  4. just got my #044 box!!! Don’t see any spoilers up, so for those who are curious:

    -Glamglow supercleanse cleanser
    -Clinique pepstart eye cream
    -Anastasia Beverly Hills lip gloss in kristen
    -Fresh rose toner
    -Smashbox photo finish “primerizer” (primer/moisturizer)
    -foil packet of briogeo don’t despair, repair deep conditioning mask

    Besides the foil packet in place of perfume, and the fact that the smashbox product is in the smallest most inconvenient packaging (it’s a small jar with a seriously TINY opening. Can’t squeeze and no pump so idk how to get product out besides slamming it on my hand lol), really happy with this box!! Looks like some good products and brands

    • I wanted that lippie and the fresh rose toner so bad! Glad I am getting this bag! Thanks for posting!!

  5. Ha! Figures-I’ve always been meh about the perfume bonuses, as I’m SUPER particular with my perfumes, and then this month they’ve only ONE and I happen to love it.

    I was an initial subscriber in the Cincinnati test market for months, cancelled about 8 months in bc I felt like the samples were relatively small and very bronzer/highlight/sparkle based, then resubscribed about 5 months ago, almost cancelled again for same reasons, but actually was really pleased with November and December…… since everyone wanted to know my PLAY! story ha.

    Gotta say, these bags are ugly AH still and I wish they’d stop sending them; it’s such a waste for me personally

    • An idea just popped into my head. Since no one seems to have use for them I bet you could cut them and if you know how to sew you could make a nice quilt/blanket depending on how many you have. I probably have like 14 or so. Just a thought. 😃

      • Appreciate the suggestion Amanda- I can’t sew for crap, but my daughter goes to school for costume design, so I’ve been setting them aside along with other pieces of fabric in the event she might someday be able to use them. I serve at night and on weekends, so I use them as coin change bags and for random stuff around the house. Additionally, my city now does a household recycling program that includes fabric, so I can put them on the curb biweekly too, but still would just prefer not to get them. Maybe I’m mean, or snobby regarding my artistic skill, but they’re just soooo ugly. The complexion one awhile back especially. At least they don’t put a box within a box though, like some companies. I wonder if anyone actually LIKES them and thinks they’re pretty?? The great gatsby looking one was kinda cool…

        • Yeah I liked The Great Gatsby one too and the black and gold one. People really liked the mesh one for working out but I wasn’t really a fan. I don’t mind the plastic one we got but if they’re gonna do a bag I think it should be more like an ipsy bag or the bags they give you when you buy like $35 or more. I think it was the bag of cheer, it’s a zipper one like ipsy but has black and white stripes since it’s Sephora.

  6. I’m glad this is my last box. No makeup product, I’ve already received the lash primer and Briogio in other boxes and Glam Glow breaks me out. Only thing I’ll keep is the Primerizer. I hope someone on the wait list will get more use than I do.

    • Do you want your Hygge mask? That was something i really wanted.

  7. this is my box. i’m pretty disappointed. i am so over frigging primers and highlighters. i have enough of both to last me until death. i’m cancelling play, it really just doesn’t excite me anymore. i had it for over a year now, and i did end up getting a few really great samples that i fell in love with, but mostly i only end up getting box envy. allure will be a keeper, especially if they come through this month with the january box. 🙂

    • I agree! I’m swimming in highlighters and primers. Whyyyyyy

      • Me three! A primer and highlighter virtually every month is too much. There are so many other items I’d love to try!

    • Jeez. 036 is bad. Every time I see my box VS the others I have such sadness. This is month 3 of consecutive letdowns. I think I have to let it go 🙁

      • Yes! This was my third month of not getting the items I hoped for. I cancelled. I was going to go back to Allure due to its lack of variations and just read a boat load of variations are possible for at least 2 of January’s items! It’s November 2017 again for Allure, apparently. Not sure what to do now 🤔

    • I feel like I have so many primers, highlighters, and face washes I don’t use. I really was hoping this box would have things I actually use….like makeup.

  8. I’ve got box 101…. anyone else?! Not sure whats going to be in it!

    • Same and I can’t find spoilers anywhere! Would you let me know if you got yours first?

    • This is the one I have too. Just got the shipping notification. Crossing my fingers!

  9. I love sephora play i mean come on ppl its 10$ what do u really expect. If i like 2 or 3 things its a win.

    • It’s $120 a year. That’s a lot of money spent on little tiny repeats.

      • Thank you for pointing this out. Why should we give Sephora, a company with access to THOUSANDS of products from HUNDREDS of brands, a pass because they’re “only charging us $120.00 per year” for samples that are not innovative, interesting, nor actually seem to conform to our online profiles.

  10. I have box 085 so we’ll see but every box should have at least one makeup item. I already had the abh gloss last month and even though it’s a different shade, they should appear in other people’s boxes. I also have dry frizzy hair and keep getting hair products that are volumizing. They could definitely put a lil more love in the boxes

  11. Anyone else getting 85

    • I am!

      • That’s great I was starting to worry when nobody else mentioned #85

        • I’m getting 085 too! Spoiler would be great!

          • Just got notification of shipment👍

  12. oh man! This box looks awesome to me but I’m getting 044…

    • Has yours shipped yet? Mine says in progress but also saying out of Stock.. and I’m getting 044 also.

    • Me too. I’m really hoping for the sugar lippie and Nars lipstick 🤞🏼

    • Has there been any spoilers for 044?

      • Im 044 too! does anyone know the spoilers for box #044?!!??

        • 044 here too!

  13. This is just bad. I have oily hair and sensitive skin..I can’t use face or hair masks. And thanks to all the complainers we are getting foil packets which suck imo. I’d rather have a perfume to try.

    • Same here. One of the main reasons I signed up was for the perfume sample. Foil packets are messy and usually don’t have enough product in them anyway. They seem really cheap.

  14. I’m getting box 85 and my daughter is getting 77… I hope they are decent 👍

    • I’m getting 77 as well! Though probably decades older then your daughter (47). Excited!

  15. I canceled Sephora play, I am getting bored with it. Would love to get a sample of some of their new products like a Kat Von D lippie. Maybe I just have too much cosmetics to use up.

    • Funnily enough, I’ve received more KvD lip items from Sephora Play than any other brand. I cancelled last month.
      I have too much makeup right now, and I’m really focused on minimizing both the amount of makeup and subscription boxes that I allow myself this year.

      • Same

    • I canceled both Birchbox and Sephora play. Can’t justify spending another $20+ on sample sizes what are 1/6 full. I get maybe 4 uses out of them..and it’s gone! I’ve been eyes beautyfix since they tend to have more larger sizes and more skincare. Love my ipsy bag though!

  16. This is my box. Not awful, not amazing. I’m going with ‘utilitarian’. I’ll use everything but the Briogeo. If there’s a hell, my version would be filled with tubs of it. lol I never use it, and I get it in one form or another all.the.time.

    • This!! I have Briogeo-itis! Please, no more Briogeo! It’s the Manna Kadar and Smashbox Primer of hair products 😥 lol

  17. I canceled Sephora play, maybe it is just me but seems like it is getting a bit boring on their selections. I would like to see a sample of the new Kat Von D Lippie or some of their new products. So much of this I have already tried 🙁 When I use up all the products I already have perhaps I will be interested again.

  18. Where is the color in these box variations? Every box should have AT LEAST one item that adds color to the face, IMO. I hope box #044 has some color in it.

  19. Does anyone have spoilers for 077? I’m so impatient 😂

    • Me too!

  20. So my ideal box would be (if we could start creating our own) Nars lipstick, Makeup Forever blush, Fresh lip treatment, Fresh toner, L’occitane milk concentrate and idc about the bonus. 🙂

    • Holy Moly, this is the perfect box for me too! Someone needs to put you in charge!!😉

  21. And I thought #028 was bad. My box is worse. I really wanted to try the makeup forever blush and the nars lipstick. Even the fresh toner would have been fine. I swear I always get the worse box. Maybe I should cancel. It’s been over a year of disappointment. :/

    • Wow. A year of disappointment? Girl you should cancel! If you don’t already have allure, that’s a good box. They usually have spoilers too so you can cancel that month if you don’t like it.

      • Out of Sephora, ipsy and allure…Allure is hands downmy favorite!
        Getting bored with Play now too! It’s as if your profile means nothing. Don’t even have allure profile and I’m always thrilled lol

      • Yeah I wanted to give it the benefit of the doubt but I just keep getting samples I already have (sample overload) or don’t want. The profile is a joke. The one good thing is the 50 beauty insider points with any purchase, but I don’t think that’s enough for me anymore. Thank God for swap.

    • Or you could try changing things up in your Play profile. Idk if that would help your chances or getting things that you’ll like and use, but it might be worth a try?

      • I indicated that I have curly/frizzy hair and they send me a volumizer. Don’t think they really pay close attention to our profiles.

    • I did cancel! This is strike 3 for me. I’m going back to Allure where you don’t get upset because you didn’t get the variation you wanted.

  22. I’m not excited about anything in this box. I think it might be time to cancel. Not a single makeup item here

  23. I’m waiting for mine which is 051😔 mines usually second to last revealed every time

    • I’m getting 51 too! I’m dying to know what I get. I hated my box last month half of it was repeats for me.. such a waste… I want to try new products!

    • 51 here too…just shipped today 1/15/2018…cancelling after this arrives!

  24. 093, hoping for Nars, Becca, YSL, and Perricone MD.

    • Mine too!

  25. Ugh got 028:(

  26. I want that Fresh lippie treatment and the Nars lippie so badly 🤞🏼

    • Oh yeah I wanted that too plus the nars lipstick and mufe blush since no one can get samples of that if they walked into Sephora, but you could get a sample of the smashbox. That’s how I look at it.

      • You can absolutely get lipstick samples made! They will chop off a piece and put it in the sample pot.

    • Me too! My box is 51. Crossing fingers!

  27. I have really dry hair and I loathe Briogeo. It does nothing for my hair but make it fizz. I don’t understand the hype because most drugstore brands make hair masks that are just as effective or moreso. I hate getting samples of this brand because I will never purchase it.

  28. There are actually products I would use in these boxes. I love hair and eye creams because they last a long time for me and it’s fun trying new ones. I would live to score the Fresh, Boscia and Ole Henrikson! I love B & B products and would be happy with that too. The bag is cute! I regift a lot of my overflow in the bags.

  29. Am I the only person that doesn’t love Briogeo? People love to swap for it which works out really well for me, but it’s in every box!
    I hope this primer is as good as the reviews (my box is #036). I’m excited to try it.

    • I love their leave-in conditioner spray but not the mask (don’t hate it just nothing special).

    • You can get a sample of it if you go inside Sephora. You can get up to 3 different samples.

  30. Is it me or is the Play boxes not that exciting anymore? Allure is so much better now. What happened Sephora? We need to inject life and excitement back into the boxes! I seriously don’t want any of the items featured except the Nars Orgasm Lipstick! That MUFE blush is ridiculously itty bitty… I feel bad for however gets that! I’ll seriously cry if I get that! 🤔

    • It’s a great size for travel…I wanted it since I didn’t want to use a 100 points to get it.

    • I’ll swap for the MUFE blush if you get it. It is an amazing formula and that size would last me many many many applications.

  31. Is this the December or Jan spoilers? It says both above…. I don’t get this box anymore so I don’t know what was in it last month.

    • It’s for January 🙂

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