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POPSUGAR Must Have Box January 2018 Box Spoiler #1

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We have the first spoiler for the January 2018 POPSUGAR Must Have box!

Each box will include: Best Year Ever Wall Calendar – Retail Value $20

No excuses for not fulfilling your dreams this year. You’ll smile while turning the pages of your brightly hued calendar that includes stickers and playful illustrations for every month. It’s hole-punched so you can easily hang it on your wall, which makes it easy to stay organized and motivated all year-long.

(POPSUGAR sent me this spoiler early so I can answer any questions you might have about it.)

It’s a 12-month calendar that measures 8 in. x 23 in and it has…STICKERS!

Here is a look at all the artwork included in the calendar:

I will definitely be saving these for wall art! And here’s a picture to give you a better sense of scale:

What do you think of the January 2018 POPSUGAR Must Have Box spoiler? I love Bando, so this is a perfect spoiler for me!

If you haven’t signed up yet, use coupon code MUSTHAVE5 to save $5 off of your first box! (Your first box will be the January box.)

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Not for me….I did not resub after two years steady. But will buy an occasional box if it looks good in the future. I think I have a different taste level, or I am just to dang old for most of the stuff in this box now.

  2. Sadly I went ahead and cancelled…this calendar gave me a see- through red plastic purse flashback. PS isn’t consistent enough anymore, but once in a while they hit it out of the ballpark and getting a box is easy enough

  3. Well crap, ordered this in the black Friday sale…Good news, I guess I’m really on trend?

  4. I have said may times Popsugar is the best mother/daughter box ever. This box works great to split with my daughter. If it were just me though, I’d have a lot more dud boxes but I can usually find creative ways to use the items no matter what even if not their intended use. I always recommend this box to women who are young at heart or mother/daughter duos who want to split a box.

    That said my issue isn’t with the calendar but does this start with January 2018? If so why not send it in Dec because lord knows psmh pony express won’t get the boxes here until well into Jan and then we’ve wasted anywhere from a few weeks to a month. I would rather have had it to start off on Jan 1.

  5. I think is for an age group or maybe ” decorating style” different from mine. I don’ have an office, so whatever I hang up is going to show in my home on the walls.
    I’d gladly go one full year without any print calendar or planner before I’d put this childish, tacky thing on my home walls.

    HOWEVER, if I had an office, I might feel differently. It is different from museum reproduction artwork calendars I used to hang up…
    I don’t know. Monet and Renoir are always beautiful and relaxing and this is reminiscent of 1960’s- 1970’s POP ART. I lived through that kitsch the first time, thank you, and have no desire to repeat it as a mature adult.

    Yeah, I LOVED the calendar last year with the clear acrylic stand that was both small and classically designed and pretty.

    Rifle Paper Co. should have been the calendar of choice. I think most of us LOVE their products and appreciate their quality prints.
    For a while, we had several Rifle Paper Co. items in sub boxes, now, ________ flat lined.

    Rifle Paper Co. Popsugar, think quality and stay classy, OK?

  6. Hmmmm…. who can I give this to?

    • any girls prob around age 7/8 and up would LOVE this!

      • I’m planning to hang this in my classroom/shop and I’m sure both my middle and high school students will love it! Definitely more young teen than 7/8, I’d say.

    • or better yet, the shipping coordinator @ PSMH REALLY needs one of these!! 😂

      • 👍🏼😂😂😂

  7. I use a calendar app on my phone but still like to see a calendar in my closet every morning so I know what my day is going to be like. This colorful calendar will brighten up my days. At 54, with two boys to drive around to various activities, I need all the “brightening up” I can get!

  8. I am happy with everything from Popsugar. I Can not wait to get this calendar in my PS box. I don’t like looking at calendar on my phone. It helps me to physically see and write inside my calendar

  9. My ptsd is returning…all of the bad boxes are coming back into focus. December conned me into resubbing! Yikes on this calendar. Big yikes. But I’m glad some folks are excited!

    • I’m with you on that, Beth!

    • ha! my daughter will love this which is great as we share the box! i’m thankful i did not get two subs though, as i almost got her one for a gift on BF….

      • I share with my daughter, too! It’s great because the majority of the stuff goes straight into her clutches these days!!

  10. I’m almost 30 and I love this!! But I love all things bold and colorful and loud, I will definitely use this for artwork!! I love yay!

  11. This will be my first ps. I signed up because I loved everything in the December box. So bummed, I was too late to get it. (I did score the le on sale though…yay). I have to say I hope things get better after this meh spoiler. Sorry to be a downer. I use my phone for my calendar.

  12. I like it. I like colorful and bright and I love stickers. It’ll look cute on my wall.
    And I’m almost 40 ☺️
    But of course it’s not for everyone. Nothing is.

  13. More like Ban.don’t, amirite? But if we get a Glossier balm in the box, that might turn things around. I’ve been waiting for the brand to show up in a sub.

    • Def not a fan of anything I have seen from This calendar included…sigh.

  14. Looks like another item for my teen granddaughter. Seems like I give away more than I keep from this sub, so the next two months will determine whether I sub for another three months or say No more to P/S.

    • I couldn’t agree more!

    • there is no option to do 3 or 6 month subs on PSMH website, no clue why!

      • When I signed up for PS I was able to sign up for a 3 month sub and have done so ever since. My current sub runs from December 2017 through February 2018. So please don’t tell me that I cannot sign up for something I already have.

        • I just signed up for my first box (I’ve ordered the le before) and it gave no option for anything other than month to month. Maybe they’ve changed since you last signed up:) but if you look now the only option is monthly!

  15. Stickers really? Would be nice if I were 12. At the least make them with a grown up theme. :BILL DUE!” for example. Bleh. Maybe it’ll come with another see thru red purse lol! December box was great though.

  16. Don’t be a Negative Nancy! I love BanDo for their fun and cheeky designs, and I think this cute calendar is perfect for a January box.

    • I think it’s really cute, and I’m an old lady of 58:).

    • Hey, we don’t judge others comments. I like reading the good and the bad, and if someone doesn’t like it, so be it. Everyone is entitled to their honest opinion on how they feel. I liked the cup earlier in the year. The calendar doesn’t thrill me.

    • Not liking an item doesn’t make someone negative by default.

  17. Yea…the comic/cartoon fonts for these word/phrase designs are getting stale. Much rather have something artistic/classy/mod… something other than this teen/20s look/or that overdone script font that is prevalent now.

  18. If that’s the hero item this is a box to skip

  19. This should be sent in Dec. Calendars are already purchased b4 Jan and usually half price then. This is almost as bad as luxor box sending calendar for Aug 17-dec 18 in nov.

    • I totally agree. I don’t start my January calendar mid-end of January. And stickers? This is more like something I’d give to my daughter. So far… Pass!

  20. It’s an odd choice for the first spoiler of the year, a $20 item. It will be interesting to see the next one. I got 2 December boxes but I am not subscribed for January.

  21. Not my style but I’ll likely use it at work.

  22. Useful… love it

  23. I havent gotten my December box yet!

    • Don’t give up hope. I *finally* got mine today and it really is one of my favorite boxes of all time.

    • Well I never received my Limited Edition Women’s Box that was promised before 12-24. I was very surprised by the rude customer agent who basically implied that I should have been grateful that my other boxes came in……..Their customer service was usually so good so I was taken back quite a bit…….

      • Was the customer service agent Andy? If so he is no help at all! My December box has been sitting in limbo and it was supposed to be a gift. He told me to let him know if I didn’t get it December 24, too late to do anything about it. I still don’t have it…

        • No, this time it was Ann. It was so disappointing.

  24. For me this looks cheap AND ugly.

  25. This spoiler is eh for me. I mean, it’s cute, but not really my style and I don’t really use calendars although I think maybe I will start, so I might use this just in my room. I’ll wait until the box gets here to decide.

  26. I just bought this on clearance yesterday at Macy’s! For $5
    I was worried about not having a calendar and it was so bright and cheap!
    I should’ve waited 1 day.

    • Ughh 🙄 I got the 2017 calendar. No wonder it was so cheap. Oops. At least I get to use December and the stickers. 😂

      • too funny!

  27. My 8 year old will love this for his personal calendar. I already have mine for the next year filled out. I got it from Rifle Paper and it’s gorgeous and adult looking, wish PS would have gone with them instead.

    • love RP, they sent one a few years ago in a dec or jan box, was great, had all diffferent cities!

  28. This is a Bando calendar and it gets 5 star reviews from 6 people on their website? First time I had ever heard of them. Are they more geared towards young girls? Just asking because I didn’t go check out all of their other stuff. I like the rose printed planner/agenda I seen though, but I love roses.

    • meant have….ugh

    • I have that rose printed planner, it’s the best! I love a big planner, so I use the large, but they also make the same version in medium, which is nice.

      I used a planner last year too, different pattern, they cover all my needs plus stickkkkkers!

      I got the rose one on amazon for cheaper than I could find it at or macys.

      • I may have to try and also find it on sale. I don’t have a planner for the new year yet.

  29. Yikes

  30. I usually try to make the best of things and I’m really not that dignified but uhhh this looks like it belongs at a frozen yogurt bar and most of us have our calendars all set before January. Excited about the other brands though and planning to make the best of this bc I didn’t cancel before the 23 lol

  31. This isn’t really my style, but I usually keep about three calendars up on my wall at work – I have to see multiple months at once. (Yes I do have a professional job, but my workspace is colorful since I’m there so much.) I’m glad this isn’t a planner since one came in BoS and was pretty much the only thing I’m keeping from their Winter box. I’ll be thrilled if Tarte and Baggy are in January, too!

  32. Not big on the design and I can’t really gift it ether because this should have been in the December box before the year begins.

  33. I like the calendar, but agree that it would be better in December.

  34. i honestly really like this. i do youtube videos so this will look really cute on the background of my videos!! plus i really love calendars so i’m excited for this!

  35. I really don’t understand this company at times…I mean if I was trying to keep customers and get new ones I would have the first spoiler be a “wow” item. I didn’t get December’s box but I agreed it was a good one. Here is hoping for Consistent boxes 2018….

  36. I like calendars and I always buy one for my desk at work but this is a little loud for that so I’ll stick it in my craft room.

    A calendar item was a given, I’m glad it wasn’t a planner, I’m too picky about those!!

  37. Not my style at all. But, that is not a big deal as I’m sure others will like it.
    But, as others have stated, why include a calendar in Jan instead of Feb? One month is nearly shot by the time anyone gets a box. They’ve done this before.

  38. Hm.

  39. Yuck! I liked the desk calendar better than this. This is very young & cheesy.

    • Agreed and I already get wall calendars from universities (one from my alma matter and the other as a university employee). I don’t need any other wall calendars. I loved the desk calendar they sent last year though and will be re-using as birthday cards by circling the date on the front and writing a note on the back since they didn’t say 2017.

      I also agree with others that state calendars/planners should be sent in December. Although in this case I’m glad they didn’t as I loved and bought the December box, but at this time I think I’ll skip the January box unless the spoilers get better.

      • What a great idea to reuse that calendar!

  40. Eew. Love the concept, not the look.

  41. I agree with Kristi! A calendar in the December box is so much more useful than one that arrives mid-January. By that time I have already purchased a calendar because I live and die by mine. Pretty sure people complained about this last year so obvs they are totally listening. Not.

  42. This seems really young to me. Maybe a high school student would want to hang it in her locker but for adults? I just don’t see it.

    • Yuck yuck yuck. Not at all adult themed. What is Popsugar catering to teens now??? And the artwork??? Who would put that stuff on your walls? Not at all a good product and to get it in January when everyone has already gotten their calendars for the year? Not a hit!!! Popsugar is really going downhill fast!!! Rollercoaster fast!!!

      • This just makes me chuckle, with your “???” and “!!!” it seems like a teen thing to do. 😉

    • Exactly. Maybe they are changing their demografic?

  43. Love love love, I hope this box arrive before February 😉🤞

  44. I’m in my mid 20s with a professional career this is too cheesy for me and my daily usage. 1st spoiler didnt go so great

  45. The site also shows that Tarte and Baggu are brands that will be in the January box.

    • Oooooh, that sounds promising!

    • I agree, sounds promising!

    • I went a step further and pulled the code… oops lol

      For “desktop” the listed brands are:

      Michael Stars
      Henri Bendel
      Supergood(goop?) and

      • Those are all brands that have been in boxes already. I’d like to see other brands going forward.

    • Ooo I canceled popsugar since I jhst don’t use enough of the items but I am ALWAYS down for more baggu reusable bags! My city banned plastic so I keep them in all my purses. I will be swapping for everyones lol

    • That is great news! Love those brands.

      A calendar in the January box is hard to understand. I love calendars but I need it in the month of January, too! Wish they would send them in the December box.

    • Bandu is the calendar item

    • I’m so curious…which site did you see this on and how did you look at the code?

      • Right? I want to be able to hack the spoilers every month!

      • The page for the January Box. Just right click on the page and then view source or page source… and search for tarte, and all the other brands appear around it.

        Btw, I tried it on Firefox and it actually has links to the pictures. I feel like it’s supposed to be a banner on the desktop, like the three brands show on mobile, but I can’t see it.

        Last two brands were Supergoop and Lipstick Queen… so now I’m wondering if those are just brands they offer as opposed to brands that are coming.

        • It’s not listed as January box items. It’s listed under brand carousel, which just means general brands that show up in the boxes. Since I’m not seeing it on the main page, but in the source, it means it’s just there for SEO. Although please tell me if I’m wrong and someone is seeing this on the page as brands for January. I would love another BAGGU!

          • I agree with Allison that the purpose of listing those brands in the HTML code is for SEO optimization.

          • On the mobile site, there is a banner listing “Baggu. Tarte” directly under the Get Your January Box button. Fairly misleading advertising if those brands are not included in the January box. Here’s hoping. Love me some baggu!

          • Ha, the new spoiler is the Farmacy Honey Drop so the brands meant nothing lol

  46. I like this spoiler. Glad its not a day planner – those I am picky about. Just wish it would have been in the December box for January use.

    • Agree.

  47. Not something that works for me; I don’t use paper calendars and am not into inspirational stuff; fingers crossed for items more in line with my aesthetic.

  48. Why, oh why, do they not send calendars in the December box? Most buy their new calendars before Dec 27th. That being said it looks cheerful, so that’s a plus.

    • I totally agree! I stalled as much as I could but bought my calendars 2 weeks ago. ugh.

  49. Love it! Cool and fresh designs and my kids will love the stickers.
    I was sad that my desk calendar from last year’s January box is done. This is a great replacement.

  50. Not my style. Wonder what the rest will bring.

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