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Loot Vault Flash Sale – 60% Off Everything!

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Now through Monday, Loot Vault is having a sale of 50% off sitewide! Use coupon code HOLIDAY60 to save 60% off your Loot Vault purchase.

Will you be picking up anything from the Loot Vault?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I can’t believe people continue to shop LootCrate when they have such a bad record of shipping anything close to on time…

  2. Does anyone know how to delete one’s account from LootCrate?
    CS says it will automatically be deleted after a “period of inactivity” but that seems exceedingly vague to me.

    I asked for all trace of my personal data to be deleted, and they only comment on credit card numbers..

    I’m beginning to feel really unenthusiastic about these subscription companies’ customer data retention policies. I find this website addictive and love to look at all the new stuff. Eventually, I began to buy things. But it is not a good sign that these websites that we’re getting linked to are almost uniformly highly reluctant to give up your data once you interact with them.

    I think if the owner? founder? of this website My Subscription Addiction would work with some attorneys to create a more sensible and protective standard data policy that gives more control to the customer over their personal data, it would be very well received.

    She could even have a column of subscriptions that err.. subscribe to this higher quality data policy and I think the subset of women who are interested in subscriptions but scared off by sloppy data rules would come right on board.

    • Wow, you are echoing my thoughts exactly. I have had a number of problems with billing (Allure-cough cough) and am becoming disenchanted. It would be great to have a specific place on MSA where we could all compare notes and make more informed choices.

    • Why should MSA do this? I think that as a consumer it is my responsibility to guard my own personal information. I got into sub boxes years ago and quickly realized how “they worked” with tricky tactics so I better prepared myself. Nowadays I don’t use my own personal information & I have pre paid cards for my subs, lots of email addresses, etc
      I don’t think that because Liz (the lady that started this site) had a hobby or should I say an addiction & wanted to share that with others by starting a blog/website should be held responsible for implanting these data policies that u speak of. I think she already goes above & beyond for this site, certainly more than any other subscription site I’ve ever seen. Also the lack of standards is not just happening with sub boxes but pretty much across any business you deal with online! I mean how often do u hear about Target etc having a data breach?? OFTEN! There’s really no internet police why should MSA act like their the sub box internet standards police? And do u expect MSA to pay for these attorneys that your suggesting she meet with? I just can’t understand why you think MSA should be responsible for this.

      • Nicely said Missy , and I agree 100%.

      • @Missy

        Don’t put words in my mouth. I said it would be well received, not that MSA or Liz (I’m assuming that’s her name) are responsible for this, or that she doesn’t work hard for the community. Loyalty when it is called for is admirable but outsized defensiveness is a waste of energy. At some point, choosing roundabout methods like prepaid cards and alternate emails become too much hassle to be worthwhile. Are we sure that is the cumbersome future we want to maintain or to normalize for American consumers?

        As with any area of human endeavor, there are such things as best practices, and many of these subscription box companies punch far below weight when it comes to privacy issues. This must have been a longstanding concern that I did not know the extent of before I began to sign up for some of them largely due to the influence of this website.

        I was merely pointing out that someone with so much influence would be in a relatively effective position to spearhead the effort to usher in a safer online transaction culture. Subscription Box Era 2.0. Consumer Data Privacy Rights 2.0, brought to you by MSA. I just thought that was a prettier vision of the future.

        You know what, now that you’ve mentioned it though, maybe MSA *is* partly (though not directly) responsible. The website may have been born as a hobby, but has now clearly grown to be at least a somewhat profitable venture. And any profit-seeking or break-even-seeking venture is naturally held to more stringent moral standards.

        The relevant question when it comes to who will foot the lawyer bill (if any, because pro-bono ones exist) is not whether dear old Liz should ever have to pay for anything because the community loves her too much to stand by while such indignities occur (eyeroll), but whether this website could afford to reach out to lawyers even if they do cost money, and whether there is any moral argument to be made for this given the current chaos surrounding consumer data policies and how effective MSA is at inspiring paying consumers.

        I do not think it would sit well with me if I knowingly and regularly sent hundreds or thousands of enthusiastic paying subscribers into the ready and waiting hands of companies who apparently have either malicious intent or sheer incompetence or both with regards to consumer data privacy.

        I’m all for saving money, but at the cost of the assurance that my credit card numbers and other identifying info like full name, birthday, phone number, and mailing address cannot be erased from the websites concerned when I see fit. I’m sure I’m not the only one.

  3. I haven’t gotten my order yet either. I am not worried. They always take a long time. Love their stuff and it’s a great price.

  4. Still waiting on my november crate but honestly love the quality of the products and ordered knowing I wouldn’t see things for a month.

  5. These take forever to ship, just so you know. I order from these sales quite a bit, and I don’t receive my package for weeks. You will NOT get these items by Christmas, I’m sure. They try to ship within 2 weeks, but don’t promise that, and on top of that they say holidays will be even longer. Just so you’re aware. (I ordered anyway, lol)

  6. I’m a little concerned I placed an order on the 27 of Nov and it remains Unfulfilled and they have ran two sales since then. I wonder if they are shipping other peoples orders.

    • I placed an order on the 18th of November and it remains unfulfilled! I have emailed the company twice and both times received a response stating not to worry, it’s going to ship asap. Riiiight. I’m supposed to email back if I don’t get tracking for the package by the first days of next week.

    • I ordered on black friday and received my items earlier this week. You should reach out to them and get a firm status.

    • I’m in the same boat. Kind of peeved that they haven’t shipped and are now offering a bigger discount. If I’d waited, I still wouldn’t have my items, but I would’ve saved more :-/

  7. I ordered on cyber Monday and have not heard boo from them since then. I thought my order would have shipped by now.

  8. I can never resist these sales! They added a lot since the last time I browsed, so I picked up several things. Thanks for posting!

  9. I just ordered Tuesday with the 50% off coupon, but this is great if you’re buying for yourself since the shipping is a bit slower than a lot of companies. $5 shipping, or free over $50!

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