FYI – Box Of Style Winter 2017 Shipping Delay

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FYI – Thanks Wendy & Catherine, for the heads up that the Winter 2017 Box of Style by The Zoe Report is slightly delayed:

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Check out our review for the Winter 2017 Box of Style to see what you’ll receive!

The Rachel Zoe Box of Style from The Zoe Report is a subscription box from Rachel Zoe. Each box includes a hero item which is revealed before boxes ship, and other fashionable items and accessories, plus a few beauty products and styling tools, too.

The Subscription Box: Box of Style by The Zoe Report

The Cost: $99.99/quarter

The Products: “Every season Rachel and our TZR editors will hand-curate more than $300 of our favorite fashion, beauty and lifestyle items.”

Ships to: US, Canada, the UK, and Australia

Check out all of my Box of Style reviews to learn more about this quarterly subscription box.

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  1. I didn’t get my Winter box. It shows I am lucky enough to have a label created.. that’s all.

    Rachel Zoe needs to learn a few things about CS with her ” growing” company. I have a feeling her BOS subscriptions may be ” shrinking”.

    • I know, I just cancelled and if you read most of the comments on The Zoe Box of Style Facebook page you will find many BOS customers feel the same way. That’s too bad, because I loved every box I received in 2017 except the current winter one!

      • I cancelled a couple of weeks ago but they have not confirmed my cancellation via email. have you received one? I don’t want to get charges on February again.

        • I have tried to cancel twice– once on Dec 14 and the next time on Dec 26. Also sent them pictures of my damaged box and products inside on Dec 28. The only thing I have received back is two “We’re busy, your inquiry is in queue” email. My account still shows it is active and I’m getting antsy as well.

          • Oh no, this is not good. I received the same email as well. I really hope they don’t charge us for the next one.

          • I have an email from 12/21 confirming my cancellation yet my account still says active with next billing on 2/15. They have yet to respond to three emails I sent on 12/26 and 12/27 about my lost box. (UPS lost it on 12/20 and found it this past Sunday). The box showed up two days ago but all the items are wrecked. I already disputed the winter box with the credit card company. Who knows what will happen. Their IG account people tell me to be patient and they will respond. More than two weeks without a single response. It’s a whatever to me now. My CC has already reimbursed me. If they want their messed up box back they can send me a label. I would never purchase from this company ever again.

          • I’m so done as well. I just sent an email on my chain of emails with them about the winter box demanding that they cancel my box. Tomorrow I’ll go by way of contacting my credit card company, since RZBOS won’t let me remove my credit card number.

  2. Welp, my box has a shipping label created, and that’s it.
    Strike 2 for my Holiday Boxes. ( Popsugar is also MIA).

    This has to be the low point in my entire years of subscription box history. I wish I had my money back.

  3. I’m in Virginia Beach VA and my box just arrived. Nothing was missing in the box however I don’t ever recall getting a shipping tracking number but thats null now since I have it. The earrings punctured through the bubble wrap they were in and penetrated the clutch box and yep you guessed it the clutch has scratches on it and one post on the earrings has seperated from the actual earrring. Seems like this quarter there was less tissue paper. I’m used to having globs of strategically rolled up who are placed pieces of black tissue paper to keep items in place that was not present this box and I can only assume this is why the clutch was scratched and the one earring is broken. This will also be the first box that holds all the items I won’t be able to reuse, it can’t hold its form : ( I will be emailing them but I felt I should tell you guys first what I received and will update you after I get a response from the email I will be sending.
    Happy Holidays gals and guys!!
    Ps if there is a way to attach pictures let me know I will share.

    • You are not alone, Lizzy! My box arrived today (12/23) with several noticeable cracks/dents on the clutch, and the earrings in my box also punctured through its container. Consequently, the posts were bent at odd angles, which I manually pushed back into place. To add insult to injuring, I received confirmation from their CS a while back that I was going to be one of the recipients of the promotional candle attached to one of their offers. Guess what was missing? Yes, the candle. I also emailed them and will report back on what they say. I’m super unhappy and hope they can fix this.

    • my earrings came broken and i signed up with the gilt candle deal and no candle? the candle was in my cart at check out!

    • After contacting customer service (I thoroughly checked my items after reading your comment…both of my boxes had these issues) and waiting a week for a resolution, James has sent me a return label and advised me to send back the clutch and earring AFTER I receive my replacement pieces which will be shipped “soon”. Folks, there is a light at the end of the Winter Box Customer Service tunnel….I think.

      On the plus side, the 2nd box Winter BOS that arrived at my door WAS NOT charged to my account, is not a 2nd recurring subscription and was simply a mistake in my favor, for once.

      So, yay-ish!

      So glad I’m not a CS rep fo RZ BOS right now.

    • Good luck getting a response from them! My box came torn and crushed as well, posts on my earrings were bent —after I emailed them they wanted to see pictures of the earrings which I sent, but no response after that, and my oil was missing. If you go to their Facebook page, sounds like everyone had issues with the earrings in this box! I wanted to continue to subscribe but after this box have decided to cancel my quarterly subscription!

  4. Ugh. I finally got my box as a subscriber and the earrings are missing. They are the ONE thing I really wanted to wear for Christmas:(

    • That’s terrible! Now you not only got your box super late they didn’t send your earring! I wonder how many other people are missing items?

  5. Just submitted a cancellation request. This is getting pretty ridiculous now. I’ve emailed twice and just had the generic responses back. I pointed out in my cancellation request that they’ve clearly violated the terms of their own contract which states, “Thereafter, your credit card will be charged $99.99 up to three weeks in advance of the subsequent seasonal Box of Style shipment date.” for seasonal subscribers. And refusing to issue refunds? For shame, RZ!

    • I too have cancelled after this disappointing winter BOS! Also cancelled my credit card just in case, as I’ve heard stories of subscriptions being cancelled and card still charged. Their customer service is horrible!

  6. Right, so it’s the 20th and I don’t have confirmation. I am not a huge complainer, but I feel like I was duped like this last year and even if a person says there is a delay and then says middle of the month for the delay — that doesn’t make the 20th of any calendar month.
    I should have known better.

  7. I was charged over a month ago. I emailed Box of style today, December 19th and got this email which does not give me any status. Meanwhile they continue to sell their boxes without fulfilling their obligations. And to add insult to injury signs off with XoXo. I seriously need to evaluate my choices because yesterday my horrible HR box of overpriced leftovers arrived for $50+ tax and now my much awaited box is nowhere in sight.

    contacting The Zoe Report Box of Style! We absolutely hear you and are truly sorry for the inconvenience.

    Your order is important to us and I can assure you that our team is doing everything in our power to have your box with you as soon as possible.

    Please keep an eye out for your shipping confirmation that will have your tracking information as boxes are shipping every day!

    We take member feedback seriously and I appreciate you sharing yours with us.
    Please let me know if you have any questions.

    Aliyah from Team Zoe

    • OMG! Exact same fricken letter I received from TIM at BOS! I am so angry right now that I actually disputed the charge with my credit card company. I was charged on November 12th, received an email on November 13th asking me to confirm the mailing address because the boxes were being shipped after Thanksgiving. I have not received a shipping notice and by the time this box ships and I possibly receive it, all of my holiday parties will be completed. I no longer need this box! I will be calling them BOS in the morning to cancel my subscription going forward. This is the worst way to run a business!

  8. I emailed customer service on Friday, December 15, asking when my box would ship as the notice specifically said BY mid-December. I then laid out a lot of the issues seen throughout this comment section – why are one-off orders from new customers shipping before those of longtime subscribers, even though you specifically state boxes are shipped in order of longtime to new subscribers? Why do non-subscribers get deep discounts while subscribers get nothing? What’s our incentive to subscribe?

    I got a shipping notice on Saturday. My box is scheduled to arrive December 23.

    Today, I finally got a response from customer service…and it’s just the generic “Your box shipped on December 16 and now I’ll patronizingly explain how mail works. xoxo!” In no way addressing any of my other, more important questions. No acknowledgement whatsoever. Also, no acknowledgement that my box hadn’t shipped yet when I emailed them – instead, acting like I’m an idiot for asking because *clearly* my box had already shipped.

    I’m incredibly disappointed in their customer service. I canceled almost all of my other boxes, but kept BOS as I love the curation and value. I still do, but the poor customer service is outweighing the love for me.

  9. I cancelled my subscription and told them why. What they are doing seems to be ill- timed, greedy, and the pricing for the boxes is all over the place.
    Why can’t they be professional, set one price and one ordering date limit and give the box some class?
    When it’s on sale for $30 or so off before ANYONE has their box, full price or not, it seems there’s something not quite right going on with the inventory and the shipping.
    Not that there’s any fraud, I do not think that. I do think they are extremely lacking in caring in their CS department in following up on the sales after taking our money.

    I hope some people do get their boxes before NYE.
    I have no hope of getting either this box or the LE Women’s PSMH, which only has a tracking number, but not any shipping updates.

    These were the only two holiday boxes I truly wanted the most, and neither established company is doing much to fulfill orders.

    I feel very sad about the delays.

  10. Still no news from Box of Style and Christmas is a week from now. Parties are this week. It’s unfortunate because this is a beautifully curated box, perfect for the holiday parties. Maybe we’ll have it in time for NYE!

    • I sent an email last week asking for an update on my box; at this point it’s too late to use the items for holiday parties. I finally received a shipment notification yesterday that my box should arrive 12/23. Very disappointed 🙁

      (Have not recieved a reply to my email)

      • I sent an email too and no reply either. I love their boxes but I might have to cancel if they don’t even bother to respond to emails. Too bad, she curates her boxes well but is lacking in customer service.

    • I came here to also say that it is December 19th and still no word on this box. Almost as if it were fate, as I was typing this I checked my email and literally received a shopping confirmation 2 minutes ago.

      Your order was shipped via UPS SurePost, and is estimated to arrive December 21, 2017 – December 27, 2017.

      ..So may not arrive until after Christmas.

  11. Well, I cancelled my annual subscription.

    Very disappointed in BOS to create a box around Holiday Parties and I’m not able to use one item for the 2017 Holiday season.

    As of today I still haven’t received shipping notification (I’m glad I changed my shipping address to my work) and I leave on December 22nd for a family holiday cruise (which these items would have been perfect). While several people who purchased this box on the Black Friday deal have gotten their box or shipping notification.

    Sorry as much as BOS fits my lifestyle each quarter, I’m done. I’ll just buy when the boxes go on sale and avoid any winter box offered by BOS, lesson learned it doesn’t pay to be an annual subscriber.

    • I agree… I have not received any notification for my annual subscription box or the one time gift box that was offered in November. Both of which I have been charged for…. I don’t understand how there can be a delay in getting us our box when they are still promoting it as if it’s available. Very disappointed as one box was a gift. Looks like I will be cancelling also.

      • Especially irritating because even today I received an email from them advertising the winter box, with $20 off for new subscribers! How about closing subscriptions off like Sephora or Beautyfix!

  12. I’ve been an annual subscriber for a couple of years. After last year’s box debacle (I got mine before Christmas, but after holiday parties), I thought they certainly would have learned a lesson about curating a party box and failing to deliver before the parties.

    I guess if they won’t learn a lesson, I will have to.

  13. I’m a quarterly member and I just got my shipping confirmation late last night…perhaps coincidentally, just a few hours after I submitted a cancellation request.

    • I got a confirmation for shipment last night too… however, only the shipping label seems to have been created. No update on the box *actually* being shipped all day. Any updates on your end?

    • Lucky you! I am a quarterly as well and don’t have a shipping notification. I just cancelled my sub myself, was giving it until 3:30 to see if I would get a notification (all my other notifications on past boxes came earlier in day) but this cemented it.

      • While I am happy that you got your shipment notification, this makes me even more angry. It was supposed to be that annual subscribers got shipped first. They just completely threw that out the window. I’m done! I sent them an email yesterday asking for a concrete shipping date or else I was disputing the annual charge. I got back another generic message that they were shipping everyday. I’m disputing the charge! They officially lost me! I wonder if Rachel Zoe cares at all. I was such a huge fan. I’m crushed.

        • I can’t believe you haven’t gotten a notification by now! From the *few* people saying they have gotten notifications, it doesn’t seem like there is any priority on annual members or for length of subscription. After canceling my subscription this afternoon, I sent them a third email and said I was disputing the charge on my card since I have been told that the goods I purchased would ship on two different dates and gone out on neither. A small thing, but I also unfollowed on Instagram and unsubscribed to the many emails they send out every week. It just made me even more upset seeing them selling the boxes still, as well as all the parties and everything. I too am crushed, I really have loved RZ since her show on Bravo.

    • While I really am happy that you got a shipping notification, this angers me to no end. Annual subscribers were supposed to get shipped first. They completely through all of that out the window. I emailed yesterday asking for a concrete shipping date or I was disputing my annual membership charge. The generic message that I received that they are shipping everyday and they care about us put me off so badly. I was such a huge fan of Rachel Zoe. She should be on top of this. I’m completely done! Disputing the charge. I don’t even want the extra add-on Rachel Zoe sweater that I ordered. They at least owed an explanation as to what the heck was really going on. Absolutely horrible customer service answers. Maybe I just work for Disney too long.

  14. Do we have any idea when the boxes will be shipped. I’ve yet to receive any projected shipping date. I did receive the above shipping late notice, but nothing else. I am very disappointed. I can not express that enough.

    • No. I emailed them yesterday and received a generic response that it should ship soon. A few members received tracking yesterday and theirs said delivery on the 22nd. If we don’t receive tracking today we can forget about receiving this box before Christmas. I personally am going to do a chargeback with my credit card. It’s been 30 days. I don’t need this box after Xmas as it was a Xmas present. I should have read last winter’s reviews. There were people who didn’t receive their winter box until February.

      • I did get a notice that my shipping label was created on December 15th, but it has not shipped. I guess I am just happy that I got some kind of info for its delivery.

    • I just got a shipping notice this morning – my box is set to arrive on the 21st. Hopefully yours will be on the way soon as well!

  15. Well, first off yearly subscribers and then quarterly renewal subscribers should absolutely get top priority. I order my box on Black Friday and yes was appreciative of the discount. However, I also ordered a second box to have for gifts. But my biggest problem, is that the box is total holiday season party/gathering. I want to rock that stole! That being said, I have always memorized their shipping schedule so being that my holiday parties are in full force right now I am extremely worried that rocking the stole might be limited to News Years and I wanted Christmas and other December festivities. I understand we can wear the earrings another time, but those purses and stole had a time stamp for me in mind.

    Box of Style, please make sure yearly and regular quarterly subscribers get theirs asap. And please for us newbies that we get ours with time to spare before Christmas! I do a lot of planning to get the items I want so boxing the box which is a great box saved me shopping in so many areas. Now as each day passes by, we are one more day losing any discounts out there to get any items we may be needing.

    I just know from others that when you get shipping notification you may be looking at least ten days before you are scheduled to receive it so we are running out of potential time. And I don’t mind paying for something in November and it shipping in December but it really should have already shipped by now.

    • Today is December 14th and I have heard nothing about my shipping. I paid on November 7th (the day the box became available).

      So frustrated. I will never another RZ box again. The quality has been slipping and now this delay in shipping makes me feel angry.

  16. Just checking to see if anyone got shipping notice yet. This is so frustrating. I really needed this box for all of December. It’s my 1st box too.

    • This will be my fourth box and no shipping notification yet. 🙁

    • Nothing yet. Annual subscriber since the third box. I’m really excited to get this box, so I hope it’s not much longer. I try to stay positive, but I’m a little disheartened that annual subscribers have not had shipping notices yet. I wish they would tell us what was really going on.

  17. It’s now Dec 12th and still no shipping notice! I have been a customer with the BOS since the start and I have to say this is really making my blood boil!!! I have a cruise on the 22nd leaving from NYC and I was hoping to wear all the stuff but now it looks like I’ll have to go shopping!!! Not happy at all!

    • I feel terrible for you! That spoils the excitement of going on your cruise.

      I don’t have anywhere to go like a cruise but I paid the this box of November 7th!

      And this is absurd! I really hope things turn around and you get your box!

      • Thanks lovely ladies!! I hope you all get your boxes soon. It’s now Dec 14th and still no word of a shipping date. I’m feeling so dissapointed. I just receveid my FFF box so that has made my day. I think i’m going to cancel BOS after this and just stick with the FFF box. Happy Holidays to you all xx

    • It has been ridiculous!!! I hope you receive your box in time for your cruise. It defies all logic-no way to run a business.I have no hopes of mine arriving in time for any of my remaining holiday events. Last year was mid to late January. At this point I don’t even want it as it will be pointless. They really dropped the ball as the obviously know the demand from the current subscribers, yet continue to promote it with deep discounts instead of working to fulfill standing orders. This will be my last box and I honestly doubt they will be around much longer if TZR continues to operate intros manner, with terrible customer service and vague pathetic excuses. A refund for all of us is in order as we all have to run out to shop for holiday party accessories….

      • Yes to all of this! It would be one thing if it wasn’t heavily promoted as having things to wear to holiday parties. I really have loved this sub, but after this whole debacle I am unsubscribing. RZBOS has really taken the fun out of a subscription box.

    • That really stinks! I totally understand how you feel. I too have had to go out and purchase party accessories to replace the stuff I had planned to used from the BOS. I emailed their customer service group and asked for a full refund of my money and got the stupidest reply ever! I told them that as far as I was concerned they broke a contractual agreement, their advertising stated that the boxes were going to be shipped by November 27th (that is why I decided to purchase) so I figured I would received the BOS with enough time before my holiday parties got underway. Now I am reading all of these comments and I don’t think I have a prayer that this box will even arrive before the New Year. Tim from BOS replied that the box was non-refundable, I think I will have my legal assistant friend send a letter on my behalf. Maybe that will get them to rethink it (giving me a full refund). She can be quite forceful and demanding when she wants something.

      • Maybe someone should start a class action lawsuit!

  18. Not very Happy right now!! I paid for my Box when Liz posted the 1st Spoiler. I thought to we would all be getting the Box next week. I wanted the White Purse and Faux Fur and the earrings for my Corporate Christmas Party! Either way I still want it but I am disappointed that they are still accepting Orders without getting ours filled. With that said I think all of us should have expedited Shipping.

  19. Yay! Shipping info just received:
    Get excited. Your Box of Style is on its way.

    Your Box of Style, purchased from The Zoe Report was just shipped and is now in transit via FedEx. Your shipping information is provided below:

    Your order was shipped via UPS SurePost, and is estimated to arrive December 12, 2017 – December 18, 2017.

    • Hooray!! I hope we all get the notice soon as well.

    • Thank you for sharing! Sounds like they are expediting shipping.

      I hope to get a shipping notice soon!

    • Are you an annual subscriber? I am since 2015 and still dont have it grrrr

  20. I love Rachel, and I love this box. That said, if I were in charge of customer service, I would be making my people work around the clock to get those boxes out starting today and starting with annual subscribers as promised! No more excuses. Take the hit, and send them regular FedEx! Bad customer service is hard to recover from. Take it from a former Disney employee. This would never be acceptable!

  21. Rachel Zoe company in financial trouble.

    • I read that in one of the news feeds. After I read that I was wondering if we would really all get our boxes , or if we would even get refunds, if the company completely folds up. I don’t want to create panic, but we never know.

      • Let me also add that this makes me sad because Rachel Zoe box of style is my ultimate favorite. I myself have always had excellent customer service from them. I never like to hear when a small business is in trouble. I hope they can come through it.

        • Me too! Hope they can weather the storm. Great product, and I love getting this every quarter.

    • I read that as well, apparently they’ve had several layoffs just recently, bad timing folks.

    • I did not know her entire company was in trouble. As for the box of style, I am beginning to think they may refund my money due to all the trouble they have had. Instead of flooding social media and hosting events at Chateau Marmont the company should be busting butt to get orders out. I paid Nov 7th. It is now Nov 8th and nothing except a delay email.

      They discount their boxes way too deeply and this is what happens.

      I got the Jack Black add on for my husband for Christmas. Now I doubt I will have my box by Christmas.

      Sadly RZ was my favorite sub box – until now.

      I am so burned out on RZ that this may be my last box from them!

  22. I just read that Rachel Zoe just let go a bunch of workers on Wednesday. The company failed to secure outside investments and was forced to make cuts. I hope they don’t end up keeping all our money like a couple other sub boxes i belonged too did. This news is disturbing about the company and we still don’t have our boxes.

  23. I remember this happened last year as well. I’m an annual subscriber but also got another box to give as a gift and did not receive it until December 23rd. This is ridiculous, especially since, as many of you have said, the items are clearly chosen for holiday parties and the boxes are often purchased as gifts. I guess I’ll use last winter’s items this holiday season! Unacceptable

  24. I am not happy! I bought an add on for my husband for Christmas! I paid on Nov 7th!

    I wonder if the delay does not have something to do with the add-ons!

    Not only are they being disingenuous they are also being egregious in with their cavalier attitude towards their customers!


    Just kidding! RZ does not care about anything but the mighty dollar! They should offer use some kind of compensation to us!

  25. Regular subscriber, here. Successfully billed for Winter box on November 14th. How exactly am I “unanticipated”?

  26. This is just typical Mercury in Retrograde crap. Sigh.

    I started my sub with them 2 years ago. I thought us, diehard subscribers would be put first & have our boxes shipped first. Instead, we watch our boxes being deeply discounted every single quarter & we are not given as much as a “Thank you” for our loyalty. Such a shame. Especially, when some of us still have a bitter taste in our mouths from last quarter. Thumb printed indented gold catch-all trays & tarnished gold bands.

    I would have much rather they lied & said the delay was due to Quality Control issues & they wanted to get us our boxes to us in pristine order. They really, really need better P.R.

  27. I think the description of the shipping process is a shady way of telling us that despite the delay, they are still using smart post so the package will travel leisurely throughout the country taking in all of the sights before …finally..arriving at USPS.

    • omgosh, I thought the same thing. Like telling us to bad. I will cancel after this. I’m so sad, because i won’t have anything to wear now for Christmas.

  28. This is a bummer. Honestly, it seems to make more sense to NOT subscribe-no discounts, perks, priority shipping. Instead I get to see a box I paid 100 bucks for discouted to 50 or 60 each time. Now delays. I love BOS but this is a nail in the coffin

    • Perfectly stated.

  29. Wow, what a terrible way to run a business! Promote the earrings, clutch and neck wrap to wear for all of the holiday parties and then NOT send the box out until AFTER the holidays! WTH are they thinking. I for one will be cancelling this subscription as soon as I receive this box. I am so frustrated because when I paid for the sub on November 12th the advertisement stated that the sub would begin shipping on November 27th and I do not believe that is has shipped at all to anyone. And then to receive an email so cleverly written to make it seem like the USPS has messed up on the delivery process, really makes me angry. I think most of us has seen right through that rouse immediately. Sounds like this company has a bad history of shipping, wished I would have known that PRIOR to ordering this particular box. I guess live and learn.

  30. This is so wrong. I am a subscriber and was charged for this box many weeks ago at full price. There is no good reason why they can’t send me my box in a timely manner.

    • Exactly, I think I was charged 3 or 4 weeks ago. Unexpected demand? They may want to ship longstanding members boxes first. They always seem to go on sale yet as an “exclusive yearly member” I get the privilege of paying full price

      • Unacceptable. I paid FULL price 3-4 weeks ago as a reg subscriber and this is what we get?!?! I’m so mad right now. I planned on using the purse earings & stole at a holiday party, as well as xmas gifting. ..and now it won’t be here in time because they use sh*t smart post….

        • I emailed them to voice my disappointment. I was even more infuriated when I got a reply that they were sorry but they were working to try to fulfill the orders before the 15th. Working to try? I replied back and asked if they would cancel/refund the subscribers that wouldn’t get the box in time for their holiday parties/gifts and we could alleviate their “unanticipated demand.”

          • Please post their reply. I want to cancel if mine doesn’t ship within the next week. I don’t need the items after Xmas and I don’t want to sit here waiting until the last minute wondering if I need to go shopping to replace gifts that won’t arrive on time.

          • This was the reply–

            Hi Vanessa,

            I do apologize for the inconvenience. Per our policy, all sales are final as we do not accept returns or exchanges. I am so sorry about that!

            I can assure you that you will receive a confirmation email once your box is in transit.

            Please let me know if you have any questions. 🙂

          • I’m an annual subscriber- paid in August for the entire year. I just checked and I have that at 12/14/2017 – Thursday
            12:21 pm Shipment information was sent sent to FedEx and expected delivery date is 12/20. Interesting since it hasn’t moved yet. Peeved beyond and I have only had the suckiest of sucky customer service. I want this box and then I’m outty.

  31. Why do my comments never post?

  32. So let me get this straight, they knew very well that this box was going to be super delayed to the point where people won’t have it in time for their holiday parties, but Rachel Zoe still threw a BOS winter edition party? (they mentioned on their IG boxes would ship mid-december even before the party happened) And then they posted photos from the event all over social media? Very classy, Rachel Zoe.

    I don’t buy the “unanticipated demand” story. They knew how many recurring subscribers they had at their normal billing time, so I would assume they have enough boxes for at least those subscribers, so why not take care of them first? And then worry afterwards about shipping for the people who signed up later with the discount code. People who were subscribers since at least the Fall box should not be having their box delayed, point blank. Something else is going on here.

    • I totally agree it is so wrong when you are a subscriber and they state it is unanticipated? That is really disappointing. I needed this box for a gift exchange that I am hosing.

  33. Does anyone else find it particularly annoying that the email basically explains to you how shipping works? (They send you tracking, it arrives at the post office, and is delivered to you.) I think we understand that part.

    • I think they say that as an indirect way to offset what it says before about the middle of December. That line makes it seem that you would get your package by the middle of the December, but then they are passing the buck to your local post office…I guess they want us to not blame them if we don’t get our packages by the middle of December.

  34. I normally don’t complain, but seriously so much of the contents of this box is for a party atmosphere (usually common during the holidays). They continue to woo new subscribers, but do not fully appreciate the ones they have. I do not feel valued as a customer. I would be far more understanding if this company offered renewal discounts to existing customers. This is greed.

    • I totally agree with you! I LOVE these boxes and have subscribed almost from the beginning, but not having priority shipping is so frustrating. Not to mention all of the discount codes we see every quarter and high value extras for signing up. Where are perks for loyal members!?

      • And this is why I, sadly, cancelled my sub.

  35. Rachel Zoe’s customer service strikes again! It is such a shame that one of the best and most beautifully thoughtful and well curated boxes has the absolute worst customer service of not only any sub box I’ve ever subscribed to, but of any retail company I have ever dealt with. Each quarter I swear to myself never again, then once I see the box cave, and the cycle continues…

  36. Disingenuous communications, absolutely. Of course there can be no unanticipated demand from annual subscribers. Do they think we are stupid? At least be honest about what the real problem is. I’ve canceled. This on top of other things.

  37. Did they sell boxes to new subscribers first?? How is my prepaid annual subscription “unanticipated”???

  38. Rachel, Next year you might consider putting Christmas holiday items in the Fall box and Valentines Day items in the Winter box. Or St Patrick’s Day items. Or Fourth of July items.

    Yeah, count me in for one who has gifts in that box and holiday party items. Sigh. And as one who hasn’t received the email.

    I never get angry about late boxes, but if the demand is so overwhelming that they can’t ship the product, then why are they still offering deep discounts and Gilt City boxes? That makes no sense. I’m an annual subscriber, so they have anticipated my order since my renew in February. No shipping notice though. 😠

  39. I don’t see how my subscription or that of my fellow subscribers could be “unanticipated”. I’ve had my subscription since the very first “Box of Style” was offered and it’s on auto-renew. It is ridiculous that they don’t have enough product to fill the boxes of their loyal, pre-orders. They should make sure they can fulfill the orders of their existing customers before they offer discounts to acquire new customers and ultimately oversell. I haven’t received the email about the delay but plan to cancel when I do. I wonder if they will find my cancellation “unanticipated”?

    • Exactly!

  40. When I saw the email last night I as very upset. I have been a subscriber from day 1 and I bought a second box as well for gifts. I already bought a day designer so the agenda in my box as well as the second is going towards a gift. I need that by year end! Mid December means they won’t get to me by Christmas Eve if I am lucky.

  41. No excuse for this. It’s not like they woke up this morning and realized they’re running behind and still selling this box! I’m still waiting on replacement rings from fall.

  42. 🙁 I was hoping to see the box BEFORE my Dec 16th party. Looking forward to carrying the bag & wearing those earrings.

  43. Please come before Christmas..Your the only thing I have to wear. I used my last dollars on you. Don’t let me down please.

  44. They seem to do so well all year until they get to the holiday box…this happened last year as well. Of all the seasons you would think that Winter would be most important timing wise…all of their glammy holiday items seem intended for holiday parties and arriving mid December or later misses a lot of those events.

  45. Deja vu…

  46. Ugggh. This happened last year as well, when they also had “unanticipated demand.” I ordered a box in early December, and received it in late February! When I contacted them last year and it took almost a month for them to reply, their response was that they had more demand than they expected or could keep up with. You’d think they’d learn to anticipate that there will be “unanticipated demand.” 😉

    I didn’t receive the above email…did anyone else who has a sub not get it, as well?

    • I think they’re sending the email out in batches. I saw someone in the comments of another post that someone had received this email, then I received it 4-6 hours later.

    • oh no, now I’m sad. Late February all my December parties will be over by then.

      • Yes, February would be crazy late! I was also hoping to get this for my Christmas parties.

    • Yup they did this last year. They actually accidentally sent me two boxes, and I kept it on my counter until they finally emailed me back almost 3 weeks later in January to send it back. Shoulda kept my mouth shut and kept it, but I didn’t want anyone else to miss out. I was expecting this to be late but I feel bad for those who didn’t go through this last year and were expecting prompt shipping.

    • Yes I didn’t get the email either. This is the first I’m hearing of it. :-/

  47. This isn’t good. I bought this on November 7th. After RZ built this all around the holidays this is so disappointing.

  48. This is so infuriating. I don’t understand how they had “unanticipated demand” that delays shipment for subscribers that paid months before. I’m cancelling this box. I haven’t gotten upset seeing the discounts each quarter to new subscribers because I always thought subscribers got their boxes first, and to me that was worth it. Not anymore.

    • Same! Original OG subscribers were promised boxes shipped first of the month of qtr box. Now they always ship later, high demands shouldn’t effect those schedules. I received an email that states they ship from earliest subscribers to newest, which is understandable. But earliest subs should have already shipped by now, no? Anyway idk if I make any sense, because looks like a bunch of rambles 😜. Here’s to hoping we all get ours by Xmas!

      • Totally makes sense! Last night I went to send them an email about how disappointed I was in the delay, and noticed that they changed their shipping dates in their customer service drop down area to “15th of the month” for each quarter. I know it was changed because I went to the same place earlier to email to ask when they ship, saw it was “1st of the month” for each quarter, then didn’t send the email because I thought they’d be out the next day!

        • YES!!! You are absolutely correct! The shipping date was always the around he first and because they pay cheap shipping takes 10-15 days to get it. This is just plain lies and bad business. They could delay our payments then… oh wait! Those were on time! If you charge 100 people then you should anticipate having to ship 100 boxes ON TIME! Whatever you decide to sell extra, YOU take care of as they come. Is not like they o my make the exact number.
          Plus, they seem to always make so many that the spoilers come late so they can continue selling the last quarter box!
          This is so upsetting! Terrible business! Totally cancelling my yearly membership.

  49. This happened 2 years ago. They promote the holiday stuff and than you don’t get to use it because the shipping is delayed.

  50. wow! i am really hoping to receive this box before Christmas. i guess i will just have to wait and see…..

    • Same her, especially since I bought two as Christmas gifts. It’s actually on sale at Gilt City right now for $74.99 and as of yesterday, the code WELCOME20 worked for new members to Gilt, bringing the total to $59.99. It’s a really great deal at that price!

      • Does anyone have an update on this? Its Dec 28th and I still have no shipping notice!

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