Ipsy February 2018 SPOILERS ROUND #2!

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Ipsy Glam Bag

We have more spoilers for the February 2018 Ipsy! Here are some of the items being sampled:

In case you missed our previous spoilers, here’s a sneak peek at the possible bag design:

And here are some of the other items being sampled for February:

What do you think of the spoilers?

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I cancelled early January after getting duplicates but when I seen it under eye I quickly signed back up. Hoping that by resigning up I get diff products. If not bye bye ipsy for me

    • The bye bye undereye is all I really want too. I have always wanted to try that. But I doubt they’ll be putting it out in a fair shade, so I won’t count on it. If you have a medium skintone, you are probably more likely to get it. Good luck!

  2. I am sure I am the minority here, but I really want that eyeliner. I have another Aqua XL, and it is my fave. I am one (of the many) who gets an eyeliner in almost every bag, but I LOVE it. I like being able to try out different ones. I really hope they have the Kat Von D/Billie Joe Armstrong eyeliner at some point.

  3. Anyone else feel like they’ve gotten all this before? I’ve received three(!) Bye Bye Undereyes from ipsy, the ipsy Unzipped liquid lip, the Aqua XL liner, and then obviously approximately six million blending brushes and copper eyeshadows.

    Honestly I’d probably be pretty okay with another bye bye undereye (cos that stuff is EXPENSIVE) and I’m not skipping this month in the hopes that I’ll get a Trust Fund polish in a different shade, but…meh.

    • Yuo!!! Just got the Ofra Unzipped, the It! Under eye cream, brush, brush, brush, copper shadow, gold shadow, golden-copper shadow! After complaining for month, I finally started to get new things that I actually wanted!!!

    • I really want to try the unzipped liquid lip , the by bye undereyes , I really hope I get that glam bag package ..

      • The Ofra Ipsy Unzipped is really pretty!

  4. Did anyone else get excited when they saw aqua eyeliner because they thought aqua was the color? No just me? Lol

    • LOL

    • Yes! I had to go look!

  5. Oh YAY, ANOTHER black eyeliner, said no one EVER

    • Lol! So True!

    • I guess I’m in the minority here because it’s one I’ll actually use.

  6. What colors (eyes, skin, hair etc) would make it more likely to get COOL colors? I get so many gorgeous warm colors, which I know are on trend, but I look sick in peaches, coppers, bronzes & browns and great in cool reds, blues, pinks and plums! Has anyone figured it out? Thank you for any ideas!

  7. I am SO happy that I JUST cancelled my ipsy subscription…..I first skipped December…and then January(or maybe I just skipped January, i don’t really remember lol)
    But getting tons of samples that you may not use is a burden to own, they are scattered throughout my house, and it was just TIME to cancel.

  8. Please, God, not another black eyeliner. I have enough to sink a battleship.

  9. I really want to receive in my bag one of the brushes, the Clinique moisture surge, the it cosmetics bye bye under eye concealer, or the Haley’s foundation primer. If I get even one of them I’ll be so super happy!

    • I would also love to receive IT Cosmetics Bye Bye under eye concealer. I have no idea how to request an item for my glam bag.

  10. I hope I get the ofra lipstick . I could also use the bye bye under eye cause right now my under eye is like hi hi here I am!! I also like the eyehadow. I skipped last month but this month looks so much better !

    • I didn’t know we could skip a month! Do I just cancel and join again the next month, or is there another way?

      • If you choose cancel subscription in profile it asks if you would like to skip a month instead. Keep in mind while you are skipping you can’t redeem points and can’t use Ipsy shopper but you can still buy weekly Ipsy offers.

  11. I love the bag, and would like to try the clay, and the dry shampoo!!!

  12. The bag is so pretty!! Hoping for the bye bye undereye!

  13. IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Undereye is the best! So hoping for that!

  14. Meh to all of those.

    I do like Trust Fund polish, but not that shade, lol. Maybe they’ll have 2.

    • Agree, meh. Nothing new.

  15. I was hoping the bag would be more Valentine’s related. I don’t need any dry shampoo and I hope I do not get the black eyeliner.

  16. Love everything they’ve posted so far, except the dry shampoo. Seriously, how much dry shampoo do people use?! I must be too old fashion…I simply wash my hair.

    • I rely on dry shampoo more than I care to admit to 😀 My hair is baby fine and will be super flat if I washed it every day.

    • It’s super unhealthy for your hair to wash it a lot. I wash mine like once every three days, but my bangs get oily faster than the rest of my head, so that’s where dry shampoo comes in. I like having travel sizes to throw into my workout gear bag- I play roller derby and I have to stuff my bangs on top of my head under my helmet to keep them from getting too flat and sweaty. After practice I spritz them with dry shampoo and run a comb through them to make them look presentable.

  17. I hope i get a brush and the Bye Bye Under Eye!!

  18. I love the bag but I’m worried there will be variations. Notice the disclaimer that glam bag AND products depend on your profile?

    • Are you new to Ipsy? They always have variations.

      • I think she meant she is worried the bag itself will have variations because it says products “and” bag…

    • You will get that pink glam bag but there is usually 30 products Ipsy has featured each month. You will get 5 out of the 30 so there is variation for sure.

      • Or not just realized still says possibe glam bag…

  19. I am excited for my next bag. Of all the things listed I hope I don’t get is the nail polish, eyeliner, and Sand & Sky mask (dries my face out).

  20. So want the bye bye undereye!!! I’m always up for new brushes so that would work too!

    • The Bye bye undereye is my favorite concealer

  21. I wish for the dual ended brush, pink clay mask, It concealer, and that nail polish! I love these spoilers, looks like a great month.

  22. I must be on beauty box overload because nothing at all calls out to me. I splurged last month on a yearly ipsy, so of course now nothing in it seems to excite me.

    • I’m right there with you lol I think I may have to cancel my subscription for a while cuz nothing here is calling me & I really am on overload right now 🤗… Give myself a bit of a break 😊💜

  23. Im hoping for the brush! Fingers crossed.
    I havnt received any dry shampoo yet, so might get that as well.
    One thing thats been in my mind for a while is that Ive got an eyeliner almost every month, but no waterproof one yet. Kinda makes me wish for it?

  24. I wonder if I can sign up again and still get Feb … 🤔

    • If they take your payment before the 1st of feb then yeah it’ll be your first bag

      • Do anyone know approximately how long it takes to get off the waitlist?

        • Right after i signed up it gave me the option to “Hop off the wait list” If i posted a link to facebook, which was easy. So you can get off of the wait list immediately.

  25. I like the cute themed bag (given that is the only item I am sure to receive at this point). They didn’t do a valentine’s day themed bag last year so nice to see one that is themed this year.

  26. Still hoping for the brush, and perhaps the Bye Bye Undereye. I’d love to see some vibrant lip color choices since it is the February bag. I received that OFRA lippie last month so here’s to wishing for other colors!

  27. Looks awesome! Hopefully they give me some of these items . I changed my beauty preferences so it’s very narrowed down. As long as I don’t get brow products for months I’m good lol☺️

    • If you make your hair color red you probably wont get brow products because its hard to match. I joined in April and have never got brow products.

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