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BoxyCharm January 2018 FULL SPOILERS Variation #1

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We have the full spoilers for one variation of the January 2018 Boxycharm box! (Thanks Kyla for the heads up!)

Box Variation #1 will include:

What do you think of the latest Boxycharm spoilers?

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I love Boxycharm! I have tried many subscription boxes and end up canceling because so many of the things they put in the box I don’t like. I love almost everything in Boxycahrm! The value is incredible, no samples, just full sized! I have wayyy too much makeup now but I love it! For $21 even on a tight budget, I can afford this. Thank you Boxeycharm!

  2. Can somebody help me with this question please. They just charged me for the first month of the boxycharm but i did not have the money on the card they charged it on..what’s the next step they charge me again when i have the money or i have to wait till next month?

    • Well if they didn’t take the money they will the next time u have it.But until then u are not getting a box, they charge u before preparing the box.

      • Thank you so much !

  3. Just got off the waitlist! It was not quite a month! I love sharing my boxes with my daughter and what she doesn’t want she donates to a women’s shelter so they can pamper themselves a bit.

  4. I think something is wrong with their system, I had the same problem with my card being charged. I had two accounts both with the same credit card info and address, (one is for my sister) with one account I got off the waitlist the following month. The other account each month between the 3rd-5th I’ll receive an email saying “there ‘s an issue with charging my card”. It took 5 months and many times changing my address and credit card to the same info before it was finally charged this month. But in between those 5 months, in December I created a third account ( thinking maybe the account was the problem) and now its’ just my luck that all three accounts were charged on the same day.

  5. This is an excellent box. I always try to choose 1 item to donate but they made it difficult for January!

    I’m hoping for that Pur face palette! I didnt get the bronzer last month & the blush palette went up for donation so I’m loving that.

  6. Did anyone else see on instagram the survey question asking us what we thought on fragrances being added to the box? Myself, I would love to try new high end perfumes I have never tried.
    I too would like to see some new brands to the box, toofaced, thebalm, urban decay, Kat von D. I have no complaints whatsoever to the products we get. If they gave me the same type of pallette every month, it just means that I have the opportunity to find something that I love. I can always gift what I don’t need. There are plenty of people that have nothing. The value is amazing. It gives people on really tight budgets a chance to have some nice things.
    I am not the most experienced where makeup is concerned and have made some discoveries like setting spray and primer. Never have I ever worn a pair of eyelashes until I received a pair from boxycharm.
    I am in love with my subscription.

  7. #1- The Rooster playing guitar on that pouch OMG.
    #2- You are TOTALLY pulling off that beret, Liz!

    • When i signed up forever ago it put me on the waiting list I haven’t heard anything back at all just wondering what’s going on???

  8. So, I was waitlisted for this box and they emailed me Friday and said they couldn’t take me off the waitlist because there was a problem charging my account and either my credit card or my address needed to be updated. I logged into my account but everything was correct and accurate. So I emailed them back the same day, but I haven’t heard anything else and they never charged my card so I am afraid I am going to miss out on this one and I still don’t have any idea what the problem with me account is!!!!! How frustrating!

    • I had that happen. I updated all my credit info even though it was right and then it was fine.

    • I’m having the same issue. I even tried a different card and still the same thing. So I don’t know.

    • Same thing happened to me last month, I contacted CS, no help at all. I went on my profile and change my address from Dr to Drive, and I’m finally off the wait list this month. Idk if Dr to Drive made a difference, but it’s the only thing I changed… Hope that is some help, good luck

    • Try calling the credit card company. I had this issue with another subscription that would NOT go through

      • Odd, but with no further explanation, they charged my card and emailed me today that I was off the waitlist. So, who knows? Lol. I never changed anything but now it works! Just glad I don’t have to start over at the bottom of the waitlist!

  9. in need of a bronzer so much! didnt get last months got purple concealer lol.. … hoping for this! all boxes are usually great!!!

  10. I unsubscribed after last month and resubscribed later in January because I spent to much for Christmas. I’m ok if I have to wait til next month but this months does look nice. I’ve been getting this subscription for about 3 years.

    • If you haven’t already, you should join some boxycharm buy/sell/trade groups on facebook instead of cancelling for the month. 9 times out of 10 you can make the $21 it costs for boxy back, plus more. Usually the popular items go for $15-20 a piece, and then the smaller things you can sell for $5-10. Would have saved you from being waitlisted and still not made you spend the extra money around Christmas 🙂

  11. I was really disappointed in the bronze pallet last month, I hope this one is better.

  12. Serious metallic Smokey eye at golden globes photos. Come to mama crown metals palette!

  13. I wouldn’t mind the brighten and bronze palette, but I just got a vintage highlight and beauté basics bronzer last month, so I hope there are other face palette variations

    • Well, face palettes are usually blush, bronzer, and highlighter so no matter the brand variation, we’re all getting a face palette. Which is interesting because we just got a blush palette, and a bronzer last month, and some people like yourself, also got a highlighter so I’m not understanding getting a face palette but I’m excited and if I won’t use it, it will go in my bin to donate to the women’s shelter. It won’t go to waste!

      • That’s true! I meant, I hope there is another variation besides the face palette one, (since last month I basically got a face palette) but now I see everyone is getting a face palette. It would’ve been nice to get something a little different, but hey I’m not complaining. I always get use out of my boxy stuff and they make great gifts for my make up loving friends!

  14. I would actually like to have this box variation. I really like PUR’s powder formula, their eyeshadow palette that we got is my favorite one I have ever received from Boxycharm and I use it all the time. So I am curious as to whether or not their other face powders are just as good. The Dr. Brandt primer alone is enough for me to be happy with the box this month, so no complaints here.

  15. I use powdered bronzer daily – I would be very happy with this box!

  16. So…tired of bronzers!
    Does anyone else wish they would add a couple new sponsor brands? Don’t get me wrong, the value is great. But I get tired of seeing some of the same brands. I’m glad they added Tarte palette recently. Urban Decay, Too Faced or something would be nice for a change of brand.

    • I’m just sick of PUR. Does anyone ever actually buy their products or is it all what they can sell to sub boxes?

      • I love the 4 in 1 face powder

      • I’ve actually bought a few things from PÜR that I love! Like the bare it all foundation and the Trolls palette are just a few things I really love!

      • I have purchased the Trolls palette and the My Little Pony Palette along with the Soiree Diaries since I wasn’t a boxy member when they did that palette. I love their shadows.

      • I would absolutely repurchase the soirée diaries palette. I think that was my favorite palette I received all last year in Boxy!

        • Jessica – I would be happy to sell you mine. I still have a new one!

      • I like PUR, that eyeshadow palette we got last year has been my most used eyeshadow palette! I would buy their products if I didn’t have BoxyCharm, its good quality for a good price. Its a lot better than some of their other brands.

      • PUR is sold in Ulta.

    • I would take pur every day over doucce, Bella Pierre, or real her, or be a bombshell products.

      • There is the worst one that you forgot…

        THE BALM!

        I would pay money to NEVER see anything by that horrible company ever again 🙁

      • You forgot the worst brand of all times:

        THE BALM

        If I could never see anything by them again, I would pay good money.

        Unfortunately, ipsy and the others will keep sending them every month. Worst piece of useless garbage…

        • Really, why? What don’t you like about The Balm products? I have some blush and shadow from them and I like what I have, esp. their blush. Am looking forward to trying their eye shimmers.

          • I love theBalm too! I don’t like the teeny tiny samples we get in ipsy, but the products themselves are good! I even have an eye cream from them that I love very much!

          • Me too, I usually buy the full size from the Balm and love them all, especially the Photobalm powder and the Bahama Mama Bronzer. And last year Ipsy sent me a decent size blush called instain, I use it when I am going for a glam look! Better than some of my Tarte ones 😍😍

      • Me too, girl! Everything I’ve bought from PÜR, I’ve loved. I’ve bought a few things from BellaPierre and I returned both things.

    • I got the My Little Pony palette and I heard their lashes are great! Ulta sells Pur and so does Kohls, who is more likely to run a sale.

      • Kohl’s has TheBalm products also!

  17. Does anyone know if the Girlactik lippie is a gloss or a matte liquid lipstick? I don’t like glosses but I love mattes. Thanks in advance. 🙂

    • Haha, I was wondering the same thing, but I’m the opposite — love glosses, don’t like mattes.

    • I think it’s a matte. When I zoomed in it looks like it says matte.

    • It looks like the matte lip paint…

  18. I’ve been with Boxycharm since almost the beginning. I love my boxes and even if I “think” I won’t like something, I almost always do once I receive it. That being said, I do NOT like variations! Every time they do a variation box, I get the one I want the least. But overall, this is a great box and I’m always happy month-to-month with the items. 🙂

    • Yeah, ii usually buy it if I wanted it and didn’t get it or if I dont already have it. They promote well to the right crowd, people who actually buy makeup retail.

    • I feel the same, I get the varient that I prefer the least…

    • I totally agree!! I’ve loved boxy so I’m not going to complain but the last few months have been a miss for me. Last month, my bronzer came in a million pieces. I made the mistake of asking for the concealer as a replacement only to find out it was supposed to be horrible anyway. But I always feel like I get the worst variations of boxes. I just dropped glossybox because of their umpteen variations. I hope boxy goes back to being great again.

    • I think the only reason we’re seeing so many variations is because they are struggling to clear the enormous wait list. If they can get ahead of the growth curve and start ordering what they are going to need for the future taking into account the exponential boom we should start seeing less variation.

    • I love the variations! I think it’s nice to be somewhat surprised with what I get every month. For me it would be boring to open the box each month and know exactly what was in it already.

  19. Boxy has gone back to having a private label feel.

    • Agreed. I hope this doesn’t last and they go back to how they were these last few months.

    • Why do you say that? I buy PÜR and It Cosmetics at ULTA and Dr Brandt at Sephora. Those aren’t private labels. Those brands are just as good as say Tarte or Too Faced.

      • Agree!

    • Last month wasn’t great, but this month I think the Crown palette has the only private label feel (and I’m hoping to be pleasantly surprised). Dr. Brandt and IT cosmetics are well known and sell at several major retailers. Girlaktic is a super hot indie brand. And I think PUR is sold at Ulta.

  20. I was hoping for the Seraphine lip buffer. I wonder what happened to it?? That was going to be my favorite thing in the box.

    • It’s coming in a future box. CEO confirmed it.

  21. I have wanted a primer. Im excited about all the products. Im still learning how to do alot with make up and this service helps alot with getting what i need, learning and its cheaper than if i was all on my own with what to buy.

  22. so excited!!!

  23. I love this box except for the bronzer…just received one in last months box.

  24. I’m hoping I get the other variant for the bronzer. I’m over loaded. If I do get it , I’ll send it to someone else who wants it.

    • I seriously am hoping for it. I am new to boxy so I am not overloaded. And I love Pur.

    • I hope I get the Bronzer!

  25. I just got the other bronzer from last months box so I hope I don’t get that! Why give bronzers back to back?

    • Everyone is going to get a “face palette,” we just don’t know if everyone is getting the PUR one or a different kind. So chances are you’ll probably end up with a bronzer either way.

  26. I really like that face palette, but the phrase possible variant worries me into thinking I won’t get it. But everything else looks great.

    • Everyone is confirmed to be getting A face palette, but they never confirmed if we’re all getting THAT face palette. That’s why it’s listed as possible variant. It’s been in 2 variations so far so I’m guessing everyone is getting it and they just didn’t want to make it a full spoiler.

  27. Love it!!!!

  28. My box, not excited about the lipstick. Sorry, not much into nude tones. Like Pur and have bought some of their products. I’m excited about this box in general with only one product I can’t see myself using.

    • How do you know which variation you are getting?

      • Someone, somewhere said your box # is printed on the lower right (I think) corner of the card that comes in your box. Every box that I have received (5 so far, not including this month) has had a “1” on my card, so I’m assuming that I always get variation #1

        • These variations aren’t numbered by boxycharm, though. They are only numbered by this website just in the order they receive the information. There isn’t a way to confirm that each “variation #1” on this site aligns with a “1” on your actual box, unless the posts here specify what the number on their box is, but I don’t see that specified in this post.

    • They sell other colors on the site. Just saying. That’s kind of the point. Promoting brands. If you don’t like the color, try the formula and then go buy the color you wanted. I feel like sub boxes turned into makeup welfare lines.

      • Makeup welfare lines 😂😂😂 omg that’s hilarious. But true. I think everyone just doesn’t understand sub boxes. Its not a tailored to your preferences type deal. Its sending us amazing items at a very discounted price so we can branch out and try new brands, formula, and step outside the box. Its introducing us to items we wouldn’t go out and buy ourselves. Some of these people just need to cancel and take the money they spend on sub boxes and go buy what they want. Boxy has thousands of subscribers. They cant please everybody. Its the same with ipsy. People complain about ipsy giving them stuff that “they didn’t put in their profile of preferences” and then get mad because they got a lipstick when their profile doesn’t have lipstick checked. I mean for $10 you get 5 samples AND a bag. What’s there to complain about? Same with boxy. We get over $100 worth of items for $21 a month. That means basically we are only paying $4.20 per item in our boxes. Youll never find a better sub box than that IMO. Sorry for the rant lol!!!

        • My EXACT thoughts!

        • OMG! Nail on hammer. I get so friggin’ irritated with people complaining or dissing Boxy because they didn’t get the color they wanted or needed. Eeyore is right too, this is only meant for you to step outside the box and get things you normally wouldn’t buy when out shopping for makeup, not give you “Sephora” or “Ulta” vendors in your Walmart bag. I almost feel embarrassed for the way some of these customers act. All those high end brands would go out of business if we could all get what we wanted when we wanted at 1/10 of the price. Stop the entitlement. Don’t like it, cancel and move on. I am sure there is some girl or boy out there whom would be over the moon just to get some of these brands, regardless of the variations in color/shade.

          • You’re so right. Im a single mom of 2 who cant afford to go splurge on all the makeup I want. So boxycharm is really a treat for me to get to try all of this stuff for such a great price. Yeah I may not get the “right” shade, but what doesnt work for me, someone else may love. Be seen alot of spoilers and thought they wouldn’t work but instead of just refusing to try it based on looks and actually trying it out, I’ve come to really love the products! Like the purple lipstick from OFRA we got last year I was like “there is no way I can pull that off”, but I was playing with makeup one day and tried it and I found out their formula is phenomenal and the color actually didnt look bad! And the illuminating setting spray we got, I thought it wouldn’t work because im oily and normally “illuminating” makes me look like an oil slick, but this setting spray is my holy grail! Some people are so afraid of change and branching out that they’re missing out on some truly amazing products!!

      • I love the Coverfx matte spray. I loved how the illuminating spray made my face stay put but found it too shiny for my face. The matte works for me…. worth every dime and wouldn’t have known aBout setting spray if not for Boxy

        • I agree on the setting sprays from coverfx, but if it were not for Boxy, I would never have discovered how glowy and youthful my face could look with that coverfx illuminating spray! I am in love with this for special occasions, dates, dinner etc. And I give away the items that do not work for me like the beaute basics Bronzer palette.

          • I agree about that illuminating spray! It’s my fave now!

  29. I like this box! The palette has colors that I haven’t seen in Boxycharm before and the primer is one I have been wanting to try. The brow pencil is my mom’s favorite brow pencil that she uses every day so I will gift to her. The Pur palette looks decent and I do generally like Pur brand products so I have good hopes for that too.

  30. Super hoping I get off the waitlist in time for this box! I had to cancel in December for $ reasons, and because it was kinda underwhelming, but I’m excited about every option in this box!

    Hopefully they’ll put in a skip month option so current subscribers don’t have to go back to the end of the line if they need a small break. Even if you only got one skip a year, I think it’d help.

    • I think a skip öption would be nice e. Some months I just don’t have the money! So I have to cancel and be put on a waitlist? How bowt they give more people and buy more stock and make everyone ballot?

    • I didn’t think u had to go back on the wait list to resubscribe. I have done it and not been on the wait list.

    • Instead of cancelling for a month, you should join some boxycharm buy/sell/trade groups on facebook (if you haven’t already)! Most months, any palettes alone can go for $15-20, so you’d get almost all your money back on one item. People were selling the dr. Brandt scrub from a few months ago for $20 itself. Then if you sell a couple more items, you’ve actually profited from it. Just an option to avoid being waitlisted again 🙂

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