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Bombay + Cedar Limited Edition Winter Box Review – January 2018

bombay and cedar box on its side

Bombay & Cedar is a luxury lifestyle subscription box for women that focuses on essential oils, diffusers, skincare, books, snacks and other products.

bombay and cedar unboxing

"hello" printed inside lid of bombay and cedar box

Bombay and Cedar has a monthly subscription that costs $49.95 per shipment. (Check out our reviews of that subscription!)

Today, however, we’ll be talking about the brand’s one-off Limited Edition Winter box, which costs $99.00.

This box was sent to us for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

bombay and cedar all items

About Bombay & Cedar’s Limited Edition Winter Box

The Box: Bombay & Cedar Limited Edition Winter Box

The Cost: $99.00 for this one-time box + $7.95 US shipping

COUPON: Use code MSALOVE10 to save 10% off a 3, 6 or 12-month subscription!

The Products: Holiday and seasonal-inspired home and self-care goodies with a value of over $225.00.

Ships to: US ($7.95), Canada ($19.00), and internationally ($39.00)

Bombay & Cedar Limited Edition Winter Box Review January 2018

bombay and cedar info card

product list

Here’s the product list for the box.

essential oils in bag

two essential oils

Bombay and Cedar Blissful Essential Oil Blend, 10 ml – Listed Value $16.00

Bombay and Cedar Sweet Dreams Essential Oil Blend, 10 ml – Listed Value $16.00

The first items on the list are these two proprietary, 100% pure essential oil blends. Blissful, which includes pink grapefruit, lemon, cassia, ginger, and peppermint, is all about uplifting your mood with its refreshing, zesty aroma. Sweet Dreams, as you can probably guess, is meant to help you relax and sleep peacefully. I expected the scent to be something very lavender-ish, but its mix of orange, juniper berry, lavender, German chamomile, and coriander seed is actually more akin to the smell of a pine forest.

three pack of sachets tied with ribbon

colorful patterns on sachets


Three Eco-Sachets from Tonic Australia – Retail Value $20.00

I love popping sachets into my drawers or hanging them in my closet. In the past, I’ve used lavender ones, but these actually feature a blend of locally sourced lavender, rosemary, cloves, and cinnamon chips. The lavender scent still jumps out the most to me, but the other components make for a deeper, earthier scent that reminds me of a cozy winter cabin.

essential oil diffuser centerpiece package

centerpiece pieces

ceramic sticks, some of which are broken

ceramic balls

essential oil centerpiece kit

mountain essential oil centerpiece kit

Amari Oil Diffuser in Mountain Mix by Swing Design – Retail Value $48.00

I love the idea of decor with a dual purpose! This artsy 8-inch-tall glass vase comes with porcelain shapes (spheres and branches) that absorb and release essential oils into the air. The acacia wood topper has a hole in the center to allow the crisp, forest-y aroma of the included essential oil blend to float out through your home. (That hole also means that if you take out the ceramic pieces, this could serve as a great flower vase, too!)

Unfortunately, I think two or three of the ceramic branches arrived broken, though, to be honest, I didn’t even notice at first—they’re branches after all, and the small pieces look natural, nestled amidst the spheres. I think that the branches are ideally supposed to reach up at least to if not through the hole a little bit, but I actually like how the smaller branches look when they’re fully contained in the vase. Long story short, I’m not actually that concerned about the damaged item, but if I was, Bombay & Cedar are easy to reach—a replacement is on its way and they do what they can to make it right!

tongue scraper in package

gold tongue scraper

fancy tongue scraper

tongue scraper detail

teeth health info

Keeko Copper Tongue Scraper – Retail Value $8.02, Listed Value $8.00

Tongue scraping isn’t the most glamorous habit to talk about, but it certainly is healthy! According to the back of this package, tongue scraping is super important in Ayurvedic medicine. Plus, getting all the gunk off your tongue each morning is a surefire way to freshen your breath! Aesthetically, I love the hue and simplicity of this 100% copper tool (copper being naturally antibacterial), but it also works quickly and easily.

keeko product

keeko product information

teeth whitening pen

keeko pen

Keeko Botanical Teeth Whitening Pen, 2 ml – Retail Value $23.00

There are so many treats for your teeth in this box! My tea-and-coffee-stained teeth are thrilled by this little pen, which helps mitigate stains sans harsh ingredients like peroxide. The formula is a type of gel that creeps up the bristles of the paintbrush-like end of the pen. Just sweep it on, let it dry, and give it a go. I’ve not seen a huge lift in the color of my teeth yet, but I can tell that it’s making a gentle impact, which I appreciate.

maruca mask

maruca mask package maruca mask powder

Lulu & Marula Nourishing Mask and Polish, 2.47 oz. – Listed Value $26.00

I could only find this product listed on South African sites (it hails from Cape Town, after all), so I just noted the listed value above. This mask is sort of like a traditional bentonite clay mask… that’s recently acquired superpowers. In addition to fine, oil-absorbing clays, this mask includes a host of other natural miracle workers to nourish and exfoliate the skin. You can use it as a quick scrub and rinse it right off, but I recommend using it as a true mask, letting it dry, then massaging it off with warm water. I’m an exfoliation fan, so I love the extra bit of buffing.

ring dish with gold accents

bottom of ring dish

Lulu & Marula Face Mask Bowl – Listed Value $13.00

How thoughtful is this little bowl? Since the mask above requires you to mix it with a small amount of water to form a paste, Bombay & Cedar included a small bowl from the vendor that you can use just for mixing! I really appreciate this—I usually find myself mixing up masks in cereal bowls, which are big enough that the small mixture tends to spread out and dry on the ceramic. This little bowl is only three inches wide, so it’s perfect for keeping water and powder all in one happy spot. I love the gold details, too. (They look like very fancy sprinkles on ice cream!) In between masks, this bowl makes a great ring dish or catch-all for tiny earrings.

2018 planner

2018 planner in white and gold

inside 2018 planner

page of planner

Cloth & Paper 2018 Planner – Listed Value $18.90

I love Cloth & Paper! I’ve gotten the Cloth & Paper subscription box before—it’s really chic. This planner isn’t currently on their website, but according to the info card for the box, it’s their first-ever bound planner. The cover is a thicker, letterpress-like card stock with bold, gold foil numbers running up the side. Inside, all of the month spreads are grouped in the front of the planner with the name of each month in eye-catching serif font up the side of the page. There’s a tiny section for notes at the top of each spread, too. Once the months are done, the rest of this planner is filled with dotted pages for journaling, notetaking, creating trackers—whatever your heart desires. I’ve got my hands on a weekly planner already, which is helpful for work, but this monthly one will be great for my non-work life (marking birthdays and parties and weekends away). I know you can technically do all of that kind of planning via calendar apps, but I always find that I remember things better (and can put my schedule in better perspective) when I physically write my appointments down.

cougar brow kit

brow colors and brush

three pots of eyebrow powder

brow brush

medium brow powder

dark colored brow powder

light colored brow powder

brow kit swatches

Cougar Pure Mineral Professional Brow Kit – Listed Value $24.00 (found here for $41.16 USD, £29)

I’m admittedly an amateur when it comes to eyebrow products. I’ve got decent, rather dark eyebrows myself, so my usual go-to is just a bit of brow pencil. I’m liking the effect that I’m getting with these powders, though. According to the Cougar site:

Our 3D Brow Kit includes a dark shade, Umber, for the outlining and shaping of the brow, and Lighter shade, Gingerbread, for the filling and smudging of harsh lines, and a highlight, Glow, for the brow bone to highlight and create a lifting effect of the brow. This set comes with a double ended slanted brow brush and spoolie for the combing and application of the brows.

They also mention that the kit is one-size-fits-all—apply more product for a darker effect, or less for something lighter. I’m usually a little skeptical of one-size-fits-all makeup, but I can say for myself that the darkest shade looks pretty natural with my dark black-brown brows.

bracelet in package

delicate gold bracelet

bracelet on model

Kitsch 14K Gold Plated “Inspire” Bracelet – Retail Value $18.00

Yay for gold, but serious yay for 14K gold! This gold-plated bracelet has a super delicate look to it—it’s only 6 inches long, and the bar in the center is just a wee 0.25 cm wide. The bar has “Inspire” printed into it, plus a teeny tiny rhinestone for flair. If inspiring others is your goal for 2018, then this is a great way to remind yourself to do so each day! I’m definitely keeping this for myself (it’ll be a great way to add shine to an everyday outfit), but I could also see it making a really lovely gift for someone who inspires you!

lavender deodorant lavender deodorant cream

Blumsi Lavender Deodorant Gel, 3 fl. oz. – Retail Value $10.99

I’m a sweater. Too much information? Ha, probably. But it’s true! And because I’m naturally on the sweatier side of the spectrum, I have a lot of trouble finding natural deodorants that truly work for me. So far, though, I’ve been pretty impressed with this little “gel”. Truly, it’s more of a fluffy white cream that you dab under your arms and rub in. In applying it, I can feel the baking soda in there, and I can definitely pick up on the lavender essential oil fragrance. That said, a lot of lavender deodorants I’ve tried seem kind of intense and almost bitter in their fragrance—they have sort of a sharp scent that doesn’t complement sweaty smells all that well. This aroma seems gentler in a way that I really like. And so far, things are going pretty well. Would I trust it in the dead of summer? Eh… mayyybe. But in the dead of winter, it’s doing just fine.

cheers ceramic tag cheers tag

BONUS ITEM: Cheers Tag

In addition to all of the other goodies in the box, I also got this quarter-sized ceramic tag, which could work as an ornament, a wine glass marker, or a cute addition to the bow on a package or the neck of a wine bottle you’re gifting to friends.

drawstring bag of chocolates

three chocolates

chocolate pieces

3 Equal Exchange Dark Chocolate Pieces – Buy a bulk bag for $175.00

If all of these other awesome items weren’t enough to win me over, this box threw in some chocolate! Aaaamazing. These 55% dark chocolates are each about an inch long (they don’t list their individual weight in ounces) and satisfied my chocolate craving in two bites. They taste a little like chocolate morsels, except unlike the chocolate morsels of my youth, they’re fair-trade and organic!

Verdict: I really loved this box! Even the wellness items like the tongue scraper and whitening pen felt indulgent, being that their designs were surprisingly cute and unique. I really appreciated that this “Winter” box didn’t stray too far into holiday territory so that the fragrances and products still feel relevant and fresh here in mid-January. It sounds corny, but rummaging through the items in this box made me excited to get the new year underway. I’m glad to have the high-quality items in this box here to help me usher in the year feeling healthy, pampered, and organized!

To Wrap Up: 

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? No. But you can sign up for their monthly subscription here!

Coupon – Use MSA10 to save 10% off for life on their recurring subscription box!

Value Breakdown: This box has a value of about $241.91, not counting the bonus goodies. That’s over twice the cost of the box itself. The box itself cost $106.95, meaning that proportionally, I paid about the following for each of the featured items:

  • 2 essential oils – $7.07 each
  • Lavender sachets – $8.84
  • Diffuser – $21.22
  • Tongue scraper – $3.55
  • Whitening pen – $10.17
  • Mask – $11.49
  • Bowl – $5.75
  • Planner – $8.36
  • Brow kit – $10.61
  • Bracelet – $7.96
  • Deodorant – $4.86

What do you think of the Bombay and Cedar Limited Edition Winter Box?

Bombay & Cedar

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Written by Anna Reilly

Anna Reilly

Anna loves collecting little treasures, be they pop-culture finds, handmade mementos, or new potions to put in her makeup bag. Beauty boxes got her interested in the subscription world, but now she’s swooning for all things kawaii!

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Comments (12)

  1. I only like the bowl. I can’t imagine spending more than $30 on a box like this…

  2. Wow! I think this was what I was hoping the LuxePineapple home box would be like. Luxe yet practical. I hope they do more of these in the future, though I wish the price was maybe twenty dollars less.

  3. Great box! Wish I had an extra $100+.

  4. Copper kills more than just bacteria. After all, bacteria are cells. Please, please, do not use this tongue scraper. Scrape your tongue with your toothbrush and toothpaste when you brush in the morning.

    • Toothbrush bristles are too long to be effective. Rinse with water, listerine, or salt water– then scrap with dental floss. Yeah! for not reusing! And cheap! That is the cheapest way, there are better tongue scrapers out there….

    • Oh interesting! I’ll have to do a little more research before I add this tool to my everyday routine. Thanks, Dea!

  5. This looks like a cool box, just not at $100.

    • Their monthly boxes are $50 and have over $100 value, well worth it. This was a limited edition box

  6. I didn’t need any thing in this box but want it all. Great box. I kept scrolling down and thought the items would never end.

    • Agree, what a great box!!

    • I agree. Definitely seems worthy of the price to me

    • I felt the same way, Virginia! I was pretty impressed by how many items they fit in one box. And I also really appreciated the assortment of goodies – some beauty items, some decor items, some really practical things, some just-for-fun things… It was a really wonderfully curated box!

      Thanks for reading 🙂

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