FYI – Some Allure Subscribers May Receive An Extra Bonus December Box

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Thanks, Barbie, for letting us know about this email from Allure Beauty Box:

To sum up, if you received 2 December boxes, you were not charged for the second one, and your January box will be shipping soon.


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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I signed up on Jan 5th, and now my account shows order placed on 19th. I didn’t receive any email about shipping my box, does Allure usually send a shipping information? I just feel like their online account have no usefully information at all…

    • Yeah – the online account is so bland. I ordered the 2nd or something like that and havent received a thing. I just logged on and now my account says suspended when before it said active. No clue and they won’t return my messages.

      • Yes, they didn’t reply my messages neither, I might need to call them if I don’t see the box until Feb 1st…

    • They’re hit or miss on notifications. Sometimes I get the e-mail the day the box arrives.

      I got the December duplicate, and no notification on when my actual January box was shipping.

      I got fed up and called customer service. A nice young lady named Heidi told me my box would arrive today. She was correct.

  2. I signed up on the 12th for the January box and every time I sign into my account it moves my order date up like I just subscribed, and now instead of the 10 day wait it says 20 days to wait for your first box. I’m already not impressed and haven’t received the box yet..

  3. Anyone who got the extra December box heard when their January box will ship?

    I’m still waiting.

    • Not yet and I’m a bit concerned. I joined a month early to make sure I got the Sunday Riley serum and I’m going to be *pissed* if they try to send a different box.

      On a side note, I got an Allure subscription for my sister though Amazon and she gets it a week earlier than I get mine and she hasn’t had a broken product yet. I think I’m going to cancel through Allure get mine through Amazon as well. I don’t want to deal with all this broken product, double-charging, wrong box mess.

    • Replying to myself seems a little self-important, but here goes.

      I did finally get my January box, it wasn’t as advertised, but that’s actually okay.

      A couple of the box edges were dinged, but none of the products were damaged.

      I did get the Sunday Riley serum

      I did NOT get the This Works cream, but the fine print indicated that it could be swapped out for among other things, the Lxmi Creme du Nil, which I have tried and liked, so no harm.

      I did get the Frederic Fekkai texturizing spray.

      I did get the Make Up For Ever liquid lipstick.

      I did NOT get the Rodial eye pen, but that’s okay; not a big fan of brown eyeliners. However, I wouldn’t have minded a the Pop Beauty pen, since I’m a big fan of purple eyeliners. But apparently they were out of all of them since I got a pot of Cargo blush in Bali, which is a shimmery pink.

      So, overall, I’m reasonably satisfied, but I would have preferred getting the correct box on time.

  4. Does it bother anyone else that they are more than likely sold out of the January box and still using it as bait to get people to sign up? It does not say on their site that they are sold out of the January box, it says, “Due to popular demand IF the January box sells out, your first box will be February. It has said that since I signed up on the 11th. If they are, I think that’s pretty grimy…they know by now if they are sold out.

  5. Received this email from Allure CS today. So it seems not all boxes sent in error are complimentary.

    Dear Subscriber:

    Thank you for contacting Allure Beauty Box.

    We apologize for the confusion. The first charge on January 2, 2018 was for the December one. The charge January 5, 2018 was for January. While it’s true the December box was sent out in error, you were still charged for this and was not complimentary as the last representative indicated. If you don’t wish to receive the December we can refund that back for you- please let us know.

    If we can be of further assistance, please let us know. To ensure your future concerns are handled in a timely fashion, please include all previous e-mail correspondence.

    Thank you,
    Allure Beauty Box Customer Service
    [email protected]

  6. I received my beauty thrills box yesterday, and my January box today. I live in California…if this helps anyone.

  7. I was a new subscriber and my mystery gift was… a sample size of Tula neck cream. I’m 22 years old.

    Also, my texturizing spray came uncapped and half empty. Can’t say I’m especially pleased with this box.

  8. Allure really does have an awesome box for $15 + whatever taxes & fees, making it $16.48 per month in my state. But after all this time, they STILL CAN NOT GET IT TOGETHER! No shipping emails! Customer Service never seems to know crap about anything! People are getting bonus boxes but I can’t get a broken product replaced?! I thought this was the best sub but I think I’m going to start playing the ‘canceling game’ that others speak of. Cancel for the months you don’t want then resub for the months you do want plus the free gifts that keep changing. Allure may have great products but their system & CS sucks! Decembers highlighter was in pieces, not fixable, told too bad, we are out. That $85 serum in January’s box was not in a package, it’s a glass bottle & broken. I was told that I’m just trying to get 2… Time to say goodbye to allure after this.

  9. Still waiting on my Black Friday Thrills box and January box. Not impressed. Called
    over a week ago and they said the Thrills box finally shipped but I’m still waiting…

  10. Thank You @Allure Beauty Box I received my Bite lipstick. Waiting to use it very soon. That’s tomorrow 😍😍😍😍 I look forward to my January Beauty Box. Need me some Serum Sunday Riley I am ready. I’m happy 😊

  11. Does anyone know how to get in touch with allure? I never received my free gifts or bonus box and it’s been several months.

    • Your best bet for a quick response is to call them at 1-800-274-1603.

  12. Honestly I’m not sure if I have received another Dec box or not. (I pick up from my P. O. Box once a week.) I never got a shipping notice (which is very unusual) so when I saw this email, I was really surprised. I’ve only been charged once for the Jan box.

    If I do get another Dec box, I’m hoping it arrives by Jan 20th! I already spied a bracelet I want from Bauble Bar and would love to use the coupon code to get it!

    Although, if what I’ve read here is correct, I wouldn’t be too upset with a second Jan box! I really want to try the Sunday Riley.

    • Hey! I’m not going to use my Baublebar coupon from December’s box, I can email it to you if you’d like.

      • Oh, thank you, but I’ll pass in case someone else would like it. I really don’t need anymore pieces. This is more a crime of opportunity than necessity.

      • I’ll take it cause i didn’t get mine or I threw it away one of the two?

  13. I just canceled Allure I got my free gift worth 28 dollars it was a sample wonder beauty lipstick in some kind of neutral brown. This was in replacement for the Tarte Brush? WOW

    • I got a grayish lavender Bite multi stick. Looking at the swatches online (gelato) it will probably wash me out. Will give it a shot though. Maybe if I mix it with other stuff.

      • …. just got the same grayish lavender though they called it “hazy plum with taupe” – I’m hoping it works……. at least it’s worth a shot!!! 🙂 …. when I signed up in December, the promised gift was a Mally mascara…..

      • I just got the same thing. Not sure I want to bother trying it. What did you think?

        • On its own, I think it was a bit off for me. I am very fair and it’s lighter than my lip color. I did top it with a pink gloss and that helped. Didn’t try it yet as blush. Might work nicely as highlighting eyeshadow? Hope it works well for you ladies!

      • i use that exact multistick as a quick eyeshadow when im in a rush. its got a little colour and looks nice, but is neutral enough to go with anything. seriously recommend throwing it in your purse for those days you are rushing out the door!

  14. I still haven’t received my beauty thrills box from the better than Black Friday deal. I called allure last week and the girl told me that it was in Pennsylvania (where I live) and I would have it in a day or two. I called back today and the girl I talked to said it was sent out on the 6th and she’s not sure what’s going on. My January beauty box has not even shipped yet. 🙄

    • I called them last week and told them how unimpressed I was that I still had not received my free Thrills box. I got it yesterday (May Thrills Box), and they added a tinted chapstick, another red Revlon lipstick, Glove maupeup Removers (12.99), Unwash Bio Cleansing Conditioner (17.50) and a Not Your Mothers Plump For Jou Hair Thickening Treatment (14.99). Im still cancelling on once I get my January box.

    • I just got mine today after calling twice. never got a notice it just showed up on my usps informed delivery notice. I got the may 2017 and am happy with it.

    • I just got mine today regular mail. I live in New Jersey. Hope this helps.

  15. I’ve got one more Bauble Bar code I won’t use if someone wants to drop their email–first come first serve 🙂

    • Meeee please!

    • I didn’t get one or I threw it out! If you still have it I’d love it!

  16. For anyone that gets two boxes, keep an eye on your credit card statement. I emailed them about the second box and got a similar reply, that the box was a mistake and I would not be charged. Just got my credit card statement and I was charged twice, two days apart. I’m sure I can resolve this but wanted to give people a heads up. 🙂

  17. It’s fun that some people will get it for free, as allure charged me twice this month ))). Wrote them 3 times and still no reply.

    • I emailed them multiple times last month when I was charged twice, ended up calling about 3 times to finally get my refund. I hope you have a lot easier time than I did.

    • U can call them and get a direct response. Their phone number is (800) 274-1603. Hope this helps! I didn’t get an extra one 🤨 but that’s ok. December isn’t an absolute have to have when I already have it.

      • Will give them couple days, and call.

  18. For anyone who got a second box and isn’t using their Bauble Bar code, I’d love to make use of it on a couple items I’ve had my eye on. Thanks! My info is mintysunshine at g mail com

    • Has anyone emailed you a code yet? I have one that I’ll send you if not.

      • No, I haven’t gotten any emails yet. Thank you so much!!

      • Er, Stephanie, I’m looking for a code, too. My comments seem to be getting mixed up on my computer. My December box was “delivered” but I never got it. My email is morrisonspanishclass at gmail dot com, if you still have one.

        • Just sent you my code!

          • I tried it, but it said it wasn’t valid. I wonder if someone went through and guessed a bunch of the codes, since they seem to be very similar. Oh well, thank you so much for sending it to me! I appreciate your effort and kindness 🙂

    • I’ll send you my code.

      • I’ll take it please! Been trying to get one cause i must of thrown my out!

    • Just sent you one-enjoy 🙂

  19. Umm so what about the people who signed up in Dec and NEVER EVEN GOT THE DEC BOX yet? 😠 I’ve heard it sold out so???????

  20. I’m in the extra Dec box club! lol Hooray for more Oribe!

    • If you’re not using your extra Baublebar code, I’d love it! My box was delivered but never arrived 🙁 my email is morrisonspanishclass at gmail dot com, just in case!

      • Lisa did you get a code? I’ve got one I’ll send you if not

        • Someone kindly sent me one, but I tried it and it says it’s not valid. If you have another, if appreciate it.

          • Just sent it–from golde2u2 at hotmail in case it went to spam 🙂

    • Same, makes me wonder why some people got one and others didn’t? Allures service is head scratcher.

  21. So…I signed up in December and I thought I signed up with the promotion that you would get another “extra” box?
    Does anyone else remember this promotion that was going on? Or did I make it up in my head lol I seriously can’t remember anymore
    I could have sworn they would send the December box then in another shipment would send an extra box like a mystery box

    • Birchbox had a double box deal.

    • I signed up for the better than Black Friday deal, where you would get a free beauty thrills box or the Rue la la box free with a 3 month subscription. I haven’t received any free box, so I’m going to call them. I had to call for the deal as the website link was having problems, and customer service was wonderful. Hope I have a similar experience this time. (Search this site for the deal, as that’s where I saw it posted.) Hope this helped!

      • It takes 6 weeks to get the bonus boxes/items. Took that long for me to get my free eyeshadow palette too

        • It’s been 2 months. 😕

          • I signed up in October and still no Tarte blush. Every time I call it’s “about to be shipped”. I don’t even care anymore.

      • I signed up with the same deal and just got my free Beauty Thrills box yesterday.

      • I signed up for that same Black Friday deal and received my Beauty Thrills box yesterday. There were some extras in there too! Overall it was a great deal for me.

  22. Classy response! Hoping for my January box any day now!

  23. I got two JANUARY boxes! yay!!!

    • Lucky!!!

    • Very lucky!

  24. I got my January box today, along with the May 2017 Beauty Thrills Box from the promo I signed up for last Nov. I was pretty darn excited!!

    • I git my January box today also 🙂 unfortunately my Sunday Riley Serum was open and leaked all over the box 🙁 but still an awesome box

      • *got

  25. I received one today along with my Thrills box from Black Friday finally. I called them cuz I was SO mad thinking they sent me another Dec instead of Jan–was pleasantly surprised to hear it was a mistake and I can keep it. Kinda makes up for waiting so long for the Thrills box…which was pretty awesome–I got May 207–great value!

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