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Ipsy Reveals Are Up for the January 2018 Glam Bag!

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The January 2018 Ipsy reveals are up!

Here is what I will be getting in one of my Ipsy subscriptions:

What are you getting from Ipsy this month?

If you are new to Ipsy, it is a $10 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes.

And check out our list of the 31 Beauty Boxes To Try in 2017, and all reviews of Cheap Subscription Boxes to find other subscriptions with similar price points to Ipsy!

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  1. yo. birchbox reveals are up and it killed it for a THIRD month compared to ipsy.

    • I like both …I have a really nice January ipsy coming (saw the products already peeked) and birchbox I look forward to as I purchased the curated box and also chose my item for the month and am looking forward to that as well.

      • p.s. my ipsy Jan. bag has:

        – Cake Beauty- Body Balm
        – Trustfund – lip scrub
        – Kokie kissable lipstick – Desire (mauve-ish)
        – Emma Nail Polish in Mia is my BFF (loverly purple)
        – The Balm Cosmetics – Mary-Lou Manizer

        I like ipsy offers also I have purchased 2 of this for January (no shipping, no tax, discount…nice) I also like the birchbox store and points program (also no tax, shipping, and bonus with purchase too).

    • I totally disagree. Birchbox never sends full sizes and I have received things from them such as a pen and a fortune cookie. They are the worst out of all the beauty boxes!! In my opinion though. I respect yours as well.:)

      • I was wondering if they’ve improved since I cancelled last summer. I didn’t like BB, but that is mainly because I didn’t like the shampoo/hair stuff and tiny perfume vials and tiny single use face creams. I love ipsy because it’s mostly makeup which is all I want from a sub. I am extremely picky about skin and hair care since I need to be, but makeup is where I want new fun things to explore.

  2. I cancelled my Ipsy yesterday. I only started in May, 2017. 🙁 One of the reasons is now I get a couple of indie makeup subs, so I definitely don’t need more makeup. I get really tired of swapping / selling stuff… it’s OK sometimes, especially indie stuff that is more rare, but normally, I don’t like to do it (we’re at sub-zero temps here right now and for a while). I skipped last month’s Ipsy and this month’s Ipsy… then just decided to cancel. Maybe I’ll re-up for February and hope for something awesome for the month of Valentine’s Day. Don’t care so much about what a bag looks like for the most part, although that is a cute part of the Ipsy “deal.” I DO peruse the Ipsy offers weekly and bought the masks last week. I was excited when we could pick an item and when I signed up, you could only opt out of two categories, not three like some are (since they were grandfathered in on that). That was kind of a breaking point to me. I don’t wear foundation, powders, BB/CC creams, contour, bronzer, etc. I’m mainly about the eye shadow, mascara, concealer, lipstick, etc…. and I can get my favorite love – eye shadow – in my indie subs every month.

    I’m looking more towards skincare ONLY now. I get Benevolent Beauty Box here and there (I do skip certain months, depending on if in town or if I’m on product overload), so I think I will re-up that for February and that’s all full-sized cruelty-free products. I didn’t like BoxyCharm, so nope on that. I’m perusing the vegan/natural/cruelty-free boxes on MSA right now. Skincare is my first priority and makeup is a close second. I’m 36 now, but skincare has been a big deal since my teens.

    We’ll see on Ipsy for me, anyway. I hated Birchbox and I have thought of Play! by Sephora, but that looks equally as useless as Birchbox, so I might come back to Ipsy, but there are SO MANY boxes now, that I’m looking for quality over quantity. Not too expensive, but not so cheap that I can’t enjoy something that is natural/cruelty-free/vegan or vegetarian, etc.

    • Linda,
      What indie boxes are you subscribed to if you don’t mind me asking? I’m overall happy with Ipsy but I would love to sub to an indie depending upon cost. I’m checking some out online this month.

      • I just signed up for Apocalyptic Beauty’s “Look of the Month” club this morning. It is a new subscription and this is the first month of it, so I’m excited to see what that’s about. I’m also subbed to Notoriously Morbid’s “Vanishing Cabinet” and their lipstick/lip products sub, Mystic Monthly (MM). I’m going to try the AB sub for this month and see if I want to renew it. I use PayPal for those subs, not my debit card, btw, if anyone’s interested in not having their info. out there. I use independent cosmetics about 95% of the time. My concealer, mascara, etc. aren’t indie.

        Notoriously Morbid VC sub – $13.25 (shadows, highlighters, contours, blushes, etc. — an eye and face sub)

        Notoriously Morbid MM sub – $10.00 (lipstick/lip products only sub)

        Apocalyptic Beauty “LOTM” sub – $12.50 (This is their first month and I asked the owner that it is for now an eye makeup sub, but there will likely be liquid lipsticks, highlighters, etc. etc., too, she said)

        Thus, I’m more looking into skincare and can’t find one that I specifically seem to be leaning towards.

        • Both of the Notoriously Morbid subs are on waitlists right now, but their waitlists are usually 1 – 1.5 months max, sometimes two, but WORTH IT. Apocalyptic Beauty has similar makeup to Notoriously Morbid and there is no waitlist as of this morning.

          If you like all sorts of makeup, vibrant and not-so-vibrant, those subs are for you. Hope this helps, Anita.

          • Thanks Linda great info and appreciate your mini reviews. I’ve got to get the holiday bills squared away then I’ll decide but def going to check them both out. I’ve heard of the Notoriously Morbid’s Vanishing Cabinet before & saw a YT video review on it several months ago. Love all the crazy names for sub boxes these days.

        • You should sub to beautyfix. It is all skincare and you always get at least one full size item each month.

          • I’ve certainly thought of it, Beccah. Thanks! 🙂 I subscribed to Allure this month only for the serum like many of us did, haha. I will cancel it once I receive that, since I’m not so interested in that sub at all.

            I’ve also thought of K-Beauty subs, but I’m a little iffy on them only because there are a few out there, but only a couple get reviewed here and there.

            I might break down and do one month of BeautyFix next month. Not sure yet.

            Perusing the skincare subs on MSA now. 🙂

    • I’ve really been enjoying Petit Vour for vegan & cruelty free products. It’s a mix of items. Also, Pearlesque is great fpr skin & body care items. I ended up subbing to it for most of last year. So, yes, I’m on product overload, but I’ve really enjoyed the different brands.

  3. I managed to find the survey on my profile! I didn’t receive an email or a notice on the app or website, I went into the app and into my account, and then membership, and then ‘manage membership’ (where you’d go to cancel or pause your membership)
    And the option was there to ‘improve glam bag products’ and I got the survey! I assume since they didn’t notify me of this option that’s it’s just there for everybody and only some people are getting the notification to try it, but I hope this helps somebody out.

    • Thank you for this! I finally found it 🙂

  4. Has anyone tried asking Ipsy why some people are receiving a survey to ask what they want in upcoming bags and others aren’t receiving it? I just don’t understand their system. They have to know they’re disappointing so many people by having to see others get more say in what they’ll be receiving. Especially now that we can’t pick any of our items. Total unfairness. I like my bag this month but I think I’m gonna email support asking why everyone hasn’t received this survey and if I don’t get it by the end of this month I’m cancelling. If they couldn’t have it available for everyone they shouldn’t have given the option to anyone.

    • I think its people who give a poor rating when reviewing their bags.

      • Really? I’m gonna have to try that. Still seems kinda unnesseary to not give it to everyone though.

      • That can’t be it. I’ve given bad reviews for the past four months and I don’t have a survey option.

    • There is no rhyme or reason this is one of the responses given I saw someone else post a few months ago said basically same thing it is random. Thanks for reaching out. I’m Ashley and I’d be happy to explain. We’ve received some feedback that this is the kind of feature ipsters want to see and we’re currently testing it out on a very small and randomly chosen group of members. If we decide to roll it out completely, it may be available to you later. Thanks so much for your interest!
      I don’t have it either and its one of the reasons I skipped January. Course now that I see all the options I am glad I did.

      • Thanks for the explanation! I actually found the survey on my profile though! I had not gone to the page it’s on because it’s the page for quitting/skipping your bag which I haven’t done in a while. Now I’m just curious how long it’s been there and how many people are upset that they haven’t gotten it when it’s been on there all along! Just a little hard to find.

        • Thats good but I know O don’t have it. When I go to that page I don’t see membership I see subscription instead and can only update beauty profile.

          • I wish we could post pictures, I would really like to see how the pages look different.
            For me in between
            ‘Profile’ and ‘billing’ is ‘membership’
            And from under ‘membership I can go to ‘manage membership’
            Where there’s the option to pause my membership, change the frequency of my bags, and improve my glam bag products. Odd that i was chosen to have the survey and I wasn’t even notified about it.

        • Same! I discovered I had the survey by accident last month. People were discussing it on the forum so I decided to click around on my profile just to be sure. I found it under my account settings and “membership”. This was through a web browser, not the app; I’m not sure if that makes a difference. I checked again a couple days ago and even more items had been added to rate. I don’t know how long I’ve had this option. I never got a an email or any notification in my account. Kind of a weird way to roll out a new feature.

          • I have checked apps on phone and computer. Between profile and billing I see “subscription” I can update beauty profile by taking old quiz that’s it. Also I can only cancel subscription I cant change frequency of bags although when I hit cancel then it asked me if I wanted to skip a month instead so I skipped this month. Maybe since I skipped a month next month I will get survey!!

          • An Ipsy representative got back with me saying that everyone has access to the survey to improve your glam bag. You just have to look in your profiles for it!

    • You can go to the ipsy link and update your profile. I did that before I got a notice as I was receiving a couple of things (like black eyeliner) I really don’t use so I let them know and also changed my profile to no eyeliner for now. I don’t really need any colors as I have a lot of eyeliner (but I do like it…a weakness). I also took myself off of the blush list, etc. It may not be that way every time but I think their system does fairly well at matching my profile.

      I really like my upcoming bag. I changed my profile to skin care, nails, hair and lip products.

  5. I don’t care for my bag this month. A first for me.

    Fre Skincare Revive Me Serum (never heard of it)

    Fierce Flicks Liquid Eyeliner (okay as it is a pen liner)

    Blue Lotus Seed 5-in-1 Mud Mask + Exfoliant (i’ll use it)

    Kissable Liquid Lipstick in Desire or Mad About Mauve (ugh. Not another mauve lippie and I’ve not heard of this brand)

    Contour Palette. (I don’t use contour palettes so this is useless to me)

    • I got one of those KOKIE liquid lipsticks from redeeming my points on ipsy. It was a really pretty deep red color bit when I got it and tried it out I didn’t like it. It was very thick and patchy when I tried it out. Maybe with a lip liner or applying more coats it would be okay but I didn’t like the feel of it so I didn’t use it again.

      • Hi Danielle.
        Can you help me out? I belonged to Ipsy for two years and my daughter, though she joined later, two years as well. Her subscription for this year ended in November. We did not know anything about “points!” Should we have been collecting points? And do you think there is anything we can do to redeem points we gained (if this is so…) I tried to contact Ipsy but haven’t heard back! Maybe you can explain the points to me? thanks

        • Unfortunately I do believe points expire. So you probably wouldn’t have most of them that you had earned (I’m not positive but pretty sure.) you earn points by reviewing your bag and products. And you can find your points right under your account. Tapping or clicking on your points will take you right to a page where you can see what items are available to redeem.

        • Points expire one year after you earn them. They won’t give points back that have expired.

  6. I get 2 bags and the month before last I changed my profile to match a friends features because she would always get the exact items I wanted & that month I got a great bag. Last month was just ok. This month I’m pretty much devastated. The only thing I really wanted was the FURLESS loose pigment & of course it’s not in either bag. But a bunch of stuff I don’t want IS. 😞

  7. I have no words for my bag, except, I hate it! My profile is set up to receive very little makeup yet 3 of my items are makeup. And the skincare products I did receive aren’t that great either.

    I’m getting:

    – Ciate Liquid Eyeliner (Seriously, another eyeliner, won’t use)
    – TheBalm Mary-Lou Manizer (won’t use)
    – Global Beauty Care Charcoal Mask (Meh)
    – Bellapierre Brow Gel (Seriously, won’t use)
    – Befine Exfoliating Cleanser (Meh)

    Reading through the reviews, it seems like my bag is coming from Mars. At least from what I read, not very many people are getting the junk that’s in my bag, except for the eyeliner and The Balm which seems like everyone is getting.

    I really wanted the Olehenriksen eye cream. If that was the only thing in my bag it would have been better than everything in this bag. I may be cancelling.

    • Shelli email ipsycare, and tell them that you are disappointed with your bag this month. I have had a few bag I was unhappy with but it was due to an allergy I have to an ingredient and it just happens to be in a ton of stuff, not something they can control at all an I said something to them just to see if I could exclude products with that ingredient and it couldn’t be done but they let me pick an item from the upcoming month just as a courtesy. They will do what they can to help, and it never hurts to ask and see if they can help. i wish you luck!

    • Honestly, you might want to consider BirchBox or Play or another, less makeup heavy sub. Ipsy really is more makeup geared than others, so if that’s not your thing another sub might make you happier.

      • Ipsy must hate me then, lol. I subscribed to ipsy because I want makeup and no skincare. I don’t have any skincare options checked in my profile. None. I receive more skincare than anything else.

        • Have you tried emailing them to opt out of categories? Ever since I owed out of nail polish and face/body creams, I seem to get mostly makeup. If you like nail polish, maybe opt out of face/body cream and hair products and you might get more makeup. I’ve been getting 3-4 makeup items a month and then a random item. Like this month, I’m getting a face serum, liquid lipstick, highlighter, CC cream, and an eyeliner. Hope that helps!

          • opted*

  8. I’m getting:
    Seraphine botanicals raisin cream long lasting lip stain
    Dermelect microfacial exfoliating masque
    Blue balance hydrating and calming serum
    Thebalm Mary Lou manizer
    Slmissglam tapered highlight brush
    This is only my 3rd bag and I’m looking forward to it!

    • Bag twins!!😊 I am excited about it too!

    • Bag twin 😁

    • Lucky you! If I had to choose a bag, this might be it😁😁

    • Sounds nice, I like the bag I am getting also…I listed it on up the page. I have had ipsy over two years and what I don’t use two of my female relatives love getting from me so it works.

  9. I am getting

    Seraphine Botanicals Raisin + Cream Long Lasting Lip Stain

    F.A.R.A.H. Z-Tweeze Dual Ended Tweezers

    Trust Fund Beauty Lip Scrub

    LUE By Jean Seo Balance Hydrating and Calming Serum

    The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer

    Overall I am super excited about my bag this month! I have highlighters coming out of my ears from my subs this year but everything else I am very excited to try especially the serum and the lip stain!

  10. I’m getting:

    Fierce Flicks Liquid Eyeliner (Finally a liquid!)

    Eyeshadow in Bikini or Sangria (Hoping for Sangria!)

    StayPut Brow Gel in Licorice or Cardamom (Excited, just hope I get the right color)

    Lip Scrub (Won’t use)

    Caviar CC Cream (Already have and never used)

    I love that everything but the hair product is full sized and my bag is worth $85. I can’t use the hair product or the lip scrub, though, because they both have fragrance. :/ Definitely the worst bag i have had in a while, even if the price is the highest.

    • Trust Fund far as I know uses natural fragrance and I myself cannot do synthetic but I am sure I can use this one. I could not find a list of the exact ingredients on the lip scrub as I am getting it also but I figure will be on the product somewhere.

      • Thanks for the info! I hope you are right. I would love to be able to use it! That would make my bag pretty awesome!

  11. I am able to fill out a survey for what I would like to see in my bag and 3 of the things I asked for are in my Glam Bag!

    Vansanti eyeliner
    Preventave Measures After Hours Lip Balm
    Hola Neon Liquid Lipstick

    I asked for all the above plus:

    The Balm Mary-Lou-Manizer
    Coffee Body Scrub in Coconut (I positively reviewed the peppermint scrub in a bag and am getting this)

    But I have another account and can’t answer any survey!

    I don’t understand why…doesn’t seem fair that all do not have this option!

    • I want to answer a survey. 😞 Where did you find it?

      • I found this survey in the app, under membership, manage membership, and there it was under the ‘adjust bag frequency’ option. I had to seek it out to find it as it wasn’t given to me through a popup or email so I’m wondering if it’s there for everyone or just some people.

  12. I wasn’t going to look at my spoiler. I had hoped that if I allowed myself to be surprised this month that maybe I would receive a couple, or at least one, item I would be excited about. My last four months have been lousy. Two of those months had one item I was happy with, but the value wasn’t as much as the subscription price.

    Now I am reading what other members will be receiving and the desire to know is creeping up on me. I would love the Oribe and the SLMissGlam brush, but I won’t get my hopes up for them. I have had a narrow profile from day 1. I have never had anything checked for skincare, yet I receive at least two skincare items each month. I have only red, berry, and adventurous checked for colors – yet I receive nude after nude after dull boring nude. Nothing for fragrance or nails. I did receive the City of Color shadow in the “purple” color last month. I was excited about that until I applied it and it isn’t purple at all. No plum. Nada. It is like a rose gold but pinky berry gold. I have two rose gold palettes, so that was disappointing, but I give ipsy credit for sending a non-nude/neutral color.

    OK, I’m going to go check my bag…

    …all right. I’m excited. About one item, but it’s really exciting for me. I am getting the brush!

    *Absolute NY shadow in VIP or Posse (may keep if Posse, but probably not)

    *that Lue serum (seriously – why do they continue to send me skincare? not keeping)

    *Kokie Kissable liquid lip (Desire looks identical to the OFRA they sent me last month, and the other is… no)

    *The Balm (I lost count on how many highlighters of this color I have. Not keeping.)

    Haha, so last month was my one-and-only non-neutral month. Back in September, when we were still able, I requested the fabulously shocking ColourPop lippie in Glam Bag. I requested fuschia (and received it) yet every other month they send me blah. …and I can’t give negative stars in my reviews.

    • Bag Twins! Very excited to try out these items🎉 That SLMissglam brush makes my day😍😍

  13. I’m getting:

    * BELLAPIERRE COSMETICS StayPut Brow Gel in Licorice

    * VASANTI COSMETICS Kajal Eyeliner in Black

    * BEFINE SKIN CARE Exfoliating Cleanser

    * ALTERNA HAIRCARE Caviar CC Cream

    * THEBALM COSMETICS Mary-Lou Manizer

    • The brow gel has two options, how do you tell that you’re getting licorice? I’m getting this too and that’s totally the shade I need but I’m slightly afraid I’m getting the other option.

      • Since I have my hair color as dark brown, I know I will get that one. I’ve never gotten the wrong color for my hair or brows from ipsy.

  14. I got:
    -Ciate London Eyeliner (I’m one of the few that. love eyeliner 😊)
    -Global Beauty Care Charcole wash off mask (I’m excited for the Charcole mask cause I’ve never have tried a Charcole mask…I know I’m late 😮)
    -So Susan liquid matte in raisin flesh or pumpkin (love matte lippies and haven’t tried the So Susan brand before 😊)
    -Pretty Woman nail polish in Johnny’s angels (I love nail polish and the blue shade looks beautiful 😊)
    -Thebalm Cosmetics Mary-Lou Manizer (not a fan of the tiny samples we get from Thebalm Cosmetics 😝)

    Overall I love my bag this month, recently I have started making changes to my profile each month based on the spoilers for the following month and last month and this month have been good bags!

    • I just changed my profile too and really like what I am going to get as well.

  15. This month I will be getting the items listed below. I shouldn’t receive any lip items, highlighters, or eye shadows so I’m slightly disappointed. I do like the color though so it will get used and I’m going for raisin flesh lipstick since tuft insist on sending it. My bags value is about $63.85. And that is awesome for $10!

    *SO SUSAN – Liquid Matte in Raisin Flesh or Pumpkin … (full size)… $14.00 value
    *PREVENTIVE MEASURES 101- After Hours Lip Balm… (full size)… $8.00
    *VASANTI COSMETICS – Kajal Eyeliner in Black… (full size)… $19.00
    *PURLISSE BEAUTY – Blue Lotus Seed 5-in-1 Mud Mask + Exfoliant… (travel size)… $20.00
    *THEBALM COSMETICS – Mary-Lou Manizer… (sample size)… $2.83

    • I think how it works is they only have so many bag variants, as each bag variant is supposed to have a mix of items for eyes/lips/face and so no bag variant is too low in value. So the Ipsymatch picks out the bag with the most things in it that it thinks you like + nothing in it that you have directly opted out of + no repeat items. So if there is something you opted out of or a repeat you’ve got before, you won’t end up with that bag even if everything else in it you would have liked.

      So they may send out a bag that really was only a direct match on one or two items, while the rest are just a balance of things to round out the selection and not be anything you have gotten before.

  16. I’m getting:

    – Absolute NY eye shadow
    – Vasanti black eyeliner
    – Trust Fund lip scrub
    – Mudmasky mask
    – The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer

  17. I got the blue version of that slmissglam highlight brush in a previous Ipsy bag. It’s almost too pretty to use.

  18. I got:
    – Absolute NY Shadow (voted “yes” to receive this — love their sister company Nicka K’s shadow formula, so I’m looking forward to trying this even though the colors ipsy’s sending aren’t exciting)
    – Lue Serum (voted “yes” to receive this)
    – Kokie Liquid Lip (I voted yes to the NYX liquid lip & the Hola Neon liquid lip, so it’s interesting that I’m getting this one! It does look like it will fit better with the colors in my profile!)
    – theBalm Mary Loumanizer (LOVE.)
    – SLMissGlam highlight brush (like it, but probably will swap it since I actually have a backlog of brushes thanks to ipsy and to MSA swaps!)

    Very pleased this month, but I would still love, LOVE to swap for the Seraphine Botanicals lip crayon!!

    • Another bag Twin for me! Very excited, but I too would love to get that Seraphine lip product, maybe in a future bag😀

  19. I am getting:

    REAL CHEMISTRY Fresh Start Foaming Cleanser

    ORIBE HAIR CARE Gold Lust Dry Shampoo

    FURLESS Loose Pigment in Sneaky

    THEBALM COSMETICS Mary-lou Manizer

    SLMISSGLAM L36 Tapered Highlight Brush

    Mostly happy but I was hoping for the scalp revival and REALLY crossing my fingers to get the mudmasky.. Anyone want to trade lol

    • I am getting the mud mask Would love the tapered brush. I have another sheet mask I would add to trade as well!

      • Oof that’s a hard bargain id have to think about it lol I’ve been waiting for a highlight brush for awhile but I might be willing to part with it. Email me and we can work something out!

  20. I’m getting:
    REAL CHEMISTRY – Fresh Start Foaming Cleanser
    DERMELECT – Microfacial Exfoliating Masque
    BELLEPIERRE COSMETICS – Stay Put Brow Gel in Licorice or Cardamom
    THEBALM COSMETICS – Mary Lou Manizer
    SLMISSGLAM – L36 Tapered Highlight Brush

    Excited to try all but the masque – not a big fan of those.

  21. What is this survey everyone is talking about? I never got a survey and my bags have been horrible!

    • Most people do not have access to survey. If you go into account under membership there will be a improve glam bag survey. You will see spoilers and get to click interested or not interested. But for the rest of us instead of membership we see subscription and no survey. Pretty much sucks.

      • I wonder why only certain people get access to that survey. It’s like they’re singling out the customers they actually want to keep vs. those they just don’t care about.

        • It hasn’t helped me at all. I have gotten the exact same items 2 months in a row since taking the survey. I wish I could go back and undo it, but it won’t let me.

        • Just like some people got the option of choosing 1 item they specifically wanted in their bags (which ended in Oct I think) & the rest of us never had that opportunity (or like me only found out when it was ending) Ipsy often does this type of thing for a sampling of customers.

          If it’s any consolation this is the 1st month of the survey wishlist & I got 1 thing out of the 30 I answered yes/no to. I probably said yes to 25 out of the 30 things so I’m not crazy picky. There are probably 8-10 things on this month’s glam bag inventory & the 1 I got (tweezers because I needed a spare pair) would be low on my wishlist.

          • If you didn’t want Tweezers, you shouldn’t have said yes to Tweezers.

            I said yes to 4 out of the 10 products that have come out this month, & received 2 of them.

            I also received 2 of the products I clicked “yes” on for the December bag.

            I also have NOT received any of the products I said “no” on.

          • Marion,
            I do want the tweezers…I’ve gone thru the survey several times to change my choices to hopefully weed out the lesser quality items. The tweezers weren’t in the first go-thru on my survey.

            I haven’t gotten anything that I said no to either which is great. The bags themselves have been hit or miss lately but I’m happy with the overall improvement in my bag products

          • I finally got access to an improve glam bag items survey this month but it didn’t have 30 items, only about 10? Do I need to take the survey several times to see all 30?

          • I got one item I said yes to. But I really wanted the tweezers, and the slmissglam brush

      • Thank you! I went and looked under my account and I did have the survey. It asked me about 30 items over the next 3 months. I wish I had known about this survey sooner. Ipsy should have let people know that was there.

        • I don’t remember getting a specific email about it (couldn’t find it in my Ipsy folder in my email) but maybe I deleted it after taking survey. It may have popped up when I accessed my acct on the app.
          Glad you got to take survey.
          A couple of different products popped up when I went back & changed my reason choice for being unhappy with my previous bags but I wouldn’t necessarily redo the survey.
          From others who posted on here I think 30 was the maximum number of products in the survey.

  22. Haven’t seem my bag yet:

    Oribe Gold Lust Dry Shampoo (meh)
    F.A.R.A.HTweezers (may be good)
    Purlisse Beauty 5 in 1 Lotus Seed Mask (happy)
    Ciate Eyeliner (will add to the pile)
    Absolute New York Eye Shadow (meh).

    • This is my bag too. I’m oddly excited about the tweezers since it’s something unexpected. And Oribe and Ciaté in the same bag? Yes! (Even though I have a huge stash of dry shampoos and of black eyeliner, of course.)

  23. *Cake by Cake Beauty: Heavy Cream Intensive Body Balm
    *Ciate London: Fierce Flicks Liquid Liner
    *Dirty Little Secret: Eyeshadow in Bikini or Sangria
    * Void 5 free polish: Mauvelous
    *Purlisse Beauty: Blue Lotus Seed 5 in 1 Mud Mask + Exfoliant

    Over all I’m pleased, but I had my fingers crossed to FINALLY receive a product from Briogeo that I have never received before!

  24. Getting the so Susan lippie ( brand-meh)
    The balm highlighter( ok) bellapierre brow gel( color looks all wrong) cake body butter (decent) and the global beauty mask (what brand is this?) idk I may cancel next month…

    • That brand can be found easily at TJ Maxx/Marshalls. I always see a ton of their products there, and I *think* that Target sells it too.

      • If you’re teferring to the Global Beauty mask they have a pack of two sheet masks at my local Dollar Tree for $1. I haven’t gotten this brand from ipsy yet but I’ve seen it a few times and I’m super hoping to never get it. Not to hate on Dollar Tree, (I totally love them.) but who wants their Ipsy bag to contain a product from a brand that sells at a dollar store?

  25. Is there such a thing as shooting yourself in the foot with the survey Ipsy gave us to improve our bags? I think I did, lol.

    My bag:

    FARAH Dual ended tweezers (I chose this on the survey)
    The Balm Mary Loumanizer (ughhhh)
    DLS eyeshadow in bikini or sangria (little meh)
    Trust Fund Beauty lip scrub
    Andalou Naturals styling cream (meh)

    I’m super bummed I’m not getting the SLMiss brush two months in a row, but what can you do? The lip scrub is kinda interesting, but I feel like the products this month were all kind of just meh.

  26. I’ve had Ipsy for 4 years now with no cancellations, so it’s gotten to the point where my bags are like a really good old pandora playlist, I’m almost always thrilled. This month the only one I’m bummed about is the balm eyeshadow. I like that brand but I have SO many palettes I’m never going to use a single eyeshadow, might give it to my sister. I love nail polish and have asked ipsy to get one every month and I usually do. Very excited for the serum and the hair cream.

    Raisin + Cream Long-Lasting Lip Stain

    Balance Hydrating and Calming Serum

    Nail Polish in MIA is My BFF

    Mary-Lou Manizer

    Argan & Shea Styling Cream

    • GREAT bag! Jealous of your Seraphine Botanicals lip crayon!

    • I put all my tiny balm and mott samples into a small altoids tin-just glued them in-and put them in my bag! I painted the tin with nail polish I have too many of and LOVE it! Now I will actually use the products!

    • I have been subbed to ipsy over 2 years and I like most all of what I get and can use it or share it. At first it was touch and go but not so much any more. I do update my profile regular and also give review on the samples which probably helps as well.

  27. Hello guys, I’m also getting:

    – Absolute New York Eyeshadow ( “not happy!” )

    -The Liquid Matte Nude Lipstick in flesh or Pumpkin ( “just okay gotten similar” )

    -The Nail Polish in Johnny’s Angels (” first one in two years so it’s OK with me” )

    -TheBlam Cosmetics Manizer (“similar before different brands” )

    -The Scalp Revival Charcoal+Conconut
    Oil Micro (“new to me it’s OK to try” )

    P.S If anyone wants anything please feel free to comment me if your interested

    • I’d like to try the scalp revival, want to trade something?

  28. Hello guys, I’m also getting:

    – Absolute New York Eyeshadow ( “not happy!” )

    -The Liquid Matte Nude Lipstick in flesh or Pumpkin ( “just okay gotten similar” )

    -The Nail Polish in Johnny’s Angels (” first one in two years so it’s OK with me” )

    -TheBlam Cosmetics Manizer (“similar before different brands” )

    -The Scalp Revival Charcoal+Conconut
    Oil Micro (“new to me it’s OK to try” )

    P.S If anyone wants anything please feel free to comment me if your interested

    • Bag Twin!

  29. Pretty happy with this month though I wish I would have gotten the highlighter brush but I am getting….

    NYX lip lingerie in either beauty Mark or satin ribbon.

    CIATE London eyeliner

    Caviar CC cream

    Purlisse mud mask

    City colors contour palette.

    • I wonder what your setting are in your profile your bag a lot of products that I liked and would of loved to get in my Glam Bag this month..

  30. I am so disappointed in my bag this month. It is almost identical to last month. I am getting another black eyeliner, lip scrub, eyeshadow, and blue nail polish. Got all these items in my December bag. There were so many possibilities and I just wish I would have gotten something different.

  31. This is my first glam bag! Maybe I’m just easy to please and not picky but I’m happy with everything I’m getting, so I got:

    Ciate eyeliner

    Luna cosmetics eyeshadow in Juliet (super pretty shimmery pinky-nude)

    Purlisse 5 in 1 mud mask (most excited about this! I love masks)

    Thebalm highlighter

    Hola neon liquid lip in DF

    • We are bag twins! This is my first ipsy bag too

      • Looks like we’re triplets. My first bag too and exactly what I’m getting.
        The colors look beautiful together, hoping they work out well.

  32. Can someone share how you sign up for two bags? I’m new to Ipsy & I want two bags like some of you guys!

    • You just use a different email

    • Also, use your own referral link for the new account, so you get the points. 🙂

    • You can also fill out your profile differently in one of the accounts and hope you get different variations.

  33. I’m so excited with my bag — love it all and am a little shocked that this is in a $10 bag:

    Absolute New York single eyeshadow in VIP or Posse (neutral – Love)

    NYX lip gloss in beauty mark or satin ribbon (Love neutral lippies — I’m obsessed)

    Trust Fund Beauty lip scrub (need this this time of year?)

    Pretty Woman Nail Polish in Johnny’s Angels (blue)

    City Colour Contour palette (I’ve never tried it and just decided to try after seeing my cousins at the holidays).

  34. Overall a pretty good bag, only one dud!
    Briogeo Scalp Revival-I get flaky in the winter, and this is exactly what I need, plus I love the brand.
    TheBalm Mary-Lou Manizer- I’ve been wanting to try this! Happy to finally get it!

    Mudmasky Sleep repair mask-Love masks, even more when I can sleep in them

    Nyx Lip Lingerie in beauty mark or Satin ribbon- This is the dud, I’ll either get another brown that I’ll struggle to use or a pale nude that has a 95% chance of looking terrible on me. Plus I’m sick of liquid lips, I don’t use them much. Wish I’d gotten pretty much any of the other makeup or lip options.

    Pretty Woman Polish in Johnny’s Angels-Looks like a beautiful blue, I’m excited for this one, and have wanted to try the formula!

    Overall I’m very happy with mine. I do wish the dud was less of a dud, but 4/5 products I’m excited to is defiantly my money’s worth. And who knows, maybe I’ll get Satin Ribbon and it will turn out to be my perfect nude. A girl can dream!

  35. I’m getting
    – Ciate eyeliner, happy to get black eyeliner every month
    – Global Beauty charcoal mask
    – Luna eyeshadow in Juliet
    – Befine exfoliating cleanser
    – the Balm highlighter like everyone else

    The one month I took away brushes in my profile and now wish I was getting that pretty pink brush. I will use everything so I’m a happy camper.

  36. Ooh, I’m envious of the SLMISSGLAM brush and sleep repair mask.

    For my bags this month, I’m pretty happy. Last month I received exact duplicate bags despite having different profiles. I did a drastic overhaul of my profile and reviewed the items differently and am pleased to report just 1 duplicate for January.

    Bag #1:
    Global Beauty Care – Charcoal Wash Off Mask (keeping)
    So Susan Liquid Matte lipstick in Raisin Flesh or Pumpkin (keeping)
    Luna Eyeshadow in Juliet (keeping)
    Trust Fund Beauty Lip Scrub (keeping)
    The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer (likely keeping)

    Bag #2:
    Oribe Dry Shampoo
    Seraphine Botanicals Raisin + Cream Long-Lasting Lip Stain (keeping)
    Vasanti Kajal Eyeliner in Black (likely swapping)
    Purlisse Blue Lotus Seed 5-in-1 Mask (keeping)
    The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer (swapping this one)

    • Whoops, meant to include that I am swapping the Oribe.

  37. I’m getting:

    ORIBE Gold Lust Dry Shampoo (Yes!)
    NYX Lip Lingerie in Beauty Mark or
    Satin Ribbon (Already own Beauty
    Mark so hoping for the other color)
    GLOW For a Cause Body Butter in Dream
    (Never heard of it but def need)
    F.A.R.A.H Brushes Z-Tweeze Dual Ended
    Tweezer (Yes! I said I wanted this on
    that survey I filled out)
    Eyeshadow in Bikini or Sangria
    (Hoping for Sangria which means I’ll
    probably get the brown one)

    Overall I think 🤔 this is another great bag as far as variety of products & hopefully the bag itself will look better in person. Starting year 2 with Ipsy!

  38. got:
    Ciate eyeliner
    Preventative measures lip balm
    Mud masky repair mask
    City Colour contour pallette
    Hola neon velvet liquid lipstick in df
    I kinda really needed eyelinet so that’s a win for me and I love skin care. Contour pallette and Liquid lipstick are swappable!

  39. I am really happy with my bag!

    Cake Beauty – body balm (YAY!)

    Ciate London – Fierce Flicks liquid eyeliner (well, another black one but I’ll use it, eventually)

    Purlisse – 5 in 1 mud mask (Great brand and the travel size they have has a $20RV!!)

    Kokie Cosmetics – Kissable Liquid Lipstick (I’m good with either color option!)

    Emma – Nail Polish in MIA is my BFF (Never tried this brand but the COLOR! Excited to check it out!)

    I traded for the SLMISSGLAM brush last month. It is beautiful!

  40. 2 bags/ accounts”
    1st Account:
    + Purlisse Loose Pigment in ” Sneaky” ( smoky dark purple)
    + Ciate London Fierce Flicks Liquid Eyeliner pen ( looks like a dark merlot shade)
    + Glow For a Cause- Body Butter in “Dream”
    +Purlisse Beauty- 5 in 1 Blue Lotus Seed Mud Mask
    + Hola Neon- Velvet Liquid Lipstick in ” DF”

    New account-
    FRE Skin Care Revive Me Skin Serum
    Ciate London Fierce Flicks Liquid Eyeliner- not sure of color
    Purlisse Beauty 5 in 1 Blue Lotus Seed Mud Mask
    Kokie Cosmetics- Kissable Liquid Lipstick ( looks like a berry shade)
    City Color Cosmetics – Contour Palette

    I picked items of facial skincare and cool clear tones in makeup for both bags- they are similar but still different except for maybe the eyeliner and one Purlisse product. I like Purlisse- it must be a mud mask for dry skin.

    Mandy G.
    SO happy to finally have learned the ” trick” to not getting ” The Balm” samplettes

    • Hi Mandy,
      Can you share what trick you mean? Thanks

      • Sure,
        People call it a ” hack” but I don’t use that term. 🙂

        I set my profiles very narrowly focused. Since I am so pale, and look like a CLOWN in nude/ earth tones, I selected the lightest hair and eyes ( gray and gray). Light skin tone, dry skin.

        I skipped MOST brands, only chose the best brands, not that IPSY is going to have these brands but it is keeping me out of ” The Balm” I think.

        I skipped all facial color products except foundation, concealer, and lip colors.

        Picked berries for lip colors, plums and the grays for eye colors because that’s what looks best on me. Skipped all the rest.

        Picked out the skin care I’d most like to get: serum, masks for dry skin ( chose both types- sheet and wash off), moisturizer, and maybe one other skin product for dry skin ( facial oil maybe?)

        I went by what I read on a group’s site about how to hack the perfect Ipsy bag. I know it means ” within the limits of what products they have in stock this month” but overall, I really do like what I got compared to older bags.
        I want to pick out my own hair care, nail care, fragrance, and need to pick out what eye area treatment products I might use because of contact lens.
        USUALLY, nail polish, mascara, cleanser, and yes, eye liners are the lower priced items which ‘ fill up” a bag from what I read. So I didn’t choose any of those items but they did give me eyeliners.

        I will downvote the eyeliners when I review my bag as they are not items I want. Otherwise, I like my bags.

        Hope this helps. It is specific to me and my light skin with blue undertones… Most people probably look good in deeper eye shadows and lip colors, but I have to stick with the berries and the violets and so forth.

        • Yes, very helpful. I’ve already been narrowing my profile & I play around with eye/hair color/skin tone. I don’t want nail polishes & never had that on my profile & over the last year I think I’ve gotten 2. Since I’ve done that my bags have gotten better especially the last 3 months.
          Appreciate the help. Think I’m going to completely change from my current brown eyes & hair with medium skin tone (all true) to blue or green-eyed blonde with fair skin tone (or something with purple hair or some crazy combo)

        • Oh this is so good for me! I too need only cool toned makeup and ipsy rarely sends it since they have more of the warm toned earth shades that make me look dead. I wish they just had the option to choose cool or warm or neutral shades. It would make a lot of us happier, but maybe I will try your method for changing my tone to fair with gray!

      • I’ve written a post explaining exactly what I did for my bag products in tem of very few selections of types of products, choosing the more luxuriously priced brands and types of products only ( If Ipsy has that type thing in stock, of course) but the person who moderates this board won’t let my post through, apparently?
        Is there some sort of SHAME in saying ” I have very light eyes, hair and skin with blue undertones”?

        I truly do not understand why every comment which mentions my particular rather unusually light coloring ( which ELIMINATES all the nudes and golden hued products) aren’t approved.

        Third time it’s happened on this site, and only on this site. Most people seem to understand skin tones and undertones but apparently not the board moderator here.

        My answers to the beauty profile are extremely specific and the ” types of items” and brands I select are very few, only exactly what I don’t want to get ( and eyeliner is one of the ” dont’s” so it’s not perfect).

        Mandy G.

    • the eyeliner is black

  41. I haven’t gotten a good bag in over a year! I keep getting all the items i have reviewed negatively and the exact opposite of my profile picks. I am unsubbing.

    *Nudestix Matte Lipstick
    *Bellapierre Gel Eyeliner
    *theBalm Mary Lou Manizer
    *Dermelect Masque
    * Lue Calming Serum

    The only thing I like is the Lue. I hate theN all and have said so 50 times that it is Not For Me. I have gotten eyeliner 4 months in a row and the Nudestix is the most disgusting colored lipstick i have ever seen! I say no to nude lippies but they continue to give them to me. There were tons of items I would have liked this month but I always get the worst!

    • I hate theBalm

      • As do I. I just threw out 5 ” The Balm” teeny postage stamp sized samples from BB or somewhere.
        I donate a ton of new items to my local women’s shelter, and also to another charity, but in my city, there’s a huge ” NO samples” sign up.
        They want new full sized products or none at all, and as I do not sell on eBay, I have noone to gift them to.

        There are downside to being a middle aged only child with no daughters. Where I live, friends don’t ” give” friends their surplus cosmetics, as it’s very ” private” here.. so a lot of my sub items get thrown out if I don’t try to narrow my selections down to what I will use and do want.

        • Those tiny Balm samples are so frustrating. Even if I put those tiny samples in my
          z-pallet they still feel too small for a brush.

          The packaging is very cute and I have the full sized highlighter palette and a face palette and really like them. I like the brand a lot, but those samples!

        • I wasn’t using my tiny samples; so I got a small altoids tin and glued them in, polished it with extra polish and put it in my bag! So useful now. I put the full sized samples in a magnetic z-palette type of palette, but the tiny Balm samples are perfect to glue right into any tiny tin. You can decorate with stickers, paint or polish…at any age it is a little pop of fun and as long as they are colors you like, they will be useful. I find I grab these now but didn’t when they were all individual. I will keep doing this with my samples, putting a pair or more of colors that go well together as eyeshadow, a highlight, blush and bronzer as I have all of those in my tiny Small Altoids tin now. I have 3 E Mott’s-a taupe shadow, a highlight, a bronzer each a tiny circle. Then I have 4 Balm eye and blush shades -even the blush shade and highlights can be used on the eyes. A very versatile palette that I actually like! Also, I have one friend I feel comfy giving makeup I’ve used to. I bag it all up in an ipsy bag and give it to her, and she loves it! For all the samples I know not to try because the shades are wrong for me and I’ve tried similar shades repeatedly, I bag those up and give them in ipsy bags as little gifts, in stockings, as a pick me up, as a surprise, and I bag up all the nail polishes, lip balms and such for younger girls, lotions and hair care and everything for new mom’s etc.

      • Yeah, I only like their lip gloss.

  42. I just emailed ipsy. I have canceled and signed back up 4 times in fomo mode. But I’m in such a quandry. They promised not to send anymore highlighters. Guess what?? Another highlighter. And another eyeliner. Every month for the last 12 I’ve either gotten a mascara or eyeliner. Then I see some get an entire brush set. Yep, that doesn’t make me feel like a second class citizen. I never ever get the good stuff for the month. Ipsy you break my heart lol.

    • Oops I was wrong about the brush set. But I still hate what I got. I’m with Becca. They don’t pay any attention to our profiles. Why bother asking for them.

      I received:

      SO SUSAN
      Liquid Matte in Raisin Flesh or Pumpkin

      Kajal Eyeliner in Black

      After Hours Lip Balm

      Blue Lotus Seed 5-in-1 Mud Mask + Exfoliant

      Mary-Lou Manizer

      Not a thing I like except the mask. That’s the second or third vasanti eyeliner in 12 months I think. And about 8 eyeliners in 12 months. How many black eyeliners do I need from one sub? Oh well, I guess I’ll have some things to send as freebies with my swaps lol

    • no one is getting an entire brush set though lol those spoilers were from the “shopper” section of ipsy that shows the full size of the items being sampled and for the SL missglam brush ipsy shopper showed a brush set as the “full size”.

  43. I’m getting The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer, Lou by Jean Seo hydrating/calming serum, Trust Fund Beauty lip scrub, F.A.R.A.H tweezers, and Seraphine Botancials lip stain in raisin and cream.

    I think this is an okay bag. I do wish I wouldnt have recieved two lip scrubs in a row but oh well. I’m just hoping the highlighter will work on my fair skin.

    • I also got 2 lip scrubs in a row and I’m jealous you’re getting the Lou! I love that line.

    • We are bag twins 🙂

  44. My bag is pretty good.

    Eye Artiste Single Shadow in VIP or Posse(meh)

    Lip Lingerie in Beauty Mark or Satin Ribbon (ok)

    Heavy Cream Intensive Body Balm (YES!)

    Nail Polish in Johnny’s Angels (cute)

    Lip Scrub (nice)

    I got the Seraphine lip scrub last month but apparently ipsy is very concerned with my dry lips.

    • Bag twins! I’m really excited about this bag. I will use all of the items, and any of the colors would be good for me. Woo!

      • 🎉🎊

    • Bag twins also!! love Caked lotion and anything Trust Fund Beauty. Excited for this one 🙂

  45. I’m getting:

    — Ciate Liquid Eyeliner (just in time as I’m in need of a good eyeliner)

    — Alterna Haircare Caviar CC Cream (excited to try this)

    — Purlisse Beauty Blue Lotus Seed Mud Mask + Exfoliant (not a fan of mud masks, love exfoliants)

    — City Color Cosmetics Contour Pallette (excited to try, thankful not another eyeshadow)

    — Hola Neon Velvet Liquid Lipstick in DF (I think this will be a good color for me)

    4+ out of 5 stars for me.

    • Almost the same.. except I got the Mary-Lou Manizer instead of the palette. Pretty happy about this bag! 🙂

  46. Tweezers…really. I have three pairs already.

    The Balm highlighter…I love to try new ones so not bad.

    Absolute New York eyeshadow…blah, I’m tired of eyeshadow right now.

    Olehenriksen eye cream… excellent! High end brand and I love eye cream.

    So, overall, not a bad bag at all.

    Lue Calming Serum… excellent! I love Lue and serums.

    • Lucky you I wanted the tweezers lol.

    • One of the greatest thing I enjoy about Ipsy is the fact that they have great customer service. The communication between agents of Ipsy and clients is phenomenal. I ordered an offer from Ipsy and found one item, an eyelash curler was not functional. After contacting Ipsy customer service the issue was quickly resolved. I really have no serious complaints about my Ipsy subscription. I play with my profile monthly and so far I have been very happy with my products I have received.

  47. I’m getting:
    -TheBalm Mary-Lou Manizer
    -Kokie liquid lipstick
    -Lue by Jean Seo serum
    -Ciate London Eyeliner (more black, though at least it’s not Eyeko again?)
    -Furless loose pigment in Sneaky

    Interesting assortment and decent brands, so I’m pleased! I think this will be the first time I get skincare from Ipsy.

    • Bag twins! I’m excited about this variation. 🙂 It seems well rounded to me!

  48. Here’s what I’m getting:

    CIATE LONDON Fierce Flicks Liquid Eyeliner

    VASANTI COSMETICS Professional Contour Eyeshadow Brush

    BEFINE SKIN CARE Exfoliating Cleanser


    KOKIE COSMETICS Kissable Liquid Lipstick

    • Bag twins…I’m neutral on this bag. Was excited about a bunch of the spoilers and they managed to give me nothing I was excited about…but I guess its OK stuff. 😕

    • Same bag except for the last item (lipstick). I’m getting the NYX lip lingerie in either beauty mark or satin ribbon.

      Not the most exciting bag (lol)!

  49. Wish I had gotten the Oribe 🙁

  50. I’ll be getting:
    – Ciate Liquid Eyeliner (this will be gifted)
    – Preventive Measures Lip Balm (yay!)
    – Kokie Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick (I hope I get the color in the picture)
    – Emma Nail Polish (yay!)
    – Briogio Scalp Revival (yay!)

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