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New Subscription Box Alert: OREO Cookie Club Subscription Box

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There’s a new subscription box available now – OREO Cookie Club Subscription Box! The OREO subscription is available for 3, 6, or 12-months.

The Subscription Box:  OREO Cookie Club Subscription Box

The Cost: $59.97 for 3 months, 119.94 for 6 months, 239.88 for 12 months

The Products:  “An OREO Gift Box that contains two OREO flavors, a one-of-a-kind OREO inspired gift, and recipe card, all in an artistically designed OREO gifting box. MSRP of $24.99 per box”

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What do you think of OREO Cookie Club Subscription Box? Want to see it reviewed?

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  1. at that insane price, i wonder if they bubble wrap the cookies to make 100% certain they don’t arrive as crumbs. waaay too much money

  2. If this is going to become a thing, then I will hold out for when they make a diet coke box.

  3. I used to work for nabisco and I thought this was an April fools joke. This is not the right answer… at all. It would have to be the price point of the Walmart boxes to make sense. Maybe a new and unique flavor before it comes out to the public? The collectibles should be free or minimal costs. Man oh man…

  4. I’m almost falling out of my chair laughing at this. 😀 Perhaps one could transport themselves to their nearby grocery store and peruse the cookies section. “Why behold, thy illustrious Oreo packaging and Oreos….” 😀

  5. Maybe if we could see what the gift was. Like a collectable or something. Heck for all we know it’s a roll of those individually packaged Oreo’s. I think I’ll keep an eye on it and see what the spoiler brings. But no way would I risk it until then. Oreo’s go for $2.99 around my area. Plus at the store I can pick the one’s I want.

  6. This subscription inspires me to start a Doritos subscription box. Here’s how it works: for $20 a month, I’ll send you a bag of Doritos. The first 100 subscribers will get a free mystery flavored lunch size bag too.

    • LOL. Apparently at least one Amazon customer would subscribe to your Doritos box.

    • I wish we had the “like” feature for comments.

      • I like this comment about liking comments *thumbs up.* And yes, this Oreo subscription is perhaps the most ridiculous I’ve ever seen.

  7. I was really hoping April 1st would get here quicker. Look, I was in luck. :p I’m gonna just nope the heck right outta this one….

  8. That’s insane! I can’t believe this price point for cookies that aren’t even gourmet! U literally can just pick up at Walmart or amazon 🙄

  9. I don’t get it.

  10. Ummm, NO.

    The review on Amazon has two packs of cookies: Hazelnut Oreo & Hot & Spicy Cinnamon. Both are listed on Target’s website at $2.99 per pack. You can get a box of 8 packets of Oreo Hot Chocolate mix for $9.88 on Amazon if you’re that into their brand.

    Crazy price point, for stuff you can easily get from trusted vendors with a quick search on The Google.

    Wow, they just throw anything in a box, come up with a shipping schedule and call it a sub nowadays…

    • A box of Oreo hot chocolate is 2.98 At Wal-Mart though.
      It was 3.98 at first but they dropped it since. At least here. And there are 6 or 8 in there.

  11. When I read this I thought it must be a typo. Seriously they have got to be kidding. At that price point it is almost insulting their customers.

  12. Crazy expensive. I like cookies as much as the next person but in terms of value I could but 6 packages of Oreos for the price. If the value was better, I can see this as a fun monthly treat.

    • Yup.

  13. Just shaking my head…nope

  14. $20 a month? Yeah, no. Maybe if there were more cookies, for less money. Three packs of hard to find/new release flavors for $11.99 or something.

  15. I’d NEVER buy this and think it’s very flawed in several aspects.

  16. I clicked on this link thinking that this was possibly a free limited time subscription or if not free like $5. The price is insane! Who on the world over at the Oreo company came up with this idea and price point. They should be fired. I think this will tank in a mater of months. I also don’t know who would be excited to be getting Oreo branded merchandise, ok maybe a T-shirt but multiple times is a little weird. Sorry but I miss being brutally honest. I can’t wsit for the First MSA review and for items from this sub to comically appear on the swap site.

    • Actually I don’t think its Oreo compan’s sub box, but done by another vendor.

  17. Not only is the price crazy but way too dangerous for me since I’d eat an entire row in one sitting.

  18. That gift was socks!

  19. What are they thinking?! This is a promotional item for THEM! This is the sort of stuff that they should be giving away to people with three or four proof-of-purchase seals, so that someone can walk around advertising their cookies.

    This was so exciting when I read it, to send to my college kids that love Oreos, but no way am I paying full price, basically for Wal-mart items and grocery store items. Send me some stuff from Brooks Brothers or LLBean with Oreos on it, where they shop, and then we’ll talk.

    • @h I don’t think Nabisco / Oreo sells this subscription. The vendor is appears to be a company called Cyber Sweetz.

      • I checked Oreo’s Facebook, and they’re promoting it.

  20. Even as I speak, the local grocery store has a sale on Oreos. Two packages for $ 6.00.

  21. The review had a scarf, two hot chocolate mixes and two packs of oreos… I can see this being a great last minute gift grab at xmas when you’re really in that giving spirit but I wouldn’t subscribe for $25 a month!

    • Could that be socks? I looked a little closer and it looks like light grey where the heel would be. I’m unsure, since I don’t have the box, but there’s a big price difference between socks and a scarf. Just curious what you think, if you get a chance to go back and take a look.

  22. $20 a month? Yeah, no. I would totally buy this if it was more cookies for less money. Maybe 3 packs of hard to find/new release Oreos for $12.99 or something.

  23. I went on Amazon and looked at a box. There were two what appeared to be standard size packages of Oreo. One not on the market yet and a new flavor I have seen in the grocery. There were two ind. pkgs of cocoa mix and the cutest black and dark grey socks. I don’t like Oreos enough to subscribe and still think it is a little too expensive.

  24. $25 a month? 🤣

  25. There’s a review on Amazon if you want to see what’s in the January box.

    • Thanks! It looks cool but not for $25, two packages of Oreos are like $6?

      • Exactly my thoughts…

  26. well, that’s pricey!

  27. This would be a fun gift for a college student! I wish the price point was a little lower though… I could ship a box of a variety of oreo options for much cheaper myself. But I guess the novelty thrill might be worth it.

  28. Haha! Wow, sometimes I wonder what these companies think we are willing to spend. I saw this and was excited! I thought “Ohhh….gifts for people!!” Well that idea was crushed quickly, I hope that promo item is really something special. What a joke.

  29. My first thought was oh how fun and thought it would be a cheap price but then my jaw dropped when saw price unless that’s a typo

    Wow That’s one expensive cookie 🍪

  30. You can find a million Oreo-infused recipes on FB or Youtube with complete how-to’s and I bet they “value” those 2 Oreos at a full RV of like 4-5$, not the price I can get them for at Wal Mart. I don’t see the value here being totally honest. They could throw in a pack of Oreo-scented band-aids and claim 15$ RV for ’em for all we know.

  31. LOL. I actually had to stop and think for a minute if this was April Fool’s Day and you were playing another prank on us. I guess everyone wants to get in the sub box game!! Don’t get me wrong, I love Oreos as much as anyone….but as the other commenter mentioned, it seems a bit over-priced unless you have a thing for unknown Oreo branded merchandise???

  32. Corporate boxes like this take the fun out of sub boxes. You can find Oreos anywhere. At first I thought it might be cute for college students, but it’s too overpriced.

  33. This seems interesting. I’d like to see it reviewed 🙂 I’m interested in what the gifts will be like, to make the box worth the cost. I saw an image on the page, wasn’t sure if it was a scarf or lounge pants lol

  34. seems pretty expensive for cookies and a promo item

  35. Since I just started my diet I don’t care for what is in this over prices box.

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