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Emma & Chloe December 2017 FULL Spoilers + Coupon!

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We have FULL spoilers for the December 2017 Emma & Chloe box!

The featured designer this month is Virginie Monroe:

1) How did your passion for jewelry start?
I have always loved creating since I was little. My main source of inspiration was my mother who was evolving in the sophisticated world of fashion and nightlife at the end of the 70’s.

2) You lived in Brazil. How do you translate your love of the country into your creations ?
Brazil has always been a huge part of my inspiration. The Iracema and Selva collections are inspired from the heroine of a famous novel by José de Alencar, that celebrates the wild nature of the Brazilian Nordeste. The Horizonte collection pays tribute to gold and stone researchers from Minas Gerais in the 18th century. Brazilian culture and its beliefs, music, landscapes and colors is an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

3) Which piece of jewelry are you wearing most?
I can’t choose. I like accumulating the pieces as much as wearing a graphic unique jewel. What’s certain is that I could hardly live without jewelry!

4) Is there a stone, a material, or a color that you prefer to work with?

I am attracted by green stones, ranging from aventurine to malachite. I also really like labradorite!

5) What was the theme of your last collection?
Every collection features different themes. Byzance, Kahena and Bambou are part of the favorites for now.

6) Where do you get your inspiration? (travel, art etc ..)
My sources of inspiration are very diverse: travel obviously, the decorative arts and nature. Also, all the women and their many different facets: extraordinary icons as well as ordinary ‘girls next door’!

7) What is the essential jewel for you for a woman?
In my opinion, the mandatory jewel for a woman is a pair of earrings. Earrings always brings a touch of sparkle, like a beautiful lipstick.

8) You have two shops, one in Marseille and one in Lille, do you plan to open elsewhere?
We love store openings, it’s exciting! Hunting down the perfect place, designing the space, setting the scene. It’s a real show! It’s also a lot about humans: forming a team that will convey our dedication to detail. A team that make the difference and make our customers unique.

9) What will be your next challenge?
Every collection is a new challenge. We have to take risks and innovate while respecting the brand’s story and DNA.

10) Which jewelry tips could you give to our subscribers?
Dare to accumulate and diversify your jewelry! Cuffs and bangles go well with a wrap bracelet or a range of stones. In the meantime, a very eccentric ring would match perfectly with very thin rings on your other fingers. To finish, necklaces from different sizes and length would bring originality to any décolletage.

Each box will include:

 Source: Instagram user liliputienne22

Source: Instagram user angelikblr

FYI – The December box will include the featured piece from Virginie Monroe + a surprise complimentary piece of jewelry:

What do you think of the December spoiler? 

Emma & Chloe is a French jewelry subscription box. Each month you’ll receive a jewelry piece based on your preferences (gold or silver, pierced or clip earrings). $35 a month.

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  1. I received my December box and it contained the earrings in silver. That is the only piece of jewelry I received, but I am not complaining as I got the entire box for free as I am a new subscriber. I looked up the earrings and after converting from Euro’s to USD they are worth around $65, not the over $100 stated on the Emma & Chloe site. Considering I paid nothing I’m good.

  2. Has anyone with clip earrings selected received theirs yet? Mine just shipped and I’m wondering what you received and how you like them.

  3. I’m a new subscriber and only received the earrings and a gift card for $15. I was billed on 12/8 and when I contacted them on 12/17, they told me it would go out within the next 2 days. On 12/20, I contacted them again and was told it would go out that day or the next. Both times I was promised my box would arrive before Christmas. Well, it showed up today just like the tracking info showed it would.

    • My prepaid annual subscription box hasn’t shipped yet! They lied to me repeatedly. And as I understand it, they are not including a gift card… it’s a coupon. Big difference as it can’t be combined with any other code. Worthless.

  4. I had the same thing happen with the $15 code vs. a second piece of jewelry for the first box promotion.

    How can they do this? None of their jewelry sells for $15, nor should it.
    I got the earrings and 3 little chocolate squares, a coupon for $15 in their designer store, and a coupon for 50% off a gift subscription.

  5. So…I received my box today. I was a new subscriber and I only received the earrings/chocolate/”gift card”. I was actually hoping for the bangle…as I didn’t get the Nov. box. I’m bummed as I thought this would have 2 pieces and I had planned on gifting the earring and keeping the 2nd piece for myself. 🙁

    • Brenda, this happened to me as well. I even talked to them and they said ” 2 pieces of jewelry for a new subscriber in your first box”.

      Nope, I got these earrings everyone else is getting and the coupon code for $15 in their ” designer shop”. That’s not 2 pieces of jewelry.

      How can a company just flat out lie to customers like this? A $15 code will NOT buy any jewelry piece on that site! And if it did, it wouldn’t be jewelry of the quality most of us would wear.

      I had a nice experience with them last summer, just didn’t need all the earrings they were sending. One thing to watch out for to anyone who’s thinking of subbing to this box is making sure the wording of the type of stone is absolutely clear and concise.
      They sent a necklace they called ” turquoise”, with the other choice being ” ivory” and when I called them on it, they said ” It’s an acrylic bar”. I had wondered because the use of ivory is illegal and the blue one I got didn’t look like turquoise. Mostly , I was concerned about what they actually sold as “turquoise” because the certificate from the artist didn’t list the material other than the ” bathed” metal. Nothing about the colored piece being plastic or a natural stone or anything.

      I don’t trust them now. Not after this ” 2 pieces of jewelry” thing.

    • I’m a first time subscriber also, signed up for the December LE 2 piece box. I got my box a few days ago, in it was November’s bracelet, and $15 off coupon. First and last box with this sub.

      • The same thing happened to me, I just emailed customer service and they sent me a reply today with an apology and a confirmation for shipment of the earrings.

  6. I only received one piece of jewelry and a $15 gift certificate, which will not purchase a piece of jewelry. Plus under a certain purchase price they charge $10 shipping.
    I never did receive my free bracelet for signing up, and I then later placed an order above a certain dollar amount and was to have receive a bracelet for that which I didn’t receive. Not a very organized customer service

  7. Sadly all emails from this company are very misleading. Even when they come directly from Caroline, the customer service rep. When I signed up there were 2 promo codes on this site. Neither worked but I still chose to get the subscription. I made a comment about it here and Caroline responded saying the code should work now. Well, I had already subscribed so… She contacted me by email and said try it again, which I did, but I it didn’t work because I was already a member. I emailed her back and she said to try it one more time and if it didn’t work she’d cancel my other account out and honor the promo. I tried, I didn’t work, emailed her again and her response the next time was,”She isn’t able to do cancel my sub out so I could use a promo code on another”…. Odd because that’s exactly the opposite of what she has just written..
    It didn’t stop there. I cancelled the sub and sent her a not so friendly email stating my frustration. She replied with this,”I’ve created for you a code that gives you $17.5 off on subscription, any length, I can’t do more I am sorry I can’t do more”. That was great!! I emailed her back and asked for the code for the 50% off my subscription. They do this promo pretty often too. Heh response was this,”With this code you will be able to get 50% off on your first box on 2 memberships (as you mentioned your mother, I extended it).”. Huh, not what she told me before.. It was supposed to be $17.50 every month. Just like with the promo code MONDAYGLOW and several others like it before. Emailed her once again and here’s her response,”
    As previously said I can not offer $17.50 any sub length, but I can offer that on a first box, yes.
    We’re running different kind of promos, for Black Friday or Columbus day, but we can’t offer better than that during the whole year.
    Currently, the special edition Holiday box for December is including 2 pieces of jewelry, that’s the best offer you will find.”.
    Ok, I get it they can’t offer that promo to everyone non stop but I’m not everyone and she already offered it so why not honor it??? And again I emailed her asking that question and here’s her response. “Yes Susan, but it will be $17.5 off on subscription, any length. Not $17.5 off per month on subscriptions.”… What does that even mean??? It is a reoccurring monthly sub, I get charged every month unless I cancel so…. All of my replies were in vain because she will not honor what she promised and it was 100% a waste of time. Had I known how they operate I would not have told 3 friends to subscribe.
    Sorry for the novel but I want to give others who are thinking of subscribing a heads up. Some things are too good to be true… Also, the prices seem to be inflated to me as well. If you get a silver piece it’s not solid sterling silver. It’s sterling silver over brass… To price an item at $150 that isn’t even full silver seems a bit much…

    • Faux pas after faux pas or deliberate attempts to exploit consumers? Regardless, this pattern is not indicative of good business practices. If they just honestly stated what I’d receive and for what price, they would get more of my money.

  8. I like these earrings. Anything else I get will just be a bonus.

    • I love them as well, I noticed on the designers website there is both a matching necklace and bracelet, how cool would that be if this is the surprise”? I’m new to this box so I’ve yet to gauge how generous they have been in past Xmas boxes

  9. I just canceled my subscription. This will be my last Box. I like their jewelry but I have to cut back on expenses. I’m excited to get earrings frankly because I have too many bracelets.

  10. I love Emma & Chloe. It’s the only sub I have. They’ve always been good to me, responsive, and generous. I’m a regular subscriber and I did not receive this email, but if I had, I wouldn’t be angry or demanding freebies if it turns out to be a mistake. I pay $35 for one piece each month, and if that’s all I get this time–even if I got my hopes up for something more–I would just chalk it up to a mistake and move on. No biggie.

    I certainly would never think they owe me freebies just because I accidentally received a promo email.

  11. I think most people who signed up for whatever level of subscription signed up with a certain deal, Black Friday, $10 off, whatever the deal was. So it’s entirely fair to offer a deal for new subscribers and not existing subscribers. Some sign-up deals are better than others. And many people sign up for boxes with alternate email addresses to get signup deals more than once.

    That said E&C seems like they could use some marketing help or at least writing help. That image could certainly be interpreted as a limited-edition, sign up now for this LE box. But most people would appreciate a call-out for new subscribers only. It could definitely be read both ways.

    There seems to be a lot of issues with people feeling they aren’t getting much out of being loyal customers. I think Beautyfix does a great job with dermstore dollars. And there are certainly easy ways to incentivize customers. But we shouldn’t get mad every time a company has a new deal for subscribers. If they don’t sign up new people, they’re not going to stay in business.

  12. I clicked on the picture in the original December spoiler here at MSA. It takes you directly to Emma & Chloe’s site. It still states there is a RV of $250 for the LE December box. It doesn’t say anything about new subscribers or gift cards. I have my fingers crossed, and took a screen shot just in case.

    • I understand that – that’s why I went out of my way to discuss it with customer service.

  13. I clicked on the picture in the original December spoiler. It opens to Emma & Chloe’s site, it still states a $250 RV. It says nothing about new subscribers or gift cards. I have my fingers crossed, but I screen shot it just in case.

    • Ugh, sorry about the double post.

  14. I spoke with Emma & Chloe’s customer service. They told me that new subscribers will be receiving a second piece of jewelry and that existing subscribers will be receiving a gift card. Not sure where the gift card is to or how much – but I am assuming it is for their website.

    • I’d rather receive a gift card for their site personally. There are so many beautiful pieces on there that I would love to have that will never go in the boxes. I appreciate their curation and all the pieces are beautiful but not always my style. It would be nice to pick one out myself.

    • I hope they are doing something comparable to what new subs are getting. The email to current subscribers was very deceiving. It’s reasonable to assume they knew they were writing to current subscribers.

  15. I spoke with customer service. New subscribers will be receiving a second piece of jewelry and current subscribers will be receiving a gift card.

  16. Im not totally into this sub, and therefore had every intention of cancelling after my three months were up. Unfortunately, I forgot and was charged a few days ago for another three months. I tried to console myself with the fact that there would be two pieces of jewelry in my box this month, but after these comments….I guess not 🙁 I don’t consider this box to really be worth it, since, while some pieces of jewelry are nice and unique, I would think a person is better off saving the monthly $35 fee and buying a nicer, higher quality piece for herself a few times a year…

  17. I love the earrings. But yes they are only 55 ($65) euros and the complimentary necklace and bracelet are also similarly priced which is nowhere near the stated value. I signed up when they said the deal was $250 and now it’s $200 and actual value seems to be closer to $130. I don’t understand why boxes continue to inflate the values (and no shipping and customs cannot be included in RV). I would rather be promised less and receive more than feel deceived. I think unfortunately this will be my last box.

    • I’m sure you’re right about the numbers not adding up, but 65 Euros isn’t 55 dollars. The Euro is always stronger than the dollar, so 65 euro will be more like $80 (haven’t checked but guesstimating)

      • Hi my comment says they’re listed for 55 euros on the website, which is just less than $65. The bracelet is the same price.
        They seemed to have added a necklace now in that style for 99 euros which is $117. That’s $182, so closer to $200 if that’s what they’re sending. But I saw them advertising the earrings for more than $100 and I don’t think it’s fair to inflate these values.
        If this is my first box I’d be happy with it. And Some of the earring styles I really love. But in general I would agree with you that it’s better to save up and buy a higher-quality piece.

  18. I posted in the Emma and Chloe insiders group on Facebook asking if the second piece of jewelry is for existing subscribers as well. They replied and said it’s only for new subscribers. It sounds like the second jewelry item is from a past box (I’m guessing November’s bracelet based on the RV, but I could be wrong). They said that existing subscribers would get a surprise, but they didn’t say what it is. In France, it sounds like they may have gotten a small gift card and chocolates.

    • That’s exactly what I got, the bracelet, some stickers, and chocolates. Nothing else, no extra pice of jewelry or even the earrings I assumed I would be getting. 😢

      • Me too! The earrings were the only reason I subbed!

  19. I like it! Just ordered. It says it will be here in 7 days so I’m crossing my fingers that’s true! Want to give to my mom as a Christmas gift.

    • If I were you, I would have a backup gift. I’ve ordered from their store twice and both times it has taken at least 3 weeks for my order to arrive. They sent me the wrong piece of jewerly the second time. I hope everything works out for you.

  20. I’m thinking that current subscribers get a second piece too. On the subscriber email it says 2 pieces this month. =)

    • I messaged them and they said only new subscribers would get the second piece 🙁

      • Well, if that is the case they will be getting a strongly worded email from me. The email they sent to subscribers clearly states 2 pieces. Such a bummer.

        • They also said current subscribers will also get a second surprise Joules. Not such a bummer after all.

  21. If we sub now will we get these earrings?

    • Hello! You will most likely get them mid-next week!

  22. I do like those earrings! Excited to see the second piece, pretty sure existing subscribers get it it too. I got an email for it and I’m not a new subscriber.

    • I messaged them and they said the deal was only for new subscribers 🙁

  23. I just listed it for swap if someone is interested.

    • I sent you a request!

  24. These earrings are on the Virginie Monroe site for 65 euros ($77) so that still leaves $173…nice value for a second piece. I wonder if it will be something from the new Emma and Chloe collection they just announced the other day?

    • Pretty sure the second piece is only for new subscribers and that the second piece will be the November bracelet. Just from some of the pictures and talk on Instagram and then the MSA forums. Wondering if the company will address how deceitful the whole thing was.

      • Well that would be pretty messed up.

      • I am not a new subscriber and I received an email saying I would be getting two pieces in December.

  25. Do existing subscribers get the complimentary piece of jewelry as well?

    • It’s unclear. The emails make it sound like it, but apparently the people in France are only getting the earrings plus some chocolate. In the forum someone mentioned the Emma and Chloe Customer service saying that the extra piece is in a limited edition December box which is only for new subscribers.

      • The value has also changed?
        The first email said $250 value, the latest says over $200.

      • Yes, I second this. I’ve been watching the instagram feed and it appears that this is only for new subscribers even though we were all told that we would get two pieces. This makes more sense since they say there are only 1000 available. I’m pretty sure there are more than a thousand of us in the States that are subscribed.

        • Thanks for the reply! Their emails were super misleading, I imagine they are about to have a bunch of angry subscribers when current subscribers receive their box this month.

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