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Play! By Sephora December 2017 Box Spoilers!

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Screen Shot 2017-02-18 at 9.12.22 AM

We have the first two spoilers for the December Play! By Sephora box!

Your December box may include:

Clinique Pretty Easy Liquid Eyelining Pen in Black

Smashbox Cover Shot Eye Shadow Duo in Golden Hour

What do you think of the spoilers?

To find out which box you’re receiving at the beginning of each month, follow these instructions:

If you log in through a browser, not the app, and go to my account > account details > online orders and open the play! Order Details (it was dated 11/1 for me), you can see the “item number” next to the image.

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  1. No, no and once more – no! I do not want to get either of these. I have no use for liquid eyeliners (my hand trembles and I always end up messing up… only on one side).
    The shadows are way too dark for every day wear for me and not festive enough for holiday, and anyway, I hate brown/red shadows. They make me think either about tired eyes or bruised eyes, when used on fair skin.

  2. I’m canceling after this box been having a case of FOMO for like 6 months was hoping for a great holiday box I have tan skin and the smash box duo is probably too close to my skin tone and yes I’m going to join the ‘not another black eyeliner’ chorus I’ve been getting them in this box every other month with this box
    I think I’d rather spend the $10 at Sephora towards something I actually want

  3. So I noticed something with play and I wanted to know if it was just me or if y’all have seen the change too. The best thing about play to me is that I can get a 50 beauty insider points card every month and for about a week and a half or so I could use both together so I could essentially get 100 bonus points every purchase that’s why I have so many and spend so many.
    For example: The September card expired on October 31st and the October card expired on November 30th but I was able to use both on October 31st to get 100 bonus points with my cheap $8 multiple use Sephora mask purchase. I’ve been doing this for almost a year now and have been loving it ever since. What I don’t understand is when I made another $8 purchase just a few days ago on the 29th of November with my October card that didn’t expire until November 30th and my November card that doesn’t expire until the 31st of December I only received 50 points total and both were scanned like always. So I’m very disappointed and was wondering if anyone else had this new problem? 😱 I can still keep reusing my cards like always but now I won’t want to as much because the bonus won’t be as good. I know it says on the back that if you use multiple cards than you will only get 50 bonus points and that’s true if it’s the same month like 2 October cards, 2 November cards, etc. It has to be 2 different months, but I’ve always gotten 100 points for so long, I wonder why the sudden change? 😭😬😤
    Rant over! Lol 😂

    • Hi,

      Can we use sephora play points to make a normal purchase, other than the rewards which get available every Tuesday and Thursday( n go out of stock immediately 🙄)

      • No hun you can’t use the points to purchase anything but you can just go into the store from time to time and just use your points on the rewards. 😃

    • Yeah on the back of the play card It says that if you use two at a time, you will only receive 50 points. I guess just try to use them in different purchases around the same time.

      • I know it says that but last month I used both September and October and got both 50 points so 100 for one purchase. I’ve been doing that for almost a year without fail so I don’t understand why there’s a sudden change. 😔

        • They probably caught onto the glitch. It wasn’t a change necessarily, but more like they corrected the error in the system.

    • At the local Sephora they told me I could only use one card per purchase. That I would only get 50 points if I used two cards on a single pirchase. So I always purchase to small items to use them both.

      • Yes only 50 points if you used like 2 November cards but two different months like September and October worked just fine and has been working like a charm so this change is upsetting. I go to the JC Penney Sephora’s since they are more clueless about it and nicer at my location. I just hold both infront of them and ask nicely to scan both. Nowhere on the back does it say you can’t use them more than once so I always get them back. 😝

        • It does say you can only use them once though

          • No hun I just looked on the back of the card to check again and nowhere does it say it can be used only once. I use the cards as many times as I want but now I can’t get 100 points by using two different months like I have been able to for about a year. 😔

        • It specifically states on the website’s faq’s for play that a card may only be used once.

          • Well technically you can though. I know I have plenty of times. If they really wanted to make people enforce it they should put it on the back of the card. Now since they changed it to where I can’t get 100 points anymore only 50 I might only want to use it once.

    • You were lucky to get all of those extra points – most stores are VERY particular about the rules regarding points (you can only use one card at a time, and each card can only be used once). I missed the expiration by one day a couple of months ago and brought it in hoping they would give me a break – they didn’t 🙁

      • Well I guess my luck just ran out.😱 I’ve never asked for an extension on the expiration date but I doubt they would do it either. The points are the main reason why I keep play even though I usually always get the crappiest variation. I hope they send me better ones or go back to the way things were with the points. If they don’t I might be done with play. 😩

      • Well I guess my luck just ran out. 😭 I doubt they would extend the expiration date for me either. All I know is the points are the main reason why I keep the play box even though I keep getting the worst variation. Either they go back to the way things were with the points or send me better variations that actually fit my profile or I’m gone. 😱

  4. I haven’t tried this black eyeliner, so I’m fine if I get it. All black eyeliners are not created equal, lol.

    I rarely complain about Sephora boxes. Because I really don’t think they should have to take into account I’m subscribed to several other boxes, when they curate theirs. They have to balance between brand new subscribers who haven’t seen this before, and long time subscribers, which is probably not that easy. So understand that sometimes i’ll get stuff I’ve gotten in other boxes, and that’s okay with me. I get that some people are not, and that’s fine too.

    If it get to the point I’m in overload, I’ll just cancel like I’ve done with other subs.

  5. Would have been down for that eyeshadow but i cancelled last week. Nothing really excites me anymore in subscription boxes. I cancelled ipsy too. I feel like these boxes are more for people just getting into makeup and dont really know what they like. Thats how it was for me at least. I was subbed to ipsy for 2 years and sephora for close to a year and loved them but now i know what products i really want and dont want so that money for me is better off going towards something i know i want.

    • Exactly! I think that when it gets to a point when nothing excites you it’s a good idea to cancel and start saving the money you would have spent monthly. After a few months there will be enough to get a full size holy grail you found from the boxes. These boxes are meant to be for discovery IMO.

  6. I’m out. This is the last month. I really enjoy BF so I guess skincare is more important now. Cosmetics aren’t as fun.

    Now that I hit 50 I’m finding better skin + less makeup looks younger on me. I love me some Sephora. A tough one to let go.

    • What is BF?? 🙂

  7. Looks pretty good to me!

  8. Omg, please let this be in my box!

  9. Oh, I would be very excited to try that eyeliner. I hope I get it 🙂

  10. SO while $10 isn’t a HUGE amount, I went and cancelled just now. 🙁 I get so many other boxes, mostly beauty ones too so it won’t be missed, much. hehe I hope anyway.

    I actually managed to miss the billing for this month too which is a bonus.

    I had been debating cancelling this or allure but you gotta admit, when allure does an awesome box they really do an awesome box so FOMO dictated Sephora was the one to go. lol

  11. this is THE best liquid liner there is. I am so excited.

  12. Maybe it’s because I tend to only subscribe to one or Max 2 beauty subs that I love when I get a new black eyeliner. I always seem to get a new one when the previous one is about to run out and it’s been a good 3 years since I’ve bought eyeliner.

    I’ve really happy with my sephora play. Out of Birchbox, ipsy, beauty box5, and allure this has been my favorite

    • “beauty box5”?? – these b..rds took my money and disappeared

  13. Every month I keep seeing the comments, “Not another black eyeliner”, ” Oh please, no more black eyeliner”, “Please, no more brushes”, “No more nude lipstick/lipgloss”, “No more primer”, etc., etc., etc. This is a makeup bag. What are you expecting? A diamond ring?? If you are expecting something besides makeup, maybe you should cancel. Geez, it’s ten friggin dollars. There are not many GOOD black eyeliners you can buy for $10. It is something I use every day and I will take every one I can get!

    • You’re post just made me laugh so hard I love it! I don’t mind which one I get. The picture of the smashbox looks like the duo I got as a promo a couple months ago, which I’m okay with because the colors are beautiful but I can see that some people might complain that they are recycling samples. Also if they don’t want more eyeliners, unsub or gift them. I’m sure someone you know would love one.

    • THANK YOU! If only everyone felt this way. It’s a $10 Beauty Box!

      • LMAO! I agree! People get so angry over a $10 beauty box! For $10 a month, I am quite pleased with my Sephora Play, and find it a good value- I would have spent that alone on candy and Diet Coke! It is fun! I filled out my profile in detail when I first signed up, and have yet to be disappointed! I always get a great box, and if anything, it saved me money because I discover items I wanted to buy, but end up not liking (Bobbi Brown clumpy mascara), or items I would have never tried, but love! (CLEAN Reserve perfumes- I love you!) Plus, you don’t get the random drugstore junk you do in Ipsy!

    • Thank you!
      You forgot “Not another mascara”

      • I love Mascara and will take one every month If they want to send them.

    • Actually, I do want a diamond ring. But, I do see your point. I’ll think of your witty post when I am using my umpteenth black eyeliner.

    • I think for many of us it isn’t so much getting another eyeliner/mascara, it’s that it’s black. I cannot wear black. I would love the opportunity to try different formulas and brands. Quite awhile back Liz did a survey asking for feedback on different issues. One common complaint was that eyeliners are almost always black and every mascara I’ve seen is black.

      • I think they do that so as to appeal to the greatest number of possible subscribers. Like SOME will be ok with like, a purple or gold but almost EVERYONE will/does wear a black eyeliner. Some of us had 5011 black eyeliners BEFORE becoming a sub addict, so WITH all the subs there’s like 1.2B of them in my makeup box. So I get it! But I think as a sub box they just have to do what is ‘best’ for the masses!! RIP creativity lol There’s always Medusa and Vanishing Cabinet for really cool color combos and such!!!

      • They should be referred to ipsy! As long as they put that they like adventurous makeup and colors on their profile, they will get a variety! I do that on my ipsy and I use Sephora for my basics. I also loooove getting skincare and hair care! Some of those products are suuuuper expensive and I like to try before I buy!

    • AMEN!!! I stopped reading comments, but I was lucky enough to read yours. Thank you! Thank you! I, too, am tired of most complaints. If it were not for my sub boxes I would not have the awesome complexion I have now and one that gets compliments (after over 30 YEARS of trying). OlecHenriksen, Tata Harper, GlamGlow, Origins, Tarte Maracula oil. I would have NEVER tried any of these without my little $10 or $15 boxes.

      For $10 I got to try Laura Mercier, Urban Decay, Smashbox, Ouai, Marc Jacobs, Drunk Elephant, Clinque… and on…and on! Not to mention all of the different perfumes. I get to expand my horizons.

      With the things I cannot use I have been able to give nice little trinkets away to various people. To me subscription boxes are about the long run. Over time I get more good things than bad and I get to try without the expense of committing to a larger size.

      Oh. Never knew how much I appreciated black eyeliner and mascara. Now my mascara is always fresh

      • Awww, I loved reading your comment. 🙂 One thing I never want to lose is that sense of “awe” (for lack of a better word) I felt when I first started subbing last year knowing I could try higher end brands than what I used to only get for myself (whatever was cheapest at Target or the grocery store) for only $10! I’ve told myself that if I ever get to that point of not appreciating the items I get in sub boxes, it’s time for me to move on & find another hobby. haha 🙂

    • Amen…I will take all the black liners I can get. I use one everyday. I am going to be ticked off if I do not get the liner!

  14. I don’t regret canceling two weeks ago! I hate black eyeliner

  15. Ugh if I never get any other black eyeliner!!!! I’ve literally got a whole allure box full of them now

    • LOL…I would take them all off your hands.

  16. Move along nothing to see here.

  17. Ya I’m about over this play bag there is not much to play around with when it’s the same o stuff in all of these subscriptions.. This one just frustrates me bc i spend a ton in this store yearly and pay extra for this bag every month and its nothing spectacular. Never any new brands or brand variations just the same 10 brands over and over. The samples are more packaging than product itself. I think what gets under my skin the most is that quite a bit of items in the bags this year have been identical to either point redemption products or gifts with purchase from other stores or websites. There has been at least 5 items in the last few months that i got in my bag that was something i got as a reward or perk with the identical barcode and everything.. Shoot even goto birchbox and some of the items with purchase are items we received in our bags.. Plus the customization is far from being custom. The mufe hd foundation was probthe only thing i got that actually was my color..

  18. Meh. Glad I cancelled. I am enjoying the Allure box so much more!

  19. I wouldn’t use either of these. I just signed back up in November after opting out for a few months but if I don’t get anything I can use it looks like I’ll be opting out for the last time.

  20. I was really hoping that maybe they’d include a full size Sephora Collection product or something for the holidays, but alas. I think this might be my last month unless the box really blows my mind. Things rarely seem to be a good match for my skin and hair and I wish there was better customization. Sample choice would be awesome but I doubt that’ll happen any time soon.

  21. Not pleased. I hope they give beauty bar soap this time

  22. While I have quite a few eyeliners, I am happy to see the brown eyeshadow and will definitely use that up.

  23. Oh man…I just got this exact Smashbox item as a GWP from Sephora 2 months ago,………..

    • Me too!

    • Exactly why I cancelled. Tired of all the GWP and rewards bazaar recycling!

    • Wait, Macy’s August 2017 beauty bag had the same Smashbox eyeshadow. I call foul on Play by Sephora 👎🏽

      • Heidi –
        Yeah I was thinking the same thing. Was it from the Golden hour? Of course it is. They were nice colors. 🤨Leftovers 🙁 .
        When we got that Macy’s spoiler, I thought at first it would be the entire palette, The Macy’s sub just had come out .

    • Do you get gwp inside sephora or online? I only get them online never in-store.

  24. I’ve received that exact Smashbox shadow in an Ulta bag and even though it’s Clinique, I think everyone is sick of black eyeliner, liquid or otherwise.

    • I had to stop and think…I was hoping it was April Fools Day!! No such luck

    • I love liquid liner so bring it on. I was tired of pencil liners since I don’t use them.

  25. I hate getting black eyeliners! I wish subscription boxes would lay off the black eyeliner. All of us who have more than 1 makeup subscription have enough black eyeliner to last until Jesus comes back.

  26. Not another eyeliner! I don’t use them. Can’t even give them away anymore. Oh well…there’s always a few things I can use or share.

  27. Aw darn. Another black eyeliner. And sparkly eye shadow. I would have preferred the matte (subjective, I know). I reallllly hope the rest of the box is better!

  28. Didn’t Macy’s send out that eyeshadow duo in their first or second beauty box? It looks very familiar

    • Yep, they did.

  29. Oh.An eyeliner!and a
    Brown eyeshadow! How exciting! Lol.

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