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FabFitFun Spring 2018 Box Add-Ons Schedule!

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The FabFitFun Spring box is coming soon! Here are all the dates you need to know:

  • January 22nd – Valentine’s Day Capsule Sale
  • February 5th – Select members (annual subscribers) will have early access to Add-Ons!
  • February 5th – Facebook Live First Look at Add-Ons
  • February 12th – Add-On access for all subscribers!

If you haven’t signed up for FabFitFun you can still subscribe and get access to Add-Ons!

Now through January 21st, if you are a current FabFitFun subscriber and you upgrade to a Select (annual) subscription, you’ll get $10 in bonus credit to spend on Add-Ons for your next box!

*Credit will appear in your account in 48-72 hours. Offer ends January 21, 2018 at 11:59 p.m. PT. Credit only valid for the Spring Add-Ons season.

If you haven’t signed up for FabFitFun yet, use coupon code MSA10 to save $10 off your first box. (This box is regularly $49.99 a quarter). Your first box will be the Editor’s Box.

Check out our review of the Editor’s Box to see what you’ll get!

(Check out our FabFitFun reviews to see what you can expect with this quarterly subscription box for women!)

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  1. It is not posted on their website for today. I contacted support, they said they don’t have an official date for the V-day capsule sale. However we are supposed to get an email about it when they know.

    • The sale is on! It just opened a few minutes ago. They have a number of previous items (spongelles etc) but also a lot of new things…including a line of jewelry in the $349-$749 (!!) range…

      • It’s the capsule sale, not box add-ons. Those start the 5th for annual subscribers.

  2. How much do people typically spend on add-ons? Are any of the items super expensive? Like over $50?

    • I try not to spend over $100 but I usually do. There aren’t usually anything over $50 but maybe a couple.

    • I have never spent more than $150! Most of the time I spend $100 or less!

  3. I am new. What does all this mean? I thought when I didn’t add on yesterday my box was shipping and I lost all op to add on. When is spring box? I thought I just bought winter box. So Editor box is NOT Winter box. Will I be allowed to get in on this action? Sorry to be a little slow on the deal.

    • The Editor boxes are sold in between seasons, so you probably got that and not the Winter box. The editor box is made up of popular items used in past season boxes. When you buy your first box the add-ons they offer are very limited, but when the time rolls around for the Spring box, the add-on sale will be much larger and last for about 2-4 weeks (in that time you can add and delete items from your cart until the sale ends, at which point you will be charged for whatever you have in your cart). Since you have bought a box I assume you are signed up for either a Seasonal or Annual FFF membership, so yes, you will be able to participate in the spring add-on sale. Keep an eye on your account and email, and soon it will all make sense.

  4. I am SO hopeful that they will have those wonderful aloe socks from the Winter box available as an add-on!

  5. I can’t wait for add ons!!! I like them more than the actual box. I hope we see some new items but I would also like to restock my Spongelle supply.

    • I have pretty much a years worth of spong products took advantage of the 5.00 deal they had. Spent 101.00

  6. I’m am probably the only box addict that liked it more when there was more of a surprise to a good amount of the box but now they pretty much lay it on us. Yes I know that it’s a risk but I just love opening up a box and digging in and not knowing what’s inside for the most part. I know I can leave the picking up to them and keep my blinders on for 3 months but that is really really hard. This is just my thoughts. I still surprise myself with not peeking at the spoilers for Popsugar, Allure, Huggybox and a few others. I know it’s silly! Lol 😂😂😂

    • I also love the element of surprise. I like picking between a few items but really love not knowing what I’m getting. I avoid a lot of spoilers 😊

    • It’s not silly! I understand. However, I can’t seem to stay spoiler free myself. But if I could, it would be nice opening a box that really would be a surprise.

  7. Ah but when will the SPOILERS be out? Like, for the actual box?

    Historically, the Spring boxes aren’t too my liking, but I still wanna see spoilers! 😀

  8. What?! Spring box?! We just received winter box and it is already time for spring one??!! it feels like it is monthly box, not quarterly.

  9. Honestly, they’re gonna have to release the really good spoiler. I loved everything in my winter box and used either myself or as gifts. But looking at the reviews the last three Spring boxes, there’s not much in there that I want.

    • I can’t wait for spoilers. I didn’t like the past Spring boxes either but hoping for a good one this year!

  10. What time do they start on those dates? Midnight?

    • 8am or 9am Pacific Time

      • Thank you!

  11. I feel like add one really delay the shipment of the box even if you’re an annual member so unless there’s smthg I can’t live without I’m not doing them.

    • Ons *

    • I agree. I’m annual and both my fall and winter boxes shipped *so* late. All I could figure is they were waiting on some add-ons before shipping mine out.

      • Weird… I bought two of the summer boxes. On one I bought an add-on and it shipped very quickly, whereas it took two and a half weeks for the non-add-on one to even get a tracking number. And I’ve actually read that boxes with add-ons ship first. Maybe the exception is if they need to wait to restock some more popular add-ons, but buying add-ons is supposed to make your box ship more quickly, I believe.

        • Key word suppose to.

    • That’s surprising as they ship boxes with add-ons first. Mine always arrive quickly and I always have a ton of add-ons.

      • Even though I have two annual subscriptions NONE of my boxes in the past year have ever shipped during the priority shipping period for annual members. Each time I’ve emailed CS I get a generic “we know you can’t wait to get your box and you will be notified as soon as it leaves our warehouse” response.

        • Mine, either. That is my only complaint. I am annual subscriber & don’t get early shipment (even order add-ons sometimes.) Frustrating.
          I got one box with priority ship date (Summer 2017.)

      • I got my summer box nice and early but my fall and winter boxes were way last priority dates…felt like i was in last shipping wave and I had lots of add ons (including all of the freebie ones this last time…i was worried I wouldn’t actually get those but I did!)

        • Same. I think they might have had some issue with the add-ons being ready to ship.

  12. I love the caspsule sales.

    • Are the Capsule sales only available for Annual members? Or for everybody?

  13. What are the chances that non annual members get any leftover add ons? Leftover spongelles? This is my first time going through this.

    • Non annual members have a lot to pick from. It doesn’t all sell out that fast… unless the item is super special or limited edition and/or a good deal.

    • You should be able to get almost everything you want, especially if you stalk the add ons during the last 48 hours.

      Exceptions to this statement are free sponsored add ons (like last season’s Singapore tote), Living Proof products, and bum bum cream.

      • The free sponsored are a brand new thing and while I’m keeping my fingers crossed for another go round there is no where near a 100% chance that it will happen again. So many people that didn’t get one complained I’m worried they’ll get rid of it. I was thrilled to finally have a tangible perk of being annual vs early add on access where I end up spending three times the cost of the box.

        • I was so happy about the sponsored add-ons! They were a great perk.

      • So I do have a chance! Yay!! That’s so nice to hear! Thanks!

        • Keep refreshing the add-on page throughout the day and you’ll be able to get almost everything you want as people drop things from their carts. Michelle is right about the things you won’t be able to get.

  14. Do we know when they will release their first spoiler! I am so excited. I loved last years spring box.

  15. I can’t wait! This will be my 2nd box and I just upgraded to annual, got my free $10! Let the add ons begin!!

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