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BeautyFIX Past Boxes Available Now!

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BeautyFIX has past boxes available for $24.95! (Thanks for the heads up, Barbara!) These are one time purchase boxes and will not start a subscription.

Here’s a look at the available boxes:


Check out our reviews of past BeautyFix boxes to see what you can expect from each box!

What are you grabbing in the sale?



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  1. Wow, that was fast! I ordered Tuesday, and it came on Friday. It was the Kiss of Sun box, and the “mystery” addition was Replenix, Enriched Eye Repair Cream.

    Happy unboxing!

    • How do you get the “mystery” addition?

  2. I got the Fresh Fall Start. I also reviewed it and got 15% off. I use the Bioderma Micellar water every night and when I’m playing with make-up (swatching). I also really loved the Nia cream for my chest, it sees so much sun and thus damage. The Nia cream seems to really lighten my freckles there and on my shoulders. I might be in the minority but I love the Hum supplements. Admittedly, they taste terrible but I just shake them up with some water and take them like a shot. I feel like it’s nice to start beauty fixin’ from within 🙂

  3. Just ordered the Fresh Fall Start. I missed that hand cream when the box came out and wanted to try it.

  4. I just bought 2 boxes for $22.49 each.
    Fyi, if you review a product you get a code for 15% off that specific product, plus you earn rewards points. Yes, you can get the 15% off when you review past boxes!

    • Wow! I did not know about the 15% code for reviews. I found the code for the past review I did on the box I was buying. Thanks so much!!!!

      Dermstore is amazing with their coupons and rewards.

    • I just got off the phone with Dermstore. The cs lady told me that there’s no skipping a month so I had to cancel for feb box (I’ll sign back up in feb) and I tried to order turn a new leaf box but they sold out so I ordered the beauty wanderlust box. I ordered summer kiss yesterday

    • I religiously do all their point earning activities including sharing blog posts and sharing my order on Facebook (a second account as not to annoy friends). I currently have $20 to spend. It takes a little time but so worth it!

    • So after your done doing a review on a item they give you points rite afterwards? Or do I have to do something else?
      Thank you

  5. I ordered my box at 11 this morning and it’s already shipped. Pretty impressive, Dermstore. Can’t wait to get my box. I got the fall fix. The drunk elephant & juice beauty sold me. Love both of those companies & the green apple peel is a jar of awesome.

  6. I had a dream about one of those face needle rollers last night….how weird is that? Now I sort of feel like I need to buy the box that has one in it! LOL

    • I would’ve missed that if I hadn’t seen your comment, thanks!

  7. Make sure you check if you have any rewards points hanging out collecting dust. I had $10 from just subscribing which I converted and they were applied to the order.

    • Do we get points monthly for just subscribing to beauty fix?
      Do we only get points when we do reviews

      • You can get points for posting your order of the box to facebook (I do this and select to make it visible only to me) and you gets points per dollar spent.

      • You get points for every order, a normal monthly box would be 125 points. If you share your order on facebook it’s an additional 150 points! It adds up quick!

  8. Just bought two.

  9. I ordered 2 boxes and used my points to get $20 off. I love this subscription and always review 5 products a month to get my points. They add up fast.

    • How do you review and get points?

      • Dermstore rewards are amazing!! You can get over $10 in points each month for doing their reward activities.

        • My husband always jokes they’re going to catch on that I religiously do all their point activities and get free money to spend. Five reviews a month, share reviews on FB, share orders on Facebook AND share ten blog posts. I also read all their blog posts, great material! I get about $20 a month back.

          • So do you Automatically get points for every box you receive? I know you get points for all the reviews that you do. I asked because I received 125 points for January box and then I ordered another one yesterday but I haven’t received the point yet.

          • How do you get points from reading their blog posts? To do 5 reviews a month means you bought 5 things – you can’t review without buying first. Only way I saw to review and get points was if I buy a product. I see I do get 125 for buying the box and a 100 for reviewing the box.

    • I didn’t don’t know reviewing got you points!!!

      • You get the points once it ships and yes, it’s automatic. I would go back to your points history and check to be sure but I’ve never had an issue. Also, from your order history you can share up to five orders a month on facebook so if you’ve been getting them for a while you can share old order and rack up a ton of points.

  10. It shows that they’re all sold out! 😩😩😩

    • Anna,
      I just added one to my cart. The Turn a New Leaf one.

    • I just ordered the kiss of sun box.
      Was the box you wanted sold out then?
      It took me two hours to finally decide lol

    • I just ordered. They are there.

    • Ii just ordered 3 of them. Make sure you click the link on this page. 🙂

  11. I like this idea, but am surprised that they are not offering a discount on old left over inventory

    • They would argue that they are. A one time purchase is usually $34.95.

  12. Did anyone get the Beauty Wanderlust kit? I’ll like to swap for the ORA Microneedle Face Roller System! My swap profile is linked – just click on my name 🙂

  13. I just grabbed Turn a New Leaf – the Dr. Brandt is the best exfoliator I’ve ever come across. And at 1/2 price plus all the other “freebies”, how could I not?

    • Are these discounted? Isn’t the regular sub $24.95? How is it half off?

      • Where does it say half off? Their regular sub price is 24.95, or non sub price is like 34.95 or something similar, so it is a little discounted. If you go directly to you can get 20% discount off of the 24.95, if that helps. You just need to give them your email. So many options! The Ora is amazing, btw! But if that is all you want, you can get that alone for less.

        • Janet,
          I couldn’t get 1/2 code (email code) to work with this deal. Not sure if it’s not a subscription. I also tried retailmenot code and it didn’t work. I tried like three codes and couldn’t get any of them to work with this deal. darn

        • You can’t use the 20% off on the boxes. I signed up and tried, said items in cart are not eligible.

          • Well, that’s a bummer, but it does apply to the Ora on its own.

      • She means that the full size dr. Brandt is $58 so she’s getting the whole box for $25 which is half off the product she wants.

        • Oh I see…is that product full size that is in the box? If I can find a promo code I may grab one of these…

          • Full size.

        • Thanks Tara – that’s exactly what I meant, but I can see where it would be unclear. I pretty much only bought it for the Dr. Brandt, hence the 1/2 price comment. 🙂

  14. I traded it $20 worth of points so I justified getting 2 boxes!

  15. Got the fall edit! Wanted it but starting a subscription and then canceling it so this was perfect for me

  16. I got Fall fresh start and turn a new leaf. Woot!

  17. Oh god!!! Which one to get?

    • All of them!

  18. Back to you Luna, I haven’t had a chance to use the Arcona but I know people rave about their products. I have the Fresh Fall Start sitting in my cart but haven’t pulled the trigger yet.

    Since I’m having very little success with topical products I’m trying out consumable stuff. Believe it or not, drinking hibiscus tea works better than slathering on tons of product.

    • I hear ya. Besides genetics & lifestyle choices, I think one of the other biggest factors that aide in healthy skin is what we put in our bodies. I think the experts say that skincare actually makes up a small percentage (relatively speaking) of how our skin looks. I’ve been working on some supplement powders I’ve accumulated from boxes (currently collagen packets), and I have definitely noticed a difference in my skin (although they’re not the best tasting). It’s making me think that maybe I should get the Beauty Heroes wellness box as well! 😉

      • Luna, I am just curious, I do not take collagen, because I read somewhere that no matter how much collagen you eat, it is not going to make different in the collagen level in your skin. What exact difference did you notice? May be I should start taking it too 🙂

        • It wouldn’t surprise me if that’s right. They’re all probably just a placebo effect. haha. I just take them because I keep getting them in boxes, but I’d probably never buy them. A good ol’ multi-vitamin is good enough for me. Actually, my clearer, smoother skin could be a combination of the collagen powders, lack of snacking due to being too busy at work to mindlessly dig into the candy bowl the next desk over (wah!), & due to the fact I’m always changing up my skincare products, so it could be something new-ish I’m using too!

  19. I got the fall edit with the drunk elephant & juice beauty. Can’t wait to get this! I love love love drunk elephant but I don’t love love love their prices so how could I not snatch this?!

  20. Thanks for this. Got Turn a New Leaf 🙂

  21. I’d jump on this and have a little FOMO, but because I just bought a ton of products from Wake the Dead Scrubs (waiting on my second order) and have so much to use already… I think I can pass this at this time. If they do it again, perhaps I’ll jump on it. 🙂

  22. I grabbed the Turning a new leaf one! Totally worth the price since I am all out of anything exfoliating and that one is my fave.

    • Me too! I just finished the Paula’s Choice serum last week and the Dr. Brandt exfoliating product is my favorite.

      • I love the Dr Brandt! I got a ton of it on swap for Boxycharm. I stockpile this stuff. So amazing for your skin. Even my husband is using it and he normally uses Irish spring body wash for everything including his face. That’s a bad habit I’ce been trying to break him from for years….

    • Me too!

  23. Thanks for this! I bought the Fresh Fall Start box because of the cleansing balm ($15) and the sun damage product ($60!!). Sounds like a win to me.

  24. “The Fall Edit” is an Amazing box! Love it!

    • Yes. All the peels. So good.

  25. Thanks so much for the heads up! I ended up getting the Turn a New Leaf box. The Arcona product is what sold me, but everything else looks good too!

    • Luna, I used Arcona and it is really really good. It is gentle but it exfoliates so nicely. It is so much better than Dr. Brant.

      • That’s great to hear! I’ve only used a couple of Arcona products and enjoyed them, plus I always hear what a great brand they are. I’m actually working through a ton of “deluxe” samples of the Dr. Brandt scrub, and for the most part I like it (it was a bit rough at first, but I think I’m used to it now), but what I hate is that somehow I always get the grit in my mouth even when I consciously keep my lips closed. 🙁
        Oh, and I put “deluxe” in quotes because I’m currently on my 5th tube of it, and so far I’ve only been able to get 1 to 3 uses out of each tube because they’re all empty!

        • Totally agree, Dr. Brant is little bit too rough for me. People marvel about it, but I use it with reservations, it scratches my face too much. However, I have to agree, after that, my face feels really good and smooth.

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