Walmart Beauty Box Fall 2017 Trendsetter Box SPOILERS

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Walmart Fall 2017 Beauty Box

We have SPOILERS for the Fall 2017 Walmart Beauty Box!

Here is one of the Trendsetter box (under age 35) variations:

Source: Instagram user begilly

This Trendsetter box includes:

  • Body Fantasies Layering Collection Perfume Duo
  • SOO AE Donkey Milk Sleeping Mask
  • Nivea In-Shower Body Lotion in Radiant Silk
  • Nivea Oil Infused Lotion in Cherry Blossom
  • OLAY Tone Perfecting Cream
  • Shea Moisture Curl & Shine Shampoo
  • Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie
  • Hello Pure Mint Extra Whitening Fluoride Toothpaste
  • Plackers Micro Mint Dental Flossers
  • Gold Bond Radiance Renewal
  • Dove Volume + Fullness Dry Shampoo

Hopefully, we should have full spoilers for the Classic box (Over age 35) soon!

What do you think of the Walmart Beauty Box Fall 2017 spoilers?

(Walmart Beauty Box is a $5 quarterly subscription box.)

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Finally got a tracking number after I had to send email after email. And from what I am hearing and seeing the Fall boxes being shipped now are LEFTOVERS. I’m glad this is over. On to Target boxes

  2. SO……..I finally got a tracking number, after I had to harass costumer service with email after email. I’m not even excited anymore. I just wanted my money back or the product I ordered. And from what I’m hearing and seeing, the boxes that are being shipped out now for fall are LEFTOVERS. So glad this is over!!!

  3. I received my Trendsetter box today.

    Tresemme extra hold hairspray, 1.5 oz
    Gold Bond Radiance Renewal Cream Oil, 0.75 oz
    Hello extra whitening pure mint toothpaste, 0.85 oz
    Hello toothpaste $2 coupon exp 03/31/2018
    Body Fantasies 2 pk Tropical Wish & Cozy Cotton, size not listed, I would guess 3 mL?
    Body Fantasies Lingering collection $1 coupon exp 10/1/2018
    Plackers 12 pk Dental Flossers in travel case
    Plackers $0.35 coupon exp 12/31/2018
    Soo Ae Donkey Milk Sleeping Mask
    Shea Moisture Curl & Shine Shampoo, 15 mL
    Shea Moisture Curl & Shine Conditioner, 30 mL
    Nivea In-Shower Body Lotion Radiant Silk, 9 mL
    Nivea Oil Infused Lotion Cherry Blossom & Jojoba Oil, 4 mL
    Olay Luminous Tone Perfecting Cream, 0.6g
    Olay Luminous Facial Moisturizer $3 coupon exp 06/30/2018

    No Dove dry shampoo :'(

    • Wow. That is a lot of items, even if they are small – its a lot of them. I was billed a month ago and still waiting for mine to ship.

    • This is the same box that I just received today. I’m actually pretty happy with it. At least it is all items that will be used. I was billed over a month ago as well, I almost feel like they wanted people to unsubscribe since they obviously picked up more subscribers than they could handle. It’s just $5 so I’ll wait another quarter or two and see what happens.

      • I had to email them and just received my box today. It has the same items. I’m happy with the amount of items but not the huge delay. It’s winter in 3 days.. makes me wonder when the winter box will ship

    • Received exactly the same Trendsetter box today. Pleased to get the Tresemme hairspray instead of the dry shampoo, and happy with the box in general. My Classic box is shipping today, so maybe it will be here before Christmas.

    • Thanks for sharing Elizabeth. I received that same Fall Trendsetter box on December 20th. Glad I stuck with it, even though I was billed for shipping on November 16th. I also get the Classic box and the Trendsetter was much better this time. In the Classic box I got three decent travel sized samples plus a charcoal sheet mask & a couple tiny foil packets.

      The Dove dry shampoo is nice. It was in my summer classic box & I bet they will include it again in the future.

  4. After months of going back and forth with them about my Fall 2017 box that I never received they finally send me an email about refunding my money. Cause at this point I don’t even want the box. It’s just crazy that I had to argue with them about sending me a product that I paid for months ago. I’ve already canceled my subscription and I honestly would recommend for everyone to do the same. All this stuff about a delay is BS to me and I’m over it. I stick with the Target box at least it’s not a subscription and I don’t have to get it if I don’t like what’s in the box.

  5. After a months of going back and forth with them they are going to refund the money back to me for the Fall box that I have yet to receive. I’m so over this subscription I canceled it and I would recommend for everyone to do the same. It makes no sense that you have to argue them down for a product you paid for months ago. Good bye Walmart

  6. The 1st box I got was good but the last 2 have been an total disappointment. First I haven’t gotten nearly the stuff that other people seem to get per pictures posted & spoilers I have seen. The last box I got had 4 items a Pantene set, tresemme hair spray & dove deodorant. I contacted them & they sent out some press on nails & dove body wash. This box I got another tresemme hair spray another Dove Body Wash, Jergens Moisturizer, Found Sheet Mask & a Moroccan hair mask. I will be canceling my subscription as I don’t need a box just to get repeat items I don’t want in the first place.

    • Teaya, glad you got some other items sent out to you. You might be the only person I’ve heard that happening for?!
      I have heard of a few refunds from Walmart. I have not received Items or refunds from Walmart or Target lol. I don’t mind, I really am happy for you. Good to know they’re stepping up

  7. I was just charged for the fall box on one account! Was charged in Nov for another and that box is on its way. Both accounts were gifts. What a great gift that turned out to be!!! I have cancelled everything. It’s too bad because it was a good box when I first signed up in 2016.

    • I was charged in late November for the fall box, and now it’s mid-December, and I still haven’t received the “fall” box, and there is no tracking info. So ridiculous.

      • Same for me. Charged on 11/20 but still shows that the order is “processing”.

      • You are not they only one. I have not got my fall box. But was charged for it. I have e-mail them. Nothing, Good by Walmart.

  8. So today is Dec. 1, and I still have not gotten my box nor has anyone responded to my emails. I even emailed the lady over the marketing for the box at Brand Share twice with no reply (Madison Amber is her name, FYI). I went ahead and cancelled because I did not want my card charged for the Winter box and I haven’t even gotten the fall. I’ll put my $5 towards the Target box. At least I’m not locked into a subscription with them.

    • I finally got mine today, six weeks after my card was charged. I didn’t expect much, but it was really pathetic. I got less than half the amount of items listed above, mostly foil packets of products I would never use (something for curly hair, for example, and my hair is not curly.) It’s hard to believe that a box could be worth less than five dollars, but somehow they managed it. Headed over to the website to cancel now.

    • Same here I was charged in October and still haven’t gotten anything. I’ve emailed and they keep saying that my box is in pending mode and will be shipped in a few days but it never happens. I’ve already cancelled too cause I didn’t want my card to be charge either. I’ve already told people who are interested in this box to not even waste their time and money.

      • I too was charged, I canceled but somehow still was billed for this box that they’ve not sent or responded to an inquiry about. I put up with their lackluster service a couple of years but subscription boxes should make life easier and more pleasant and this doesn’t check either of those boxes for me.

  9. Has anyone still not gotten their Fall box? They charged my card on 11/17 and have yet to mail it. They are also ignoring my emails, as well as my friend’s emails asking for some kind of information. I’m so over this box. It’s not even worth the headache. The winter box will be coming out some ( Dec. is literally 2 days away)

    • I know My Mom and I did not receive tracking/mailing notice from Walmart, but got the boxes. I got an email with tracking AFTER I had received my box!
      I received notice from my usps.Com account the day of.
      For the summer box I ended up emailing every single day! They are ignoring us in my opinion. Ridiculous!
      Good luck.

      • Ok. Thanks Lulu. This is just sad

    • Dee, I’m still waiting too. My card was charged in October, more than a month ago. No shipping notification, no response to my emails (other than the generic “We’ll get back to you”.) After this box ships (if it ever does), I’m cancelling. I’m SO over it.

    • I got charged the day before you and still no box either. I emailed them but have gotten no response. I pointed out to them that the first email announcing my box stated I wouldn’t be charged until it shipped so they’re lying to customers by saying that.

    • I received my classic, but not my trendsetter.

    • I haven’t gotten my Fall box. My card was charged on 11/20 but my account shows that the order is still “processing”. I’m also still waiting for an answer about a refund.

  10. I am new to MSA and walmart Beauty Box. I signed up for Fall Box in October when it was advertised. I received the summer box just a couple of weeks later. I emailed and got a response that they would still send the Fall box.
    I emailed again two weeks ago to cancel and let them know about the horrible reviews as well as reminding them they sent me this summer box. And I wanted to cancel. I just heard back…
    They basically said that we do the profile so they can send relevant products, they do boxes in waves-so are still charging and sending for Fall, they got delayed due to using 40+ products to distribute (if I combine the entire past year of products they’ve sent, not does not even total 40!!) sorry they didn’t meet my expectations, etc.
    I get no refund, no fall box, what a joke!
    Thanks please feel free to resubscribed anytime I would like to try again. No thank you

  11. Anyone having a problem canceling their sub.? I’ve been trying for 2 days and it comes up saying “Subscription cancel failed. Please try again later.”. I’ve tried a different browser and the same. Thanks!

    • I had to e-mail them to cancel, and they approved my request but said I would still get the fall box. I haven’t been charged, nor are there any new orders in my account, so I’ll be shocked if I get a fall box.

  12. Mine says, Order date November 18; and, Pending shipment. I managed to cancel one of the two I had an outstanding order for. We’ll see how this one goes.

  13. Still have yet to receive my box and we are heading into the winter season. I’ve emailed six times and still have yet to receive a response. I get it’s only five dollars but still the communication needs to be better. Is anyone else having trouble contacting them? I’m more than likely gonna cancel now and just let it go.

    • I’m still waiting too. I was charged for this box over a month ago, and haven’t even received a shipping confirmation. I emailed, but have no hope of getting a response since I never have in the past. This is consistently a frustrating experience that isn’t worth it.

  14. Just received my box today, did not get the dry shampoo , hello toothpaste, or the Shea moisture samples but instead a repeat from last boxes of the schwarzkopf gliss shampoo, and two conditioners. Not too jazzed about the fact that people pay the same amount of money and get boxes that are better/more product than other boxes, as I was looking forward to trying the dry shampoo, toothpaste, and a new (to me) shampoo/conditioner. No makeup at all, hmm. For $5 I honestly will probably still get this box in the future but it used to be a lot better/exciting. I hope they step up their game in the future!

    • I was looking for a reason to cancel this box and you just gave it to me! Thank you for your comment!

      I know $5 is such a small amount to pay, but I’d rather use that towards getting new items that I have yet to try. I don’t see the point in paying to get the same items I’ve gotten before. For just $5 more, I could get ipsy or birchbox!! This box was good while it lasted, but seems like it’s not for me anymore.

      • Good morning everyone,
        I have shared that my mom (Classic) and I (trendy- tried to switch to Natural box with ” new profile” but not possible) were billed about 6, No, now almost 8 weeks ago!! Account still says shipping pending. Not shipped status or notified of shipping. We cancelled last week, But I have an account with USPS, and received notice that the Walmart boxes will be delivered today. USPS account, tracking , Everything is a wonderful thing, and of course it’s FREE. They send notices to my email when things will be delivered and sometimes when a label is created. BTW The email did not say Walmart boxes LOL, tracking number with weight of box and the Illinois address that Walmart send from. That’s how I know what it is.
        Was going to wait until I have the boxes to post what’s in them, but wanted to remind you all checking walmart site is mostly useless, I have never gotten a tracking email. But try accnt, well worth it. Once I get notified of packages via email, I request notification via text when it is delivered. That way if I’m not home I can ask someone to get boxes from porch.
        Funny how after I cancelled, boxes were shipped!! We ask the reason we were canceling and told them bad customer service, repeat items Etc
        I will post later what is in boxes

        • That’s a great idea! I was told I can’t cancel the fall boxes even though I haven’t been charged and no order even exists (never mind shipping date or information), so I’ll be surprised if I get anything (which is totally fine so long as I don’t pay for something I don’t receive).

          Even when I did subscribe to these, the shipping information was rarely, if ever, up-to-date. I just got surprised by boxes and sometimes got shipping confirmation e-mails days after I received them.

      • Random rambling… LOL
        I have been skimming through comments Again today. Yes, $5 is cheap!!! But considering Walmart does not pay for the items we get, I still don’t think they spend $5 on shipping! Especially since the weight of the box has decreased significantly.
        I think Walmart is making it difficult to cancel on purpose?
        They really messed up a good thing for them and us! I hope in the future they fix it before advertising Again!!
        Even new people are seeing the bad reviews and comments on all of the different sites, and are not ordering.
        I am still totally baffled by the whole “Profile” thing!
        Walmart is still advertising” New men’s box”. But it is not new, it’s from June/July. Granted it was a decent box, but I have to create a new account for it. So if I wanted another one I would have to make another account, geez! no thanks! I have had to make a new account for men’s box, baby box and the two Beauty boxes… So absurd. I assume that the Coupons in the men’s box are expired now as well.
        The Target boxes are much much better and $5-$7. Even when they are 7 sometimes the price is lowered. And you know what you’re getting whether to order it or not.
        And thanks to Liz, and all MSA testers we have Alot of great options for subs.

      • I got the Trendybox and Classic box today. One is my mom’s.i Billed 8 weeks ago, no notifications/email the entire time. I knew Box was coming when USPS sent me email today.
        *Some repeats in both boxes- small Dove deodorant, the Smile Info card, hair dye Info card with coupon, Colgate toothpaste. Both had the Olay sample.
        *Trendy had glisten shampoo and conditioner and shower lotion
        *Classic had trial gold Bond lotion and a couple of repeat items listed above.
        From what I’ve seen on here the classic bunks is the one was absolutely bare minimum and it. Not sure why.
        I had also tried to switch to Natural box so there was a info card with the new line they carry of natural products, but no products in the Box.
        So kind of disappointed… Repeats, not much in the box. Although last time I did not get the glisten products so I will be happy to try those.
        The Olay sample is so tiny. I wonder if I can get enough for 1 use. Hard to try an item and see /feel results in a couple uses. Wish Olay did bigger sample.
        I hope everyone is finally getting billed and boxes.
        Oh I almost Forgot, I subscribe to sites that send breaking deals news coupons Etc… Today I received a notice about a new free Walmart box. I honestly was laughing out loud. They are still advertising! I don’t understand that!!

      • I just got an email that my box shipped. I have just received that bland 1/2 empty box earlier in week. Hoped I was not charged again!! Look into my account, and they sent me a shipment notification for a box that was received… Little too late ..Good job walmart! Getting organized yet??!! Geez

  15. Although I’ve never minded Walmart boxes in the past, and actually I think this isn’t a bad box, I’ve been really seeking reasons to cancel ANY of my boxes because I sub to so many. I don’t use dry shampoo, and that looks like the best thing in this one. I do like Shea Moisture products. In any case, my theory is to cancel some boxes that I don’t really LOVE, and for the new year, try and focus on more boxes that really excite me, whether that be beauty or not. Most of my boxes now are beauty. I’m trying to find more enrichment and I think I’m becoming so saturated with beauty now (plus it would take me YEARS to use it all up).

  16. I have been such a big cheerleader for this box, so I’m super sad to say that I cancelled my subscription a couple days ago. They charged me nearly a month ago and nothing has shipped. I’d really rather have a refund at this point.

    • I feel the same way. I was charged a month ago, and have heard nothing since. I’ve subscribed for a long time, and some boxes have definitely been better than others. The’re clearly disorganized, and at this point for me it’s just not worth it.

  17. It’s been 5 months since I was charged for my last boxes, and I still haven’t been charged for this. And some people already have their boxes? I have been subbed to this for years. This makes no sense. I thought the delay meant they were working on something special this season, but these are all repeats and foil packets! What the heck?

    • It seems like they sent boxes to new subscribers and it’s frustrating that they’ve not billed existing subscribers yet makes me think they don’t plan on sending a box.

      • That’s exactly what they do. I have subscribed since last September and haven’t been charged or gotten any information on my boxes for this fall. My last order was in June. I can’t even cancel my subscription because the site won’t let me. It says “subscription cancel failed”. I’m going to contact them and cancel through customer service. It should take about a week judging by the time it took for them to remove the two extraneous subscriptions on my account (that I did not request) about a month ago. I doubt they’ll charge me for a fall box in that timeframe.

        • Omg I tried to cancel and got the same error, I know others have cancelled but I’ve tried multiple times and received the same error message. I sent an email requesting to cancel.

      • They have billed existing subscribers! They just haven’t sent anything. Although by all appearances, that seems to be no great loss.

        • I’m an existing subscriber but have yet to be charged. I tried cancelling, but the site wouldn’t let me. I e-mailed to cancel, and they said I would be getting the fall box and then would not be charged going forward. So I will be shocked if I get charged for a fall box or receive one. Not sure why they couldn’t cancel a box for which an order hasn’t been created yet. It’s been several days since they cancelled my box, and no orders have been created in my account, nor have I been charged.

    • Same here! I keep checking back and still nothing?

  18. I got an email on the 4th that I was charged, but no shipping information. Still havent gotten the box. I also use the USPS informed delivery and it hasn’t popped up on there either. May be canceling this one.

    • I was charged a month ago, and have heard nothing since. There’s no excuse for this. Terrible PR for Walmart!

  19. I get both trendsetter and classic boxes. I received both on the same day. There was nothing indicating which box was which, but one was identical to this, so guess now I know. The Classic box I received was nothing like this. It had only 3 or 4 items, only 1 or 2 were Travel size with a couple of repeats from Trendsetter foils in it and mostly coupons. I am not usually upset for what I get in this box because I donate what I won’t use, but hmmm…seems like the Classic box was not even close to the Trendsetter box this month. Not sure if I just got a dud.

  20. Wondering if they are still sending these boxes out? I’ve been subscribed for a while, but my account does not show an order for the box and I’ve not been billed. I tried to sign up again, but it says I already subscribe.

  21. I got a lot different stuff in mine. Just got mine today and it was super awesome 👏🏻! So happy with mine! If you wanna know what I received I can definitely let u guys know if interested. Don’t know if I could just take a picture

    • Perezangela, yes please, share what came in your box.
      Thank you

    • I want to know what you received in your box.

    • I’d be curious to hear what you got!

  22. Wait!? They made this big deal about the delay to get awesome products and they end up sending a box full of foils?

    • Exactly….delayed and subpar and repeat items, they decided to call this a beauty box not a women’s quarterly grooming box.

  23. Oh Gawd! That’s repeats and foil packets. Yes, I know, it’s free and we pay the $5 for shipping but still… I get the Classic box and still have not even been billed. I may just cancel and continue with Allure and just spend the $20.00 per year on something useful.

  24. I was charged over a month ago. Nothing since, and now I see that even if anything arrives, it will be of little use to me. My expectations for a five dollar box are pretty low, but this one is simply a waste of money. Some months it’s a very good value, but many months I received nothing but foil packets that seem as though they’re simply leftovers. Walmart could and should do better!

  25. I don’t mind the 5$ shipping. But I’m honestly just bored of the repeat samples. Just cancelled! I’ll use the 5$ elsewhere 🙂

  26. I feel like these are the exact same things we got last time. I love that Dove dry shampoo though. I prefer it over super expensive brands like Oribe and Klorane. It really adds body and volume to my hair and costs $5 at the drugstore. I already bought a full size based on the trial I got from Walmart last time and it will be great to have a travel size again.

  27. Was wondering when we would hear something from Walmart

  28. I got my Trendsetter box today. Identical.

  29. Well I view this as a nice way to replenish my extras to throw in as surprises my swaps

    • Great idea!

    • That’s a good idea!

  30. I get both for $5 a box it’s worth it, foil or not I love samples.

    • @Dawnn – I’m with you. I love samples too. It’s a fun and inexpensive way to try out new products.

  31. The sooae sleep mask is the cost of half the box @ $2.50 a package. So I suppose I could calculate everything out and justify the $5 shipping. It’s not a terrible box to me but it’s also not exciting.

  32. Cancelled after seeing this. Can always resub when I see the spoilers for the next box. I’m usually not too picky and don’t mind recieving the same types of products, but there’s barely any actual products in here…and dry shampoo doesn’t count bc it’s in every box (as much as I love it).

  33. I haven’t heard from Walmart in so long , I thought they stopped doing their boxes. I checked and Im still subbed to 2 different boxes.

    • Can you tell me where to look on the Walmart account, to see if I still have that sub going? It wasn’t under Reorder Items, and I haven’t found it anywhere else. Maybe they dropped me?

      • Carol – you can’t get to it via the regular Walmart. com website. You have to go to beautybox. Walmart. com. Hope this helps you find out if you’re still subbed.

  34. I’m glad l cancelled. Not only is it not worth $5 for foils, but not even new products.

  35. They still haven’t charged me. This was supposed to be a September box.

    Hate that Hello toothpaste. This will be the third they’ve sent me.

    Everything else looks usable! If I’ll ever get it.

  36. Cancelled my subscription right after I saw these spoilers. Not worth even 5 dollars..

    • Lol me to

  37. For $5, I think this is a great value. I got charged on Sept 27 when I ordered and just got an email two days ago that it had finally shipped. I ordered the Classic box.

    • IMHO it makes it worse to those of us who’ve been subscribed for years that their sending out boxes for new subscriptions and not filling orders for existing customers first.

    • I got my Classic Box yesterday and it literally had 3 samples (Tresseme hairspray, Jergens wetskin moisturizer, and I believe a deoderant) so don’t get too excited about it lol

      • Seriously? That is a total disappointment, and I don’t even expect much from this box!

      • Oh Noooooooo! That’s a very sad box. Lol

        I’ll post what I get in mine when it shows up next week on the 15th according to UPS.

      • Me too minus the deodorant. I got the same wet skin lotion that I always get and never use, travel hairspray and travel body wash and a sheet mask of some sort. So disappointed.

  38. You would think with their buying power, they could come up with decent sample sizes instead of foil packets.

    • Walmart does not BUY the samples for these boxes. These are the samples the companies send to Walmart for marketing purposes. Blame the manufacturers.

  39. Glad I canceled! Would not liked to recieve this

  40. After the ridiculously long wait this box is extremely disappointing! Seriously looks like leftovers they scrambled together at the last minute. I have 3 of the dry shampoos from the summer boxes unused. That toothpaste is getting old too. The foil packets ate nice when they are extras, but they pretty much make up this whole box. I’d complain but I know the result will only be them explaining the box is free and we pay for shipping. Frustrating!

  41. I’m going to unsubscribe.. this is lame !!

  42. I really was hoping they’d include an item from their new natural makeup/skincare line, Found. I’ve been dying to try it since I heard about, guess I will just have to go buy something.

  43. I still have not been charged for this. I got the email saying “Your Fall 2017
    Walmart Beauty Box is in the works!” on October 2nd :/

    • I received that email too over a month and no word from them again on a box that was in the works 6 weeks ago. I have a feeling after canceling I won’t miss this sub.

  44. I still haven’t been charged for either yet. Will prob just cancel altogether

    • Same here. STILL haven’t been charged. And since I’m not a foil packet fan…this might be a good time to just cancel and be done with it.

  45. I forget that I subscribe to this box until I see updates.

  46. The long list looks like it’s so many items, but honestly that Olay foil packet is so tiny that it shouldn’t count as an item, and the fact that neither Nivea lotion is in a tube is disappointing also.
    And I can’t believe they are still sending out the Dove dry shampoo!
    Also, no color at all in a Trendsetter box?..
    I’ll be passing on this one.

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