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Play! By Sephora January 2018 Box #028 FULL SPOILERS!

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Screen Shot 2017-02-18 at 9.12.22 AM

We have the full spoilers for the January Play! By Sephora box #028! (Thanks Tanvi!)

Play! by Sephora December 2017 Box #028 will include:

Here’s a look at all the products that may be in your January box:

First, here’s a look at the bag:

What do you think of the spoilers?

To find out which box you’re receiving at the beginning of each month, follow these instructions:

If you log in through a browser, not the app, and go to my account > account details > online orders and open the play! Order Details (it was dated 11/1 for me), you can see the “item number” next to the image.

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  1. Really not that excited by this one. The Primerizer will be interesting to try, but other than that I’m kind of bleh on it.

  2. Got this today and not the least bit excited & do miss the perfume sample. I dunno why I keep subbing to this box after so many letdowns. I think their waitlist is a very effective marketing strategy bc it keeps me thinking I *can’t* cancel or I’ll never get back on. Anyone else? 😀

  3. I don’t mind getting hair products or perfume as an extra but I really hope they rotate it every month. I have a ton of perfume but I like getting the little samples I can throw in my purse.

  4. Box 036 spoiler: After obsessively stalking this site for spoilers for my box, I finally broke down and called customer service. According to them, Box 036 will contain the GlamGlow cleanser, the Clinique Pep Start eye cream, the Olehenriksen mask, the Smashbox Primerizer, the Lancome mascara base, and the Briogeo hair mask. Personally, I’m most excited to try the mascara booster! I’ll do anything to make my lashes longer and lusher!

    • Thanks for the info re. box 036. Sounds good, except I was really hoping for a perfume sample. But I’d like to try a mascara booster, too.

    • Thank you for your info. I have 036 too and that’s not very exciting. the eye cream that everyone is getting is the only thing in there that I’m remotely interested in trying, everything else seems like it’s something I’ve already tried or so similar that I’m just meh about it all.

    • I’m 036 and didn’t get too happy when I read your spoiler. Good grief, another face primer???? and MORE Briogeo? I would have loved the Nars lippie. I’m going to have major envy for whoever gets that. And on that note, since envy is not much fun or good for me, I’m canceling my Play!. I just can’t handle getting the variations that I don’t care for and missing out on the variation items I covet. Back to Allure I go–crossing my fingers they don’t do any more variations like their November ‘6 variations and counting’ fiasco!

    • You should ask what’s in #77 too!! 😂 lol

  5. WOW! I am planned to get this box for my shipment and I have to say, this is the BEST Play box yet. I love every product in this box. Way to go Sephora! SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!

  6. Looks like CLINIQUE Pep-Start Eye Cream is the new Smashbox Primer, a.k.a. that product they love to keep giving us to throw away. Thrilled to be getting the floral toner, wish I got the mini blush to go with the mini shadow from last month. I wish we could blacklist brands that don’t agree with us, or choose natural only.

  7. Soooo disappointed! I don’t like that they are doing away with everyone getting perfume. Can’t we have the option to get it monthly if we want it? I might use 3 things out of this box, and the bonus item of the shampoo & conditioner is NOT one of them. Such a miss for me!

    • I thought the same about the monthly perfume sample.. I love trying new perfume. I’ve been reading the reviews and looking at the spoilers for months, trying to decide if I REALLY want to subscribe to Play. Now that I see they are changing it up with the perfume 🙁 , I’m going to sub to Allure instead (at least for January) and just continue my ipsy sub, going on 3.5 years.

  8. Does anyone ever notice that their box number changes? I started with 28 now its 85…which so far im not mad about since 28 had a lot of products I dont need and won’t use. Let’s hope 85 is better suited for me.

    • yes this has happened to me before! I posted about it also a while back– not sure if anyone believed me until now!
      I wish Sephora wouldn’t do that.

  9. Looks like this is my box.. I’m okay with this! I appreciate the lack of perfume sample (for once) and I’ll use everything in this box.

  10. I love this particular one. I hope I get it.

  11. I am excited for my bag, well not the bag itself. I love primers. If only I had known I was receiving face and mascara primer I wouldn’t have selected the Birchbox curated box which comes with face and mascara primer. oops the more the merrier I guess. I also love Lacome. I hope I get the CC cream bonus.

  12. I subbed for the Sephora makeup samples. I don’t mind haircare but the skincare is way too much I don’t understand how to use most of it and what it’s for.

    All the redundant skincare ends up in a box to never be heard from again. I think it’s time to look for a replacement sub.

    • Try Ipsy, it’s way more makeup than Play or Birchbox! I get maybe 1 skin or hair care product in my bag of five samples, and sometimes not even that.

    • I love the skincare! That’s the main reason I subbed! I’m dropping Birchbox and Ipsy way to many no name products for me.

  13. Already unsubscribed for next month and I’m glad. There are very few things about here that I’m remotely excited about (probably none of which will be in my box. Womp.).

    • I unsubbed after seeing this month as well. I get BoxyCharm and it’s definitely a better value as you get full size products, everything in the Play boxes can be gotten for free at Sephora stores, but I rarely keep more than 1-2 products each month. Subscription boxes are good in theory but makeup, skincare and fragrance is so personal that just hoping for good stuff in a mystery box is basically a recipe for disappointment.

      • I disagree that everything in the Play boxes can be gotten for free at Sephora. You can have the Reps to make samples for you from testers, but that’s not the same as getting a never opened deluxe size “sample.” I’m someone who doesn’t like to get samples from testers, and none of the Sephora stores I’ve been to give out pre-packaged never opened deluxe samples, unless you are redeeming your Insider points. With that said, I haven’t been thrilled with the boxes for quite a while now, and I’m been subscribing since the first box 3 years ago. The first year was pretty great! But I’ve heard that’s how most beauty subs are — really great to begin with, and then go downhill.

  14. these boxes have gotten worse.

  15. I just looked and was disappointed to find out that this is my box. The only makeup item is mascara primer, which as a contact lens wearer, I hate. I am happy about the caviar haircare since I love the brand, however, the foil packets don’t have a lot of product. This box is a fail, Sephora can do much better.

  16. This is my second box and I’m kind of bummed about it. My first box was great, but this is a little lack-luster. I was under the impression that the “bonus” item was supposed to be perfume, which is why I switched from Ipsy for PLAY.

    • It used to be perfume which I LOVED. Guess I was in the minority because on the video they said they are switching the bonus because of feedback. I am super picky about hair care, and I use one line only. I’ll be giving my hair care away & will miss perfumes every month! That was always the true surprise to me & I always looked forward to the perfume because I found ones I LOVED that I would never have tried, and could rule out ones I thought I might like, but end up not working for me. Disappointed for sure!

      • I loved the perfume samples too. I’d rather get that any day than a foil shampoo that won’t cover 1/5 of my long hair.

        • Totally agree! I don’t use haircare other than my line I have now, which is only available online. It’s made such a huge difference in my hair in just 6 months. I will be giving that away to someone, as well as the Smashbox & possibky the Clinique. Mostly mad about no more perfume unless we just happen to get it! 😡

      • What?!? They’re doing away with the perfume samples?!? But that is my favorite part- I get to test out new perfumes every month, and have found some amazing ones I would have never tried on my own accord! I’d much rather have a perfume sample than a foil packet of some random product.

    • I got pretty much everything I didn’t want 🙁

  17. Rarely get box envy, but I love this box!

    • I want the box with the fresh toner! I almost bought it yesterday. Fingers crossed.

      • I wanted the fresh toner too and I got box 85 so it’s not in there! My daughter gets 77 so I’m hoping she gets it and we can do a swap. I hope you end up getting it.

  18. This is my box, not too happy. Why would there be 2 primer products in the same box?? Seriously the makeup in this box is a smashbox primer and a lash primer! Would have been fine if it was one primer product and then a colored makeup item.. like the blush or a lip product. Quite poor choice in my opinion. Also, I have dry skin so why am I getting the glam glow oily skin cleanser if they supposedly give you items based on your profile… because they don’t.

  19. I like how the Clinique eye cream that’s in every box is a repeat item from a past box rather than a new exciting product lol…. Loving all the other skincare items, though!

    • The Perricone MD is also a repeat from two months ago, and I think the Fresh toner is a repeat from last month, too. Ugh.

      • Omg! I know! I was like, I just got the perricone MD cloud cream two months ago! Does that mean I’m going to get it again, since they picked it out once already for me??? I’m sure I’ll get something equally disappointing!

  20. This will be my first box after having not been subscribed since last Spring, and like my past boxes, I’m pretty pleased with what I’ll be getting. I finally remembered to check to see what box # I am, and I’m 028. I’m looking forward to getting everything except the primer since I think it’s a spray primer (it’d be nice if I was wrong), but that can easily be gifted. Besides the mascara primer, everything else will be new to me, so it’s a win for me. 🙂

    • I think that is a pump, at least in the full size I’m pretty sure it is.

      • Thanks so much for letting me know. 🙂 If it’s in a pump, I’ll definitely keep it. For some reason I got it in my head that it was one of those makeup primers that are sprayed on the face, which I don’t like.

  21. I would like every possible skincare and makeup item! I hope not to get the repeat highlighter cream or anastasia gloss because I already have them but I like them too! Not sure on the foil samples but willing to try. This is a great start to the new year and my second year of this box. I just quit Birchbox because this box has such better quality items though Birchbox may come up with more interesting and brighter makeup items.

  22. After subscribing for two years I cancelled last year. Re-upped to see if anything had changed for the better. Box 028 is mine and there is not ONE SINGLE PRODUCT that is of interest to me. No lovely lipstick in here, no interesting moisturizer, just more of the same old haircare from a brand they have sent me many times, and more primers. I am DONE.

  23. Anything has to be better for me than last month’s disaster. I gave the entire thing away. Fingers crossed for box 036 …

    • That’s my box, too! What is the deal with no spoilers?! We used to get them by the 10th for sure and the last couple of months, nothing. I’m glad this isn’t my box, though. It wasn’t exciting to me 😬

  24. Does anyone know if i subscribe today if i will get this box?

    • You will not, if you subscribe today you will get the February box. Sephora charges you between the 1st and the 4th of every month and then sends out the boxes based on that.

  25. This month will be my first Play box and if I checked right I’m getting #101 which I haven’t seen mentioned yet in the comments.

  26. So not happy with this box…ugh the first one I’ve gotten where I haven’t been in love with it… 🙁

  27. Totally hope we get more individual box spoilers soon.

  28. I have been with them for 3 years or more and canceled tonight. Seems like I’ve had so many bad issues with sephora recently, I’m over it. Never thought I would cancel this one, but there has been an issue with EVERY play box since last June when they updated their system, issues with orders not being sent right, points items used and then disappeared and cancelled, sending expired bad old dried up, separated items….just awful

    • Can you not redeem points either?? I have tried for my past 10 orders to redeem points and they either cancel them or they don’t even show up in my order! They also owe me over $30 and don’t give a crap.

      • I thought it was just me! In Nov/Dec I had 5 different orders of gifts and I remdeemed around 600 points-not only did I not get my points items, I didn’t get my 3 free samples in any of the orders, or the “bonus” item(s) I used a code for.

  29. This is my box. I think I’m going to like it, but I’m going to be that weirdo who complains that I get a shampoo/conditioner sample instead of a perfume sample. I’ve started loving those perfume samples.

    • I totally agree! I don’t Want & won’t use the shampoo/conditioner.

  30. Really want to try the NARS lipstick 💋💄

  31. #028 is my box and I’m not very happy with the makeup choices! Was really hoping for the blush or one of the lip products! 🙁

    • Me too. This is mine and I am super disappointed that they are sending me two primer products and not one single color cosmetic.

  32. I’m 036, can’t wait to see what is in my box! I would be happy about most any of these. I love getting skincare samples because (just like perfume) I can’t bring myself to buy a full bottle

  33. I feel like the Debbie Downer. This is my box and the items seem great unless you’re Cruelty-Free. I’ll be eying the other boxes for trade. Or if you have the Atelier Santal Carmin from that special pink Play box the HMU.

    • I’m getting this one too and I am not sure how they pick who gets what, but they didn’t pick anything that I wanted out of the given choices and the 2 items I like the most are the 2 that is in everyone’s bag!? Just not seeing the “personal match from profile”!?

  34. YASSSS. This is my box. I love glamglow. I have been wanting to try the toner. My mascara primer is almost out and I’ve been wanting to try a new one. Sephora, you NAILED it. Though I would like to try a that ole henriksen mask!

  35. 093, hoping for the fragrance, cloud cream, and the Nars. I’ve got too much hair for a foil packet!

  36. This seems really awesome this month. I’m slightly bummed my playbox is gifted to my sister.

  37. Yes. Yes. Yes. I was hoping for the toner and the mascara primer. I am so glad I cancelled Ipsy over Sephora. Very excited about this box.

  38. Finally, my box is up first. Usually the contents of my box are the last to be revealed.

  39. Ahh that looks like such a great box! Hopefully mine has the toner (I’ve been wanting to try) or the Lancôme mascara primer (I love it) in it too, or just some other good items lol. I have #044

  40. This is my box too. Happy with it except Smashbox Primer. I dislike the brand and I dislike primer products so it’s a bust.
    The rest of the box looks fine for a $10 subscription box of premium brand samples.

  41. Yes! 028 is my Box! I’m thrilled with everything!

  42. Does this mean that Theyre gonna put better/bigger/more products in and quit the damn perfume samples?! Because I love that idea!

    • They are just foil samples I believe – not a bottle. they did this a few months ago too where they switched out the perfume sample for hair samples as the 6th item

      • They didn’t switch mine out 6 months ago… I’ve always gotten a perfume, until now! 😡

    • I love the perfume samples. I can’t bring myself to pay 100 plus dollars on perfume, so they are always nice to have laying around and in my purse

      • I never thought I would say this but I agree. I’ve found a couple of fragrances I really enjoy and I would never drop the money on a full sized sample and one needs friends to do a split lol.

  43. Ugh, I never seem to get the items I’m hoping for. I don’t like the lancombe product and I hate rose scented things

    • I know! I never get any of the products I want! Not one.

  44. This is my box. I’m thrilled! I also love Smashbox and Alterna. I love Fresh and am excited to try the toner. I had taken a six month break, and am glad I got this when coming back. Hopefully, everything arrives intact.

  45. What a phenomenal box! I wish this was mine. Any word on 085? I’m usually one of the last ones to get spoilers on my box.

  46. This is my box, I’m super excited! i’ve been wanting to try the fresh toner and the smashbox primerizer.

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