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BoxyCharm December 2017 Box Variation #3 – FULL SPOILERS!

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We have full spoilers for another variation of the December 2017 BoxyCharm. (Thanks for the heads up, Missha!)

Box Variation 3:

Box Variation 2:

Box 1 Variation:

What do you think of the Boxycharm spoilers?

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I pray I get variation one! If anyone wants to trade if I don’t get that box PLEASE PLEASE GET AT ME!

    • I think I read somewhere (maybe here) that box 1 & 2 are actually reversed. My card has a 1 in the lower right corner and it has the color corrector in it (the one thing I really didn’t want, I really wanted the highlighter, but I’m not dissatisfied with my box overall…

      • Yeah my card says box # 1 but I definitely got everything in variation 2.. I would have rather have had the bronzer over the color palette.. ugh.

    • I got “lucky” enough to get box 2… Not happy with pretty much anything in it so I’m open to trade all. Please let me know.
      I signed up 3 months ago and every month I’ve received the box with the lowest value… Do you have to be a long time subscriber to get the better box??? None of the colors or variations of items fit what I like in my profile at all either. Also, some items look like they were previously used…
      One last thing… The value of box number 2 is already $20 less than the others but if you look up the price of the pro concealer kit(something I’ll never use) it’s on sale for $15… So the actual value is only $106… $25 less than the others. I understand it’s not about the value of each box that is supposed to matter but it seems like it could be a little more fair.

      • @Susan I wondered that myself, if you were a longer sub would you get a more high value box. I’ve been subbing for just under a year, my box was worth 130$, but I’ve been lucky enough to usually end up with the higher value boxes. It doesn’t much matter to me, as long as I like the products, but it was just an interesting bit of trivia for myself.

      • I also got that box and that concealer palette is completely worthless and is on sale everywhere. The colors are corrections for a skin tone different than me. I understand th3 theory but orange, purple and green all look grotesque on me. And the palett3 has an odd off odor as well.

        The blush is pretty meh and the brush isn’t a high quality blush brush either.

        The Tarte mascara is nice but I think I have a life time supply of black mascara at this point. They will all dry up before I get to use them.

  2. I received my box yesterday, variation #2, it was listed as .8 lbs. I had hoped for variation #3 because I really wanted to try the vintage highlighter but happy surprise, I looove, love the pretty vulgar lippie. The shade, My Lips are Sealed, looks light copper on me (I’m fair/light olive tone). It’s just beautiful on and my new favorite special lippie I think! It does smell a little bit weird like maybe it might be getting old, Idk? Still, pretty happy to finally receive a color that works for me and especially one I never would have thought to try otherwise.

    As far as the color correcter goes, that’s something I wouldn’t have ever picked up so I’m ok to have one on hand, for science. ;D

    • Oops, the lippie shade I received is actually called Secret Sabotage. I could barely make it out, sorry. 🙂

      • I got that Secret Sabotage lippie too. I haven’t worn it yet but I did swatch it and it looked like it had a pinkish undertone on the back of my hand. Maybe it was my eyes or maybe it just looks like that on my skin.

        I also got the bronzer and I don’t think I’m ever going to use it since I have 3 or 4 other bronzers and it looks like a fingerprint is on it or maybe it happened during packaging or the press did it. If anyone wants to swap for something else, let me know. If not, I will include it in my Christmas donation to the shelter 🙂

        Hope everyone has a happy holiday and a great new year!

        • Hmm, I’m not sure if I would consider it pink toned although the copper has a frostyness to it so maybe.

          I had that happen with a The Balm blush I ordered once (not from bc). It looked like someone had swatched it. It was perturbing but I really wanted to use it and didn’t want to hassle with returning it so I just wiped the surface and kept it. Hate that that happens, sorry.

          Yes, happy holidays all 🙂

          • Just got mine today-I got the brush, bronzer and Pretty Vulgar lippie in “My Lips Are Sealed” so thank you boxy, for not sending me the color correcter. Whoohoo!! Also, for anyone interested, my box weighed .7 on the first email and .8 on the updated tracking email. Good luck and happy holidays to everyone!

  3. I got my box yesterday. Weight was. 7oz and was #1

    • Ugh. ….7lbs

  4. I see most people say their boxes weigh .7 and .8, mine says .9. I really hope I do not get that nasty color corrector palette!! Anyone else have a .9 and guesses as to their variation?

    • If yours says .9, your probably getting the bronzer and highlighter because the highlighter weighs more than the brush. Just a guess tho. Mine weighed .7 and I got the bronzer and brush.

    • I don’t think it’s consistent. Mine was .7 and I got variation 2. I’m really disappointed in this months selection. I hate getting Bella Pierre in boxes. The value is always over inflated. I’ve never heard anyone say they actually purchased something from them. Or Real Her, for that matter.

      • I actually bought a BellaPiere lip kit and I love the liquid lipstick! The lip liner wasnt too bad but it was really dry. I’ve been wearing the liquid lip alot since I bought it.

      • @AmyS I agree especially about Real Her. I have the blush the benefit of the doubt because I’ve hated every other Real Her product we’ve gotten and unfortunately this is no different. It’s chalky and chunky AF, the colors are weird, and it’s awful. This is the first box I’m totally disappointed in. The brush and mascara are the only good things, and the mascara alone pays for the box-so it’s not a loss, but meh.

        • I would love to hear more input about the blush before I open mine from whoever all has already tried theirs. I already have many active blushes so if this one is meh I’ll add it to a goody bag or stocking or something. Thanks for your input ladies and gentlemen.

    • Mine was .9 and I got the color corrector.

    • Mine was .8 and received the color corrector.

    • Mine was .7 and I got the color corrector and brush. My Pretty Vulgar shade is Weeping Willow and is a copper color we a very slight rose tint, but mostly copper. I really wanted Secret Sabotage. I also really wanted the bronzer and highlighter. I’m not sure if I’m on the swap page, but willing to swap the brush and color corrector, both are untouched.

      • I got that lip color too and it’s terrible. Couldn’t wear it even if I wanted to. The whole box is a trade for me.

  5. Well, just got my box today. I got the Box Variation 2 and the weight was 0.8 lbs.

  6. Anyone else still waiting on tracking?

    • Me!!! UGH I’m so mad! I’ve emailed CS 3x and its — SPEAKING OF THE DEVIL I just got an e-mail from CS as I am typing this… They emailed my tracking info, but it is not the official tracking email. So shady…

  7. I haven’t seen anyone on YouTube actually get the 3rd variation, has anyone on here gotten it????

    • I am getting box #3, just saw the mug lip creme mentioned at the left corner of my tracking label. And I so badly wanted that pro concealer palette in #2, oh well. Another highlighter from boxy, I have way too many, lol.

      • If i get that concealer color correct I will totally trade you for the highlighter!

        • Got my box today, surprise was waiting for me, the $40 beauty basics as smashed to bits, made a total mess on my sofa, and the vintage highlighter looks like someone swatched it! The other products were okay. Guess I am going to take photos tomorrow and send to boxy. And I do not want any more charms, last time this happened I ended up with charms that I cannot use.

          • Oh man! So sorry to hear that! I got the bronzer and it looks like there is a fingerprint in mine too grr!

      • How much does yours weigh Selina?

        • Hi Val,
          It weighs .9, the highlighter looks good, read great things about it, but not so good about the mug lip creme. Oh well, sometimes you have to try it out yourself. My tracking says I should get it by Friday.

    • I have! Just received it today. I’m actually happy with this box, the only thing I probably won’t use is the bronzer, it’s crazy that they say it retails for 39.95 because it looks super cheap and tiny. I live in Toronto so translate that to about $50 USD, I don’t know anyone who would pay for that palette.

      • Yeah, there is no way an item like that would cost any more than $7-8 at a store.

        They are basically insulting the subscribers’ intelligence with this price inflation.

  8. Hello!

    I’m from Phoenix, AZ and I’m hoping for box variation #3. If I don’t get box #3 would there be anyone in the Phoenix, AZ area interested in trading boxes? I’m sorry I do not feel like going through shipping and handling. It has already cost me an arm and a leg this year. Please leave a comment if you are interested and live in the Phoenix, AZ area.

  9. I really want variation 3 but the first one would be ok. I really don’t want that color corrector. I have no use for it! Fingers crossed!

  10. I hope everyone gets the variation they want. Boxycharm is just not a good fit for me anymore. All of the variations remind me of the other boxes and the value of the variations does not always equal.

  11. Hi! I live in Phoenix, AZ. I’m really hoping for variation box #3. If I get #1 or #2 I would be happy to swap boxes with someone who has box variation #3. I really don’t want to do the whole shipping and handling thing, so if anyone lives in the Phoenix, AZ area and gets box #3 (and I don’t) I would be happy to swap for whatever box variation #1 or #2 I would receive.

    I wish you all a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah and Happy New Year! May your next year be filled with lots of joy, love, and good health!



  12. Does anyone know if you can do a Gift membership??

    • Yes, you can but they may be placed on a wait list.

  13. Didn’t we just get a concealer palette a few boxes ago? 😒

    • Sorry for the duplicate post! 😛

  14. Didn’t we just get a concealer palette? 😒

    • I know and I thought it was a terrible concelaer. I don’t wear concelaer but I do wear a bronzer daily. I’ll be sooo upset if I get the concealer. Ha!

      My friends wouldn’t even take it for free from me :/

  15. I’m hoping for that makeup geek lippie!!! I love that color!

  16. I’m in the minority here as I want #2 the most. I have been trying color correcting for my dark circles but haven’t found one that really works for me. I won’t get #3, as I’ve already got the Vintage highlighter from them, awhile back. It’s still got the clear plastic cover and hasn’t even been used. lol, The bronzer doesn’t look good to me; one of the unboxings I watched where she swatched it….it isn’t very pigmented. (Plus I already have several bronzers, from boxes)

    • Same!!! Hope this version weighs .7. =)

      • That is my weight! I hope that is is V2 as well.

    • Well I’ll trade you if I get box 2. I just don’t use color correctors and I guess I just don’t know how to use them very well. I’d loveeee either 1 or 3. I really want that pretty vulgar lippie, but the vintage cosmetics product looks really nice also.

    • I got the vintage cosmetics highlighter previously but apparently I’m getting it again because I got an apology email from them telling me so. The email says since this oversight occurred I would receive an extra product in my January box.

    • I got box 2 and will trade whatever you like. I’m new to swaps and don’t really know what to do. If your still interested please let me know.

  17. Ladies, how do you know the weight of your box? All of you already got email with tracking No?
    Am I the only one who didn’t get it? 🙂

    • Alot of people got really early tracking this month including me. I got my email 2 days ago but its still in NC. They normally don’t ship out until the 10th so you should be getting your email soon!! My box weighs .7 I’m hoping for anything but the color correct lol.

      • @Jackie mine has made its way to PA from GA, but has to get to CT. My daughters weighs .8 and she should have hers Mon-mine is also .7 and I’m not about the color correcting either 😉

        • Hoping we don’t get the color correct lol! Mine says it will be here tuesday! Im in FL. Mine usually ships out from GA but it shipped from NC today. It used to ship from NC but the last 7 or 8 months its been coming from GA so I wonder what determines which shipping facility ships the boxes

          • @jackie I’m the opposite, mines been shipping from NC for months, but last month and this month it was GA. Odd!!! Sending anti color correcting vibes your way 😉

        • So I did some research and math. The lippies are a tossup, as the weights were harder to find. The following items weigh:

          Bronzer: 1 oz
          Highlight: .29 oz
          Blush Brush: .04 oz
          Color corrector: .8 oz

          Mascara: .23 oz
          Blush: .42 oz

          Anyone have the lippies above to weigh in their weight? Haha

      • thank you :), can’t wait to get it!

        • Your welcome! I hope you get the variation your hoping for! Happy Holidays 🙂

    • I created a FedEx account and see when my boxy shipped way sooner, Sometimes I never even get a shipping notification from boxy but see it on my FedEx account. Don’t need a specific tracking number either. And it lists the weight in there too. Mine is .7 lbs.

      • I did that months ago and so glad i did! I like knowing when to expect my packages since I hardly ever get a shipping email and when I do, its usually after I’ve already gotten my box lol!

    • I haven’t yet but it says it will be shipped by the 14th

  18. I’m hoping for any variation that does NOT include the color correcting kit. I never ever ever use those, and it’ll sit here collecting dust because no one o know uses them either. Come on, Boxycharm-don’t let me down! I think my box weighs .8 so please please be anything but the color correction.

    • If your box weighs .8 chances are you are getting the bronzer and highlight.

      • Great. Mine is .8. I have the highlight, got it several months ago. I do not like the bronzer AT ALL. Not sure I can even gift that. So basically paying $21 for mascara and a lippie. Oh, and a brush. Guess that’s ok. Pretty disappointed this month. I always seem to get the worst of the variant boxes.

        • Great. Mine is .8. I have the highlight, got it several months ago. I do not like the bronzer AT ALL. Not sure I can even gift that. So basically paying $21 for mascara and a lippie. Oh, and a blush. Guess that’s ok. Pretty disappointed this month. I always seem to get the worst of the variant boxes.

          • In min first tracking email my box was .7, and in the updated tracking it’s .8 so who knows. All I know is please PLEASE no color correcter.

  19. I really like Boxycharm for the makeup but when they started the variations I don’t like that. I mean now we have three variations and again we are trying to determine weight. Also, the value of the variations are not equal. Again, I like the makeup, but because they are doing major variations now, this box is not for me anymore. I have to know when I spend my money what I am going to get or at least if there are variances the price amount is not so different. Not trying to be debbie downer but I knew when they started the variations it wasn’t going to grow and it is the customer who gets the brunt….

  20. I’m hoping for the variation with the Bella Pierre concealer palette and the Pretty Vulgar lippie. The Makeup Geek looks exactly like may Tarte Birthday Suit, of which I have 4. I also have more highlighter than I will use in a year. I have highlighters I haven’t even opened yet so unless it’s a fun color like Anastasia’s Moon Child or a Lime Crime palette, I wouldn’t keep it.

  21. Got my Boxycharm LE box today. Since I wanted the Miracles from the Amazon palette, of course I got the brown one instead, Be Your Own Tarteist (but then that gives me an excuse to shop on the Tarte site, which I’ve be itching to do 🙂 ).

    The main disappointment, however, is the Ofra cream. The packaging is so cheap and unattractive, it really looks like a dollar store item! I can’t imagine anyone in their right mind actually paying the full price of $50 for it. Personally I wouldn’t buy it for $5. I mean, it just looks so bad, the packaging looks like it wasn’t even professionally made – literally any hand cream looks fancier. Tube that looks like that really makes me question the quality of the contents inside.

    The CoverFX and the Becca look amazing, however, so at least I did get the value I paid for the box.

    • I got mine today also! Got the same palette, espresso liner, halo drops. I felt the same way about the Ofra cream but was seriously thrilled about the contents. I’m loving the December box options so far also. Was just saying I needed bronzer so hoping I receive one of those options.

      • Yeah, I also got the eyeliner in espresso and the drops in halo.

        I just wish the brush was an eyeshadow brush instead of blending and then I would have been totally happy. 😎

        • I was hoping for the halo drops but I got the other ones. I also wanted the white haired bleeding brush but I got one that reminds me of a pencil brush even tho it says “small tapered blending”. All in all, I got my moneys worth, yeah I would have liked other variations, but that’s part of the sub game. I got a reddish purple eyeliner and I don’t know how anyone could wear that on your waterline without it looking like you have pink eye or something lol. Maybe I’m just not makeup savvy enough for it.

    • I got the purple one. Willing to trade? I wanted the brown one.

      Look me up on fb or email me on my outlook account. Jennifer.summitt

      • Hi, Jennifer.
        The thing is, I don’t use pencil eyeliners, I only use liquid ones.
        I can just sell the brown one to you, if you want.
        planetjul at ontonline dot net

      • I got the Brown and wanted the purple I’ll trade if u want!!

        • I meant the purple tarte palette. I’m more comfortable with Browns. Those i can always pull off.

    • You know just because packaging is simple and basic doesn’t mean the product inside is also. . …

      • I realize that, but it’s just so cheap-looking that it gives me pause. You would never find an Olay, or Almay or Neutrogena skincare product in packaging of that kind of quality, so I do wonder who ever paid $50 for that cream. I find that impossible to believe. If you see it, you’ll know what I mean.

    • The Ofra cream made my face dry and peel!

      Ofra website the full size is a 2.5oz $50; Boxy sent a 1oz that has what looks like older packaging. Not sure if the product is expired or what but normally I do not have any issues with vitamin c or any creams. Would not buy and would not recommend the Ofra product Boxy sent

  22. I would love variation number three! I’ll be OK with variation number two, but knowing my luck I’ll get variation number one. Keeping fingers crossed!

  23. Hi liz! I think someone already mentioned this but a January spoiler is the Dr. Brandt illuminating primer! Yosef confirmed it via a comment on the image of next months box on fb I believe. I’m so excited! I just hope it’s not too glittery. That cover fx illuminating setting spray was way too sparkly for a matte loving girl like myself.

  24. You can actually do a full face with box 3.

  25. I hope I get box 1!! I’ve been a long time subscriber for 4 years so I trust I’ll be getting that one! Fingers crossed 😀

    • Me too!! Hopefully 😉

  26. Liz, do you know if the Vintage highlight is a repeat? I’ve gotten the rose gold shade before. And a duo. Perhaps it’s another shade?

    • I’m not sure. I thought it was a repeat, and my guess is that if it is a repeat, they will be sending that variation to new subscribers who just got off the waitlist.

      • The last vintage highlighter was a duo-Rose Quartz and Chocolate Diamond. Is the December Vintage one of those shades or we don’t know? I actually really liked that highlighter. Very pretty.

        • yeah but we got a Rose Gold one before that duo. Thats why it looks like a repeat. I still have mine and ive hit pan on it because I love it so much. I actually wouldn’t mind getting it again, but I doubt that will happen.

          • @Jackie oooh ok, gotcha-that’s before my time 😉 my first Boxycharm was Feb 2016, so I missed out on the first Vintage. You’re right though-it’s beautfoul, and I wouldn’t mind getting a repeat 😜

          • I got it before and am getting it again. They sent me an apology email telling me it would be in my boxy this month again.

    • I just got an email from Boxycharm saying that the Vintage Cosmetics Illuminating Face Highlighter IS an exact repeat of the one they sent last time around. Here’s the full email:

      Dear Courtney!
      When our members demand, we listen. The Vintage Cosmetics Illuminating Face Highlighter has been requested time and time again because of how great the product is.
      In our efforts to get these out to our demanding audience, we detected your upcoming December “Glitz & Glam” box will also include it. Our records indicate that you have received this great product in the past.
      While we are sure you will love our throw-back feature, we want to make it right and ensure you are pleased with the experience of always receiving new products every time. As such, look for a bonus item in your January box and enjoy the free Illuminating Face Highlighter on us!

      Wishing you a Charming day!

      • Oh no! I hope I don’t get it again. I never used the last one. That listening part is crap. How long have their customers been asking for no variations? Uh, since they started doing it and still are…

      • I got this email too. I was probably going to cancel in January but I was waiting for some more spoilers but I guess now I will be on one more month to get my extra item. That pallette spoiler looked muddy/dirty and too dark. I don’t think it will look good on my 36 year old face lol.

        I anybody wants the highlighter I will be putting it up for swap when I receive it next week.

  27. #3 pleeezeee, or 1 if I must. Please no 2.i don’t do correction. That’s too much work.

    • What’s the point when there’s full coverage foundation anyway?

  28. I hope I get variation #3, I would like to get the Vintage highlighter. My box says it 0.8 lbs no spoiler name as some others have mentioned. If I get any of the others that’s fine as well. 🙂

    • Mine is .8 too. I will be so sad if I don’t get pretty vulgar and the brush.
      I really want #1

      • Well, it looks like your odds are 2 out of 3 to get your preference. Good luck. 🙂

  29. In order of preference: 2, 1, 3. That’s a LOT of face product in the third variation and as much as I love highlighters, I use rather sparingly and already have so many thanks to boxes. But as always, Boxy is an insanely good value, so really no complaints from me.

  30. Variation #1 or #3 would be awesome for me 😊 😊 😊 I’m not into color correction at all so #2 wouldn’t be any good for me… Which means it’s the one I’ll prolly get lol 😂 I love boxy but sometimes I wish they would use the profile that’s on their website rather than ignoring it…

  31. Curious on how they determine the box variations? I want to sign up as the value is there but I really would love that BP color correction palette. I have tried several from them and loved every product. If I did not get that box variation I would be sad. 🙁

    • Jenni, there’s a few Facebook groups that you can join where you can swap or buy current and past Boxycharm items. So if you don’t get the box you want there’s a good chance that you can either buy or swap for the item you want. You can also sell items that you don’t want or can’t use on those sites too….

  32. I hope #2 for me!

  33. My box weight is 7lbs, I really hope I am getting box #1!

    • Where do you find the weight?

    • Are you sure it’s not .7 pounds that’s what mine weighs. 😁

      • Lol 😂

    • my box says.8. I really want to try the pretty vulgar.

  34. A blush, a bronzer, and a highlighter? What the heck are they thinking?!

    • That’s what I said!!

  35. Variation 3 is the one I need!! I got that highlighter the last time Boxycharm sent it and I loved it until I shattered it. Plus I’d rather have the Makeup Geek lippie.

  36. Like.. but it’s Christmas season I think it could be a little sparkling… Me if me idk.. but I hope I get box #2!! Thanks for always share the info

  37. I guess I would be happy for any of these. I never used color correction so I could try. Both #1 and #3 look great in general!! I’m receiving mine next Friday. Can’t wait!!

  38. Anyone ever notice in the description section when checking your tracking number this showed up:

    Pretty Vulgar My Lips Are Sealed Liquid Lipstick in Weeping Willow

    I’m assuming I’ll be getting the variation with this lipgloss?

    • Yes. You are either getting variation 1 or 2.

    • Where did you see this? In the E-mail they sent with the tracking #? I don’t see anything in my e-mail.

      • It might only be the Canadians that get a product spoiler in the tracking emails because they need to disclose something for the border crossing.

  39. Is it just me… or does that bronzer palette look wrinkled in every single photo? Is it supposed to look like that?

    • It had a bit of a wave pattern – hope that helps! 🙂

      • Hi liz how much does the box #1 weight

  40. Anything but that crazy consealer pallet. i don’t get those colors. Its too much for me. I really like this box though.

  41. They gave us that Vintage Cosmetics highlighter in a previous Boxycharm. It is really pretty and the only highlighter I ever hit pan on. Hoping for #2 to try the concealer palette.

    • I love that vintage highlighter! I use it like a setting powered for those that don’t highlight. Gives you a pretty finish.

  42. My tracking email says I’m getting Pretty Vulgar. Hoping for variation #1 since I won’t use a color corrector.

    • Where did you see that in your tracking email? Mine doesn’t have any information.

      • If your tracking number takes you to the new purple APC tracking page, look down on the left.

        Under the Date/Time/Status box there’s a spot that says “Description” and that’s where my mine says Pretty Vulgar in Willow

    • Mine says the same thing. Hoping for number one as well

    • Where does it say that?

      • If your tracking number takes you to the new purple APC tracking page, look down on the left.
        Under the Date/Time/Status box there’s a spot that says “Description” and that’s where my mine says Pretty Vulgar in Weeping Willow

        • Mine say rose gold hi lighter. Weight .84

          • your lucky! I love that rose gold vintage highlighter. Its the only highlighter I ever hit pan on. Its actually almost gone. Lol!!

          • Out of curiousity, speaking of brushes-what’s everyone thinking about Kylie Jenner’s 360$ brush set?

            I think she’s lost her MIND.

  43. I hope I get either 1 or 3 – I just don’t want the color corrector. I would prefer the brush but i wouldn’t be said about the highlight either.

  44. I hoping for variation 1 or 3. I’m not big on color correcting. Overall though, not a bad box.

  45. My box is shipped with reference #G903211, hopefully it means variation #1 (wishful thinking) with 0.8 lbs / 0.36 kgs weight.

    • My reference number is G974352 and my box weighs 0.7 lbs. I have a feeling that I’m getting #2…

    • That’s what mine weighs I too hope we get variation 1.

    • Boxycharm actually considers the variation#2 on here as Kit #1 and vice verse. (Notice Liz’s card has a #2 on the right hand corner and someone on YouTube got the color corrector and had a #1 on their card and their box weighed .8 lbs. Therefore, I’m thinking that those with a reference # ending in 1 with a box weight of .8 lbs are getting the one with the color corrector.

      • I see a lot of commenting on .7 and .8 but mine says weight .9. So now I’m wondering what I will be getting.

        • Mine is also .9 lbs! I’m so curious to what box I’m getting!

  46. How much does your variation #1 weigh liz cadman?

  47. So happy unsubscribed before charged for this month. Nothing except the mascara would have been useful. I got the same mascara for 10 on Ulta during cyber monday deals.

  48. I’m hoping & praying for box variation #3. That gloss is SOOO up my alley! I love that shade of nude. The other items are too. I mean they’re all great! But, I’ve gotten a ton of darker lip shades I’m just giving away. If it’s not a light nude, any shade of pink or lilac or an awesome metallic red, I won’t keep it. I’ll be happy with whatever I’ll get but I know I’d keep everything in box 3.

    • Metallic red or bronze would be my preference. Anything pink like the shade in the spoilers I won’t wear.

  49. This will be my first box and I am really hoping for box variation #2!! The worst one for me will be #3…

    • Agree, I will be pretty disappointed if I get #3

  50. Variation #1 looks the best to me. That bronzer looks like something that I will enjoy using

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