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BoxyCharm January 2018 SPOILER #3!

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We have confirmed the third January 2018 Boxycharm spoiler! (Thanks to Yosef on Boxy Babes!)

All subscribers will receive:

IT Cosmetics Brow Power™ Universal Eyebrow Pencil – Value $24

And in case you missed the first two spoilers:

BOXYCHARM january 2018 spoilers

What do you think of the latest Boxycharm spoiler?

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. The palette looks like a legit “after the divorce” Jon Gosslin cool guy t-shirt, no thanks! Last month’s box was terrible, this month makes me feel pretty solid about unsubscribing. I was a little apprehensive because it’s such a pain to reactivate but the only thing that looks good is the brow pencil.

    Idk, so a grungy palette and an illuminating primer to reach your full unwashed look potential.

  2. I’ve used this before and am happy to have another one. It’s not my *ideal* shade, but it’s great to keep around for when I run out of my preferred product. And it’s good for running-late days when you just need to throw something on and go.

  3. For Pete’s sake! It’s Jan 7th and they’re still on 3. Where’s the rest of the stuff?

  4. so excited cuz I am out of brow pencils

  5. I am really happy to see a different color scheme of eyeshadows, to each their own but I have enough warm browns to last a lifetime, I love the look of the palette, December was an AWFUL box and I am so excited for the palette, primer & brow pencil, I am in a Boxycharm group on Facebook & Yosef confirmed that there will be 2 palettes, a face palette and the eye shadow palette as shown above. I wonder what the last item will be which I am guessing is the variation item.. Anyways this is my birthday month and I am super excited for this box!

    • I’m with you on the colors. Tired of getting browns. I just don’t understand why they wait to show all spoilers. Happy birthday btw

    • Happy Birthday !!
      I’m looking forward to this eye palette.
      I just got my shipping email today

  6. Finally off the wait list! I’ve been on since about the middle of October, tho I technically got off in December but my card didn’t go through bc for some reason in my Account it didn’t have the 3 digit coad on the back of card. When I put it in , I ended back on the wait list. I was thinking I’m going to have to wait all over again, but it worked out as I was okay not getting December and January is my 18th Anniversary & my daughter will be 18!! So I’m legit happy with this month. I don’t use these dark of shades that the palette has , but I’m okay with that bc I kept saying I’m missing out on all these palettes & I could use some in my crease or just give away to my daughter. Idk? Maybe trade or something? I know my daughter will love the brow pencil & I’m loving the primer. No matter what the value is what I love abt this box & all boxes rather it’s a hit or miss for me.

  7. So I just got off waitlist. Unfortunate. This palette is really not for me, to cool toned. Guess I’ll be swapping it (hopefully).

  8. Still just 3 spoilers wtf

  9. I guess the eyeshadow palette is supposed to look cool – looks like a dirty New York subway platform to me…. Yeah for the it eyebrow pencil!

  10. Broke down and resubscribed. Hard to say no when at least three of the items are each over the value of the box, and each is one I’d use. I particularly need a new primer and love lumanizing ones. Hoping I get off the waitlist this month, but if I don’t I’ll just take it as the universe saving me money XD

  11. Great start to 2018.

    • If only that face palette (TBD) can be The Balm vol 2 palette, it would make my day, have been trying to buy for the last 2 weeks and always sold out! But loving everything else so far.

      • The Balm Palette Vol. 2 (Balm Voyage? ) b/c Balm of your Hand Vol. 2 is is on Groupon for $18.99.

        • Thank you, I need those bronzers, my fav! I will check out.

  12. I’m loving this box so far!!

  13. Why aren’t they showing everything that’s going to be in the box? I’ve been waiting this whole month and all they’ve shown are 3 … third one was last week. Ugh!

    • They never show that is coming in the box. Each month we get three spoilers and the rest of the contents are revealed when people begin to receive their boxes.

    • They never show full spoilers before the month starts. They usually give us 3 spoilers and we find out the rest of the products when the unboxings start coming out.

  14. Is it just me, or does it feel like this should have been December’s box? The metallic eyeshadow palette screams holiday party and New Year’s Eve, both of which will have passed when we get this box. Don’t get me wrong, December’s box was fine, but wasn’t exactly “Glitz and Glam” (no idea why they even have themes because they never apply to what’s in the box). Can’t wait for this one. I don’t really need the brow pencil, but I can’t wait to see the face palette and I love the Dr. Brandt products so I’m excited to try the primer.

    • Agree.

    • I agree too! Decembers box was a flop for me personally. I donated everything but I did see quite a few people actually loving the box so that was cool too. January is shaping up to be a fantastic box. Cant wait to see the last 2 spoilers. Even though I may not love every single box, I’ve never been thoroughly disappointed. Boxy is hands down my favorite sub for the value.

    • i concur

    • I agree.
      Question: what is a “universal” eyebrow pencil? I’m already worried its going to be way to dark 🙁

  15. I’m dying to know what the face palette is! The suspense is killing me!

  16. I have been LOVING BOXYCHARM. I don’t get to buy much makeup during the month very often. I’m in very strict budget. But having this gives me a lot of products to use and I save a lot of money in the long run for sure. I can’t get enough of them. I have been very HAPPY for the price I can’t beat it.

    • Agreed! It’s an amazing deal. I’m keeping my box cards. I’m interested to see how much I saved on these products after a year and the overall value of all the product I received. I can tell you after 5 months I’ve saved over $400 vs if I were to go to Sephora and buy the same thing. In 5 months I’ve only had 3 dud products & they’re in my donation box so someone will get to use them.

      My husband was pretty surprised at the money I’ve saved so far. He didn’t think I’d get usable products from a sub box. He’s the suspicious type 😉. But after 5 months he’s now a Boxycharm believer & even better, he’s happy that this box means way fewer trips to Sephora which saves even more money because I can’t walk into that store & just buy what I came for. One time I went I walked out with a Pat McGrath palette that was $125. So we try to limit my trips now😂😂.

      To answer any questions about the Pat McGrath palettes, yes they are worth the money, yes they are ridiculously pigmented, and those shadows are so buttery smooth and blendable it’s a dream come true. If you have the money & run across one…jump on it…you will not be disappointed. I’ve had mine for months, it’s my most used & best loved palette & I have yet to hit pan on any of the shadows. I know the $125 price tag is steep but you really do get your money’s worth with this. And it’s gorgeous.

      • I have to agree with you both on the fact that I have been able to try so much awesome makeup that I’d never be able to afford without Boxycharm & I love a sub so much! I’m now addicted to Tarte products due to them too 😂 I’m disabled and on a fixed income so being able to get sub boxes I’ve been able to find some awesome skincare and makeup. Honestly I’ve never looked better & wish I had found out about these boxes a long time ago….

  17. I’m excited to get this pencil basically free. I already keep this in my kit & I usually go through several during prom season so getting one in my boxy is a major score for me. If you’ve never used it…it’ll be Love at first use.

    Oh and if you’re in the market for a new pomade, Nyx tame and frame is both excellent & affordable. I can’t sing it’s praises enough either. Nyx is reliable like that.

  18. Glad I cancelled or else I would be on so much product overload. Never need brow products and I have enough palettes and eye shadows to last me a lifetime (I mainly use semi-loose and loose shadows now rather than palettes)…..

  19. I’m excited for this box! Everything looks pretty good so far. Starting the new year off with a bang and setting the bar pretty high. Although I probably won’t use the brow pencil, I’m sure I’ll find someone that will love it, and if not, I’ll put it aside to start my 2018 donation box for the Women’s shelter 🙂

  20. tartes blush bazaar just went on sale so here hoping that might be the face palette or maybe for another month

    • It going to be Crown face palette

      • Crown have said it’s not their face palette. The eye palette is Crown but not the face.

        • Yeah, I dont know why everyone is assuming the face palette is Crown. If you read the statement Boxy put out, you can tell they aren’t naming Crown as the brand for the face palette on purpose.

    • I would LOVE that! OMG fingers crossed. I can see why they wouldn’t spoil it because I’m sure Tarte would have wanted to sell them at full price for the holidays.

  21. Was going to quit except the pencil and primer are both things I would have bought myself. The box has already paid for itself.

    • I agree, I have used that brow pencil in the past and it is one of my favs, was going to cancel after my year was up in December but I will stay on after seeing this preview.

  22. And with that they just made up for last month’s wretched box..the Tarteist mascara was nice..even tho mine didn’t have a spooly at the end so it was just a blunt stick…way to redeem yourselves Boxycharm. Decembers box was abysmal.

    • Mine didnt either. I think the mascara was a spoiled product not for resale.

  23. Dang, I want a man as wonderful as this months box——

    • Lol if u find one let me know where. Lol I want one too.

    • Haha yessss!!!!

      • Haha me too!

        • I have one. The secret was getting them young. All the duds are back on the market by 30/35 LOL

  24. Ohh hoping to see more IT products in coming boxes now. Love them.

  25. What shade this brow pencil is???

    • Universal! Depending on how much you build it all hair colors can use it. I’m very pale blonde and it works for me. Dark browned buddy of mine uses it too!

      • Brow products are not universal. As a redhead, I loathe receiving brow products in these boxes as I never can use them. Very frustrating.

        • The only one that’s REALLY universal and the first YBF. Nothing has ever come close and I’ve tried dozens and dozens. Give it a googleyO

        • Agreed, Siren!

          • Thanks, Elizabeth. Jennifer, I just looked up the YBF eyebrow pencil and it’s sold out on their site, so it must be very popular! It is hard to tell the color online, but if it ever came in a box, I would be delighted to try it. To be honest, as a natural redhead with a color on the lighter orangey shade, I can’t imagine it would work. Mac’s Redhead is what I’m using now with great success.

        • Same and this is the 3rd brow product I’ll be getting from Boxycharm!

  26. SO happy. I’m almost out of my current brow pencil. (The Mac one) I was just thinking I need to go buy a new one so I’m super happy. I love everything so far.

  27. That row pencil is the best!

    • I love almost every product that I’ve tried from IT Cosmetics. I haven’t tried the brow pencil yet so I’m really looking forward to getting it!!!

      • Me too!😍✅ I’m using the cc cream and it’s so nice on my tan olive skin. Also they have a face translucent powder that I received in an I pay bag and I just love it. I will be buying a full size. This months box is so nice 😍😍😍

  28. Ok I was on the fence but I’m sticking around for this! Not jazzed about the shadows but the primer and brow pencil are worth it!

  29. I would love to try these products. But am still on the waitlist. Going on 3 months. Not cool boxycharm.

    • Weird! I was only on it for 2 weeks, hope you ge5 it soon!

    • This is month 2 on the waitlist for me. I was really hoping to get off in time for this box because this was actually supposed to be my daughters Christmas present and she would love this box.

  30. I’d love to receive this, if I’d ever get off the waitlist.

  31. January is a complete miss for me so far, i’m reaching product overload anyway so i’ll be cancelling my subscription and hopefully giving my spot to someone who will actually enjoy this month’s products!

    • I’m going to do the same. Not interested in the eye palette and already have the pencil from another box – still unused. Like the primer, but I have enough stock for now.

  32. Yay! This is my favorite eyebrow pencil, so glad to have an extra! Great box so far boxycharm!

  33. This is my go-to brow product & I was bummed that I forgot to buy it during Ulta’s Black Friday sale. So happy to get one in January’s box!

  34. Never tried this or any of these so I’m super stoked for this box! I’ve wanted this primer for months and so glad I’m finally getting it and everything looks amazing 😉 this will be my second boxycharm so I’m not gonna not pick yet 😊

    • This is my second one too and being someone who doesn’t have much makeup, I’m loving all of it!

  35. Not knocking Boxycharm because it’s an awesome subscription – but this month is a complete miss for me. I’ll never use metallic eyeshadow and the brow powder is like the ONE product from IT Cosmetics that I would not be super excited to own. Bummer.

    • I never had an interest in the IT cosmetics brow pencil either but my roommate had an extra and gave it to me and it’s become my go to! It’s so easy to add just a touch of color to my brows without changing the shade that my brows have naturally.

    • Yes yes yes my go to brow pencil!! Seriously this pencil rocks…

  36. I love trying brow products. I like the winkylux pencil too, but the BrowGal powder we got from Boxycharm was my favorite. So I’m guessing the face palette will be a cheaper brand.

    • Same thing i was thinking about the face palette but who knows

    • According to Yosef’s original post, the face pallete is also Crown Pro.

      • Crown have said it isn’t their face palette. Only the eye one. It was on BoxyBabes.

  37. I never had been into brow products, until the last 6 months or so. Mine are thinning so I do fill them in a bit. This will be used. I’m thrilled with January, so far!

  38. I may take a few hits for this one but I don’t use brow products… I didn’t pluck my brows too much as a teen and have only waxed them a few times thru the years so I really don’t have any need for all the brow products that are so popular nowadays 😏 I guess this will be another one for the giveaway pile for me 😊

    • I’m with you on that. I’ll put it in the same box I keep all of the black eyeliners I don’t use – as well as the lifetime supply of mascaras that have accumulated.

    • I never plucked my eyebrows thin either – but now at my early fifties they are just thinning on their own.

    • I’ve never had luxurious eyebrows, even as a teen and I’m now in my 50’s and nature is thinning them even more. But I never over-tweeted them either. Sometimes what we have is what we were blessed with at birth and we are all beautiful original creatures because of it. I’m thankful for quality products that enhance our natural beauty and thankful for Boxy!!

    • Kind of presumptuous…

      I’m a redhead and mine are just light in color and need filled in and darkened.

  39. Great. I’m still enjoying the Winkylux universal brow pencil.

    • Me too! When I first got it, I wasn’t excited because I’ve always used powders for my brows because every pencil I’ve ever tried was not the right shade. Even after swatching it, I thought it would be too dark, but one day I tried it and it was love at first use. I use that thing every day now. Hoping this one will be just as good!

  40. I swear i dont know how they do it! Jan seems like its gonna be a good box!

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