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December Holiday Target Beauty Boxes – Available Now!

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The December Holiday Target Beauty Boxes are available now!  There are two available:

The Box: Women’s Holiday Target Beauty Box

The Cost: $7

The Products:

  • Hask Coconut Oil Deep Conditioner- 1.75 oz.
  • Rimmel London Shake It Fresh Mascara- Full size
  • imPRESS Press-on manicure- 1 set
  • Nexxus Comb Thru Finishing Mist- 1.5 oz.
  • Vera Wang Embrace Fragrance- 0.04 oz.
  • My Beauty Diary Black Pearl Mask- 10 ct.
  • Chapstick Red Lip Tint- Full size

The Box: Men’s Holiday Target Beauty Box

The Cost: $7

The Products:

  • Axe Dual 2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner- 3 oz.
  • Dove Men+ Care Antiperspirant- 3.8 oz.
  • Pacinos Styling Pomade- 1 oz.
  • Crest Whitening Therapy Toothpaste- 0.85 oz.
  • Olivina Cleansing Cloths- 2ct.
  • Dove Elements Body Wash- 1.8 oz.
  • Cremo Beard Scruff Cream & Oil- 0.17 oz each

FYI – these sell out very quickly – make sure to buy soon if you are interested!

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. So, it’s only one mask. Surprise, surprise.

    • I am excited to try the nails, my walmart box did not have them. All of the goodies (except nails) will be gifts or stocking stuffers.
      So glad to have Target boxes still decent after the entire walmart mess

      • Yes! I didn’t get the nails in my summer Walmart trendsetter box – both my classic and trendsetter boxes were exactly the same. So I agree, I am happy with this Target box after the Walmart “Fall” Box debacle!

  2. Anyone else having weird shipping issues with these boxes? I ordered on 12/4 (Monday morning at like 6:15AM), and I got a shipping confirmation for the women’s box that afternoon. The next evening I got the shipping confirmation for the men’s box. I’ve tracked both boxes, and the men’s box immediately started moving and has already gotten from IL to SC (where I live). The women’s box is still sitting in IL 3+ days after it allegedly shipped.

    • Yes I’m having the same issue with shipping I ordered both boxes around the same time as you. The women’s box shipped but the men’s didn’t until yesterday and it will be here today. The women’s box won’t be here until next Thursday

    • I am having the same shipping troubles. I live in the West so they are supposed to come next week. The men’s box shipped UPS and the women’s USPS. That is still in Illinois. But the men’s box is moving. Very odd. I’ve known as the estimated delivery date does not change even if the package comes a week later lol

  3. Is the women’s box sold out? When I try to get to it the link takes to a page that says “product not available”.

    • Yeah, it sold out.

    • I noticed you could order more than 1 this time. Maybe that’s why they sold out? Definitely more popular than November’s box.

  4. Just got an email from Target advertising these boxes. Wow. Guess they’re not selling out like they once did.

    Once upon a time, these boxes would sell out within a few hours of being released – I know I’m not the only one who’d get up super early on “Target Box Day”.

    • Carla, I’m with you! I would always set an early alarm to make sure I got a box. Those were the good old days when they would include matching shampoo and conditioner sets in deluxe sizes instead of one or the other (or packets)!

  5. It just shows the one mask on the Target site, now anyways. After a few months of not ordering these, I decided to order the women’s box. I actually like the nails. They are really fun when you want to look good and only have about 2 minutes to do them. I already use the hairspray and like it, and use hair masks whenever possible. I’m interested in the red chapstick, I’m hoping it will be just a light tint I can keep in my bag and apply without looking.

  6. I was actually pretty impressed with those nails when I tried them. Mine stayed on for over a week even in my fairly physical job, and they came with so many pieces I had enough similar sizes to do a full second set

    • Did not know they good be that decent- now I am even more excited about them!

  7. Got the men’s box for my husband. He’s been looking for some beard oil to try out, but doesn’t want to commit to a full bottle of something without sampling. He loves the aerosol deodorant too. It’ll be a nice Christmas surprise. 🙂

  8. I got both even though the women’s is not great. Most of them I have gotten from target before but I want to try the mascara and I always need ChapStick. The men’s box I got for my 17 year old son. It is great for stocking stuffers. I got the amazon grooming box for his stocking too.

  9. this is my 3rd box with target. Like most of you I was a little disappointed with the women’s box I guess I was expecting more for December. I did order two women’s and one man. Funny part is the two women are for my daughter and step daughter. I couldn’t remember what day the box came out on so since the first I’ve been checking the page.

  10. Thanks! I got one of the mens boxes for my bf. Perfect stocking stuffer & I happened to have a gift card from my last purchase so it was basically free. Awesome!

  11. If the picture/descriptions are accurate (except for the mask thing, since obviously we’re just getting one mask) this is honestly one of the more exciting boxes recently for me! Looks like the perfume sample is going to be teeny, and it’s always silly to me to just get conditioner, but full size tinted Chapstick is timely, full size mascara is always welcome (at least, it is to this too-poor-to-buy-full-size-of-ipsy-holy-grail-products girl), and the press on nails look like they have 30 pieces (why 30?) and are pretty cute. We’ll see!

    • We only get 1 facial mask?? I bought one for each of my daughters because it said it’s a 10 count on the facial mask. I’ve never bought the Target box before. So I thought the count number they listed was for the Box. I wouldn’t have bought them if I had know. So bummed.

      • I just got off the phone with Target customer service. She looked into the facial mask count and told me it’s a 10 count with a $12.99 value. I sure hope she’s correct. That’s the info I found online.

        • Unfortunately I really doubt it’s more than 1! The pictures are usually more accurate than the descriptions, and Target CS has been wrong about box contents in the past.

          • Agree. It’s not unusual for them to be wrong.

      • The issue with the mask is simple. Look at the picture it’s a box and obviously has 10 masks. Well when they send out these boxes and put everything together they just take the picture and discription from the original product. I don’t know what the issue was with the box a few months ago but I’m sure it was that they posted something out of a box that had multiple in it and didn’t change anything on the discription like they did this time. I don’t think they intentionally lied. I think it’s funny for someone to think they would get 10 masks in a box with other products for 7$ to begin with.

        • There’s no reason to act like I’m being silly. That’s very rude. I bought 3 boxes for the price of 1 with Beauty Fix for a holiday special, and one box is $24. So why would I think it’s silly to buy a box that is advertising a 10 pack of masks? If it said it only comes with 1, that’s what I’d expect! Don’t be an Internet bully. It doesn’t look good on you. I called customer service at Target and they also told me it’s a 10 pack. They must be very silly themselves right.

        • I don’t think it’s crazy for people to expect to get what they are told they will be getting in a product description/offer. I don’t flip my lid every month because there is rarely a month where Target does not make a mistake and I can usually get my box discounted because of it. They’re like a kid that does not ever evolve and remains in a beta mode, repeating mistakes.

          It really isn’t so far fetched for these large companies to give a full item deal in these boxes. Heck, Kroger gives customers a free full size item every week. Download the coupon and you get an item that’s anywhere from a buck to a box of something that costs $10. And I’m not sure how many years ago, but Target used to give these beauty boxes away FOR FREE.

        • The month people are complaining about, the site had sizes wrong for almost every product. A product lots of buyers were excited about was advertised (and confirmed by CS) as full size, and then turned out to be a sample, but it also wasn’t the only product that was smaller than listed. In that case, the image was accurate, but the listing was right–so I’ve kind of been going by the images, not the listings, since then, so yeah, I assume this is just one mask.

          (To be clear I think the box people were so angry about was an awesome one too! But I also think Target really, really needs to check their ads before posting…)

          • That actually has happened several times over the 2+ years I’ve been buying their boxes, or they’ve included an item in the picture and/or description only to omit it from everyone’s box (or, say, include a lippie in a different color than the specifically advertised color (as opposed to a lippie with an unspecified color)). Many of us ask questions and end up getting partial refunds.

            This is a recurring problem with Target boxes, and it doesn’t seem that they are learning from their own mistakes. However I keep buying most of them because the value is usually there (I’ve only skipped two boxes in 2+ years), and if they mess up, they actually try to make it right, unlike some of the more luxury beauty box companies (*cough* Glossybox *cough*).

  12. I think both are a good deal, so I got 2 of each. One for me and 3 for gifts. For less than $30 total, you can’t beat this for an inexpensive gift.

  13. I got two of the women’s box and one of the men’s. The Father’s day box was so much better this past summer and I am really glad I bought 4 of those when they were discounted. I’d be in deep doodoo for xmas because it is a struggle to find little extra gifts for the d-bags to go along with the big present. They’re both great boxes, but the father’s day box covered the basics more. I mean, this is the time of year my bf starts raiding some of my beauty stuff like moisturizers and at least the F box had a lovely tin of nivea.

    And as a person who is nearing 40 and has never done press-on nails…I’m ecstatic. I do my nails every week, but as soon as this arrives I’m going to put them on for a day. They’re hilarious to me. The other set will go to the Halloween costumes box. They should have done false eyelashes instead. Oh, well.

    • Wait… did u just say d-bags? I can’t stop giggling long enough to figure out what you meant.

      • Oh, yeah. Les Douches. D-bags. The Insufferables. I said in some other comment I’m making sure all their gifts this year include some comment about their white male privilege. You know, just a kindly reminder. 🙂

        • I died, I use D.B. as a moniker for my SO.

          • Niiiiice. *internet high-five* I mostly call mine Stinky, but lately it’s been Regret.

        • Lol d-bags! I’m still laughing 😂

    • You should use glue for the nails and they last a long time. The strips they come with last for about 30 seconds for me

      • What kind of glue do you use?

        • These nails last over a week for me. Sometimes close to 2 weeks. I also get 2 uses out of every pack. No glue needed!! Just follow the directions carefully. They are very easy

        • Get nail glue at Sally’s. Avoid the kind with a brush, it seems to harden after the first or second use. Get the kind in small tubes. It’s called 5 Second Professional Nail Glue, comes in a green and white tube.

          • Does it damage nails, though? Do you remove it with acetone?

          • Juju, I have bought Kiss nails before, so I have their nail glue. Those last me about 2 weeks, and if I do something harsh I may have to re-glue one or two during that time. Surprisingly the glue doesn’t mess up my nails afterwards. I have pure acetone and clean up my nails with that afterwards. They are usually ready to come off at 1.5-2 weeks, so there’s no yanking and damaging my nails.

          • Thanks for that info, I’ll definitely try them.

  14. I got a men’s box for my husband. He really likes the Dove spray antiperspirant. That listed 3.8 oz is full size and retails for $5.49, so since I’d end up buying him another anyway, this box is a steal for me! The Dove Elements Minerals + Sage is his favorite scent, and I’m excited for him to try the cleansing wipes (also due to the scents, as well as the convenience). It’s a homerun box for him.

    I passed on the women’s box. It doesn’t look bad, but I’m overloaded on mascara and lip balm, and the other items aren’t interesting to me.

  15. I doubled up on the Men’s box but passing on the women’s.
    The guys will use everything, and they make great extra gifts without breaking the bank.

    The coupons are mine tho…🤪

  16. Really….a 10 of the Black Pearl Masks??!?

    • No, it’s only one mask.

    • Yeah, I think that’s a typo. There’s no way that’s a ten count.

      • If it is a 10 ct, that is a crazy value. If it is a typo, I really can’t believe them. After all the crap they went through with lying about product sizes in that boxes a couple months ago, you would think they might have SOMEONE proof read to make sure that kind of thing doesn’t happen again.

  17. I don’t care for the women’s box, but I’ll grab a men’s box for my husband.

  18. Pass on both. Target boxes just aren’t the value that they once were. Time was that every box used to have one or more practical items inside that “paid” for the box, even before the $3 coupon. Full sized razors, full/deluxe sized spray deodorants, good sized/deluxe sized shampoos & conditioners come to mind. Press on nails, perfume samples, and comb-through sprays just don’t cut it.

  19. Looks good enough to me! Got one of both. Last year, my 13 year old stepson said the items from Target Men’s boxes were his favorite stocking stuffers (commence back patting 😏). I also have an 11year old stepdaughter who will love some of the items (like the press on nails!) from the women’s box. 👌🏼
    And some stuff for my mom (mascara, mask, etc).
    For me, it’s a complete win. 💪🏼

    • To put things in perspective, that Rimmel mascara is $6 on it’s own.

  20. Not a good match for me 🙁

  21. Thank goodness an easy pass on both for us!

  22. Awe mannn! I was hoping for a razor in the men’s box! I usually grab these December boxes for stocking stuffers, but feeling a little underwhelmed by these, especially the women’s version … risky move including press-on nails and a fragrance sample.

    • Walmart still has a men’s grooming box they actually ship those unlike the women’s beauty box.

  23. Lisa, You are correct I am sure. I was wondering what the mask was, and was looking on the target page, it states 7 items in box. The mask sounds Divine. I am looking into that still to purchase.
    I did buy a couple men’s boxes. My son is in the US Coast Guard and has been out to sea cleaning up Hurricane Irma and Marie destruction. He can have a few small things aboard like these.
    Glad they have a men’s box this month. Poor guys have been gone alot more than being home!
    Dee, there are a few ways to get things to our Soldiers. I work with different volunteer groups/organizations. I did some research and ran into a few people by luck who are sending items out to our great service people, near or far. No matter which Military base you are close to, should have some info, and ask your son?
    I am still Amazed how many people are helping our Brave Military. The bases in my state also gather home items to help when they return and need furniture and such. And as a Mom, I still send boxes to my son full of goodies (food/puzzles/toiletries etc)- but it depends what and where they are to determine what they can or can’t get. ). That way he can share as well. Good luck
    Please be sure to Thank your son for his service. And thanks to the family too. I appreciate all of our Men and women who are or have served. My families on all sides have military. What a Blessing!
    Sorry to ramble everyone

  24. IMO not a very exciting “holiday” box. Pass. Plus last year I never got mine, kept saying it was on the way. Finally someone at CS service said it had been cancelled with no notification to me (and I ordered super early, as soon as the announcement from here came through). It was to be a gift, had already replaced it. Then it magically showed up very end of December. Crazy! At least that one had a nice makeup bag as presentation. This is kind of blah. oh well, more for others! 😘🦇⚡️Jet

  25. I ordered one of each for my niece and her husband- he has been serving in the Air Force in Kuwait and gets home later this month. I was thinking it would be really cool if there were a way to send these to service men and women overseas.

    That being said, does anyone really wear press-on nails anymore? Apparently they do, since they still make them, but seriously it makes me think of the horrible commercials from the 70’s or 80’s. “Lee Press-on Nails!” and my friend who wanted to get Lee Press on claws for her cat who had been de-clawed! 😂

    • Totally agree!

    • My 10 year daughter does the press on manicures… so I guess there’s a market haha

  26. The nails alone make the box worth it. In fact I think this just might be that rare instance when I’ll use everything in the box.

  27. Ladies, the issue is already clear. They list we get a 10ct of the Black Pearl Mask, yet picture looks like it shows 1 mask. They will be correcting that very quickly I am sure 🙁

    • Yeah, i saw that, too. How disappointed am I going to be when I don’t get 10 masks like they said? 😉

    • I am sure that is yet another mistake in their box listings, which happens every month lately.

    • Well, on the other hand, not only does the 10-count box cost $12.99 on its own, I also doubt it would even fit into the standard Target beauty box, especially with all the other items.
      To me that’s obviously a typo, it would be unrealistic to actually expect to receive ten masks.

      • I agree it was a typo. But last time there were so many people ranting about it. I have realistic expectations of 1 mask. But there are always those that get extremely upset, and I’m sure the complaints will start rolling in. Already received shipping notice this afternoon 🙂

    • You are correct I am sure. I was wondering what the mask was on looking on the target page, it states 7 items in box. But mask sounds Divine. I am looking into that still to purchase.
      I did buy a couple men’s boxes. My son is in the US Coast Guard and has been out to sea cleaning up Hurricane Irma and Marie. He can have a few small things aboard like this.
      Glad they have a men’s box this month

  28. Meh. Easy pass.

  29. I was charged 2.00 shipping for the beauty boxes.

    • I chatted with them and they refunded me my 5.99 shipping

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