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Bless Box Mystery Boxes – Available Now!

Bless Box has mystery boxes available now! This is a one time purchase and will not start a subscription.

It’s the beginning of a new year, and to get ready for some exciting NEW things in 2018, we’re having a Mystery Bless Box sale!

For just $19.99, you can sign up to receive a Mystery Bless Box that we’ve selected from one of our fave months (valued at $150-$200)! This is a one time only purchase.  You DO NOT have to be subscribed or sign up for a subscription.

The Box: Bless Box Mystery Box

The Cost: $19.99 + free shipping

The Products: Mystery items from previous boxes.

Good to Know: All sales final. Boxes ship immediately .

Are you grabbing a mystery box?

Bless Box

How do subscribers rate Bless Box?

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  1. I got November too. I’d love to get it twice because of Sterling Forever $30 Gift card. 🙂

  2. So dissapointed. I have been a Bless Box subscriber for a couple of months and have received a November box and a December box. I signed up for the mystery box, excited to get some items from other boxes I missed out on over the past year. Received my mystery box and it’s the November box. One of the two boxes I’ve received already and the November one was just two months ago and have barely touched the items that came it in to begin with.

  3. Just found a disregard the shipping notice email in my spam.

  4. I got dec 2017. But I’m more concerned with the fact that my one off mystery box was converted into a subscription and I now have another box coming. I was concerned with how it said I was subscribing but they had assured that was not the case. Check and make sure you aren’t getting another box folks.

    • I got two emails for the two mystery boxes I ordered that say an envelope completing my order has shipped. Not a subscription.

      But I was using the boxes for a reward for finishing some assignments and now I know which boxes I got since the emails identify the box month. Bummer.

    • I just got an email stating I have a box coming, but the box coming is August and that was my mystery box. I Facebook messaged them asking what’s up. I was completely disappointed in my mystery box and I absolutely do NOT want another one. I actually want to give this one back to them. Haven’t opened a single item. They can shove my mystery box. Ha!

      I am going to check my credit card statement when I get home.

      • Lol I totally understand. I got the November box, not only did I have damaged items, but the boxes 1/2 worth was expired coupons. I checked my credit card and no new charges. I’m thinking they are just super late on sending the origin al receipt. I’m still waiting on a response on the broken items. I sent pictures and everything and not a word from them.

  5. Finally got my box. I got the November box.

    • That’s the one I wanted. Lucky!

      • You for sure didn’t want my box. I had alot of broken products and all the discount coupons expired in December. So basically I got a box of paper and broken items.

      • What was broken? I am sure they will replace the items….

      • The chips (which I could care less about) were flat as a pancake, the lid on the body wash was crushed, but oddly enough I just finished my body wash I had that morning so I poured their body wash into my used up container, the mousse lid was crushed (honestly don’t care because the product is still usable) and the lip stick was melted inside the cap and unusable unless I use a qtip to pick it out. And the face wash lid was off so that spilled out. I sent them pictures no response yet. Honestly it was $19.00 so I’m not freaking out. Just looks like they took my box and slammed it into the wall 100x then shipped it to me. Just made me not want to business with them ever.

      • Well you for sure deserve the items replaced or something…and if they don’t do something than this will reflect on them poorly as we all take into consideration the posts on here for future purchases.
        I love WEN products and use them. The two products you received are very expensive and I have personally purchased.

        I wonder if there is a phone number for them?

      • Yes exactly it’s a poor reflection. I’ve been unsuccessful in finding a number, but if someone finds one please let me know.

      • I would be so peeved. Contect them. I wasn’t too impressed with Dec. I was hoping for June or Nov.

      • Thank you. I have. Still no response.

  6. I received my box today. It is the June retreat box and well worth it. The Boot’s no 7 is $19.99 alone and gets good reviews. I am excited to try the Kerastase ciment as well as I most likely wouldn’t have ever splurged on it without trying as it cost 43$. I would purchase another mystery box for 20$

    • Same box, and I’m super impressed!! I would buy 8 more mystery boxes if it was half as great as what came today!! Can’t wait to use everything!!

      • I agree! I wish that I would have ordered two….next time I will.
        My Arthur George socks are printed sole mates and are pink and white ( totally cute). These sock get great reviews on Nordstroms.

      • So jealous you guys got June. I got August and it sucked big time. To me not even worth $19

  7. If you go to their site and look at past boxes you can find all the info there. Click on each box and then click on “download catalog” for specifics on each item in that box.

  8. I wonder if anyone received the May box? It looks like a really good box for $20.

  9. I got two boxes, April and June. If you look at their site under past boxes they’re all listed and pictured. Pretty happy with mine.

  10. i got the september box and i wasn’t very impressed plus it was missing a item

  11. I must have gotten the April or May box which was not reviewed on here.

    Full size Kopari Coconut Rose Toner
    Full Size Body Shop Body Butter
    Colourpop lipstick & eyeshadow full size
    2 Maybelline items, eyeliner & brow pencil full size
    dpHUE Argan oil travel size
    Soap & glory hand cream full size
    Go smile whitening gel
    Differin Gel full size
    Portland bee lip balm full size
    Spring postcards, stickers
    Bunch of promo codes for many of the items for $10 off.
    I love my box!

  12. I received my mystery box today. I received:
    Kerastase Ciment Thermique (full size)
    No. 7 Airbrush away radiance boosting primer (Full size)
    Measurable difference Icecream eyeshadow quad
    Maybelline Master camo color correcting kit
    Pair of socks
    Bliss body butter-lemon + sage
    Brazilain bum bum cream
    Maybelline brow drama chalk
    eye patches
    face mask
    2 body shop masks
    chocolate hazelnut bar

    • Was this an actual past box or a combo of different items from boxes? It sounds like a combo box? I think that was a good box for $20.

    • I think that’s the june box

    • This is what I got

    • I received this box too . It’s the June box . I was really happy with it . This was the first mystery box I bought since Happy Rebel one and I couldn’t help but think of that box like smh I only spent $20 on this one and I’m really happy about everything I got .

    • I got this box too I am happy with it. That Kerastase cost around $38 that alone makes the box well worth it.

  13. Just got my box! Maybe it’s the Nov box? I got:
    popchips single serving
    wen mousse and mask (mousse looks full size, mask is 2 oz)
    love and toast honey nectar body wash, 8.2 fl oz
    maybelline mascara and curvitude eye liner
    10 hair gummies
    silicone makeup applicator
    mini face wash
    seaweed bath co sheet mask
    model launcher lip crayon $30 gift code, but when I tried to use it just now, it didn’t recognize the code.

    Honestly, I was just meh about the box upon opening– not exciting products of things I have plenty of. But then I spotted the lip crayon by a brand I’d never heard of. For some reason, this made me think, well that’s an ok box. The tribulations of a lip product addict…

    • I’m not sure if there were variations of this lip crayon, but I’m super hard to please with lip products and this one wowed me. The color was gorgeous! Very shimmery rose gold.
      I also had the same problem with the code until I realized I had to put the ‘BLESSBOX-‘ part, followed by the number on the card. I actually really liked the eyeliner, it made cat eye flicks super easy, but I’ll be giving the mascara away (didn’t try it, just on mascara overload.)
      When I was looking through the past boxes on the website to get an idea of what I might be receiving I was actually curious about the Wen products; Until I saw the reviews. Yikes. And those were most of the value in the box.
      Between those, the silicone applicator that I already have, and the jewelry website Gift Card being included in the value of the box,I was a bit disappointed in this box as well. But like you said, the lip crayon was a saving grace.

      • I got the color sublime– I liked it a lot over balm. Subtle nude pinkish. Then I wore it alone. Super metallic golden, but very long lasting. A very solid lippie imho.

        And I thought I put in the entire code at sterlingforever. I’ll try again. 🙂

    • I got the same today and thought it was a great box for $20. !! I wish I would have ordered 2.

  14. I received the August box. I will say I am underwhelmed.

    My box;
    – Vital Proteins Collagen Beauty Water (Strawberry Lemon) 10.4 oz- I will try this but really have no interest
    – Ogee Daily Facial Cleansing cloths 30ct- meh.. okay… Not interesting
    – Popchps Tangy Barbeque 8oz- I will not eat, but the boy will. I have no interest
    – Manna Glo Illuminator 20ml- This one interests me and I will definitely try it.
    – Relax bless the body bath soak- I don’t take baths, but I guess I can put it in my foot soak bath thingy.
    – Manna Lip gloss in Sienna (sample)- I am also interested in this. I will try it.
    – Amika Cleansing Conditioner 10.1 oz- It’s weird receiving something like this without it’s matching pair, but I will use this. I have quite a few shampoo samples from other subscription boxes without the conditioner so I will use this with those. I should also point out that I don’t use conditioner anywhere near my scalp so this should last a while. It also smells nice.
    – Maybelline Master Chrome Highlighter in Molten Gold- Will definitely try this.

    If you look up the value of the items it would appear I definitely got my money’s worth, but I will be able to judge if that’s actually true after I use the items, I don’t put value on things because of the brand name. I think my disappointment was due to that according to my account I was to receive the November box so I started watching videos of those unboxing and became excited as I liked that box. They did tell me I would not be receiving the November box, but I guess I had my hopes up for great items similar to those. If I had known which box I would be receiving I would not have purchased. Also according to the MSA review for that month and YouTube videos this box was supposed to come with a bonus item which mine did not. Live and learn.

    • You don’t use shampoo with a cleaning conditioner.

      • I can’t put conditioner on my scalp. So I would still need shampoo.

      • It’s not a conditioner it’s something different you use instead of shampoo, I also can’t use conditioner near my scalp but this cleansing conditioner is amazing! It replaces shampoo, conditioner, and detangler. My hair is less oily and I wash less!

  15. I received the December 2017 box! Loving the wen products, but one lipstick is brown, so I won’t be using that one. I also receieved a self heating facial treatment mask that wasn’t on the brochere!

    • I got December’s box too! I’m excited to try the Wen products, and I love the Skinn palette

  16. I got the december box! To be honest im going to use like three of these things. Im not saying the box is bad. Still happy to have recieved this at a discount.

  17. My box is on the move and expected arrival is tomorrow (the 20th), I’m in Chicago and the box is coming from nearby in Ohio.

    • Any weight on the box available? Mine is to arrive on Monday.

      • I just found out that they prepaid for the weight up to 5 pounds…so could be less…
        The curiosity just eats a way at ya;)

      • Weight isn’t listed. I’ll comment when I get them.

        I ordered two (accidentally) because I didn’t get an email about the order, just about how I had subscribed.

        Hoping they’re different and also hoping all of us who didn’t intend to subscribe don’t have any problems!

  18. Has anyone’s tracking info updated yet? My second tracking # still says label created…..

    • Nope, both shipping numbers come back only as label created 😣

  19. I received a shipping email from Bless Box on Monday and again Today with 2 different tracking numbers. I only ordered the Mystery Box I checked my credit card and I only see the 19.99 charge so I wonder why there are 2 tracking numbers. Has anyone else had this happen?

    • Yes. I did too. I got an email yesterday and then 1 today. I was just trying to contact them, but they are closed now I think. So I’ll try to find out tomorrow.

    • There was an issue with original shipping information. They were resubmitting tracking information today. It was on their Facebook page. They said to ignore first tracking info.

    • Yes. I got this too. Two emails. Two different tracking numbers. They’ve had issues with this roll out. It’s probably an accident with nothing to worry about. But if you send them an email, or chat with them on the website, there pretty quick at responding from my experience.

      • Found this on their fb page:

        Hi everyone! Another Mystery Box shipping update 📢

        We made a mistake on the first tracking email you received – d’oh! You’ll receive a NEW tracking email by 12:30pm PST today. Please ignore the first completely! Mystery boxes should still start arriving by the end of the week ❤️

      • Thank you all for the info I greatly appreciate it.

  20. I ordered this on Monday as soon as it became available. Has anyone received shipping notice yet? I haven’t and was just curious as it said it would ship immediately.

    • It did say it say it would ship immediately. And I have not received any shipping notices as of yet either.

    • I chatted with them and they’ve said we should be recieving a shipping notification next week.

      • thanks i was wondering this as well

  21. I jut recieved this email in response to subbing or not, after I purchased the mystery box this morning.

    Sierra Bless (Bless Box)
    Jan 9, 13:09 PST
    Hi Michelle,

    Thanks so much for reaching out to us today! Sorry for confusion regarding the email received after sign up! I just took a look at your account and I can confirm that your purchase is only being applied to our one-time-only Mystery Bless Box.

    Since we are a subscription service, your account is technically considered an “active subscription”. This gives us the ability to be able to service your account or address any possible issues before your box is shipped to you. 🙂

    Once your box is on its way, you’ll receive an email with a tracking number included. At this point in time we go into your account and inactivate your “subscription” and you will only receive one Bless Box from us.

    Again, so sorry for any confusion the email may have caused. I hope this provides clarification! Let me know if there’s anything else I can help with. I’d be delighted!
    Have a blessed day,
    PS If you haven’t yet, check out our Instagram for the latest updates, style tips, and more!

    • Yes I got this same email after ordering the one time box too. It was confusing when placing order because it did say you would be csigned up for subscription but then it also said for one time box purchases you would not. Anywho I’m glad to get one of these boxes for 20. If they were more of a lifestyle box I may even subscribe but right now it’s to beauty heavy.

  22. I took a chance and got one of these….I really like some of the things I seen in some of her 2017 boxes ( wen products) so I really hoping to receive some of them.

  23. If you go to My Subscriptions in your Bless Box account, you’ll see the Mystery Past Box order. There you will see a date, mine says November 28th, 2017.

    Does everyone’s say this particular date?

    If so, it may be nothing. But if not, it can indicate the Box as a whole, that you’ll be receiving. I’m not sure if they’re clearing out random products in Inventory put together, or if they’re giving away a whole month’s box (everything that was included for that month).

    • Mine said exactly the same. No idea what it means.

    • My states November box as well. I was going to online chat with them and ask if that’s the box I am getting. There’s a YouTube video reviewing the November box (titled: Bless Box November 2017 Unboxing). So you can see what’s in it. I can’t include links or my comment won’t post. If anyone can get confirmation on assigned box please let me know.

    • Mine also says Nov 29th 2017

    • All of my prior purchases with Bless Box show the date of November 28th, so I don’t think it indicates anything

    • I read on a comment on their facebook post that you would be getting the exact box from the month.

      • I asked them via Facebook and this is what they said “We’ve noticed there’s been confusion around confirmation emails. This is not a confirmation of the box you’re receiving, and will remain a mystery!” So apparently we will not be receiving the November box. I was kind of hoping.

  24. Check out the Discussion Forum section for recent “mysteryc Bless Box experiences. It was called the December Celebration Box and was supposed to be valued at $400.
    Well Retail Values included 5 pink lead pencils @ $15 and Bless Box “Swag” postcards (not even folded/tented cards like pictured in the brochure) valued at $17.
    I’m supposed to advertise to about blessbox and the cards take away from overall promised RV?

  25. I got one and of course got the same email as everyone else. Hopefully I didn’t just subscribe.

  26. I just ordered this and at the bottom in the fine print it says you are subscribing to a monthly box. I chatted with a customer service rep and they assured me that it’s a one time payment. It’s just that the nature of the business is subscriptions so it automatically at the bottom of every checkout. I wish they did PayPal so I could monitor it more easily and cancel the charge permissions after I receive my first box. So now I am going to have to keep an eye out on my Bless account or credit card statement to make sure I am not charged again. The subscription box is 29.99 plus shipping and I DON’T pay shipping. LOL. I am curious to know if this box is full of the extras they had left over from 2017.

    • It says that we will receive one of the past 2017 fav boxes?? I wish that it would be a collaboration of fav items from all the boxes that would be awesome!

      • Kelli,
        If you look at your account it will likely say a month. Mine says November. So I may receive the November box.

      • Redhed36,

        Well I hope you are right! I will be very happy with that one! I went into my account and mine also says November 28 2017. So you think that means that is the one we are getting?
        It is kind of odd that everyone that has purchased is saying the same thing??

      • If everyone’s says the same thing then it’s likely just a default, maybe that had to put something in there. I wouldn’t mind having the November box.

  27. I have subbed to this box for about 1 year. Their CS is very responsive. It has happened before that a 1 time special box purchase has shown a subscription and it was something that they needed to fix on their site. I would definitely let them know, though. Some if their boxes have been great— I think it was the Oct. Box that had FIVE different eye palettes.

  28. I am so lost. So I’m a sucker for “mystery” boxes. So I added it to the cart and checked out. In the announcement for this it states it’s a 1x box and ships immediately. Per my email I have subscribed to the subscription and my first box is the January box that ships between 18-22. Has anyonevvelse tried to buy this and if so, does the receipt show mystery box purchased or full subscription??

    • Emailed CS to clarify this, as well. I agree w Cheli though that customer service is dependable, just wanted confirmation. Otherwise, it’s a generous deal

      • Ok so far this is what I know. I ordered it, email states I am now subscribed monthly. So I sent email got automatic response saying they will respond in 1-2 days.

        But..My credit card was charged just the $19.99.

        And once I figured out how to log in…it states I ordered just the mystery box.

        I’m thinking the email welcoming me to the subscription may be just an automatic email, as this is their first mystery box.

        In conclusion I feel safe to say I think it’s legit, and worth it.

    • Same thing happened to me.. Honestly, I think their skipping cart just wasn’t fully set up for this mystery box idea. Someone had a bright idea to clear inventory and the project was half baked on the tech end. I don’t anticipate any issues, despite what the email says about starting a subscription since the price shown was $19.99 and the terms are clear elsewhere. Plus if they actually send me and charge me for a January box they can expect a chargeback from me and I’ll get a free box 🙂 I’m not worried but stoked about the mystery box.. And expecting an “oops!” Email from them sometime today once they realize their tech is out of sync.

      • Buyer beware. I got my mystery box already and just got notification I have another box coming…

      • Just a delayed email notification….no biggie

    • In November they offered the Sept box for $20, free shipping. I bought it and got the same email, but CS confirmed it was a one time purchase. You are probably fine. They do need to change the email info when its one of these deals tho!

  29. I must say that their customer service is awesome

  30. I am not falling for this.

    • Why? The pictures look great. What don’t I know??

    • Can I ask why you say that?

      I would sign up for this, but it looks like a signup for the sub. I’ll wait for clarification!

      • Well, it does say in the description that you don’t have to already have a sub, or sign up for one. But I am curious why Zo says she isn’t falling for it.

      • I don’t know why post isn’t showing up. But I went to purchase the 1x mystery box, and the receipt shows nothing about a 1x box. Instead I received an email saying I now have a subscription. I’ve sent them an email, so we wait. I tried to log into my account as they make you create 1 and I can’t even do that. I’m at a loss here on what to do

      • This is a very reliable company from my personal

      • Did you go to their website?
        Here’s what it says: For just $19.99, you can sign up to receive a Mystery Bless Box that we’ve selected from one of our fave months (valued at $150-$200)! This is a one time only purchase. You DO NOT have to be subscribed or sign up for a subscription.

    • Maybe Zo is referring to their December mystery box offer, which I also ordered. It was I believe $50/60 bucks and promised a value of over $400 or something and it was absolutely terrible. Beautiful packaging but filled with over inflated values, notecards, pencils, etc. Only a couple of useful items in my opinion. Almost feels like they are clearing out inventory.

      • That was my experience as well. I have that December box as my WORST VALUE and box experience overall. At least with others, even if response was slow… Their Cs made it right (BOS, HR, Gentlemen’s Box…)
        That December box was so bad with such inflated retail values, I was speechless and didn’t even contact CS.
        Anyone wanting more details check out the forum posts

      • Yes, exactly this.

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