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GlossyBox December 2017 – 3 Confirmed Spoilers!

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We have three spoilers for the December 2017 Glossybox!

Filled with beauty must-haves to make you shine bright from now through to New Year’s eve.

Receive 5 beauty products, 4 of them full-size, valued at over $123.

MakeupDrop Original

Laura Geller Easy Illuminating Stick (colors will vary)

Beauty For Real I-Line 24-7 Eyeliner in Platinum Blonde

What do you think of the spoilers?

If you haven’t signed up for GlossyBox yet:

Your first box will be the December GlossyBox. Check out our GlossyBox reviews and GlossyBox spoilers to see what you can expect from this subscription!

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  1. Yes! I just unsubbed (finally!) after being disappointed in most of my Glossybox’s over the past year and these spoilers make me happy I did. I’m not interested in any of those items, so no FOMO here!

  2. Boring.

  3. Oooo, the actual box is soo pretty. I want to get this month just for the box, if that is what it really comes in!!!!

  4. I’m trying to take advantage of this, but I don’t know what the code is. Where is it? How am I missing it? Please help quickly!

    • Is it not for existing Glossies? My first Glossybox would have to be December as well as my first Emma and Chloe box?

  5. Well this is a first that i have seen, TWO sub boxes collaborating? Are they owned by the same main company does anyone know?

    I figure Emma and Chloe people are getting a “kickback” for each sub they get from this so what is going on with Glossybox? They have been releasing constant $10 deals and now this?

    I will say that I LOVE my LE box I just got for $20 after points and I usually don’t hate GB the monthly sub but it just strikes me as odd. lol And I am the first one to dismiss conspiracy theories I see posted in the blogs here all the time, but this one has me scratching my head. lol

    Hope it works for them! 🙂

    • I’ve seen that before with Ivory Clasp. Don’t remember if it was GlossyBox or some other beauty sub. I think this was in the summer.

    • This isn’t the first time another sub has collaborated with GB – not too long ago you could use a promo code to get your first month of Ivory Clasp free with GB subscription. Having subscribed to both E&C and Ivory Clasp though, Emma & Chloe is soo much better and this looks like a pretty rad deal.

  6. I just noticed this on the GlossyBox site: they don’t have any limited edition boxes currently for sale, but they do have two $10 boxes that actually look pretty decent!

    • Sorry, they actually have THREE boxes currently on sale! They are right there on the front page.

    • I got bought those boxes last week and they are on their way.

  7. I joined Glossybox in October on the 3 month deal for 10.00 a month.
    Today they tried to change me 21.00 even though I still have December coming at 10.00.
    I called customer service, they were very nice, but sadly the system won’t let them fix this. I feel sorry for the customer service reps. They are not given the tools to fix mistakes.
    A manager has promised to get me a answer by Monday.
    Just a heads up for those who also joined on the deal.

    • I noticed this during the 1st month of the 3 months at $10 promotion. It counts down how many months you have left at the promotional rate and then the subscription automatically switches over to the $21 per month price after the promotion ends. If you don’t want to keep it after the 3 month period, just cancel the sub.

      • She should still have been charged $10 today, December is her third month.

        I subscribed during the same deal, also in October, and I was charged $10 today.

        • I know Dec is her third month. What I’m saying is that if you’re looking at Glossy’s website under your account, the subscription will have already rolled over to the $21 price as of today. The way to check if you were correctly charged $10 for the December box is to check your credit card online.

          • On the site it has the charge at 21.00. And customer service also could only see a 21.00 pending charge.

          • That’s so weird that it actually charged you the wrong amount for the third month. Hopefully by Monday, they will get it resolved for you!

          • My account shows each box and then says the dispatch date, payment date, and the amount charged. Mine is somewhat confusing, it shows successful payment of the October and December box for $10, but November shows “$0 (successful)” and yet I received it. I don’t know if it was a mistake or just a typo, does anyone else’s say this?

          • Yes, my account says the same thing, but my credit card was charged last month $10 plus tax. Check your credit card statement.

        • They had me pay the entire $30 up front. Then today tried to charge the full price for next month already. Without receiving the current month.

          • That’s ridiculous. Yet another appalling business practice from this company… 🙄

            I think you guys should dispute these charges with your credit card providers.

      • same thing happened to me I got charged 10 for the 1st Box then 20 for the second. I mailed them and they fixed it. But, on November I got charged twice. On the 8th when they charged 20 and fixed it then on the 28th sad thing I never received no boxes for the month of November. Plus they charged me 20 on the 1st of Dec. ????? I don’t get it. Being charged 3 times in less than a month and no boxes and no reply back. They have been ignoring my mails. And once I try to call it won’t go thru. Does anyone here have a diff number to glossybox customer service number? Ty

    • They tried to do the exact same thing to me today. I do not like being charged for the next months’ box until I’ve received the CURRENT months’ box!!

  8. I’m confused. The earrings aren’t a bonus gift for the first 500 subscribers, but you have to use a code they give you to subscribe to a different box to get the free earrings? That seems problematic.

  9. How do you know whether you are one of the 500 for the earrings.

  10. That’s my favorite eyeliner brand. Glad to be getting another color.

  11. This will be my last of my three for $10 boxes. I’m not sure if it will out do the November box but it still looks good and I’m looking forward to trying all three of these products.

    And I have got to say, nothing can outdo the LE box!! I have tried all of the products in there and I love them all. And I just can’t bring myself to light the candle. It smells sooo good that I feel like I need to have it forever. I’ve always been hesitant to try Glossybox but I’ve been thrilled with what I’ve received from them. And their packaging really is top notch. I feel like royalty or something everytime I open up one of their boxes.

    So, yes, Glossybox really goes have some good qualities as well. And this rave is coming from one very cynical Glossybox observer.

    • I can’t burn the candle, either! It smells nice just sitting on my desk. I thought I was being silly. I’m glad to hear I’m not alone. 🙂 I do love that Holiday box! I was going to buy another one today for a gift, but they are sold out.

      • I wanted another LE box too. I got mine yesterday and am SO impressed!!! I only paid $20 with points so what a deal! The candle is small but smells delicious. And…that box is gorgeous. I really want to resub but I have too many products right now. I know I’ll be back at some point.

  12. I do not like this company and will never buy anything from them ever again. I’ve been trying for months now to get my money back for the CEW LIMITED Box I bought is September and they never shipped it. I’ve contacted them numerous times and get nowhere both via email and on the phone. I also didn’t get the September box that was purchased on the same order and clearly they think they can keep my $54 and give me nothing. Stupid me waited too long and now I can’t even file the paypal claim being it’s over 45 days. Beware of this company the customer service is of the worst ever.

    • PayPal gives you up to 180 days to file a dispute, that is 1/2 year or 6 months.

  13. This looks fine, but not like the fabulous Holiday box! Wow! the candle is small, but packs such a nice scent punch. I love everything in the box (even the eyeliner is nice), and it’s been awhile since I’ve been able to say that about any box!

    • I am in love with my box as well. I am so glad I invested my $35 into it.

  14. Still on the 3 months for $10 or i would get those earrings. I subscribed to more than one Glossybox (I know, bad girl here) and finally all came in as promised. Very relieved and very happy with the boxes. It looks like Glossybox is coming around to better service even tho it was difficult to get straight answers from CS. I, too, got the form to send in to declare a missing box. I didn’t proceed with that process due to others getting it, too. Like how many were lost in the mail? They were just late in the month.

    but those earrings……..!

  15. I have 2 subscriptions. On one it says I’m getting getting variation 1 and on the other, variation 6. So, there will at least 6 variations.

    • How can you tell this?

      • Just click on your subscription

    • Getting variation2, we shall see how different these variations are!!! IMHO, I hate variations!!!

    • Variation 2! Login to your account and click on your subscription to see the variation number.

    • It does say in the picture that the colors of the Laura Geller product will vary. That I don’t mind. I do hope there won’t be a huge product variation. I never think that is fun. Lol

    • Good tip! I’m getting variation 2. I love the spoilers and the box design. I use the boxes for storage. I have forgiven them for now for the Rituals debacle…

    • I didn’t ever think to look at that thanks for the information. I’m getting variation #6. Now how do we find out what they are lol

    • Variation 2 for me as well, whoa, a lot of us.

  16. At least it’s not black eye liner! Lol

  17. Will the earrings show up in the cart at checkout?

    • I found it. Once you sign up the code for the Emma and Chloe box are included in the email from glossybox.

      • But the code is not working for me for the freebox on Emma-Chloe?? Is it working for anyone?

        • Yea it’s not working. I keep trying. Hopefully they get it straightened out.

          • Thank you Geanna, know one is answering at Emma and choe either, have you found anything out? I think I will cancel both if they don’t get it working I am a little irritated!

          • Anything new on the code, not working for me either

          • I haven’t heard a peep. Grrr!!!!

          • Ok it’s working now. The code was accepted and the total is 0 for the first month.

          • Code just worked for me!

    • Yeah, I’m wondering that, too! I just subscribed and I don’t see an option to redeem the earrings anywhere and I actually really like them! – Anyone have any ideas on this? @Liz? Thanks!!

  18. Not another eyeliner! I can’t even give them away anymore. The other two I can use or share however. Still love Glossy Box!

  19. I don’t need another Makeup Drop, but box looks good otherwise so far!

  20. Whomp whomppppppppp. Already have Makeup Drop, already have HG blush stick (Fenty), hardly ever use eyeliner especially silver. These are great items but just not for me personally. Plus, you know, still kind of have a sour taste from all that LE box chicanery.

    • Exactly.

      • I think every sub box thinks we need something sparkly in Dec.

    • Is the Makeup Drop a good product? I’ve never heard of it.

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