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GlossyBox January 2018 FULL Spoilers!

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We have FULL spoilers for the January 2018 Glossybox!

Welcome to 2018!


Receive 5 beauty regimen must-haves, including 3 full-size products, valued at over $108.

It’s a fresh new year and that means it’s time to focus on healthy, fresh skin. Although many of us may feel bogged down with a litany of resolutions and the stress that comes with them, here at GLOSSYBOX, we want you to embrace your natural beauty for an easy, breezy beauty look that will take you well into 2018, no mess, no stress.

Each GlossyBox will include:

Lumene Lahde Purity Dew Drops

Dr. Botanicals Moroccan Rose Superfood Facial Oil


Buxom Big Tease Plumping Mascara

What do you think of the spoilers? 

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  1. I didn’t get my Doucce mascara last month in my box. Sent message, no response, no mascara. I’ve received this months box already. I’m mad about the mascara!!

  2. The lip tint sucked. It was totally the consistency of something I would of used from Bonnie Bell when I was 8. The face oil does smell ahhhhmazing however I am unsure of the results. The hair oil I will say has done the trick for my ends. Everything else still TBD.

  3. I have never stressed out over a ‘fun’ subscription box like I have with Glossy box. They have messed up so many times that I pretty much hate them. They owe me money for boxes not received and I refuse to give up the fight, so the stress continues. But I still read the reviews hoping to see that they are improving….alas, no.

    • I actually just cancelled my subscription. It’s disturbing reading all the negative reviews on them – boxes not delivered, customers being charged twice, missing items. I subscribed on a whim, but after researching, I had to just cancel.

  4. Hope this box gets reviewed soon. I want to know what Liz thinks of the eye gel. First one I’ve liked and that hasn’t burned my eyes in a long time.
    I liked the box fine.. also liked that there are multiple full sized items.

    It’s funny. I’m having the ” December bonus box mistake” issue with Allure, and some of you are complaining about GB.. and I’ve never had a second’s problem with them for all their duration. I do recall when they had a toll free number and people would answer their mobile phones with kids crying in the background, and city noises and such. That was really early in their business model.

  5. I just re subbed with GB last week and received my January box today with a full size Sunday Riley Rapid Flash Serum!!!! I am ecstatic!! The box is fabulous and I’ve been wanting to try Sunday Rileys products for awhile now!!!!

    • Did you receive that Sunday Riley serum I n your January Glossybox or the allure January box ? I don’t see that serum in the January Glossybox but it was in the Allure January box!

  6. Hey Liz, I just received my glossybox. The product listing mentions the marula oil (theorie) to be 3.4oz with an RV of $26, which is correct. However, the box provides 0.34oz (10mL) and not full size. Just thought I should let you know of the misprint from Glossy. I’ll email them as well.

  7. So continues my issues with Glossybox. I sign up for the three month subscription that includes one month free through Gilt City and I had no issues applying it to my account. My issue is that my free box is December which I already received Decembers. And my first of the three month boxes is January, which I already received because I turned off auto renew and 2 days later they charged me anyways. So two Decembers and two January’s and I liked both boxes, but the point was to try a new box each month for a total of 5 months. They are supposed to issue me a refund for January, but it’s already past the 7-10 business days and they don’t know why it hasn’t been refunded. So I got the run around which I hear is normal (unfortunately). It’s sad because so far I have loved the boxes I receive they are just so disorganized and customer service sucks. Also, the December box arrived two weeks late and considering it was my first ever box with them I was very skeptical, but my January box arrived from ship date to door in four days, so that made me feel better.
    Apparently the Gilt City Bundles were preselected months (Dec/Jan/Feb/March), which was not specified during purchase. I learned that today talking to Sadie (which was very short on the phone, I definitely inconvenienced her day).
    I would have been content if they offered to push my Gilt City bundle out starting in February (for four months), yeah I paid for January and shouldn’t have, but at least I would have received six different boxes. You know when the Gilt city bundle ends in March April’s is box is going to be awesome and I am going to go all kinds of Gingersnaps on them.

  8. My Glossybox came in the mail today. Super happy. Such a great box. Love the facial oil and the smell is amazing. Kinda surprised that the Buxom mascara was a sample size though.

  9. I love GB! I’ve had nothing but good experiences with them and the boxes have definitely gotten better over the past few months. Happy to see skin and hair care in this box. I have Boxy Charm for makeup and Glossy for the skin and hair care. Love Buxom Mascara!

  10. Yes, this box looks great!!!
    But don’t put yourself through the Glossy Box experience. Oh you might lick up and be one of the few that he no issues of you may be just like me and totally screwed over! I have been fighting for a month to get my December box! I Loved GB but felt forced to cancel. I went online and canceled but I was charged anyway for January. When I brought this to the attention of Customer Service I was told they could not refund my money as the box was being “processed”. I said fine, just please cancel for Febuary.
    I still have no December Box And my I received an email stating my January box is going to the WRONG address. I want to scream.

    So, beware!

    • I requested cancellation at the end of my six-month subscription however because I canceled apparently too early I was notified that I would not be getting the remaining January and February boxes that are due me. I had prepaid for a six-month subscription in advance. I kindly explained to them that they owe me two more boxes but they kept telling me there was nothing that they could do. I told them either they refund me for the two months where they give me the January and February boxes finally I get a response from someone who says that yes I am correct in that I they are sorry that someone gave me bad information but that I would indeed be receiving the January and February boxes. Yesterday I sent them an email asking when I can expect my January box and was told that I do not have an active subscription UGH!! Of course I don’t have an active subscription!! I told them they need to re-read the comments from a previous representative telling me that I would indeed received the January and February boxes that I am owed. Their customer service is unacceptable I don’t understand how it is so complicated for them to understand they still owe me two boxes to fill the six-month subscription I paid for in advance 🙁

    • Any my personal GB saga continues It is too bad that their customer service is so poor because it is truly a beautiful box curated very well. I purchased and paid for a six-month subscription and it Vance and I canceled when I should have just had them turn off my auto renew and that started the whole downward spiral. After I “canceled” I was told that I would not be getting any further boxes and that December would be my last one which I promptly told him, Um NO, January and February would be my last two boxes and I went back-and-forth and them telling me that we’re sorry but since your account is closed you won’t be getting any more boxes and no refund. I finally got someone to understand and was told I was given bad information and that I would be re-seating my final two boxes to fill my six month paid in advance subscription. A few weeks later I sent a message asking when I’m going to be receiving my January box and was told since I do not have an active account I would not be getting any more boxes:(UGH). I told them to redirect to the last message that I received from their customer service stating I would indeed be getting in January and February boxes. It took them a few days to respond but I finally received an email the other day stating I would be receiving January and February’s boxes and that they would be making an exception for me but in the future I should have just turned off the auto renew instead of canceling. Wow so there really putting the blame on me the customer! I work for a rather large bank and customer service is the upmost importance but this is absolutely not how the situation should’ve been handled and unfortunately for them I will tell everyone about my experience as I should not have had to keep exchanging messages and messages and getting different responses from different people. All I wanted was either a refund for the two months they owed me or just send me the two remaining boxes I have a subscription I had already paid for in advance. I still am shaking my head as to how this became so difficult as to me it was quite simple and could have been resolved very very easily on their customer service side. I seriously doubt it they would give me a refund so I did not think it was out of line to ask for the remaining two boxes.

  11. I received the email about subscribing in January and receiving a bonus full size Sunday Riley CEO Serum. I did so but also emailed them to make sure it would come with this order since I did not see it on the confirmation they sent me. They replied a few days later that the promotion was only for the first 500, understandably, I was disappointed but also, I felt a bit led-on since there was no indication of this clause in the fine print of the email or on the website when I signed up. I definitely don’t expect wonders from a twenty dollar beauty box but a bit more transparency in marketing would be nice. I have since cancelled.

    • You can get that same product in the January allure box and they have different promotions all of the time.

    • Oh maybe I was wrong I thought it was the same product? Eitherway it’s worth checking in to.

    • OMG r u serious?!??? I just resubbed only for CEO….. Time to cancel again! Had the worst customer service from them, I give up. There was no “fine print” in the email, I looked…

  12. I still haven’t received two of the BF $10 special boxes but you still can’t scare me away. I am so thinking of getting this box if it is still available next week. They are offering Sunday Riley CEO for newbies… We will see. Even with the rituals fiasco I am still willing to get my paws on this one. Like Boxy, Feautyfix and Allure are not enough. I need help. Or wait, is is discipline. This or maybe pop sugar?

  13. I broke down the prices of each.
    Dr Botanicals Moroccan Rose Superfood Facial Oil: $19 on Amazon
    Lähde Hydrating Purity Dew Drops Hydrating Eye Gel: $7 on Amazon
    Theorie Marula Oil Transforming Hair Serum (full size version) $16 on Amazon
    Steve Laurant Beauty Lip Tint in Dusty Rose (full size version) $22 on Steve Laurant website
    Buxom Big Tease Plumping Mascara $30 on Amazon. Hopefully the one star review does not hold true.

  14. Has anyone who hasn’t received their December box actually received a replacement yet?

    • Yes I got my replacement box. I don’t know what the hell happened last month, it was a hot mess. My January box shipped with the same new weird slow service like last month, but at least it is back to regular going out.

  15. I was a subscriber when they had the promotion 3 months for $10 each last year, I cancelled without any problem after my 3rd month. Bought the special edition box and I had no problems at all either. I just bought the promotion from Gilt city (2 boxes for $30..and with a new account I was able to use welcome20 promo code for 20% off, paid $24 total)…I went to Glossybox website and entered the code I got in the email from Gilt city and it didn’t work, I thought that my good luck with them was over, I was ready to call CS but before that I went back to the email I got from GC and read it carefully…and I saw “to redeem this voucher click HERE bla bla bla” so I clicked there and Baam! Took me to GB site ready to check out my “GC bundle x 1” ,logged into my account and the total cost shown was zero and I placed my order. Got an email saying with got your order and that’s far so good…now we’ll see if I can get my boxes (kind of worried from reading all your horror stories :/)

  16. This box looks great. I love the color of the lip tint.

  17. I still don’t have my December box!

    • Yup, right there with you. Still haven’t received my December box. Emailed me them and have yet to receive shipping info. Shady!

      • I was told the box has been shipped WITHOUT a tracking number!

      • Me three. Haven’t received December, called at the end of December when I saw on the tracking the last move my box made was to Vegas on 12/15 (I’m in WA) They apologized and said they were sending a new one right out, should be here in 3-5 business days. Still NADA. Wasn’t thrilled with the last couple boxes either. Wonder if they are having financial difficulties or what?

  18. ** New Subscriber Beware** I’m glad I cancelled… after I received the WRONG box (Sept 2016 box lol) in December, which I signed up specifically for the dec box…I contacted them and they said they were sending the right one….I called back a week later when I didn’t get any shipment info and they said it wasn’t sent and it should be sent any day (never offered any credit or extra sample for the hassle) … now another week later still nothing! They NEVER answer your web messages (only when you call, they’ll look up your account and THEN reply to close it out) so I have not gotten the December box still and I saw that I was quickly charged for January tho… I gave it a few more days to see if I get the box they owe me and today I called and cancelled, so now I wait for the refund…I signed up for Beauty Fix instead and it’s amazing since I like skincare a lot lately since I’m in my 30s (plus I get Birchbox, Ipsy, Sephora Play) compared to other subs glossybox needs to up their customer service, I prob woulda stayed for another month or so if this didn’t happen

    • Thank you!! I thought it was the September box I received since I have been with them for almost a year. I’ve defended them to my friends, but I just can’t anymore. I can’t say they have poor service because basically they have no customer service. Take my advice with so many more subscription boxes out there to try forget Glossybox, it is not worth the hassle.

  19. I love Buxom, Theorie, and Lumene. However, I was a GB customer for three years and got burned pretty badly. I’m not sure if I want to chance it with variations or something else going wrong that I can’t think of.

    Hmmm. I can’t decide. But this is a nice box.

    • I love the look of this box. I had the subscription for a while then cancelled before being charged for this Jan box. My daughter and I both never received our December boxes. :/ They keep telling us they’re coming….

      • If you’re a Subscriber it takes a while to receive your new subscription box

        • New*

  20. I think Glossybox did a great job curating this month’s box. Nice balance of makeup, skincare and hair care.

  21. Crap. I am so furious over GB’s crappy customer service and want to cancel on them so bad after my sub is up. But I will use every.single.thing. in this box. They consistently send me stuff I can use but they are the most frustrating beauty sub I have. I’m so conflicted. lol.

    • Lol, me too girl!

  22. Really? I thought it’d be something different lol but either way I already purchased and I’m still happy for only $11 how can I not? Good deal

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