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BoxyCharm February 2018 Possible SPOILER #2!

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We have a new Boxycharm spoiler thanks to Yosef on Boxycharm Beauties!

We aren’t sure if this is in the February box or a future box but here’s a look at the spoiler:

This looks like it may be COVER FX Shimmer Veil. What do you think the mystery product is?

The February box will include:

3 Piece Brush Set from Crown!

In case you missed it, we also have a Boxycharm spoiler that will be in a future box.

Future Boxycharm spoiler:

Source: Boxycharm Beauties

Seraphine Botanicals Sugar + Lemon Moisturizing Lip Buffer

What do you think of the February Boxycharm spoilers?

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

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  1. I’m sitting here loving my first box that arrived today! I received the GrandeLips, which I never would have bought myself, especially that dark purple… But I put it on, and it looks amazing!! I’m excited for anything Holo, I don’t care that I’m almost 40. Makeup has never been so exciting and colorful as it is now!

  2. Thanks !! That’s good to know they won’t be lost. And I did see those new things today but still nothing i would use. I think I’ll cancel. I’m sure I’ll end up with the February box due to timing. I’ll just take the chance with the waitlist if i choose to go back.

    • If you cancel before the 25th (i think. Or maybe the last day of the month) you won’t get the Feb box. If you really dont want the feb box, you can take your credit card info out of your account profile that way there’s no way they can charge you for Feb but im 99% sure if you cancel now, you won’t get next months box 🙂

    • You have until 8 pm on the last day of the month to cancel or subscribe for the next month 🙂 it’s in their FAQ

  3. Ahhhhh…. I think i need to cancel Boxycharm. I am finding every month half the box does nothing for me and it goes on the swap page and no one asks for it!! Also I have a ton of charms and I never see anything except a clear bag and a sharpener to choose from. I am feeling if there is something i want I either will miss out or I can try and swap for it. Does anyone know if all my charms will remain if I ever go back?

    • I cancelled my Boxycharm a few months ago. I just checked back on my account, and the charms are still there waiting to be used.

    • Theres new stuff in there right now! Cover FX highlight sticks and a pretty berry colored PUR lip gloss. I just cashed in $50 worth of charms 🙂

    • Nope. Charms go when u go. Also,try Glossybox if u haven’t already. They’re stepping their game up better than boxy imo. And the products are more for grownups vs younger girls..meaning not all highlighters and nude lippies.

      • Speak for yourself. I consider myself a “grown up” at 51 years old and I love my highlighters and nude lippies thank you very much. I don’t see how people consider certain products “young girl” products. Since when is there an age limit for personal preference? My mother is 69 years old and she loves her nude lipsticks considering she used to wear concealer as lipstick, and she loves her shimmer eyeshadow on her eyelids too. It has nothing to do with age, it all comes down to personal preference and stepping out of your comfort zone and embracing products and actually trying them instead of looking at it going “I am NEVER going to wear this” and tossing it aside. Dont be afraid to try new things. There’s no rules to makeup. There’s also no age limit. That PUR palette we got this month is all shimmery. I don’t care for shimmer blush or bronzer, but you know what? With a damp brush, they make pretty kick ass eyeshadows!

        • Yess

      • Nude lippies are for younger girls? Well, in that way I’m an old fuddy dud. I don’t like them and I hate matte lips. But the reason I dislike nude lips is because I am so fair that most of them make me look dead. Unless they are a pinky nude and not pure nude or brown, they just don’t suit me. As for matte lips, I just can’t stand for my lips to feel dry. Other than that, I’ll take adventurous highlighters. I even prefer colored lipliners to black. If I get a sub, I am looking for something new, maybe something I wouldn’t buy that I end up loving. I can buy the boring basics for myself.

  4. Why does everything always have to turn into something negative. If you aren’t excited and not enjoying Boxycharm, then drop your sub so someone else who will be excited can have your spot.!! Makeup has no age limit. I think it’s just silly to say cause you work in a professional field… you can’t wear “certain” kinds of up.! Geez people really.???!!!! Stop being so judgmental and have fun in life.!! I work with several clients a day and enjoy / wear the heck out of the products Boxycharms sends us.!

  5. Annabella well said. I’m rite with you on your comment.
    Because we all think differently, is a great thing & it doesn’t always make you an ignorant person. But yes we definitely have some ignorant ppl out there. Always have and always will.

  6. I cancelled Boxycharm Today! Their products used to be the BEST! But now the box is barely worth the price! I have at least 40 brushes from the boxes that I can’t get rid of and I don’t use them! GOODBYE BOXYCHARM!

    • I found the box to be fairly boring myself and can find better products in other full-sized subs (most especially those that are natural, cruelty-free or both). To me, it’s quality over quantity. I cancelled last year and never looked back. If there is an item I really want, for some odd reason, I can always find it on a buy/sell/trade page.

    • I brought a bunch of stuff to the high school I work at for the kids “in transition” (aka : homeless kids). The teacher was ecstatic to get it all. I do the same for clothes. If anybody has any extra subscription box stuff, take it to your local high school! The kids really appreciate it.

      • So amazing idea… thank you! my colleagues and friends can actually afford the stuff I give them.

      • I make gift bags and donate them to a women’s shelter, add a few premium items and then body wash, toothbrush, poofy, etc. and they love them.

        • I do the same thing! I buy makeup bags at the dollar tree and put travel size deodorant, toothpaste, shampoo, etc and a few makeup items in them and the ladies at the shelter LOVE them! Then I don’t feel so bad about not liking a product because I know it will go to someone who will really appreciate it!

  7. I love this box already! Can’t have enough brushes… and they make great gifts! And, whatever that holo topper is, I can’t wait to use it. Ladies, getting old doesn’t mean wearing polyester suits and avoiding sparkly things. I’m 60 and I wear whatever makeup makes me happy wherever I choose to wear it. There is too much fear of getting old in the makeup community. Yes, I have “texture”, commonly known as wrinkles, but so what? It doesn’t make me less beautiful and I get a lot of compliments on my makeup. As for the Color FX drops… I got the Halo one and I add 2 drops to my foundation and it’s just pretty. Don’t be afraid to do or wear what you love just because you’re getting older… do it better. Do you.

    • Oh, well said!!

    • I recently received a mini eyeshadow from Buxom as a GWP from Ulta, and it was this really cool holographic, unicorn-like eyeshadow that changed colors as you move. I don’t wear eyeshadow, so I was just going to gift it to a friend, but my mom (who’s in her 60’s) piped up and wanted to try it out, and it looked so cool on her! She loved it, and will be wearing it proudly. 🙂

      • you go Luna’s mama… I might try it but if seems gift girl to me.. but you got me hmmm.. that holographic in Winky Lux has gotten me compliments and that was a shocker .. the sephora (yeah, I know stay out of there) showed me placement and I have to say I feel like stomp the earth with that shadow.

    • Hear hear!

    • You are awesome!! Thank you for saying that and staying true to yourself! I know I’ll still be rocking glitter when I’m 60. Just like there’s no rules to makeup, it doesn’t have an age limit either! To the people who say I’m ___ yrs old I can’t wear this, YES YOU CAN! Dont ever be afraid of change or stepping out of your comfort zone. You just might be missing out on your new holy grail!

    • I agree with u …..but I find u have to use more creams…..some powder products is fine too but less powder. ..looks better on our mature skin….

    • Wow, I thought texture was raised pores, not wrinkles….. nice to learn something liking the brushes, but not that topper thing. It looks kinda cheap…i wish boxy would step it up like it was october/November of last year type things, and good brands. Plus i wish they would switch up the lip colors. I always get ugly unbearable browns, nudes, brown grey lips, and lips and eyes are my favorite things, and recently it seems like ingive away more then I keep, and I don’t have many people to give too. Not to many places in mybare to donate, schools won’t take it around here 🙁 and there are no women shelters, just guys.

  8. Did anyone see that IG story of their sneak peek at the theme? I thought it was a moon and stars so this purple/holographic highlight would definitely fit that theme.

    • I’m almost certain it is the cover fx shimmer veil in celestial…..the name even fits the theme 😊

  9. I think it is coming many repeated products, I would like to receive eyeliner, face masks, false eyelashes and glue, lipstick in bullet and not matte … is the tip

  10. Now that we’re done exposing our levels of how much we do or don’t adhere to heteronormaltive patriarchal standards, can we go back to deciding if this box does or doesn’t rock?

    I’m totally hoping for the CoverFX after checking it out – it looks pretty awesome. I’m men on the brushes, but if they’re decent, yeah, less washing. I’m SERIOUSLY hoping for that scrub this month, winter is killing my lips…

    • thanks for saying what i was thinking.

    • Amen!

  11. How/where would anyone wear such a weird “holographic”/opalescent color. The innercorner of the eyes? I believe that is the only thing I could do with it since I have medium/olive/tan skin :/

    • Inner corners or for the center of a halo eye. I’m sure there are a few other things too. Sometimes I don’t expect to get much use from a product and then find it works great in unexpected ways.

    • Hi! After getting stila’s “kitten karma” liquid eyeshadow from birchbox, I am hooked on this kind of thing! I use it along my upper lash line and it makes my eyes bright and happy. I got soooo many compliments when I wore stila’s “sunset cove” on New Years Eve. I’m 46 and love to play with makeup. Rock on y’all!

    • I have olive tone skin and purple looks great as a highlighter on it! It’s the best way to get a nice ” pink” looking blush effect on our skin types. Also, would look great over darker lipsticks, as well as on inner corners of the eyes.

      • That’s funny/interesting, I have (light) olive skin too and I have to be careful which purple tones I use as they can easily bring out the sallow. I can wear plum on my eyes no problem but other purples — or on my cheeks and lips, not so much. 🙂

  12. I’m not excited about the brush set. We just got a white Crown brush last month and now we’re getting a “wet’n’wild” version. I don’t get it so I’m not excited about them. I like brushes cuz the more I have the less often I have to clean them. (It’s hard to find the time)

  13. Ooo, I hope this is in February’s!

  14. I unfortunately had to finally cancel. I’m not able to pull off a lot of these younger type products. I am 40 and work in a very professional environment and boxy is super great for the younger crowd. Just too much sparkely stuff for me to try to pull off.

    • I’m 51 and Boxycharm is my favorite Box. I love all the highlighters and metallic shadows. I actually love them more than Matte eyeshadow. So I guess it’s just a preference. It really doesn’t matter what your age is. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a age limit on make-up.

      • I agree. I’m 54 and I love my boxy charm! I use nearly all the products we get. Once in awhile there’s a lip color that’s just not me, but I try them out anyway. I use a very light hand with all the shimmery products and think they can look beautiful if applied carefully. That’s the fun of makeup I think!

    • Speak for yourself fellow AARP member. Work on corporate IT and rocking the hell out of the glam metallic and Winky lux palettes. I am also rocking a navy blue suit with platform Mary Janes. As an oldster I definitely set my own style standards. But admittedly I have always been appropriately fly. Maybe your comfort level is not about age. Just sayin’ don’t drag us all with you cause we still rock Boxycharm!

      • You are the coolest!! Love this so much! 💕

    • Robin,
      Wow! I can’t believe the ugly responses to your comment on how you feel aged out of this box.(Which, I totally agree with). Can we maybe be supportive on this online forum??(I mean, I get it, beauty and make-up and preferences are all subjective. Yes, there is no age limit on make up. However, if you are wearing unicorn glitter at 42 in an accounting firm. You won’t be working there for much longer!).
      I too am in the 40’s catgory and some items I can still wear and some…well, they just age me. Good luck in finding a box that caters to maturing skin, and if you find one–please share on MSA!

    • I’m 40 and I also work in a professional environment. I use almost everyone of the products I receive in the box. For daytime wear I just use a little less. No one says you need to apply with a heavy hand and slather it on. Just a little bit of sparkle or shine is perfectly acceptable in a professional office and makes me feel pretty.

      • I also work in a professional enviro and love my boxycharm, I use everything except those awful brown lippies. I do give them a try and when I look in the mirror a few hours later, I knew that i made a mistake and then scrub it off! But if they could only add a skincare item in every box, it will make my day!

        • I agree with the brown lippies… not a good color for me either. And a skincare item would be awesome!! Overall though I love boxy, I get to try stuff I would probably not try at such a great value.

    • I’m 40 as well and this will be my third box all the new stuff excites me glam, sparkly or whatever I love it all, it’s a great value to me. I’m a grandmother of 5, my oldest grandson tells me granny looks cool, and I get more compliments now than I did in my 20’s. I love boxycharm best value to me. And I get to try allot I can’t afford normally

    • I’m 57 and definitely at that point in my life where I don’t care what others think of my makeup or anything else. You may want to rethink 40 being old.

    • I’m a 45 yr old attorney. It is all about knowing how to apply. These products can be used for a very mature, conservative look very easily if you know how to utilize them. Not many, if any, products are young products or older products. The looks are different, using all possible products, is about application skill and understanding how to use for each different look.

      • Exactly!! I find youtube videos very helpful if I’m not sure of the product. Like the color corrector i got in the december box. I had not idea what to do with it. A couple of videos later, I saw how useful it could be for me.

  15. I think it looks like it (in Amethyst)!! I hope that’s what it is and I hope its in February.

    Which would actually make a lot of sense since Amethyst is the February birthstone!

    I also hope the Seraphine Botanical item is in the February box. I was disappointed when I saw the Crown brushes spoiler, but if the Seraphine Botanicals item & the CoverFX item are in this box, it would be my favorite box so far!

  16. I love Boxy how ever I’m 40 and while I like a little shimmer every now and again I’m on unicorn glitter overload.

    • Yes I feel the same! Feel like I am shimmering at max capacity for my age. Love boxy but I think I will have to cancel for a bit to use up some of these highlighters.

    • Count me out too. This is my last month. Boxys target audience is a younger crowd. Allure here I come!

      • I’ve been watching the allure and the Macy’s box. It might be my next sub. I subbed for boxycharm 2 months. I’m not a person who uses bronzer, highlighter or eyebrow products nor did I fill out on my profile that I use them. I’m a redhead. It doesn’t ever match when I’m sent these. After the 2nd brown nude lipstick in a row I seen the future of their boxes I quit play and ipsy for the same reason. If I have to gift half of the box it’s really not worth my investment. I prefer a more mature look unless the activity is a fun nighttime event.

  17. Another highlighter product, I hope this is a variant item because I am in glowverflow.

    • YES! and I think most of the longtime subscribers would also agree. Boxy send so much sparkle/glow products it’s getting overwhelming.

  18. I don’t see them giving out a brand new product that is selling. Probably MUR or another off brand.

  19. Could also be the Stila shimmer liquid eyeshadows

    • I wish it was the stila!! But it he lid looks a little different then the Stila one. That was what I thought too at first.

      • Right, Stila comes in a squared bottle with gold. I was hopeful until I went back and looked at the bottle/tube. Still, it looks fun!

  20. Oooo I sure hope so!

  21. Loving the shimmer 😍 can’t wait to see what it is. Would love to finally get a cover fx product but I’m not gonna jump the gun ☺️

    • Boxycharm has dolled out several Cover FX products in the past few months. Ranging from the setting spray to those weird highlighter drops

      • I can see them giving out this product in the boxes as a way to get more talk going about the product and get more people hyped about it. The shimmer veil is newer, but also is coming on the tail end of the unicorn crazy, so they might have realized they’ll need to do more to push it.

      • CoverFX was a great brand find for me. I purchased the mattifying kit and just past weekend the full size matte setting spray. I lean toward oil wirh combination skin and this really sets and last the day for me! I have tons of highlighter from not just Boxy but Becca prosecco pop in liquid, it really looks so natural without sheen on me. Took me a minute to realize the cap screwed on but boy oh boy! These boxes are great for brand finds! So we keep alternating boxes based on spoilers. I got the stwrlooks lip crayon from another box spoiler and it’s a weekend wear as it’s a bit goth and vampy on my dark African American skin tone but I love it! Spoilers are the best marketing tool for me

  22. Not a good call on the hairy arm, but maybe that’s just me.

    • Why? Are women not allowed to have body hair?

      • Silly question. Of course they are but that isn’t where/what I would choose to showcase a product.

        • True. No hair on the eyelids so not a good representation of the product. HA!

          • Lol, I did specifically say ‘hairy arm’ for a reason. Most make-up swatches shown on the arm are shown on the inner side for a reason.

        • Lol

      • Why? Are men not allowed to wear makeup?

        • They shouldn’t be. I will take all the backlash I know is coming. But, I’m sorry real mean don’t.

          • Men*

            Also, what makes you think you know what a “real man” is? Pharaohs in Egypt have been known to wear eyeliner. Also, Men today wear face paint to go hunting as well as express their creativity. Therefore, I disagree.

            This is your opinion and rightfully so. No one should be silenced because someone does not have the same views.

            BUT since were talking about opinions here…

            You can’t educate the ignorant, unless they want to be educated.(Yes, I called you ignorant)

          • So the men who wear makeup are imaginary men??

          • “real mean” true statement!

          • Ugh I’d normally just ignore this type of thing but I can’t, what exactly does “real men” entail? and how does one decide who is or isn’t a real man? Look I believe everyone is entitled to their opinion but maybe when that opinion has the potential to hurt feelings and is as ignorant as yours (my opinion) it’s better to keep it to yourself.

          • I’m so glad we have you to explain to us what a real man does and doesn’t do.

            Why don’t you also explain to us what real women do?

          • lol, I can only imagine having to fight my husband over items in my beauty boxes hahaha…he’s a real men…a real fine one too;) and from what I hear ‘real men’ wear makeup and if you don’t agree you’re ignorant hehe. I guess its time for us to get educated;):)

          • I am fairly certain Wendy is so caught up in checking the boxes her culture tells her to use to judge the worthiness of others that she misses out on all the real people.

          • Regardless of whether I agree or disagree with Wendy, I applaud her guts to speak her mind. I just watched a documentary about today’s Sweden. Nobody speaks the unpopular opinion. If they say something politically incorrect on facebook, they will loose their job and will be hunted and vilified for months. Media is controlled and in order to see real news they have to find alternative media sources (online magazines). They are in danger of loosing their culture and becoming a minority in their own country in 20 years but nobody is allowed to talk about that in public. This type of brain washing is so horrifying that I applaud and appreciate freedom of speech and opinion that we still have well and live here. And yes I know I’ll get no love for this comment but this had to be said.

          • Amen to free speech! So sick of all the politically correct BS! People have become way too sensitive!

          • Just because* you* don’t agree with someones
            opinion makes them ignorant in your eyes?!? Lmao! Typical, but wrong… it makes YOU look ignorant. Everyone is entitles to their own opinion whether you like it or not. I give Wendy credit for speaking her mind. It’s not right or wrong…its HER thoughts.

          • Honest question – if you know that your opinion is offensive to some, and socially unacceptable (which you know because you said backlash is coming and presumably you have some manners), why would you share it? Why intentionally speak something hurtful and offensive? Does it make you feel better to do that? Are you hoping that someone, somewhere will agree with you and then you won’t feel so alone that the world is changing around you to become more inclusive? I always wonder at why people say things like that. I mean, I get that people are emboldened now with ugliness with the maga crowd, but it seems so intentionally malicious for no real upside.

          • “ITS HER OPINION OMG EVERYONES ENTITLED” And we’re entitled to criticize that and IN OUR OPINION think its ignorant. Its not brave to share your opinion when it degrades someone. Plus it wasn’t even that she didn’t like men wearing makeup, she said they shouldn’t be allowed to. Not exactly brave to want to restrict someone’s rights.

          • Amen, more power to free speech and anyone who stifles that is simply a bigot! See, it works both ways. Girly men do wear make up and more power to those kind of men, it’s their choice and part of what they do to feel freedom of expression (just like any woman). Manly men don’t wear makeup and hunting/military gear isn’t included, it’s camouflage to bring home food for their family. That’s like boiling you down to what you have to wear as a dress code for work…stuffy and boring? Blah, no thanks. It’s simple that it works both ways, really. The folks that are bashing the OP for stating her opinion and POV are just as bad as someone who states the opposite in a bashing manner. Get your shiz together ladies!

          • Freedom of speech means the freedom to speak and not be arrested and thrown in jail by the government for what you say. It does not mean the freedom to say ignorant things with impunity. It doesn’t mean people can spout hateful things and that their comments have the “right to be spoken” in polite company, have any value or are above reproach.

          • Agree with Annabella..very well explained and said….great convo too

        • I think men with hairy eyelids should probably avoid this

          • LMAO!

          • I’m dead lol hairy eyelids would definitely be a struggle

          • *snort*

          • REAL MEN *don’t* have hairy eyelids obviously! This is a moot point.

            Geez. Wendy leaves and we are back to no one knowing what a REAL MAN is!

            Thank the blessed mother for the internet or however would us simple folk learn such concepts?!

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