FYI – Pusheen Box Annual Subscription Update – Check Your Email

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Thanks, Pam, for letting us know that some annual Pusheen Box subscribers are receiving this email:

In summary: Some annual subscribers will not receive the Winter box due to a technical error. You have two options:

  1. Get a full refund for the Winter box. You will also get a Pusheenicorn Kigurumi Onesie and a bonus box after your annual subscription has ended.
  2. Get a full refund of your annual subscription and cancel your annual plan.

Pusheen Box is $43.95 + $6 Shipping to the US

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  1. I know this is a late reply, but I got an annual sub staring with the Winter 2017 box. I never received the Winter box and got this email, so I opted for Option A. Sure enough, I got my onesie back in Jan and the refund as well, and I’ll be receiving another bonus box once my annual is over (aka Winter 2018). So impressed with their customer service! (*cough cough Oui Please cough cough*)

  2. I got the mistake email as well. I was looking forward to the winter box and completely forgot about it until I got this email. I am very happy with the customer service from Culture Fly. I opted for the kigurumi and extra box and winter box refund. I did end up getting an email from them that they needed further instructions because they couldn’t process my refund with my original form of payment (I’m not even sure how I paid) because it had been too long (the winter box was the last box on my annual sub). They gave me the option of a refund on PayPal or to get another free box. I chose to get another free box. I originally purchased the annual sub as a gift for my daughter’s 11th birthday so getting extra boxes is perfect (We usually share what is in the box).

    Funny thing is I bought the pusheenicorn kigurumi for my daughter for Xmas and I bought the regular pusheen kigurumi for myself for my birthday (December 29) so we ended up with a matching pusheenicorn kigurumi! We love them, they are super comfy, warm and cute!

    I was thinking of renewing our annual sub at the end of this one and now I will definitely be renewing! We love just about everything that comes in the box but with customer service like this, it was a no brainer!

  3. I’m so happy to read this. I only buy winter boxes because of my birthday & shipping costs are very high. The last box arrived damaged from the outside. The inside looked fine but with few smudges on the pins, scratches on the head massager handle & some dust which I think because of the sweater. Sadly the quality of the products & the outer box itself are getting low comparing to the first box ever which was amazing.

  4. After I complained about not getting shipping info they sent a box, which still has not arrived. It looks like not everyone is so lucky.

  5. I was really looking forward to the winter box after seeing the contents here, but happy the way the company has handled the mistake. So many companies lack integrity (BB5 anyone?) that it makes me nervous to do annual subs. It’s how you handle mistakes that define your company. Kudos to CS on this one.

  6. I’m super impressed with how this is being handled. Those are two generous options, and giving options is so smart. Nice work.

  7. I NEED that onesie!!! I’m wearing an Ariel one as we speak. I think I’m 9 vs 39. Lol I’m willing to swap if interested. I have the pehr speck bin, etc. Kgoble1978 at gmail dot com

    I’ve been very unimpressed with their quality of products and speed in which they were replaced so I had already canceled my sub. Wonk wonk. I’m happy to hear they’re stepping up to make it right to others.

  8. Agree, amazing customer service!

  9. This is good. I wish that customer service had handled the damaged and defective cup and saucer set from the Fall 2016 Pusheen box in the same manner. Pusheen customer service handled that terribly.

  10. This is great customer service! I wish Rachel Zoe Box of Style would take note of the way this was handled because due to their winter box I think they lost a lot of customers.

  11. If anyone wants to sell their onesie, I would happily buy it from you! My email is beccajrichardson (at) gmail (dot) com. 😊 If you’d rather swap, just click my name!

    • They sell this onesie for $54 on the website. They also have a version with regular pusheen instead of pusheenicorn for the same price.

  12. CultureFly has the best customer service, I have a few of the boxes that them (this one Animal Jam & Shopkins) they have exceptional customer services. So many other companies should look at them.

  13. Well now i wish I hadn’t gotten my box! wow, great response on their part.

  14. Bravo to CultureFly/PusheenBox for this. THAT is how you do it when you make a mistake other sub box companies, learn from these guys!!

  15. Now that is GREAT customer service. Sorry to anyone who didn’t get the winter box though.

  16. Wow. Now THAT is how you handle a massive screw up! Other boxes take note!

  17. I am a new subscriber who adored my fall sweatshirt and was really looking forward to that cell phone charger and mug. As a 49 year old (ahem) lady, I don’t really have much use for the unicorn pajama thing they will will be sending me. However, the speed at which they answered my emails, coupled with the offer of a full refund, (I didn’t take them up on it) and an additional complimentary box, sets the gold standard for customer service. Well done, Pusheenbox!!!

    • Let me know if you plan on selling the onesie, I would sell you the charger and mug but they came to me defective.

      • if you did plan on selling the onsie let me know, and I will give you my email

    • I would love to swap many items from december box for the onesie. Mug and warmer included.

    • Penny, let me know if you’re willing to sell the onesie!! I have a little sister that would kill for it lol. My email is beccajrichardson (at) gmail (dot) com. 😊 Or if you’d rather swap, just click my name!

  18. I was so confused and disappointe reading my email saying I won’t get the Winter box at all. I love love love that sweater and the mug. Not once I whine about how I still haven’t received my shipping notification nor that my box will be late for Christmas. I was so patient like a good kid waiting for Santa to visit. I gifted to like over 10 people this season and received just 1 so this box has been what I expected the most for myself. This would be my favorite box ever and made my holidays, but I guess we are not meant to be together… :’(
    However, just like everyone else. I applause and appreciate how the company handles this mistake. Thank you for your responsibility and service!

  19. I got my winter box, but this is really great customer service where the compensation is more than adequate.

  20. With all the problems I personally experienced this month, I am so impressed with the way this company handled the situation. Every company out there needs to take notes on proper customer service. CultureFly/Pusheen has really set the bar. Thank you!

  21. This is an amazing job done by this company. Really impressed by how they handled this.

  22. Our winter box arrived in time. Can’t be sorry about that! But it would be great to have that Pusheenicorn kigurumi, too!

  23. So weird, I don’t see where my shipment shows when the next box will be fulfilled. I had reached out to them prior to seeing this post and they said they will be shipping my December box after Christmas and send a free gift since they were not able to keep their promise to ship before Christmas. Now I’m reaching out to find out if I’m even getting the December box.

  24. That Pusheen onezie!!!!!!!!

  25. Amazingly classy company. Puts certain other sub companies, who shall remain nameless, to shame. Very impressive.

  26. Wow…impressive. I don’t subscribe to this box but if I ever decided to give it a try I would do so without hesitation.

  27. Wow. Talk about making it right with customers.

  28. I’m not a subscriber but I have to say that I’m thoroughly impressed with how they are handling this.

  29. Ooh, kind of makes me wish I didn’t cancel my annual after the fall box.

  30. I received this email. I am so disappointed. I get the Pusheen boxes for my nine-year old. The winter box was perfect for her. However, I am so impressed with this company’s commitment to its customers. I feel this compensation is more than fair. Thank you CultureFly for taking responsibility for the error.

    • Was there anything in particular you wanted from the box for your daughter?

      • That’s a tough question. I think she would have loved it all except the mug warmer. Yes, even the head massager. Lol, she is only 9. I think the vinyl figurine would be the thing she would want the most. She likes collecting them.

      • Tough question. I think she would have liked it all except the mug warmer, but I would have snagged that. I just asked her and she said the head massager. Lol, no surprise she is only 9. I am disappointed to not have the vinyl figure to add to her collection.
        Disappointing, but I truely appreciate the company stepping up. Other sub boxes I have seen don’t do half as much. *Cough-Sephora* 🙂

        • This box would be so perfect for me too and I woke up to this email… I’m in college but totally a kid at heart and love to collect all sort of kawaii stuff.
          Hope your daughter will love the onesie as much!

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