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GlossyBox Subscriptions on Sale at Gilt City!

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Thanks, Wendy for letting us know that GlossyBox subscriptions are on sale today at Gilt City!

The options:

Two GlossyBoxes for $30

Three Months of GlossyBox + Bonus Box for $70

Six Months of GlossyBox + Bonus Box for $127

Or, Now through December 31st, use coupon code POPCLINKFIZZ to save 30% on your first month of GlossyBox when you sign up for a monthly subscription! 

(FYI – GlossyBox is usually $21 a month with a monthly subscription. Check out my GlossyBox reviews to learn more about this subscription).

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  1. Reading these you’d think it’s the worst sub ever. In all honesty they’re frigging awesome. I’ve had a few duds from them but no worse than any of my other subs. They have some great quality face products and thanks to them I’ve FINALLY found a primer that works for me.Figs & Rouge props to you for job well done with your amazing primer!!!! Unlike Boxycharm they actually have a customer service department that you can talk to real humans at and not just an email that they may or may not get back to you with..sux you guys had a bad go of it. I on the other hand am in LOVE. It’s a more grown up version of Boxy

  2. I’ve tried a lot of boxes before and I don’t think I’ve ever been disappointed like this until I decided to get glossybox. I got the 2 for $30. Everything in them is lame crap. The only nice thing about glossybox is the actual box. Total ripoff. Very disappointed.

  3. Ugh. So my boyfriend bought me the two for $30 deal as a surprise. (Such a sweetheart.) but 🙁 surprise! The two are from 2016. Two, possibly three, of the products are outright unusable. :/ I feel too bad to tell him, but that was a ripoff.

    • Ouch..I bought that deal myself and since it doesn’t expire until March, I was hoping if I wait I’ll maybe get something newer…possibly.

  4. Shame on Glossybox:(

    I did not know this deal included December box plus with $10 promo box from black Friday sale. I already subscribe to get December box and now I have two of them because of this order.I felt miss lead and very disappointed. You just lost your loyal customer and I will make sure all my girl friends and my social media friends should hear about this.

  5. I have not received my December box yet so I have no idea what is going on! Has anyone else had this issue this month?

    • Same here. Left Nevada over a week ago but hasn’t arrived anywhere since. Super annoying since it was shipped on Dec 6.

  6. I also ordered the 2 for $30. I was hoping doing this would mean I could get Glossy Box without Glossy ever getting my credit card info.
    So the link sends me to Glossy, I put in my code, and nothing happens. Says the code is invalid. Great…
    I’ve already talked to Gilt’s CS, and they had to send it up the chain to tech support. Still no idea if I’ll ever get the boxes. I’m at least going to give Gilt the benefit of the doubt.

    • So Gilt is not the actual vendor of this offer? they are more like a front man for Glossy box…maybe on account of past history?

      • No, if it works the same as it did when they did a Gilt City/Glossybox Black Friday special in 2015 (which I did, I bought a year’s subscription), Glossybox treats it like a gift subscription, so GB never gets your card information or anything like that. I don’t think it’s a “front man” to cover up for GB’s poor customer service, as this isn’t the first time GB has done a Gilt City deal (as mentioned above). When I did that, GB was still really good, and I think the sheer number of new subs they got through GB was overwhelming. From what I can tell, that’s when things started going downhill. I could be wrong, though, as I hadn’t subscribed to GB before then. Suffice it to say, though, that this deal isn’t getting me to bite. There’s little to nothing that would convince me to re-sub with them.

        • Sorry, I meant to type “I think the sheer number of new subs they got through Gilt City was overwhelming” not through GB. I’m still working on my coffee!

        • Also, Gilt City was fine. I have no issue with them, just to be clear 🙂

      • Rebecca’s right. You get a voucher code from Gilt; then you checkout for the item on Glossy but put the voucher code in the promo code box at checkout. Glossy asked for my credit card or Paypal info at checkout though. I had to login to Paypal, which is slightly terrifying, but the final page said there was no cost, and I haven’t gotten an email from Paypal saying Glossy’s charged me anything. After my code didn’t work, it took only a few hours for Gilt’s CS to talk with Glossy’s CS to fix it, and I was able to checkout. So perks: I’ve got my boxes coming, it doesn’t look like Glossy ever got my Paypal, and Gilt’s CS was surprisingly fast at fixing everything (it sounds like Glossy’s mistake). Nice!

    • Just ordered the 2 box offer, the coupon FBCITY30 did work and I saved 30%! Thanks!

  7. I got the 2 for $30 deal. I wish there was a way to know which boxes they will ship since it says they ship at the same time that means it will be old boxes. It doesn’t expire until March so I wonder if the boxes will be different if I wait a few months to redeem…

  8. Oh wow, reading everyone’s comments on here got me nervous so I went to go check my account because I too had prepaid for a three month subscription and have not yet received my December box. Sure enough it says that all of my orders have been fulfilled and I have no more boxes coming! I immediately emailed customer service. It’s like a free-for-all and I truly do not know how they are running their business at all. They seem to have no regard for people who order from them and once they have your money they are done with you.

    • Yep, you pretty much summed it up: They get your money and then you don’t exist. It’s a damn shame because they have some amazing boxes. Not worth the misery though.

      • Just went through something similar. I am done with Glossybox.

    • If you get the same email reps I did, they’ll probably tell you that they can’t do anything because you cancelled. I got that same email many times from email their CS reps. Calling and asking for a supervisor is what finally got me the answer that they’re aware of the technical glitch and are working on it. Hopefully all the email reps by now got the memo about the glitch too and they’re not so rude.

  9. Never again, Glossybox

    • Agreed. I’m not getting sucked in again. I got burnt one (or two or three) too many times.

  10. No. Just no way. I can’t even take the HUT group and their shennannigans any more. I had a fiasco first with them trying to steal $54 from me for a special edition box and tried patient to deal with their customer service for about 2 months. I then went ahead and filled with PayPal to recoup my money which I got last week. Now I’m dealing with the lookfantatic side of their business where I bit on black Friday and bought a bundle with the advent plus an ultimate black box. It took them until a week ago to ship the advent. I got it today and the advent came but not the other. I then spent 25 minutes on the phone just now after waiting for 10 minutes to talk to someone and shocking – she couldn’t help me. I had to keep telling her over and over again what the problem was and she said oh well maybe it will get delivered today. I’m like didn’t I just say it did, but something is missing? Oh dear Lord she tells me to call back tomorrow. I can’t take it. Seriously BEWARE their customer service is just the worst. They just don’t care.

  11. That’s just silly. The 6 month subscription is $111 on their site. It doesn’t come with an extra box, but it’s still not much of a deal.

  12. Just a heads up. I signed up are you to for a six-month subscription back in September so my six months would be ending in February 2018 right ? Well just to be sure that I did not forget to turn off the auto renew and cancel the subscription I did both those things receive confirmation back from glossy box customer service very promptly. However they told me that December then would be my last box which I promptly told them, umm excuse me, NO, February 2018 will be my last box as I prepaid for a six-month subscription and fall and I intend them to honor what I paid for. “ They responded we’re sorry we understand how difficult this must be for you”. I don’t understand how they think it’s difficult for me but there is no reason for them not to send me the January and February box which I kindly reminded them again that I have already paid for a 6 month subscription. I just did not want to renew my six-month subscription so I am in an ongoing battle with them at the moment for them to understand that I fully expect them to either refund me for the two months that I’m not getting boxes or fulfill the six-month order I paid for in advance. I honestly have no idea what is so hard for glossy box to understand. Can someone please explain to me their logic??

    • I had the three months at $10 a month. I canceled in late november expecting to still be charged for the my last box in december as per the old rules… nope. Checked my account today and no box scheduled. They kicked me out a month earlier than I planned! You shouldn’t be brought to that point but you can try to get it resolved through your credit card company if you have the confirmation that you paid for 6 months and the new email with them choosing not to honor it.

      • Same here Julie- I was expecting to be charged $10 fir December as my last of 3 months, but it’s like it never happened. Once I saw what December contained, I really didn’t care- as long as I didn’t prepay for it. I would def be pissed if I prepaid. The LE boxes didn’t appeal either- so no loss. Just waiting for a way to use my Glossy credit on something I actually want.

    • There is no logic. They pulled this on me when I ordered something and they sent 4 damaged products and a missing item. My credit card company had to take care of it because after 8 emails I was done wasting my time.
      Unless they are giving away ponies I am done with the hut group and their bad cs.

    • Just when you think it is safe to go back in Glossy Box water, here we go…. I like buying things on Gilt but if I don’t know the contents..

    • I paid for December’s box, my last of the 3 months for $10 and canceled after I was charged (before the 15th) so I wouldn’t be charged full price for January. No box, and no shipping. I’ve gone back and forth with both the Hut and Glossybox CS which has been nothing short of infuriating. I finally called Glossybox (something I avoid at all costs), and they were surprisingly knowledgeable about the problem and understanding.

      I called back to talk to the manager I talked to a week ago about this, and was informed that they are still very much aware of this glitch, and one of their departments will have it resolved tomorrow (12-19). I’m supposed to get a callback tomorrow with the resolution.

      Hopefully you all can get yours resolved too!

      • They charged me for December then refunded me after I canceled I sent a message but I’ve yet to receive a response. I actually canceled the LE Holiday Box after their last bunt of infuriating bs.

        • *bunch

          Sorry it’s wine after nine time

        • I’ve yet to get a refund after many calls & emails, so I’m hoping that means I’ll get the box. But I really don’t care about the box at this point, I just wish they’d straighten out. I know Glossy CS was notoriously bad before THG took over, but I never had an issue. After THG took over I’ve had nothing but issues and “glitches”. I think it’s time to call it quits for me, no matter how great of a deal it is…

          • I just got a reply that says their aware of a glitch in the system causing this to happen but they can’t fix it and send me the box.

    • That is why I left Glossybox their customer service is awful. You always get some new CSR every time you e-mail them and they take their time responding to your requests! I used my Glossydots before the switch to pay for my December box and they will not ship it to me because I cancelled my subscription. I asked them how can you not send me something that is already paid for? I am going to do another beauty box like Ricky’s NYC.

      • I would’ve made some noise about not getting the box. I complained nonstop about the Rituals box fiasco because I never got an email explaining what happened (I know others did. Although it wasn’t a great resolution, I still wanted to know without searching forums for it) and after about a week of back and forth emails they gave me $10 in glossydots as an apology.
        Takes some time, but if you want the box, call or email. Especially since they’re aware of the “glitches” now.

        I agree though. I’m moving on from Glossy until they straighten out their atrocious CS and bountiful glitches.

  13. I’m a sucker and went ahead and got the 2 for $30 deal. We’ll see how it goes. 🙁

  14. I don’t care how they dress up these deals. Nothing will ever make me sub to Glossy again.
    My advice is to save your $20 for Boxy.

  15. I just got excited only because i would think you could use a 20% off total as well for new accounts on gilt….but then i thought about it i can just see a nightmare happening because it going from one company to another and well sometimes just getting your boxes from glossybox can be a bit much at times. Plus not knowing if it’s just a subscription or if it’s past boxes Amd the deal it’s a steal either. Booooo

  16. Hard pass.

  17. wish we would know what is in the boxes….

  18. I went to Gilt City and Glossybox, and still can’t figure out if the 2 boxes for $15 each deal is for 2 random boxes or 2 that you choose from non sold out boxes. Does anyone else know?

  19. I’m wondering if you can purchase the 2 for $30 twice? Not much of a deal if you buy the 3 (plus bonus) for $70 when you can get 4 boxes for $60. Lol all this Christmas shopping got me penny pinching hehehehe 😂😩

    • FYI it sounds like the 2 box deal is just two random (I’m assuming “old”) boxes. It says they ship at the same time. And the other deals clearly say “subscription” whereas that one doesn’t. I don’t need any old inventory and none of these deals are a discount if you don’t want the bonus box (or old boxes) so I’m passing.

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