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SkinStore 12 Miracles of Beauty Advent Calendar – Discounted!

The SkinStore 12 Miracles of Beauty Advent Calendar has been marked down in price to $55!

Make your wishes come true this holiday with SkinStore.

Brand new and exclusive for 2017, SkinStore’s 12 Miracles of Beauty has been carefully curated by the dedicated team here at SkinStore for over 12 months. Worth over $350, each product has been specially chosen to ensure you discover a brand new treat that provides every day confidence across makeup, skin care and hair care.

Designed in Christmas red and gold, the case will make the perfect centerpiece in any home this holiday. After you’ve gotten over how big and gorgeous it is, open the doors to uncover 12 pull-out drawers that will reveal a magical discovery each day.

You need to be quick though, SkinStore’s 12 Miracles of Beauty is strictly limited edition and is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Don’t miss out on this year’s hotly anticipated beauty advent calendar. Buy now to avoid disappointment!

The last day to purchase and receive your order before Christmas is December 13th.

Each calendar includes:

  • FOREO Luna Play
  • Dermalogica Multivitamin Thermafoliant
  • Balance Me Pure Skin Face Wash
  • Caudalie Beauty Elixir
  • Erno Laszlo Hydrogel Detoxifying Mask
  • MONU Recovery Balm
  • Philip Kingsley Elastisticizer
  • Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Mist
  • Dr Botanicals Moroccan Rose Superfood Facial Oil
  • The BrowGal Skinny Eyebrow Pencil
  • PIXI Mini-Endless Silky Eye Pen Black Noir
  • Grow Gorgeous Hair Density Serum Intense

Check out our review of the SkinStore 12 Miracles of Beauty Advent Calendar for more information!

The Box: SkinStore 12 Miracles of Beauty Advent Calendar

The Cost: $55

The Products: “The beautiful presentation case features 12 wonderful products from the world’s best, premium beauty brands, including: Caudalie, Dermalogica and FOREO. Each product has been specially chosen to ensure you discover a brand new treat that provides every day confidence across makeup, skin care and hair care.”

What do you think of the Advent Calendar? Are you going to grab one?

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Comments (63)

  1. They offer now a FREE SkinStore Stocking and Free Mystery Gift with every order, valued at $44!

  2. I bought it yesterday. I didn’t even know this exsisted until yesterday and got it for $55. Too good of a deal to pass up.

  3. They had me at the beauty elixir. I know it’s the most exciting product, but I spray it in my face at work when I’m sleepy to wake me up and it doesn’t ruin my makeup.

    Also no shipping or sales tax.

  4. Wondering about other advent calendars. I think QVC’s is sold out. I was hoping for some discounts! Bought this at $79.

  5. I have never purchased an event calendar. How does this one compare to all the others that were offered; look fantastic, origins, etc….

    What makes this one so special? Just curious to get others opinions.

    • I think it all depends on the products tbh.

      I’m currently using the grow gorgeous & omorovicza spray, these two items alone make the set worth it if you like them. The grow gorgeous hair serum is at least $30+ even at 30% off and the omorovicza spray is at least $20+ from a UK platform (it’s $50 in the U.S. which is crazy and I would never pay that much for a spray).

      I also got the look fantastic calendar for $92, which has a variety of products that I like, and of course, more $$$ (now it’s sold out already)

      Origins, meh, I have so many samples from them that I don’t feel the need to buy any full size products. (E.g. Macy has a origins mask sets that include eight 30ml masks for $12, that’s right, $12, exclusive for Macys, it went out crazy and I was lucky to get one)

      • Lindsey,

        Thanks for the input:-) I appreciate it and it is helpful.

      • Just curious do you think that this one is better than the look fantastic calendar? The two items that you mentioned sound amazing and someone said that this one has 9 full size items. I believe the LF had 12.

      • LF is a little bit more pricey that I would like, but I haven’t bought any Calendar before and I thought that would be a gift for myself to try new products (also I can use some as gifts).

        But for this one I bought it because I love some of the products already and at $55 it’s worth it.

        If not for trying new products I would hesitate buying the LF one just because of the price. if you know some of the items are useless for you, $100 can actually do a lot and get you a lot of samples (some of the big retailers sometimes have those big sample bag if you spend $100+ or $200 and some of them come in really good sizes, so you can still use that money to buy the full sizes you are sure to love and still get ‘luxury’ brand samples’, that’s my opinion.

      • I think it depends on the items in the calendar since now you can see what’s in it. My LF one hasn’t arrived yet LOL, i bought that one for trying the variety of products, this one i bought it because i knew it’s a good deal for the products I’m using already.

        If you are not that interested in most of the LF calendar then i’d say not worth it because for $100 you can do a lot! Big retailors (NM, Saks, etc.) usually have those big sample bag with $100+ or $200+ purchases that does include a lot of really good product samples. You can buy full-size items that you really like and get a big sample bag to try products anyways.

      • Lindsey,

        Thanks for all the useful input….I appreciate

      • I bought this (at $80+) to try the Grow Gorgeous. How is it working for you? I haven’t had a chance to try it yet. Considering getting a second box in case I love it.


      • I’ve used it for a month or so, I feel it’s working but maybe that’s just some self-assurance? Lol. I can’t tell the difference from the pics I took though hahaha. But if I believe in it, maybe I’ll grow more hair – that’s psychology ;3

      • I thought he spray in this Calendar is 50ml but it’s 30ml so the $ estimate is a little bit off but still a good deal!

    • I was originally interested because I love skincare and there are some highly rated skincare items in this box. Plus, the items are luxury products I’d never buy normally due to price. So I waited until it was discounted, and now I get to try a bunch of luxury products for far less than they normally cost 🙂

      I looked at other calendars but the price and/or types of products put me off (like makeup items I don’t use).

      • I totally agree with you about not spending $$ on luxury splurges of skincare. I like you love getting them at a significant discount. There are/were so many advent calendars that came out and I thought maybe this year that I would splurge on one for myself if any that were good got discounted.
        I may have to get this one….

  6. Finally came down to a price that I would love to buy and still before Christmas!!! Hope it can arrive soon!

  7. bought it. finally the time has come LOL I knew from the get go that this box will eventually go on sale. All i need to do is wait patiently.Oh boys, that wait is not easy, I gotta admit that I almost it when it was on sale for 75$, but it’s worth it. Im really certain that $55 is the lowest price that they will go. I mean, just look at what are included, the total value and it makes sense that anything below this price is not gonna happen. so i went ahead and got one while its still in stock .

  8. I actually waited till they discounted it’s a $79 and somewhat change, then I used the code Miracle25. The total ended up coming out to $51.98
    I have allergies to a lot of products so I went ahead and I took out those I wanted and liked or needed, then I went ahead and put a whole bunch of items that I got from my mom from other boxes or that I bought separately and put them in the drawers. It plans to go ahead and gift her that in this box.
    Hopefully she’ll love it.

    • I tried codes when it was reduced and always said it didn’t apply to the product I had in my bag. Good for you!

  9. This is a beautiful box. I bought it went it was $75 . Good deal for those that didn’t get one.

  10. Silly question but – does anyone know the shade of the eyebrow pencil?

    • I got number 6 blonde

      • Thanks! I went ahead and ordered – and bonus that the color should work for me.

      • Oh that’s great!

      • Sorry that’s for the brow gal. The doucce brow filler is the same as I got from 3 other boxes #616 / 01H5

    • I got shade chocolate so I think they vary.

  11. I ordered 2 then added a $10 item. If you order from the email they sent put this morning you can also recieve the Black Friday Beauty Bag for free.
    I tried 5 discount codes… None would apply to this order.
    I’m still thrilled about this deal!

    • Hi Tami, did you see the Black Friday Beauty Bag added to your cart when you check out?

      • Yes… It was automatic.

        But go to email, click on link (should open new windows) , and then sign in then add items. The promotion says must click through email.

        I live skins tore… They keep their crazy complicated promos updated, automatically add bonuses to cart and give you a a reason why your promo code won’t work… I also love the way you can shop the many promos under sale header…

      • I didn’t receive this email. Is there a way to get it so I can get the free Beauty Bag?

  12. I am on “no buy” resolution in December, but just could not pass this deal. Bought one. I am so weak and spineless when it comes to boxes.

  13. My New Years resolution is going to be: stop buying boxes until they’re discounted. 🤦‍♀️ If they sell out, they sell out. This calendar is definitely worth $55! Mine showed up a little while ago and the packaging is just beautiful. It truly feels like a big extravagant present!

    • How many full size items?

      • 9 full sized items.

  14. It was soooo hard to wait for this to be discounted!! This is it, I’m getting it! Discount doesn’t work but still happy to buy it.

  15. This was the only advent calendar I purchased, crap this really sucks.

  16. I’m still not ordering it, as I like more serum type items, but I just wanted to say that I feel terrible for all the people that paid $150 for this calendar..

  17. Worth it for $55, not worth it for over $100 like I paid. Never again!

    • All of the other good ones sold out before they were discounted, so I don’t think you made a mistake. There was no way to know for sure it would be in stock long enough to get discounted. I’m sad I waited on some (ASOS, QVC, even Birchbox and Sephora) and they sold out. Lookfantastic sold out too.

  18. What a great price! I got it for $79.00 and have no regrets whatsoever! The packaging is absolutely beautiful!!!

    • Yes, me too! I’m not mad that it went on sale, this was a gorgeous box and I love the contents even for $80… So I bought another one at the lower price! lol

  19. Wow! Almost half-price! After purchasing, I saw if you purchase $75 worth of items, you can use HOLIDAY to get 20% off plus a free gift.

    • Don’t feel bad, the discount doesn’t work on the advent calendar.

    • It’s actually more than half off the original price of $149! 🙂

      • You’re right! Even more excited about this purchase now! All of the items are new to me minus Foreo, but it’ll be the perfect finishing gift for a Christmas present.

  20. Grrr, this hacks me off. I ordered back at the beginning of November and STILL don’t have it. It still says USPS waiting for the package and when I contacted them last week about it, they just told me “It’s been dispatched”.

    • I feel your frustration. I ordered in October and my package has been lost in transit for a month and a half now. When I contact Skinstore for help they just say they will notify the courier that my package hasn’t been delivered. I sent them another e-mail yesterday telling them I want a refund since it’s unlikely I will get my package at this point. If they don’t refund me, I’m filing for a chargeback.

      • Oh, it’s not just mine?? That’s interesting. They just sent me the same link to that weird courier site, like I hadn’t seen it the first time they e-mailed it to me. I was going to give it until next week to make it an even month, but I think I might go escalate it again now…

    • A package I ordered from them has been at the P.O. near their Kentucky warehouse for 2 weeks! I called them yesterday and today. Today they said they are going to look into it and get back to me tomorrow. They sounded genuinely concerned.

      I also filed a missing package query with usps.

      • What phone number did you call? I haven’t been able to find any phone number for them and have been emailing them through the customer service portal but haven’t gotten a response. I would be grateful for a phone number.

      • 844-433-5143

      • Out of curiousity, did the gals that not receive their packages use the apt or suite number box?
        I think something may be wrong with their software and it is excluding that Box, so the suite or apt number is not showing on there full delivery address.

      • Mine’s a house address, no suite or box number. Sounds like they have a pile of packages at the warehouse just sitting around. Mine still says USPS is waiting for the package, meaning it’s not them that lost it. I wouldn’t mind, except they were so blasé in the customer service response.

      • Z, agreed. used the online chat today and CS was very under whelming. They said they have a month to deliver the package, so contact them again after a month has passed since the ship date, so Jules has a case for sure.

  21. Is there a shipping charge?

    • No, shipping is free 🙂

  22. YES!!! This is what I’ve been waiting for. I told myself to wait until it got down to $50, but $55 is close enough. Bought.

    Just fyi, with tax it comes to $58.78. Still a great deal!

  23. Shoot! I wish I’d waited. I could’ve saved a little bit of money. But honestly, I love this calendar! The box is worth it. If I didn’t already have a gift for my bff, I’d get her this.

  24. Ugh!! I wish I had waited but it is worth it regardless!

    • Are these full size items or deluxe/samples?

      • If you click the link Liz provided and read the description the sizes are stated.

      • Their website says: “Includes 9 full-size and 3 deluxe travel size products.” Hope this helps!

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