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BeautyFIX December 2017 FULL SPOILERS!

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We have full spoilers for the December 2017 BeautyFIX subscription box! 

Each box will include:

What do you think of the December BeautyFIX spoilers?

BeautyFix is $24.95 a month. If you sign up now, your first box will be the December box.

Check out our reviews of past BeautyFix boxes to learn more about this subscription.

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Hello Beautyfix… come on and give me one or two spoilers… I need a reason to keep going. You have stiff competition from Allure and Boxy this month (so bring it on baby. You have helped me define my skin care needs and helped me set up a regimen that really works. Is it over between us? Hint, eye and nail care assists would be great for an East Coast babe managing temps from 53 to 15 degrees. Let’s keep going for a bit longer. Thank you with love and appreciation.

    • I know I’ve been keeping my eye out for beautyfix spoilers myself, every day.

  2. Seriously, how in the world am I supposed to use that tiny little bar of soap? This box was a big let down for me.

  3. my daughter asked me if the soap was for her American Girl doll lol Happy with the items just not the size eveything is too small

  4. Disappointed…very tiny sizes except for a FAB radiance pads. Would expect this from a $15 (or even $10) subscription. I canceled right away from future orders and the customer service is rude. Also dermstore just stopped its refer a friend program and refused to honor the referral I had already made (after i made my friend sign on and buy something:()

  5. Was anyone else’s Lancer lip serum seal broken? The seal on the box was ripped, and I couldn’t see a seal of any kind on the tube of serum. I’m emailing cs; wish me luck.

  6. I started with BeautyFix in April 2017 and most months, I got multiple boxes because I thought the values were amazing. But now I have so much stuff to use up that a box has to be pretty special for me to even like it. Otherwise, I’m just trying to figure out where to put the stuff. This month was disappointing to me. The only bright spot was the perfume. I really like it and it’s a pretty good sized sample. I cancelled BeautyFix. If there are great spoilers, I can step back in and in the meantime, I will try to use up or give away this embarrassing supply.

    • I like to gift a lot of my items too. My niece keeps telling me to stop sharing so much & keep it for myself.
      I’ve only received 3 bf so far but I’m loving this sub. I can see how you’d be on overload in less than a yr. i paused ipsy & Sephora for now, I receive boxycharm & signed up for allure for the 1st Time last week

    • One woman on here before said she uses her small, sample size tubes of face creams for her hands if she knows she won’t make it around to using them, or if she doesn’t think they will make much of a difference on her face. I thought that was a good idea. Hands need anti-aging too!

  7. I don’t know why they said their sold out because I literally just went on and they have right there that they have a monthly option. It says nothing on their site about it being sold out at all! And then I went off and pressed buy now it goes off and shows it in my cart and an option to check out . So weird that everyone is saying they’ve been told sold out 😔

    • I’ve been wondering this same thing. I was on hold for 19 mins (holiday season) and that’s what the car lady told me & she didn’t even give me the option to buy the $35 box (non sub box)

  8. This was an almost unusable box as most of the contents were so small as to be non-functional.

    I have no idea why any company thinks that a foil package is a promotional tool. They are one use and difficult to open. I can’t think of a single time I have used one – what purpose is one dose of a skin care product or even any product.

    I’m not sure what you do with the cardboard package of Lilah lip and cheek stuff. Once opened, you can only use it once and are committed to using it. What’s the point.

    And the Lazlo is so tiny, it looks as if it meant for a doll. If I start wetting a minuscule bar of soap, how does that it even work. Am I supposed to get a minuscule soap dish so that it doesn’t disintegrate. And the oil is .5 ounce so the stated value would be $7 – but since the size is so tiny, you would have to be insane to be $7 for it – even though it is an old school expensive brand.

    The wipes and the lip stuff might be good and perfume is always fun – but everything else is in such tiny quantities, that it’s useless. The net result is that the box would be better with fewer selections in a quantity that one can actually use for a long enough period to see whether one wants to purchase a full size amount.

  9. I just received my box, and I have all the sizes for you guys:

    Ernest Laszlo, white marble cleansing oil, 15ml, 0.5 FL. Oz.
    White marble treatment bar, 17g, 0.6 Oz

    Facial radiance pads, 28 pads

    Lancer, 0.5 FL. Oz., 15ml

    Juliette has a gun Parfums, 5.5 ml, 0.18 FL. Oz

    Bioderma, 5ml each

    Trufora, 15 ml, 0.5 FL. Oz

    Eminence, foil packet, 2 ml, 0.07 FL. Oz

    Lilac b. Sample card divine duo lip & cheek, not for resale.

    Hope this helps ladies!! And gentlemen!!

    • Thanks!

  10. I almost cancelled a couple of months ago, and then was glad I didn’t because I really liked last month. This month though… Most of it is so SMALL! Foil packets? Really? And as others have said, a number of these are things I’ve gotten free with purchases from Sephora. I’m looking forward to seeing the price breakdown, because right now I’m feeling a little bummed that I paid money for this. I haven’t tried the lip serum yet… Maybe that will change my mind?

  11. I really like this box. The only thing is the perfume omg I love the smell but I’m one of the few that it doesn’t mesh well with my skin. And I hope there are no expired products this month. The way it’s looking, they may have a waiting list too within the next couple of months.

  12. My box was delivered today and I’m pleased with everything. This is a great box for me with skincare being my biggest priority during winter months.

    I rarely shop Sephora and don’t intend to change my spending habits so I can get one or two tiny samples.
    I like how BeautyFix has one full size product, and the variety of brands that I get to sample is great.

    This Lancer lip serum is NICE! Have it on now and my lips feel pleasantly plumped and soft.

    Excellent box this month!

  13. This box looks Great!! I LOVE Juliette Has A Gun Not a Perfume Eau de Parfum, as it is expensive to buy I love getting the sample, can never have enough!! Also this Perfume sample is not a tiny one!! YaY, I love BF!

  14. Erno is .5 oz approximately $7… not the one listed above

    • Don’t know where the confirmation came from for this listing, but I actually have my box and listed the contents/sizes in the post for spoiler #3 earlier.

  15. BF is always a great skincare box. I’m excited to try the Lancer product. I’ve tried the Lilah b product before and liked it ok but I probably won’t use those “testers”. I don’t know what it is about foil packs but I never seem to use them.

  16. I have the opposite problem. I already have a monthly subscription but I bought into the BF deal with the throw back box so I have 2 December boxes coming. My bank only allowed one of the transactions to process initially ( guess they thought two identical charge from the same vendor was a mistake) but the DermStore kept at it until both charges went through. maybe I’ll list the box or at least the contents. I almost never put smaller items for swap because I hate tiny swaps!

    • Are you a swapper? I’d love to swap (or buy) the Dec box off you!

  17. I canceled receiving the December box because I didn’t like it, yet they still charged me. Has this happened to anyone else? This is my first time with beautyfix so I hope I can get the issue fixed!

    • They have the WORST customer service. Truly. 🙁

  18. I’m super excited for this box!

  19. Iam is bummed that they have sold out of dec boxes. I paused my subscription for 11 days cuz I moved and called today and they said there sold out 😣

    • Their not sold out. I just saw so u can order ☺️ I called them about that same issue bc I wanted the box and they told me that it takes a while for their system to reboot the new boxes on their end . Because this happened last month and had to wait 3 days in November til the new box was finally available. Hope u get this and hope it helps.!

      • Well, I hope you are right but I saw a post on Instagram where they said they are sold out for December boxes.

      • I seen that their website says that they are not sold out. But when I called the lady told sorry dec boxes sold out & that they will give me a box if there is a cancellation. But that I will for sure receive a Jan box. Hmm wonder if I should just try and order on line then.
        Thank you so much for your advice

      • Their CS told me via email:
        “Thank you for reaching out to us. Unfortunately BeautyFIX subscriptions are sold out for December, BUT we do have limited boxes available as a one time purchase. Please check our website for the available options. BeautyFIX subscriptions should be available again Jan 2018.”

        It still let me sign up for an auto-renewing sub, but this makes me think my first box will be Jan. I’m happy either way. Never should have dropped my last sub, but I was cutting back at the time.

        • I just ordered a second box for my mom, no problem. Try again, must have been a glitch or something.

          • Did you order one as a one time purchase then?
            It’s not a big deal but I do wish the customer service lady would f gave me this option to do so.
            Thank you lady’s for all your advice

    • Hey Cp, I don’t know how to make my name clickable here for the swap link, but you can look for me on swaps under Kate , the picture is my dog, or contact me at kjcoons at msn dot com, I am getting this box and don’t want it, will ship it out to you unopened.

      • Ok thank you. I’ll be looking you up then

  20. Easy pass this month! Whew! No FOMO, no damage to the wallet.

  21. I’m not a fan of packets or blister packs. Those are very disappointing. The other items are good though and I’m looking forward to trying them with the exception of the bar soap. I’ll never use it. I love Bioderma and was happy to see some new products to try. I use two different micellar products of theirs and their hydrating toner and love them. All in all, there’s more to be happy with in this box than there is to be disappointed in.

  22. Isn’t the Erno Laszlo set in the picture the $10 set and not the $28 set? It looks a lot smaller, and plus the $28 set has a silver cap on the bottle instead of black and seems to come in a box. Why would they continue saying it’s $28, so shady! I doubt that they’ll actually send a bigger version than what’s pictured.

    • I agree no way that oil cleanser is 2oz…

    • I’m betting that is the .5oz. I received the .5oz cleansing oil with mini soap as a GWP recently, and it came in that exact same packaging. Plus, even just comparing it to the other samples (and the zipper on the bag it comes in), you can tell how small they are. The good news is is that I hear that mini soap lasts a long time!

      • It does! I LOVED the Firmarine soap BF sent before. It was so lovely it turned me back onto bar soaps. Now I’m using the Drunk Elephant bars and love them too!

  23. Too many tiny samples in this box. I like Beautyfix but both the juice beauty peel and this box are a bit light on value, unlike the doctor brandt/paula’s choice box. May have to cancel and switch to Boxycharm which I hear good things about or just cancel and keep my money!

    • Boxycharm is fantastic but it’s 90% makeup. If you’re looking for skincare, that’s not the best box choice.

  24. Meh. a bunch of tiny samples. The hero item this month is not so appealing to me.

    • Ditto.

  25. I wonder what size the perfume is? It looks tall in proportion to the other stuff. Looks in the picture like the .25 oz, which is a pretty big mini size (sold at sephora for around 28.00 I think). Somehow, I think it will most likely be the tiny sample sizes we usually get. However big, it is awesome! I can’t wait! The other items look awesome to me as well, although, they have been putting in lot more sample sizes lately.

  26. I received all 3 of my Black Friday boxes today, very happy about that and I’m happy with the December box.

    • Did you get the ones it said or random ones?

      • The ones they said and luckily nothing was missing or broken.

    • Cool. They deleted my Thanksgiving order, then posted today that it shipped with the 3…..

  27. They seem to be turning more into a sample box every month. Three of these samples have been free with an online purchase at Sephora. The boxes were better when I was subscribed and I have yet to want a box badly enough to resub.

    • Sometimes the photo doesn’t do it justice, and then you get it and the whole box is packed. Like the September box. It also happens vice-versa when the photo looks awesome or the description seems great and it turns out being so-so…. Last month the description didn’t seem so great online, but the brands of acid products they sent were the BOMB when received!

  28. Ordered this box with the Thanksgiving deal, but after I saw the spoilers, i decided to keep it around for a while!

    • The clinical/spa grade brands are worth it! This is the box I would never want to cancel….

    • The clinical/spa grade brands are worth it! This is the box I would never want to cancel….

  29. I’m liking what I see. I literally went “yay!” to the Juliette has a Gun

  30. Everything that was not spoiled is kind of too tiny or “meh” (or both). But at least I liked the 3 spoilers so… yay!

  31. Great box!
    Full size Lancer and First Aid Beauty pads are amazing.
    Lilah B. divine duo is really good. Excited to try the colors.
    Beautyfix is just the best!

    • IT IS! That container of face pads is larger in person. I got a few in Sephora kits last Christmas and they lasted forever!

  32. I always look forward to beautyfix! This box has a great variety and wonderful value.

  33. I’ve seen better from them. I would have expected this month to be a little extra for the holidays, and or offer an le box

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