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GlossyBox Coupon – Last Day for Holiday Shipping + Save 30% Off Your First Box!

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Now through December 31st, use coupon code POPCLINKFIZZ to save 30% on your first month of GlossyBox when you sign up for a monthly subscription! (Regularly $21 a month.)

FYI – Today is the last day to get GlossyBox for holiday delivery!

Your first box will be the December GlossyBox. Check out the full December Glossybox Spoilers and  GlossyBox reviews to see what you can expect from this subscription!

Full Details: Order by December 16th, 2017, to receive your December box before Christmas. Offer valid through December 31th, 2017, 11:59 pm ET. Valid on the purchase of a new Monthly subscription plan (not valid on 3, 6 or 12 Month plans). New plans will begin the date they are created and cannot be combined with an existing subscription/order. Apply code in the “Do you have a promotion code?” section at checkout. If code does not apply successfully before checkout, it cannot be added at a later time. Cannot be combined with other codes/offers/promotions.

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  1. I saw a few videos on a New Beauty Box called Leny would love to see a review. It looks like it compares to Boxycharm. It’s cost is around 20 and you get around 100 or more I your box .

  2. Just to let people know, the post [email protected] has a really great feature called informed delivery that you can sign up for and it emails you what letters/packages they are delivering to you the next day. It is so useful, especially with all the deliveries this time of year.

    • I have had that informed delivery thing going for a month or so amd it has never posted any packages of any kind. It is just letters, coupons and so on. It would be sweet if they did do boxes but they probably will in time. Or it could be just my location in MA…Have you seen packages yet?

  3. Hey ladies, I’m having an issue logging into my glossybox account, invalid info. Does anyone have a valid email address for glossybox? I have no shipping info on my Dec box. Thank four help.

    • Hi Missy, I just signed on to my account and I used once on the site I hit the 3 lines on the LHS of the page and it took me right to my sign on. Once on I wanted to check shipping info but the crazy thing is,I received my this week,yet it still isn’t listed on my orders! But be sure and check your surveys, because my products were there before my box arrived. Good luck.

      • Thanks for the reply Shelia, the problem is, I am unable to even sign in as it says my password is invalid. I’m unable to find an email address for them.

  4. Ok so glossydots got changed to credit now? Interesting…

  5. I only received my look fantastic box 2 days ago and it was trapped in Atlanta since the 1st of Dec. I’m honestly thinking that it’s a customs issue rather than a glossybox or look fantastic issue sure to the holidays. I usually have my Glossybox by now and I did cancel my subscription about 3 days ago so I wouldn’t be charged for January at the full price. Again, my tracking number is showing that I am too receive my Glossybox tomorrow but it’s not been received by usps yet 😢 it did start moving from Atlanta today though so I still honestly think it’s customs that is behind because of the holidays and all of the online shopping, with so much coming from overseas nowadays it is very likely that this is the problem. I hope this helps, if glossybox has any other 3/$10 offers I’ll definitely be taking them up on the offer cuz I do love their boxes but I just can’t afford them right now at full price…

    • My December Glossybox hasn’t even shipped yet, which is really starting to worry me…

    • How do you get tracking for lookfantasitc?
      I never get an email or anything, it just randomly shows up or not on occasion then I have to deal with their terrible cs.

      • I got an email stating the December Lookfantastic box had shipped on the 6th, but it didn’t give me a tracking number to follow; instead it gave me a range of dates for the estimated delivery – 12/13-12/21. No box yet. In my experience, their tracking can be hit & miss. Sometimes I’ll get emails like the one I got this month, other times they’ll give me a tracking number, and other times the box will just show up with no shipping email ever having been sent.

  6. Yay, a code, finally! I was holding on until the last moment and my patience has been rewarded!

  7. The box itself is great, but their customer service is a complete nightmare. I signed up for the $10 a month for three months and they only honored two. They never sent my October box (even though they charged me for it) and after WEEKS of calls and emails, I’m still trying to get October’s payment back (and they refuse to send a substitute box in its place.)

  8. I would be wary of any box promising a Christmas delivery at this late date, but I still want to share my history with Glossybox. I took advantage of two 3-month $10 deals starting in July and just ending. The quality of the products have been outstanding and I never had any customer service issues. The special edition boxes were an amazing deal. Never anything missing or broken, the shipping cartons so sturdy. I think this company may have had issues in the past, but in my opinion I feel they truly deserve a chance to show how great they are now.

    • I really like Glossy Box, and I’ve been a member for a couple years. The RV always far exceeds what I pay for each box. Their LE boxes are always amazing. I’ve never had shipping issues. But, I tend to not really care when something shows up, unless it’s seriously late. When I’ve had a question for them, I’ve always been answered within a few days.

      I have cancelled and resumed membership a couple times, when I need to cut back for a bit. I’ve prepaid and cancelled the same day, and have always received all my boxes. Sorry to anyone who hasn’t had good experiences with GB.

    • I received my box from 2 days ago (from the deal they had a few weeks ago for past boxes) and it arrived missing the lip liner and a cream. They haven’t responded to my email yet.

  9. I cancelled right after my 10/3 months…they assured me I would get a replacement for a damaged item for my November box ..said it would ship out before my December box….I never got it :/

  10. I don’t know who they are now using for shipping but mine shipped on December 6th and has yet to be received by USPS. Tracking says I should have had it by the 13th. Unless they plan on using another form of shipping, don’t count on this box arriving within a week.

    • They just keep getting ‘better’ don’t they? I signed up for a 3 month deal, when they emailed that my 3rd box was shipped, I waited a week to cancel the sub, hoping to still get that 3rd box. Then they actually canceled my 3rd box, which apparently had not yet shipped. So consistently inconsistent, they are. I couldn’t wait any longer to cancel or they would have charged me for the next month at full price. Very slick. Be aware.

      • same here, but I waited until my package started moving before cancelling, but I wonder if you can call them because technically if you don’t cancel by the 15th of the prior month you will get the next box. They are trying to be slick so you don’t get your last 10 dollar box…this company is way I was sticking around at full price…

        shipping is beyond awful…mine was supposed to be delivered by the 13th also..usps hasn’t received it, it is still in Georgia while I am in Iowa…I’m guessing I won’t get it anytime soon :/

      • Wow! That is truly awful! Did that happen this month? My December box supposedly shipped yesterday afternoon and I received a tracking number. I cancelled last night, so I am waiting to see if my box actually starts moving (via the tracking number) or if they cancel my December box, too. I was billed for December on the 1st, so if I don’t receive the box I will be very unhappy.

      • I think they cancelled my last box too. I haven’t been billed for it. I wanted it but if cancelling before being charged for January means I keep my $10 and don’t get December then oh well. I love the two boxes and the LE box so I’m still happy either way.

      • They billed me for December but after I canceled they refunded my card and haven’t responded to query about terms stating they don’t refund for a box that you were billed for.

        Idk what the deal is.

        • Same here. I’m not sure they know what they are doing, tbh. But I believe they intentionally don’t ship those final discounted boxes until they have you billed for the next month at the full price. I don’t think that is just coincidence in their part.

          • I think you’re right if I’d waited a couple of more days they’d have shipped and billed me for Jan. I copied their terms and still no response, Imagine that.

      • I signed up for a six-month subscription pre-paid in advance through February 2018. I went ahead and put in my notification to cancel the subscription at the end of the six months. I did get a response within 24 hours stating they excepted my cancellation and that December 2017 would be my last box. I kindly responded to them stating no I fully intend for them to honor my paid in full six months subscription and that February 2018 would be my last box in as of yet I have not received any response from customer service. Please explain to me how in the heck they would tell me my December 2017 box would be my last when I paid in full for a six-month subscription ??

        • Idk but make sure you screenshot your messages or save them. It’s weird that they pull the stunts they do and don’t have a ton of FTC complaints. I’ve given them several chances to do better and each time I’ve subbed there’s more problems.
          I guess I’ve learned my lesson, but I know if I hadn’t followed their terms I’d be legally obliged to.

    • I got a shipping email as well but when I went into my account it showed it as processing and still in stock pick mode. So according to the email it should’ve been here today or next Wednesday at the latest when in actuality it hasn’t been sent.

    • Same here. Shipped on Dec 6 and then sat in Atlanta for 6 days, I’m still waiting and I just received the 2 boxes I ordered 3 weeks ago. Seems their shipping has gotten worse.
      I haven’t received my lookfantasitc box either.

      • I’ve been with GB for four years. I’ll give them until January to see how their shipping works. If they use the same courier company that Look Fantastic does, I’m out. It took over 6 weeks to receive my LF advent calendar and their CS was a joke. Told me I had to wait a month to make a claim and then sent me a link to print out, fill in and sign in BLUE ink, scan and send back (rolls eyes) I’ll call American Express and dispute the charge before doing all that.

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