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Upcoming BoxyCharm 2018 SPOILER

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Update! This Boxycharm spoiler will be in a future box but not the January box.

Future Boxycharm spoiler:

Source: Boxycharm Beauties

Seraphine Botanicals Sugar + Lemon Moisturizing Lip Buffer

And in case you missed the previously confirmed spoilers, All subscribers will receive these for January:

IT Cosmetics Brow Power™ Universal Eyebrow Pencil – Value $24

And in case you missed the first two spoilers:

BOXYCHARM january 2018 spoilers

What do you think of the latest Boxycharm spoiler?

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Hey guys, I’m here to complain a little but the brand and hoping someone can could help a girl out. I’ve been on the waiting list since November 30th. I was emailed in the benign of December they attempted to get my payment but unfortunately it hadn’t went through to hurry and pay that I was getting off. Went back and paid got another email I was getting back on. It’s been almost a week no word. Have been on the site even emailed them like crazy and nothing! This sucks and real up set about this. I’m really looking forward to getting this month’s boxes. I mean I’ve waited all this time I’ve even tried paying several times. Also sent them emails no respond. Should I wait or say forget about it???

    • All I can say it to just wait for them to email you back , I know it’s frustrating but if you constantly email them you’re just increasing your wait time for a reply , they answer their emails in order so everytime you email them all your emails get grouped together with most recent one you sent . I hope I make sense lol good luck and hope you get a box soon!!

    • If they took your money out of your account like they did me bc that happened to me too , then wait 10 business days from then and u should receive an email regarding your boxycharm shipping info . It took them for me the whole 10 days.! They take forever with that so just be patient. If u received an email stating that your really odd the waitlist for good then their working on it. Look on boxycharm site and see if you have a subscription as well because they’ll have it up on their site whether your subscribed or not. Usually if ur on waitlist status then it’ll say under subscriptions no active subscription. If your off the list it’ll say when your getting billed again. I hope this helps and hope you get your box😍

    • I took my credit card information off their website (I wanted them to take me off the waitlist in December and they never did) and they tried to take me off the waitlist 4 times since January started. Now is the time to sign up. I had been on the waitlist for 3 months before this, so I guess they made more boxes for this year or people are unsubscribing to the box.

  2. A msg from BoxyCharm Beauties page about the Sugar + Lemon Lip Buffer…
    This is NOT coming in the January box, according to Yosef. We are getting it, just not this month.

  3. I’ll die if I don’t come off the wait list, I need this eyeshadow palette 🙂

    • Crystal, are you registered in the swaps? I will be posting my palette for swap, and from previous comments I believe others will bee listing as well.

    • I will be swapping it too.

    • if you want, when i receive it, i can give it to u for less than 10$.

    • You can have mine if you pay to ship it to you! I’ll never ever use this😊 just send me a reply.

      • Hi. If this is still available when you get it. I would love to pay you for it.

  4. I changed credit cards and decided against December and January is not good for me either:(
    So many boxes last year were amazing!
    Maybe I’m tired of beauty boxes?
    I do get book of the month, planner addict sticker box and Ipsy! I miss body charm but I have a huge plastic container of beauty products that were exciting to open but never used?
    Anyone else do this?

    • Yes I’m very guilty of this. I’ve cut down on boxes and still have too much. But it’s a thrill to open and to watch the tracking #!

      • Totally, glad I’m not alone.

    • Yes, I only got beauty boxes for 6 months, but between Fab Fit Fun, Boxycharm, Glossybox and Sephora play, before I knew it I was overflowing with products. I am 54 and Retired, most of the time I do not wear make-up. Maybe 3 days a week when I go shopping. I now just get Allure and Boxycharm, but thinking of dropping boxycharm and looking for a box that is more about skincare items. I do use skincare up as I use them several times a day, everyday.

      • Try beautyfix if you’re looking for a good skin care box. My fave!!

        • I will have to look at beauty fix is that the same as the Dermstore?

      • Beautyfix is great for skincare items! I highly recommend replacing boxycharm with it. It’s probably my favorite sub ever. They do many full size, anti aging products. Occasionally they put out a dud (for me) but usually are spot-on!

  5. Not looking forward to a face pallette…i don’t highlight, or contour or any of that stuff…i have some other contour pallette for swap even that was in boxycharm…, but that lip moisturen looks amazing, and i sure hope i get that when it comes out, so that guarantees I wont…my lips, and elbows are so dry this winter, I’ve even tried coconut oil,no drink lots of water and have tried many products and just cant find there combo that works.

    • Thats an eyeshadow palette.

    • The palette is Eyeshadow. Not contour and highlight. I know it says face palette. But it is an eyeshadow.

      • The face palette has been teased but not spoiled.

      • No. The face palette and the eye shadow palette are two different things. Yosef (the Boxycharm owner) posted that spoiler on the Boxycharm beauties facebook group. He said in addition to the eye shadow palette, we will also get a face palette but he never told us what kind or even what brand. So there will be both. And everyone’s guessing as to the type of face palette it could be. Theres not much that could be in one, and also the photo shoots are showing the girls with almost a focus on their cheeks that are very contoured, blushed, and highlighted. So I’m thinking those are the reasons that people are guessing it’ll be that type of face palette. But again, and I know I rumble lol, there will be both.

        • Ramble, not rumble lol

    • Haha, I feel this is a long shot, but I’ve been hoping the rumored face palette is akin to the lovely palettes that combine eyeshadow and blush. Considering the Crown shadow palette is already in there I don’t think they would include something else with eyeshadow, but I can dream.

  6. WhooT so excited!

  7. Lol. I canceled both my and my daughter’s boxy charm subscriptions yesterday and received the shipping notification today — earlier than I’ve ever gotten it before. Haha, ok.

    • I actually got my shipping notification as well but I didn’t cancel or anything so we must just be on the earlier waive this month

      • Interesting. Happy to receive it early this time. 🙂

  8. The CEO of Boxycharm himself confirmed that it’s NOT in January’s box. It will be in another box this year, but we don’t know which month yet.

  9. I’m so p od last month I got the worst box a mix of complete garbage. Not what was suppose to be in that month 2 of the things were ??? A peach highlighter?? And a dried out lip stick?? And the other stuff was trash to. Soooo. Yeah. And what?? I just gotta keep it moving

  10. Yes! Please add this for my lips! It will do me justice before I apply my matte liquid lipcolurs. 😘 I am so in Love with this Box! Thank you @boxycharm

  11. Liz
    It’s an error made by the company. The item is not coming in the January Box

    • Oh man, I love seraphine botanicals products. Sad it’s not in the box 🙁

      • It’s still coming just not this month.

    • ^^^ This folks is how one runs a good sub box company! Take note Rachel Zoe. You could learn a thing or twenty from Yosef Martin.

  12. This looks amazing! Hope I get this variant.

  13. I hope I get this! My lips are so chapped.

  14. Boxycharm seriously is amazing to me personally just bc I will have this one be my 2nd box and I’m super stoked for anything boxycharm gives me . That’s just me but I can see how others feel upset with some items if u have had them for months. I’m just excited to be off the waitlist and glad I’m getting what I’m getting, and boxycharm would really have to screw up before I’d even consider unsubscribing ☺️

  15. I hope someone will swap me the Seraphine Botanicals Sugar + Lemon Moisturizing Lip Buffer!

  16. Would love to swap for Seraphine items!!

  17. It feels like we’ve been looking at that first spoiler for such a looong time.

    • Lolol, I know! It was a possible spoiler, then confirmed….then nothing, now just a possible variant! I feel ya!

  18. My lips are in desperate need of some moisture and this product looks wonderful. This has been the coldest winter and it’s only just begun. Crossing my fingers for this variation! 😘

    • Something that really helps me…a green tea bag that’s already been steeped in your mug. Place the warm bag on your lips, keep it there for like 10 minutes. Plump, moist lips! I do it all the time!

      • Hahahaa, this reminds me; I was about 15 years old, had someplace I had to be soon after and had read some article saying tea bag compresses were good for the skin, depuffing, glowing and I don’t know what else. I grabbed whatever herbal tea bags we had in the kitchen, I vaguely remember it might have been red zinger, something random. I put a couple tea bags on my face moving them around my face as I showered. I think my face started to feel hot so I kept them on for a minute longer and then all of a sudden panicked that that was bad, rinsed off and got out to see the results. My face had swelled up and was bright as a tomato. Back in the shower I went, this time rinsing with cold water. It didn’t seem to help at first but by the time I left you couldn’t see anything catastrophic anymore. ;p

      • I would have never thought of that!! Thank you! Cant wait to try this!!!

  19. The only item that has been revealed that I was interested in is the eyeshadow palette, but since that was revealed I have received other palettes with similar colors. I think my entire January box will be swapped.

  20. I hope I get this lip scrub. Or the other variations are just as good.

  21. Love this…which means I probably won’t get it, with my poor variation luck. Hope to see more from the brand in future boxes!

    • Same

  22. I want this so badly! I’ll be so sad if I don’t get it!!!

  23. Loving this spoiler!! I have the Seraphine Botanicals orange and cream lip polish and I love it. Perfect for the harsh winter months!!

  24. This is dope and should be in all the boxes.

  25. So this will likely be the only variant since the last is supposed to be a face palette of some kind?

    • I *think* so!

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