Infinite Style by Ann Taylor Rental Box Review – January 2018

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Infinite Style by Ann Taylor Box January 2018 - Box

Infinite Style by Ann Taylor is a monthly clothing rental service that gives you access to hundreds of Ann Taylor looks. You will be able to build your closet to help direct what you will receive in each box, plus you can explore new launches weekly! Members get three items in each box, and will typically receive up to 3 boxes per month. Wear each of the pieces as long as you like and then send back, shipping and returns are always free. Can’t part with one of the pieces? Purchase anything from your box at a discount to the retail price!

Infinite Style by Ann Taylor Box January 2018 - Box Open

FYI–the items in my Infinite Style by Ann Taylor box were selected for me based off of what I added to my closet, so your boxes may look completely different!

Infinite Style by Ann Taylor Box January 2018 - Box Inside

My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes). 

Infinite Style by Ann Taylor Box January 2018 - Box Contents

About Infinite Style by Ann Taylor

The Subscription Box: Infinite Style by Ann Taylor

The Cost: $95 a month + free shippings and returns

The Products: Members get three items in each box, and will typically receive up to 3 boxes per month. Clothing is available in women’s sizes 00-14, XS-XL, 00-14 Petite + XS – XL Petite.

Ships to: US Only

Infinite Style by Ann Taylor January 2018 Review

Infinite Style by Ann Taylor Box January 2018 - Information Booklet Infinite Style by Ann Taylor Box January 2018 - Information Booklet 2 Infinite Style by Ann Taylor Box January 2018 - Information Booklet 3 Infinite Style by Ann Taylor Box January 2018 - Information Booklet 4

I received this beautiful booklet that goes over exactly how Infinite Style by Ann Taylor works. It felt very much like a lookbook with beautiful images of some of the pieces I saw on their new arrivals page!

Infinite Style by Ann Taylor Box January 2018 - Return Bag

Infinite Style by Ann Taylor always provides this free return shipping package that makes returning all or some of your items on time super easy!

Let’s see what styles I received! 

Infinite Style by Ann Taylor Box January 2018 - Ruffle Tie-Neck Blouse In Jubilee Infinite Style by Ann Taylor Box January 2018 - Ruffle Tie-Neck Blouse In Jubilee Back Infinite Style by Ann Taylor Box January 2018 - Ruffle Tie-Neck Blouse In Jubilee Details Infinite Style by Ann Taylor Box January 2018 - Ruffle Tie-Neck Blouse In Jubilee Neckline

Ruffle Tie-Neck Blouse in Jubilee – Retail Value: $79.50, Cost to Keep: $31.50

I could not be more in love with this blouse! Red is one of my favorite colors to wear, just look at how much it pops! This is a great style because you can wear it dressed up for work or with a pair of jeans. The blouse is made of 100% polyester and is so light. The fabric really flows with every movement, which I loved! I was a little worried that the ruffle detail wouldn’t look good on me or that it would be too much along with the tie-neck, but I think those extra details are what make this blouse. An absolute winner here and you can’t beat that price! 

Infinite Style by Ann Taylor Box January 2018 - Hoodie Sweater In Oatmeal Melange Infinite Style by Ann Taylor Box January 2018 - Hoodie Sweater In Oatmeal Melange Back Infinite Style by Ann Taylor Box January 2018 - Hoodie Sweater In Oatmeal Melange Detail

Hoodie Sweater in Oatmeal Melange – Retail Value: $98.00, Cost to Keep: $58.50

Now that I am a stay-at-home Mom, I am always looking for styles like this that are comfortable while still being stylish. I could pair these with jeans, leggings, or even a wide leg trouser to dress it up a little. Oatmeal is another one of my favorite colors to wear and I think it can pair with so many different colors. The sweater is a nylon and wool blend so it is very soft and super comfortable! I can’t wait to wear this again, it really is the perfect cozy chic sweater to wear on a super cold day. 

Infinite Style by Ann Taylor Box January 2018 - Off The Shoulder Sweater In Black Infinite Style by Ann Taylor Box January 2018 - Off The Shoulder Sweater In Black Detail

Off The Shoulder Sweater in Black – Retail Value: $79.50, Cost to Keep: $31.50

I really wanted to love this sweater, but I didn’t love the way it fit me. I originally thought I would wear it with a high-waisted skirt, but the material was rather bulky and didn’t tuck into the waist nicely. I tried it with a few different skirts and pants, but I didn’t like the way it layed or the overall shape at my shoulders. That being said, the sweater is absolutely beautiful, made of viscose,  polyester, and nylon. It has a nice stretch to it and is extremely soft, this would last you through the years! 

The Verdict: My first experience with Infinite Style by Ann Taylor was a huge success! I really enjoyed browsing their site and adding styles to my closet and was excited to see which of those arrived in my box. I can’t say that I have shopped at Ann Taylor in years, but I was so impressed with the quality and fit of each piece that I received. I could see this rental service being really great to use for an event, an important work meeting, or even for an interview. Then if you fall in love with whatever you receive, you can still wear and purchase at a discount. I am very excited to see what my next Infinite Style by Ann Taylor has to offer! 

To Wrap Up:

Can I still get this box if I sign up today? Each box is customized for you so a box will ship within a few days of building your closet profile!

Value Breakdown: This box costs me $95, but I received a total retail value of $257. I can wear and return for free, or have the option to purchase any of the three pieces for a discounted price.

What was your favorite Infinite Style by Ann Taylor item from your latest box?

Keep track of your subscriptions: Add Infinite Style by Ann Taylor to your subscription list or wish list!

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Written by Taryn Lowman

Taryn Lowman

Taryn’s passion for subscription boxes started when she was gifted a monthly Birchbox. She is excited to discover more Mom and baby boxes to share with her family!

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  1. Send me extra old clothes only tops, never jackets or pants. It is overpriced.

  2. Great review! Thanks for the pictures, you look great. I’m a big fan of LeTote, and I just looked at the Ann Taylor site. A lot more of the pieces are my style, as I prefer classic to trendy. I might justify switching over for a slightly higher price point than LeTote, but not at >50% higher. I’m going to keep an eye on it, though. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Taryn,
    You’re beautiful!! Please do more clothing reviews. You look great in everything.

    Question for you- Do you know whether any of the pieces you received were sale priced merchandise in Ann Taylor stores OR if they might have been Ann Taylor outlet pieces? Almost every time I shop at Ann Taylor ( and Loft), it turns out that there’s some sort of discount on every item I have on the ” purchase” rack. In many cases, the sale price wasn’t marked on the tag, nor was there a store-wide sale.

    The reason I’m asking is because of the great discounts given to purchase the 2 tops and the pants.
    IF this is brand new store merchandise sold for the prices they quoted, then it’s a great deal to purchase the items you like.

    The first outfit is so cute! You wear it well.

    • Thank you so much for your sweet post! I looked into it and they are listed on sale through the regular Ann Taylor site. They are listed for around the same discounted price I would get if I kept these styles. The Infinite Style site really encourages you to add styles to your closet from the new arrivals page, probably so that you aren’t getting older styles that might already be on sale. I just happened to like a few older styles that felt more wintery to me. I am going to start adding more new to my closet though to see what my next box will offer in terms of sale pricing. Really great question!

  4. This is good for people who don’t have closet space, don’t want to keep lots of stuff, or are following something like KonMarie and want to keep possessions to a minimum. Surely there are people like that.

    This is a little pricey but I love clothing rental services. I have had LeTote for years now and added Rocks Box last year. Why?

    I really hate stuffing my closet with more and more stuff, most of which I (used to) end up donating to Goodwill after some time. I have donated or sent to ThredUp bags and bags and bags of clothes, ridiculous huge piles of stuff. Enough is enough. Clothing rental services have a place, and I am glad for this option.

    • I totally agree with you, thank you for your post!

    • We couldn’t be more different. My clothes are my friends. The more the merrier. They stuff my closet, bins and shelves and together we are complete and go on adventures together. Sometimes they pile up and get strewn about but hey – I still love them and will keep washing them on gentle.

      Every now and then there is a purge of beloved large bags of clothing (most recently a bunch of gently used Victoria Secret clothing, some bras, and black office pants) to the woman’s shelter or Goodwill, but always with a heart-felt, wet-eyed, mourning goodbye and wishing you well as you’re draped on your next body for your next adventures. (This “thank you for the good times and your reliable service” goodbye to an old friend and blessing their energy also happened when I sold my old car).

      I don’t want to feel like I’m trading in my clothes all the time like an escort service. Plus the more you wear or handle something the more your energy embodies that thing and there’s a personal connection/vibration there. There’s only so much “rubbing off” of other people’s energy I could handle by receiving constantly swapped out clothes. This is also why antique shops freak me out.

  5. I absolutely love that red top! It looks gorgeous on you and I really want to but it now! I like Ann Taylor but I regularly find that they have sales with big discounts on their clothing. I was floored when I read the $95 price tag a month for this subscription! That is wayyyy too much in my honest opinion and even though you can swap out three times a month it just is not a justifiable price. I would expect it to cost around $60 especially given the price point of Ann Taylor items with the average sale price taken into consideration.

    • Thank you for your post! I am not a frequent shopper at Ann Taylor, I will be now though, but I didn’t know they had frequent sales!

  6. This is pure my opinion. For $95 I can get classic black dress that will be always in style and I can wear it almost every day just change accessories (necklaces, scarf, etc) and with different cardigan or jacket. This sub is way too high for three pieces.

    • Thank you for your post!

    • Agree. I wish it were more like Trunk Club, where the “styling fee” is credited toward your purchases. It’s not worth the inconvenience that comes with renting – packing and shipping back – for that price.

      Doesn’t seem like you have the ability to pick what you’re shipped or provide input, so that’s a risk. Ann Taylor clothes are great, though!

      • Thanks for your post! While it is a surprise what comes in each box, they are always going to be selecting from what you have added to your closet. So you are able to provide input by adding new styles to your closet, they suggest keeping 8 in there at a time. Plus, you can get up to 3 boxes in one month!

        • Good to know, thanks!

  7. I think all the items looked really nice on her. Really cute stuff! I just have such a hard time with clothing subs. Size Wise and length . Different brands fit differently too. But I really like these outfits on her very flattering.

    • Thank you for your sweet post!

  8. I think the price for this service is about on point with the new price model of 3 out at a time from Gwynnie Bee. I am under the old price model for GB which means I’m paying more like 64 a month for 3 out at a time.

  9. Just to clarify for people mentioning the price…although it’s $95 a month, if you keep returning items and getting new ones back, you can make this worth it.

    It says above:

    Members get three items in each box, and will typically receive up to 3 boxes per month

    So if that were the case, it would be 9 pieces for $95, which is definitely worth it in my opinion.

    • Thank you for your post!

    • I usually always get 12 pcs per month. This makes it very worth it.

  10. Agree with other commenters that the rental price point is off. $39-59 would work for me IF they send a lot of pants and the purchase price is well-discounted (as these items are, which I was pleasantly surprised at.) I would also welcome a “look-see” at suit separates.

    I’ve tried Gwynnie Bee, which didn’t have enough selection at my size, and LeTote, which sent me a free intro bag of just crap. I feel like a direct-from-manufacturer should be cheaper than other rental options, not more.

    • Thank you for your post! You can always build your closet to have more suit separates and pants. You can also get up to three boxes in one month if you send each box back.

  11. The price point on this is unreal. You can buy Ann Taylor stuff dirt cheap and brand new on Ebay. For 95$ you should either get a LOT more pieces or at least a credit towards purchase…

    • You can make that $95 totally worth it! If you send your box back, you can receive up to 3 boxes a month.

  12. This service is just like Le Tote, it is a clothing rental which is why there are no tags and the prices to keep are discounted. However this one is about $30 more then Le Tote.

    • Thanks for your post! I have received Le Tote before and also loved it! What I love so much about this rental box is that you can receive up to 3 boxes in one month, plus you can add new styles to your closet to receive in each box.

      • I typically get 4 boxes a month with Le Tote with each tote having 4 items of clothing for $60/month.

        • Me too. Le Tote is a much better deal but I’ve been finding lately that the selection hasn’t been great. I just signed up for Ann Taylor and they already seem slower than Le Tote, which would mean fewer boxes per month. Has anyone else noticed that? Do I just need to give it time?

  13. I can’t fathom how this sub will last! I assume there’s a market (but how big??) of women who like the idea that they can spend $95 a month, wear something several times, and then not have to keep it/go on to the next thing. But $95 is really steep for three pieces of Ann! And on top of that, if you want to keep an item, you’re paying even more? If the red top were kept, even at a 50% at $31, the monthly outlay is already at $126… That’s a bad deal IMO. This rental service should be seen by Ann Taylor as a way to get customers, and they should offer the same type of deals as other clothing rental subs. Say, $20 a month, with option to buy.

    • Thanks for your post! I think you are really paying to get the quality products that Ann Taylor offers. I was beyond impressed with the high quality of all three pieces I received. Plus, you can receive up to three boxes in one month so you really can get a great value for that $95 monthly fee.

  14. The price to keep is a really good discount. But I wonder, like commented above, if they’re new or already used. I’d have a hard time spending any good amount of $ on used items. I’d expect really deep discounts.

    • Thanks so much for your post! The pieces that I received didn’t look used, but I don’t know if there is any way of knowing for sure.

  15. Does anyone know if you can pick out matching suit separates as rental pieces (and guarantee they would arrive at the same time)? I could see that being a really useful option for job interviews, people whose weight has recently changed, etc.

    • That is a great question! I am not positive if you can ensure that you would receive both in one box, but that would be a really great feature to ensure that you were getting a full suit.

  16. Did the items come with the tags on? I wonder if you rent and return things repeatedly would you eventually get things that had previously been rented.

    • Great question! None of these items arrived with tags which is really nice since you can wear these before returning.

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