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Play! By Sephora December 2017 Box #627 FULL SPOILERS!

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Screen Shot 2017-02-18 at 9.12.22 AM

We have the full spoilers for the December Play! By Sephora box #627 thanks to Lindsay and Tanvi!

Play! by Sephora December 2017 Box #627 will include:

Play! by Sephora December 2017 Box #585 will include:

Play! by Sephora December 2017 Box #601 will include:

Play! by Sephora December 2017 Box #577 will include:

Here’s a look at all the products that may be in your December box:


Sephora has let us know that every box this month will include 3 makeup items!

What do you think of the spoilers?

To find out which box you’re receiving at the beginning of each month, follow these instructions:

If you log in through a browser, not the app, and go to my account > account details > online orders and open the play! Order Details (it was dated 11/1 for me), you can see the “item number” next to the image.

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Anyone getting a 585 wanna trade for my 627? I can give you my ebay feedback, and I have also traded on the FabFitFun site before.

  2. Anyone wanna trade 577 for 601?

  3. I have box 585, would like to swap for 577. Let me know ladies!! 🙂

  4. I am canceling my subscription after this month. The box I have is useless to me. I wish I had the box that has the better than sex and miss Dior. Anyone else have a suggestion for another subscription serivce?

    • Ipsy comes with a cute bag that is actually useable also

    • BoxyCharm, the wait list is well worth it; it’s $20/month instead of $10 though, but you get full sized products.

      Or if you want to stay at $10/month, then ipsy always gives you at least 1 full size product and they really customize your bag so you’re more likely to get stuff that you like.

  5. I emailed about 635 and finally got a response back, but they wouldn’t tell me the contents. They did say it’s with UPS, which is weird because my account says it’s still pending. Sephora is all messed up this month!

    • Sure hope that bright pink lipstick isn’t in it! No way would that go with my warm skin tone and my color IQ.

    • I actually wouldn’t mind the pink (although I have so many lip products at this point I wouldn’t mind not getting lip stuff period. Hah!)

  6. Eh… EH… #601 is a miss for me.
    – I don’t do red lipsticks.
    – I don’t use dry shampoo.
    – Cream doesn’t match my skin concerns
    – I already have many liquid liners (and don’t always use them, either).
    – Eyeshadow depends on shade

    But then I look at the boxes, and there’s not more than one or two things I like from any box… this whole month is just disappointing.

  7. I swear I always get the crappiest box. Seriously – hot pink lippie – YUCK. I throw away liquid liner, don’t use it. I like B&B hair powered. I haven’t found a spray yet that I like. The only think I may use is the eye cream. Haven’t they sent out that eye crayon before or is it just that they send so many blah eye crayons that they all blur. SO much a waste of $10. I should get over my FOMO and realize that PLAY hasn’t been good for a while and cancel it

  8. How do you check the box number? o-O

  9. Are you kidding me? I was waiting to see what was in this month’s bag for me to decide whether or not to cancel. I will definitely be cancelling after seeing this. None of the items in #627 are related to my personal profile in which they supposedly curate your items from. My main skin concern is discoloration and redness, which should have been matched with the Cicapair. My hair concern is flatness, which would have been a great match for the Bumble and Bumble thickening spray. I believe I put my style down as “classic” or something like that, and I get a hot pink lipstick!? And on top of it all, this is my 98th freaking eyeliner. I’ve resorted to giving them away because I have no use for them. I probably only wear eyeliner once every 3 months. Is there any way to go into a Sephora store and get items swapped out? They clearly aren’t catering to our profiles, this is so frustrating and a waste of money at this point.

  10. I have 627, anyone wanna trade for 577 or 601?

  11. Who needs hot pink lipstick? I am ready to swap that from my 627 box for anything else.

    • Just can’t understand how I could get box #627 as a brown-skinned person. Pastel pink lipstick made for fair complexions? An eyestick that will barely show up on my eyes? Natural curly/kinky hair and I get a volumizer/texturizer? Nice to know that Sephora reads our profiles.

  12. Officially done with Sephora Play. I’ve been here since th beginning and this bag has gotten worse and worse. I use to say well it’s only $10, no biggie, but I probably use or get half way excited about 1 or 2 items. I’m over it, done wasting money.

  13. Box 635 contains!!!
    I emailed sephora ladies and they told me box 635 contains – Make Up For Ever Artist Rouge c-207 – Laura Mercier Caviar Eye Stick (Au Natural) – Drybar Triple Sec – YSL Mon Paris – Clinique Easy Liquid Liner – Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops

    • I wish, but that can’t be right… there’s no skincare there… there are supposed to be 3 makeup, a skincare, a hair and a fragrance in every box….

      • (That being said I’d actually LOVE to get all this stuff. I really prefer makeup to skincare…)

  14. This month is a total miss for me. Why hot pink lipstick?! Granted, I really only get this box for the luxe skincare samples so I didn’t have high expectations for a month that was makeup heavy.

  15. anyone with box 601 want to swap for my 585? please msg me
    kbabe 44 at g mail

    • I have 601 and I will trade. I am on the swap site. Temgrad98 @

  16. I’m getting box 635….is anyone else getting that one? I don’t see any spoilers on it yet either.

  17. Is anyone getting box 635? I really don’t want the Caudelie stuff or the eyeliner or Laura mercier so I hope I don’t get any of that 🙃

  18. Although I’ve only been subbed for a few months, this will be my last Play by Sephora box due to financial reasons. I was really hoping to receive the Clinique Pretty Easy Liquid Eyeliner and a bright pink lipstick.

    If anyone with box 627 wants swap their Clinique Pretty Easy Liquid Eyeliner for the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara and the MUFe Artist Rouge Lipstick in c211 for the MUFE Artist Rouge Lipstick in c207, please let me know.

    • Hey! Im getting this box & would trade with you. Id even just send you those two items if you cover shipping! Let me know.

      • If you don’t hear back I’ll trade my whole box 585 for 627

        • Jen, if you don’t get any offers I would be delighted to swap my entire 627 box for your 587 one.

          • I meant 585 box. Thank

        • I will swap my 627 for anything!

  19. Anyone else getting box #593? I haven’t seen any comments about it.

    • I’m also getting box 593. I’m hoping i don’t get that bright pink lipstick, it’s much too light for my complexion.

    • I also appear to be getting 593.

      No spoilers and it appears mine hasn’t even shipped yet.

      • I’m getting 593 too, got shipping notice yesterday. Medium shade, dry skin, wavy hair here.

        • I’d bet you guys are getting the Fresh Toner and the Cover Fx since they haven’t been in any of the other boxes.

          • How do you know which box your getting??

          • Box 635 is still outstanding too… I was hoping those would be mine! Haha.

        • I’m 593, too. Light, dry skin, aging and acne concerns, wavy brunette.

          Agree with Tamara that it looks like we are getting the Rose toner because it’s not in any of the other boxes.

          Hope we get the Anastasia Lip Gloss.

      • My Play box hasn’t shipped yet either. Is there anyone else with the same issue?

        • Mine has not showed shipped yet but after seeing what is in box 627 not that sad about it, I will only be using one thing out of the box. Terrible month from Sephora with this.

    • I’m getting this one too. Fair complexion, normal/dry skin, blonde/wavy. Last month I got box 957. Mine shows as not yet shipped. Back in Oct. my box just showed up at the door before I ever got an email shipping notice, so fingers crossed.

    • Any spoilers for 593 yet?

  20. I’m super excited for the eye cream! PLAY! is such a great deal for $10($11 with tax) I’m getting 6 products I can try with out purchasing the full size. I love it!

  21. I would gladly trade my 627 box for 585 or 577!!! Seriously, hot pink??? How will that make us buy more of this brand?

    • Right! Very disappointed. I’m so tired of getting brown and bright pink lippies. I have fair skin and brown looks terrible on me. Pink looks like something for Barbie and porn stars. I never use liquid liner; mainly because I shake and can’t get a straight line. I like the triple sec but I’m not excited by that. The shadow crayon looks ok but the color is pretty much the same as every other shadow crayon I’ve gotten. Not a big eye cream user either. I was really hoping the last box of 2017 would be better.

      • I’m the same with liquid liner, no matter how hard I try it comes out horrible. The only thing I’ll get use out of in this box is the hair product. I guess the eye cream but only because I’ll have it.. I think they are pointless.

        • Oh and I also have fair skin.. I never get lip colors that look good on me from subscription boxes. They have them but I never receive them 😒

    • I love the pink lip pie but I’m brown skinned so it looks great on me. Give me anything bright…red, purple, even maroon. I love them.

    • Right?? Hate this color. Not that realistic

    • I want to trade my 585 for 627 email me jennifersparber33 at gmail

      • I am getting box 627, I’ll trade.

  22. I guess I’m the only one excited for this box! Liner is going up for swap. When they dont send me a red or mauve lipstick its a good box!

  23. The 627 is junk!!! More stuff I don’t want! 585 is the best set! I don’t wear bright pink lipstick and more glittery eye shadow. I don’t need anyone picking out my eye cream… I use Sunday Riley Eye Cream which is far superior than anything out right now! I’m actually angry about this box, This is nothing I want! If they match it to a mature woman with aging issues, This is far from the set she would choose! Glitter accentuates wrinkles and lines, Barbie lipstick is horrible on anyone!!!! Anyone!!!! Especially older women! I have never been soooo disappointed and I’m usually very happy with any of their boxes since I get at least one thing I can use! The WORST box is 627 and I have 2 boxes of these coming my way since my husband is also signed up! Urghhhh

  24. I really like this box. The colors are light and fit my Sephora Profile, except the black eyeliner we are all getting.

    I’d swap my box #601 for this one in a heartbeat. Red lipstick is the kiss of death for me.

    • I’m interested in swapping!

    • Yikes – I don’t think the lip color is light at all, but happy it will look good on some people (will not look good on my fair skin at all).

  25. Just cancelled play! As a Rouge member I have been really loyal to Sephora but I think I’m done with that. I’ve signed up for Beautyfix and Boxy Charm and I’m tho king of trying Allure because of the amazing January spoilers. I loved play for the higher end products and ended up finding a few of my holy grail products but I can’t deal with the box envy anymore.

    • I did the same earlier today after seeing spoilers for my box (#601). The box envy is just too real. It’s why I cancelled Ipsy several years ago and have never re-subscribed.

      • I’m going to do the same. I got 601 this month and literally any other box would have fit me better. 627 would have been perfect!! Too much box envy for me!

        • Wish they would just let us pick which box we want each month. People would stick around.

          • If I could pick my box or at least some of the sample I would absolutely resub in a heart beat!

        • Maybe they got the Saras mixed up haha. Because I got #627 when #601 would have been way better for me. I don’t know how people go about trading boxes with each other but I would gladly trade with you if you’re interested?

      • I feel your pain, Sienna! 😕 I’m glad I decided to take the plunge and cancel.

      • 601 also cancelled, and I’ve been subscripted since the first box, good luck getting me back cause I hardly ever get anything I want

  26. I got this bag, and for some reason it is still pending in the progress. But I am disappointed in this one. I have to really consider if play is even worth it anymore.

  27. I haven’t seen one person that was excited for this box! It’s a horrible combination of products.. this month had the potential to be great with all the products they had but nope! They create this instead..

  28. This box is horrible! This is every single product that I was hoping NOT to get. I would have been happy with any thing else! This blows. I don’t use or want eye cream, I don’t use liquid liner, I don’t wear hot pink lipstick and I don’t want any more sparkly eyeshadow sticks! Ugh I’m actually mad about by this box. I would have loved #585

    • Agree with everything you said!
      And I, too, would love to receive #585…

      • I emailed them (politely) about this and all they told me was that I can fill out the beauty profile. A stupid automated response. I asked them if they could swap out my box for any other one since it hasn’t shipped yet. I knew they wouldn’t but this box pisses me off..these companies need to realize that if they let us pick what we get that they wouldn’t be losing so many customers! Why can’t they just list off all these boxes and let us choose!?

      • I’ll trade my 585 for 627

    • For what it’s worth, the Au Naturale color is matte with no shimmer. So, hopefully that will work a little better for you.

  29. My box. Ugh. Does the lipstick shade look good on anyone?

    • Right?!? Who wears Barbie-pink lipstick? Maybe I’ll send it to my mom..

      • Totally agree!!! They dropped he ball on this ugly box (627)!

  30. Ugh, getting 627…I knew I wasn’t going to like my bag this month…was really hoping for the cover fx and the ABH gloss, wompwomp.

  31. Just wow. Honestly, to me, any box is better than the 601 I’m getting this month. I had actually planned on letting Sephora go this month, no $ on my prepaid card from the 1st to the 4th intentionally. They didn’t drop me! Ended charging me on the 7th! I had read on here numerous times and stories of ppl being kicked out of Play and back to the waitlist due to billing issues, so I really thought I wasn’t getting this months box. The fear of returning to a waitlist for a potential good box has kept me from canceling for several months. For December, it really is disappointing. I saw someone else mention this: Two red lipsticks back to back with two dry shampoos/texture sprays. Like wth? Seriously? Sephora, I see a whole lot of unhappy ppl that got 601. This is the only monthly box for me too. I don’t like to complain on here or ever, but for someone on an extremely tight budget, I thought this was a great way to get some of the higher end brands. But what I have ended up with is boxes of small samples that I and most of the swap community don’t want.

    • I’d be more than happy to trade the 627 for your 601 – I mean, who even wears neon pink?!?!

    • What is in box 601? I have that one but have found no spoilers

  32. Ugh! I’m so disappointed! I’ve received three of the samples in previous play! boxes, and I don’t even use dry shampoo or liquid eye liner. I think it’s time to cancel. Thank you for the spoilers, Liz! You just helped me decide to cancel play and rather try to get Allure.

    • Agree with your post. I hate to complain, but this is the worst box I’ve received, and I’ve been receiving the boxes since their inception (2 years ago, I think?). Receiving too many repeat products from previous boxes I don’t use. I think I’ve received every one of these items in previous boxes. I don’t mind a repeat here and there, but not all products.
      Plus, another hot pink lipstick I could never wear (gave away the first hot pink lipstick I received a few boxes ago). Sorry, but this box is horrible.

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