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Walmart Beauty Box Fall 2017 Classic Box SPOILERS


Walmart Fall 2017 Beauty Box

We have SPOILERS for the Fall 2017 Walmart Beauty Box!

Here is one of the Classic box (age 35 and up) variations:

Walmart Beauty Box Fall 2017

Source: Instagram use staciek76

This Classic box includes:

Here is one of the Trendsetter box (under age 35) variations:

Source: Instagram user begilly

This Trendsetter box includes:

  • Body Fantasies Layering Collection Perfume Duo
  • SOO AE Donkey Milk Sleeping Mask
  • Nivea In-Shower Body Lotion in Radiant Silk
  • Nivea Oil Infused Lotion in Cherry Blossom
  • OLAY Tone Perfecting Cream
  • Shea Moisture Curl & Shine Shampoo
  • Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie
  • Hello Pure Mint Extra Whitening Fluoride Toothpaste
  • Plackers Micro Mint Dental Flossers
  • Gold Bond Radiance Renewal
  • Dove Volume + Fullness Dry Shampoo

What do you think of the Walmart Beauty Box Fall 2017 spoilers?

(Walmart Beauty Box is a $5 quarterly subscription box.)

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Walmart Beauty Box

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (155)

  1. I just cancelled when I seen that the Winter box should be shipping in Dec and Fall box was to start in Sept…Why would you do a beauty profile for a 5 dollar box…wtf.They haven’t said anything unless you email them. Just like many, I was charged 2 weeks ago and the shipping is still pending. Sad they had really had a good year of sweet boxes and well now were 3 months late.

    • I emailed them twice and both times I did get a reply about a week later telling me they were shipping “that week” My account says On Hold next to both boxes. These boxes have the same old repeats. I just emailed and told them to cancel the Fall boxes and refund my credit card. Not going to cancel my subscription just yet. I want to see what will happen with the Winter Box. My card was charged on November 15th.

      • I just emailed them as well because it’s December 12th and other than my card being charged, I’ve heard and gotten nothing since June which is ridiculous.

      • I emailed asking where my box was and i am tired of waiting.

      • WOW!.. Shoot I wish I would have seen this posting before I gave my credit card info. 🙁

      • I asked for a refund for both boxes and my credit card was credited within 3 days. I hope you all who stuck it out got your boxes and are happy with them.

      • Just got my box today. They sent me three items and a face mask. I waited over a month for them to ship this. Done.

      • Me too! I got men’s hair gel!!! And ANOTHER Jergens wet skin moisturizer. These boxes used to be pretty good for $5 but for what we’re getting I can go buy my own samples for .99 each and be done. I emailed them and after about a week got a “your box shipped” and finally got it a week and a half later. These are the Fall boxes and they’re just coming now!? I’m done.

      • I got a refund 2 weeks ago. I hope everyone who stuck it out and finally got them and are disappointed, write or call Walmart and complain.

      • I also e-mailed them a few times. Once for asking where the “Fall” box was. Apparently they didn’t do one? Unless this one is supposed to be for the Fall season? Then I e-mailed them asking if existing members could do the beauty profile and the answer was no, only new members right now. I don’t believe it will even matter. Then again another e-mail asking when my box would be shipped because I got charged for it weeks ago. Finally received it on Monday. Smh.

    • So it’s December 30th and I FINALLY received my fall box yesterday however, I’m extremely disappointed in getting 4 samples, one of which is a men’s hair gel. Ummmm what the heck?? I got a Dove body wash, a wet skin moisturizer and a sheet mask along with a men’s hair gel…can someone please explain how the trendsetter box gets more than double the items than the classic box? The fact that the sept box didn’t come until the very end of December, even tho i was charged 6 weeks ago and only having 4 items was disappointing enough but adding in a men’s hair gel just pisses me off.

      • I just got my Classic box today! This was very disappointing after waiting so long. I got everything but the Tresemme. Got the men’s gel again! Luckily I can give it to my boyfriend’s son.
        The Trendsetter was much better, it was late but full of good, useful items…love that toothpaste!
        I thought this was the Fall box and we’d still receive a winter box?

  2. Is anyone else still waiting for this box? I was charged for it but I don’t believe it has shipped yet. I’ve sent an email asking when it might be shipped and haven’t had any response.

    • I was charged about two weeks ago and my account has said shipment pending since then. The fall quarter is almost over. I canceled my classic box today online and I am probably going to cancel the trendsetter one too. I wonder when they will send out the winter box. In the past it has gone out in December, but I don’t see that happening.

    • I’m still waiting and they have ignored my emails too. I will be canceling after I get this box. Ridiculous!!!

    • I ordered this box on Nov 17th and my account was charged for the autumn/ fall classic box yet it still states shipment pending. I have sent 4 emails with the instant reply if they will reply within 2 business days. I still have not received word. I Ferrell like the BBB definitely needs called on these people. It is disappointing and feels fraudulent.

      • Absolutely! The problem with that is we have to report on 2 companies, Walmart & Brandshare. I have not gotten that far yet but after the fall box, Brandshare’s CS response, my experience w/ their baby box (was sent a newborn box not a prenatal & told too bad, you get what we have on hand.), I think I’m going to. I have called Walmart’s corporate office to make them aware that Brandshare is not holding up their end of the bargain here. They are not following the FAQ’s and are treating subscribers like crap. Although Walmart hired Brandshare to take care of this program, it’s Walmart’s name on it and Walmart’s name being drug thru the mud yet again. Walmart gets enough bad press as it is… Maybe y’all should get on this before it turns into a PR problem??? I’m not the only one that’s been treated like crap over the beauty box & the baby box.

      • Thier customer service is aweful!! I was able to cancel but it was so impossible to reaxh someone regarding my getting charged FOUR times for boxes not recieved that I gave up!!

    • Same here! I can’t get anyone to respond. And…it looks like the classic box is a joke.

      • Two days after I received the Trendsetter box, I got an email saying it was shipped. Good going, Brandshare! Now I wonder where my other box (Classic) is I paid for on 10/30???!!!!
        Even though only $5 per box, I may cancel if they make a habit of this delay stuff.

    • Yes here it it is Dec 3, my account has been charged but haven’t received them as of yet. but for the price and what you get, its worth waiting for I say!

    • I’m still waiting! I haven’t even been charged yet. No response from customer service either. Anyone else?!

      • I have not been charged, and when I contacted customer service a month ago to cancel (because the site wouldn’t let me cancel – I tried both mobile and desktop sites), they said I would still get the fall box but wouldn’t be charged going forward. However, there are no orders in my account after June. I suspect I won’t be getting any fall box, which is fine, since I wasn’t charged and wanted to cancel anyway, but they made it sound like they would be charging me and sending it.

        What a mess this is.

  3. I logged on to my account, but can’t see where to cancel. Can someone help?

    I’m with everyone else. We have gotten these products in several boxes now. I’m over it.

    • The site wouldn’t let me cancel my boxes even though I hadn’t been charged and no order for a Fall box had been started (the last orders showing are in June). I e-mailed them to cancel, and they said that my subscriptions would be cancelled going forward but that I’d still be getting my fall boxes. That was over two weeks ago, I still haven’t been charged, and no orders for the fall boxes exist in my account.

      The e-mail address they wrote from was [email protected] if you want to try that.

      • I also just emailed them to cancel my subs when I noticed back in the summer that the function doesn’t work on their website.

        It helps that I have since closed the account I had linked with them, so they couldn’t charge me even if they wanted to.

    • Go to account dashboard and then to subscriptions. There should be a cancel button.

      • Cancel buttons haven’t been working for some of us. You click on it, and it says that there was an error and that the cancellation attempt failed.

    • Me too. When Walmart first started the boxes they were a great deal! FULL moisturizer or serums from Roc Or Olay or Neutrogena worth $20 and then some sample sizes. Or full size make up or lip product. My past boxes for months now have not even been worth $5 and it’s the same things over and over. I can buy what I just received for $4. Cancelling today. I know it’s only $5 but the reason I do a box is to have a value OVER what I spend not under! For Ipsy I receive at least $25 worth of products for $10 plus a nice make up bag.

  4. I cancelled back in July, but apparently Walmart has no record of it and I just got an email stating my fall box is on its way. When I wrote to customer service they pretty much said too bad, you’ll just have to keep the box when you get it and you’re not getting a refund. Has anyone ever written “return to sender” and sent it back? I am so angry about this (the principle, not the $5).

    • I would dispute the charge, and when your credit card contacts you about it, send them proof of your cancellation (or just tell them you cancelled in July). Provide them with the “sucks for you” e-mail from Wal-Mart.

      I don’t normally jump to disputing charges (as a small business owner, they are a pain in the butt because sometimes people abuse them), but when you cancelled months ago, they charged you and basically told you to suck it up even though it was their fault, I’d say that’s grounds for a charge dispute.

      • Thanks for replying Rebecca and Dawn! I think I’ll do both – dispute with my CC company, and also send multiple emails.

    • I’m sorry, please excuse me but hell no! Send a different email and explain the situation. Flat out demand a refund! If they won’t, keep starting new emails. Don’t forget to mention the BBB. Take pics & use the hashtag they want us to use ALL over social media. #walmartbeautybox Take it is as far as you have to. It’s not walmart, it’s Brandshare. I canceled before they could bill me for the fall box. Then I decided to sign up for their baby box in hopes of some skincare because the 1st box is supposed to be a prenatal box for mom to be. WRONG!!! First of all, I had to threaten to cancel & dispute the charge just to get them to ship it! It’s not a prenatal box, it’s a newborn box. Only 2 items for mom which are a packet of bath salts (irritating to skin IMO) & Bio-oil body oil. The other items, 4 oz Avent bottle, newborn pacifier, 1 diaper, pack of 8 wipes. Holy Cow! That’s a lot for $5!!! But still, not what I expected at all. Everything is going to a mom in need. But, I did write a polite email regarding it not being prenatal…. Response; So sorry, you get what we have in hand. My Response; Well, thank you for the items sent, they will definately come to good use for someone… But you all at Brandshare ARE NOT living up to your FAQ’s and it’s about time Walmart be made aware of this. Please make sure to make some changes in my account so I actually DO get a prenatal box please. Response back; Sorry, you will have to deal with what you are sent. You have been refunded the $5.00 for the box you aren’t happy with. Ok. Thanks. I didn’t ask for a refund… Just what I signed up for. Just wow…

  5. I’m new to beauty subscription boxes-my first one was the September Target box, and it was worth the $7 as I’ll use all of those items. I’ve invested in Glossybox ($10/each for first 3-months) and Birchbox (grabbed the free box special) in October and November respectively.
    What a joke Walmart is. WOW! I’m extremely disappointed. I got the classic box and asked them if I was missing some items. I got 5 items. Toothpaste and antiperspirant were two of them. What a waste. And they made us wait for so long: “The Fall Beauty Boxes are slightly delayed due to some updates to our website.”
    Anywho, I’m moving on and can’t wait to see my December FabFitFun Box!

    • I didn’t even get the toothpaste and deodorant! I only got the other 3 items. I cancelled.

  6. Got my box today. When I saw the contents, I cancelled online. No problems cancelling. I can spend my 20.00 elsewhere

  7. Just canceled my subscription and expressed my disappointment in the contents of the classic box. Funny, I was so excited to open it when I received it and then immediately felt like it was a bad joke. I don’t think it was worth $5 at all. I wish it was returnable.

  8. Ok, I have been a big supporter of this box for 2 years. I have been sticking up for it when people complain about it only having “boring” stuff from the drugstore that we can get everywhere. I have loved this box for that exact reason, because it offers a fun, inexpensive way to get beauty products I can keep on hand to travel with, go to the hospital with or keep in my just in case bag that I leave in my car. I love knowing i have products that i A. Already know I’ll like/use B. Run out to my local Wal-Mart to get if I love it and want a full size without having to worry that I can only get it from Ipsy/birchbox etc, order online, wait for it etc and C. Know that if I do want to go get it, it’s affordable for me. HOWEVER, can someone PLEASE explain to me why in the world the “Classic” Box has 3 items, all of which they sent out to me in other boxes on more than one occasion, and a description card in it while the “Trendsetter” box has twice plus a bunch of foil packets?? I’m the odd one that doesn’t mind foil packets cuz they don’t take much room in my liquids bag. This is absolutely astounding to me. PLUS…it is mid-November and we are JUST getting our 3rd box of the year which usually comes in mid to late SEPTEMBER. So will we get our 4th box in Februrary?? I get that this is a cheap box that we are only paying $5 for but come on Wal-Mart, your customers deserve better than this. If they are sending the box out 2 months late, double charging people and not communicating with their subscribers, the VERY, VERY least they could do is actually send us the amount of products they said they would when we subscribed to it tho they should have, in my humble opinion, added even an extra item or something as a way of saying they are sorry for all the confusion and thanks for sticking around. I’m thoroughly disappointed in this subscription and even more disappointed in Wal-Mart. We deserve better. I sincerely hope someone from Wal-Mart, or whoever is responsible for this beauty box subscription reads these comments. They need to see how awful this is and that they are losing a LOT of customers.

    • I couldn’t agree more. I have to say that you have helped keep things in perspective and with a good attitude as well. No nastiness. It’s a $5/$20 a year box, calm down. Considering you’ve been w/ them since the beginning, your good attitude and you’re not happy, says a lot. It’s not just me. I did send an email inquiring about the fall box some weeks ago and it took quite awhile to get a response. Due to an overwhelming response for their box, they were running behind… It will be a few weeks… I responded back that as a current subscriber, I certainly hope that this doesn’t mean that I will be getting a ‘bottom of the barrel box’ like I did for the summer box, 3 items missing. The response to that was rude, I got a little rude back. It’s not my problem as an existing customer that you guys can’t get it together. Your existing customers should come first. Furthermore, your job is customer service, not customer corrector. Idk if someone else read it all or if I struck a nerve… But a free “replacement” box was sent out. I did not ask for it but ok, thank you. I get the Classic and in this box was the 2 pack of mask remover sponges from the trendsetter box, a full size Dove deodorant, travel size tresemme hairspray and tiny Aveeno lotion. Don’t get me wrong, I’m thankful for the free stuff but then I saw the spoilers and I just laughed! I responded back to that email thread to inquire about the winter box. I asked if the Winter box was going to be on time, meaning December, as I have canceled so I don’t get the fall box and would like to know when to resubscribe to get the winter box. The response was that when I resign, my 1st box will be the fall box, then the winter. What?! No! No. Me: I am done corresponding with you. Please forward this to your supervisor. End result; sorry, if you want the winter box, we suggest you wait until it is launched to sign up. Brandshare. That’s the name of the company that does the walmart box. So, I decided to see what’s in the baby/prenatal box. Signed up on the 12th… They have their $5 but nothing has shipped yet. It just now says pending. It’s Brandshare. My email for this is simple; if it does not ship today, cancel this to and refund my $5.00. Idk… Walmart put Brandshare in control of this. I’m guessing they will see a decline in subscribers. To be perfectly honest, I’m a little sad about it. I don’t have a lot of extra money to spend. The Walmart box was a really great option for me.

    • I too was wondering why the classic box was so skimpy…and the trendsetter box was overflowing…

    • So I sent 4 emails. The 1st was beginning of November to question when the heck the fall box was going to ship and a response email said soon and please verify my account information is correct. Nov I got my credit card statement showing 11/19/17 I was charge for the fall box so I checked my Walmart Beauty Box account….nothing. I sent email #2. The response from Brand, “it’s being processed and on the way”. 2 weeks later nothing so I sent 3rd email requesting credit. I explained, I’m not requesting credit for the box, I’m requesting credit because it’s unlawful to bill me for

      Next day I got an apology email with a shipping tracking number. The tracking number wasn’t valid. I sent email #4 saying (1) there are enough customer with my same complaint to make a class action lawsuit (2) if I don’t have this fall box in 24 hours, you can take it up with Chase, I’m going to have them credit me back $5 and explain I was charged 11/19/17 for an item I never received. I got my box very next day.

  9. This box was a waste of money.

  10. Wow, this box was horrible!! I could have purchased these sample sized items in the store for less than the cost I paid for shipping (not that I would need to purchase these items, since I keep getting the same things over and over in these boxes). I’m going to give it another try on the winter box, but if that’s as underwhelming as this box, I will be canceling.

    • Same. I’m hoping the fall box was the last of the same ol same ol crap. I really hope they improve with the winter box. If not, I’m cancelling both subs. I actually feel “lucky” in the sense that my boxes were ok. With the delay and changes made I expected better. We know they can afford to make subscribers feel appreciated by not sending repeat foil samples without much change over the seasons. How do they even call them seasonal boxes when they all include the same products?

      Come on Walmart, you can do better. Show us what you’re made of.

      • Horrible customer service? I mean, what are they made of?

  11. Ok so I FINALLY got my box today, and I must confess, I’ve been subbing to this box for 2 or more years, and I kinda thought a lot of people were exaggerating about getting “empty boxes”…. well, my own box had exactly 3 items in it! Wow. Just wow. Why do they even bother? Truly, it’s not about the money at ALL…..why on earth did they waste all of that packaging material, shipping costs, celophane, to basically ship nothing?!

    • To tell you the truth, the Walmart box never made sense to me personally. It’s almost always the same stuff, there is never consistency between the spoilers and the boxes, and I always thought that for $5 it brings a lot more frustration than joy.

      This time around after such a lengthy delay we thought they are revamping the sub, but somehow they managed to make it even worse.

      I say it’s a lost cause.

  12. Cancelled as well! This box is horrible! It sucks!!

  13. I just received both boxes. Wanted to let you know what’s in mine as it is different than the spoilers.

    Colgate Optic White Radiant toothpaste 0.75 oz
    Jergens wet skin moisturizer 1.5 fl oz
    Degree Motion Sense ultra clear black & white invisible solid deodorant (FULL SIZE) 2.6 oz
    Found Coconut sheet mask 1 mask
    Olay luminous tone correcting cream Foil packet 0.02 oz
    Coupon for $2 off EVERPRObeauty get away root concealer
    Another SmileShop coupon code (was included in both summer boxes)

    Trendsetter: (just posting the differences)

    No toothpaste or dry shampoo

    Dove advanced care deodorant in cool essentials 0.5 oz (repeat)

    Schwarzkopf Gliss Hair Repair ultra moisture shampoo and conditioner 1.7 oz each (repeat)

    • *Awayon for $2 off EVERPRObeauty Grey Away root concealer*

      • Omg!

        **Coupon for $2 off EVERPRObeauty Grey Away root concealer**

    • Got my classic box today, and it had these same items you listed.

  14. Odd how there’s no positive or middle of the road posts- only the ones by disappointed subscribers.

    Is there a reason for this?

    • My guess is because this box has been delayed for 2 months without any proactive updates. Some people sent emails inquiring and they were continually told “a few weeks” for over a month. And then when the boxes finally start to go out, most of it is the same stuff that has been sent for many seasons already. So, again, there is still no explanation of what the hold up was. I think people were expecting something different due to the addition of the profile questions and the long delay. So there is more disappointment than usual. Plus, there appears to be a larger than usual discrepancy between value (or at least product count) between the Classic and Trendsetter versions. I still haven’t even been charged for either of my subscriptions and no updates… If you are hinting at or asking if comments are being filtered by MSA, that is not the case. Some comments are held up for review and approval by admins but they do not post only positive or only negative reviews.

    • Trisha, adding to LBs comments,( well done LB, thank you) I have been Subscribing to Walmart boxes for over a year, and the last 2 boxes go to newly signed up subsciptions way before people like myself. By the time I got my box, it was almost empty.. not anyone fault that Subscribe, that is on Walmart. But if it is very disheartening.
      We have been waiting longer, getting repeats, getting ignored from Walmart CS, …
      And recently walmart had us fill out a beauty profiles, so we all thought,. Maybe they are taking time and interest … But turns out we are still getting the exact same products as the last box.
      Walmart is. Certainly large enough to handle this type of thing. But when they announced it publicly before summer box, is when they dropped the ball. If you are not able to handle it, don’t announce it on worldwide.
      MSA allows us to write about our subs, good or bad. Their site has every box you can think of and more! I look up boxes and reviews to help me decide if I want to subscribe or not to something else. I love MSA because people write why they like or dislike a subscription. But MSA does not filter and/or post only bad reviews. So if you see mostly negative comments/review, you might want to consider not Subscribing.

      Alot of subs do first month free or greatly discounted, so there’s always a way to order some things even if it has a lot of negative comments.

      • Walmart having us make a profile….like when you’re on hold (credit card company, cable co, etc) waiting for someone to answer and the automated phone system tells you to put in your account number to speed things up, so you do, but when customer service gets on the line they do not have your account number. Walmart gave us something to do to waste time while we are waiting.

  15. I get 2 of the Classics and always get the email alerts, including shipping notifications. I got charged on the 6th and then on the 9th.

    Both boxes usually arrive the same day- which will be mid week.

    I use everything that comes in these Wally & Target boxes. No complaints from me & my gang. The kids will all be home from college next week and they will use every drop of shampoo, body scrub- toothpaste- you name it that they can get their hands on.

    I used to like getting samples for free, but they got less and less after a few years and then the beauty box idea cropped up. No problem paying $5 bucks either. Super cheap & worth it.

  16. I’m with so many of you on here…so, so tired of the same thing over and over. I’m really glad they weren’t able to charge $5 to my credit card because I cancelled/closed it and I never put a new card on file with them. It’s just not worth the $5 they’ve gotten so bad. It’s only four boxes a year, you’d think they could get more creative with the products instead of always going with Dove and Jergens. I won’t be suffering from FOMO not receiving this box anymore. Hopefully they will make some improvements…

    • Looked at my account charged in october for fall box that i never got. I cancelled.

      • I had to e-mail them to cancel because the site gave me an error message every time I tried to cancel, and the response I got was that I wouldn’t be charged beyond the fall box (well, boxes, I subscribe to each type). I am going to double check that they haven’t charged me, and I’m going to delete or mess with my card information so that they can’t charge me again, whether it be for this box or for the next one.

        It’s not like they said, “Your box is in process and can’t be cancelled,” they just said, “You won’t be charged past the fall box.” So even though I haven’t been charged, nor has my box order even been started, I am now allowed to cancel.

        Those of you who cancelled on the site, it sounds like they may still try to stick you with the fall box.

      • Not* allowed to cancel

      • Even though I was able to cancel online, the email response I finally got was rude. I politely stated that “waiting a couple of more weeks for the Fall box after I’ve seen what’s in it just isn’t going to cut it for me. Is the Winter box going to be late as well? I would like to resubscribe for the Winter box. Could you please tell me when to resubscribe so I can get the winter box?” The response was that the winter box will be in time. When you resubscribe, your next box will be the fall box then the winter box. WHAT?! NO! I still have not responded to that one… Not sure I want to. It’s going to have to be one awesome box… By this time of year, I have a pretty good stash of stuff for my daughter, niece & donations for our women’s shelters. The walmart & target boxes help with this. I didn’t purchase the last Target beauty or baby box. Right after I canceled this box, I googled the Walmart baby box and signed up for that one. I put my due date in June so I will get the prenatal box 1st. Supposed to ship in 5-7 business days. Hoping it has some decent stuff for expectanting moms. Definately a need for some.

      • Oddly enough, i was able to cancel my original classic box (online at the computer, not on my phone) that was not billed yet. I then signed up again with a mew profile for the trendsetter and was billed. I have another account for the classic I started and was billed fora week or so ago.
        Now I just I hope I get the boxes for both accounts. lol

        Anything that I don’t like or will never use, I can always give away. I don’t know why some people are like “omg” about products they do not want that someone else may want to use. Just be charitable instead.

    • same here, I never updated my information because the boxes are still the same. I know it’s only 5 dollars but not worth it anymore.

  17. No charges to me, no shipping confirmation, no e-mails about the delay or notices that my box will be shipping soon. My account looks exactly as it did in June. The site gives me an error when I try to cancel, so I e-mailed them yesterday asking to cancel both of the box subscriptions in my account. Let’s hope they do so before they try to charge me.

  18. Very disappointed. Emailed customer service to be sure I actually got all the items… feel like I have to apologise to my Mum and sister these are so cheap and underwhelming. Going to cancel. Target was not good this month either. Boxycharm makes everything else look like a waste of money!

  19. Wow! I never even received mine, even though I tried to contact them a couple of times to find out what was going on.

  20. I also just cancelled. Not worth even $5, and the same stuff over and over. Plus, I got tired of waiting for the Fall Box.

    • It’s’ ALWAYS Dove and Jergens ALWAYS!!! I like the trendsetter box better, my daughter gets that one. There are so many companies out there, WHYYYYYYY is it always Dove and Jergens???? Grrrrrr

  21. I’m with the majority here; just cancelled. II feel like the boxes have gotten too receptive and sparser as the year has gone on. 🙁

  22. Cancelled both boxes. Same old products, not even worth $5.

  23. Oh yay…. ANOTHER in shower moisturizer, because I don’t already have 7 others from all my other walmart boxes. 😂

  24. I don’t get why trendsetter has way more in it than classic. I have two accounts, but now that I know how it works, I will be changing one of them to trendsetter for the next box (or this one since it hasn’t charged me for it yet or sent out a shipping notice).
    I am going to keep them for the time being since I only started with them in August. But I do hope Walmart replaces BrandShare with a better company for the next quarter.

    • I was thinking the same. Regardless, this box is horrible. I genuinely will not use any of these things except MAYBE the sheet mask.

  25. And….Peace Out!😉 Very easy cancellation process at least lol. What on earth took them all the delay time?! Certainly not coming up with exciting, innovative new items. Bummer! Oh well, a little more $ available for Black Friday😁

    • I canceled too. It’s been over a week since the last email I sent and no response. After canceling, I googled the Walmart baby box and signed up for that. I put my due date in as June so I should get a prenatal box shipping out in 5-7 business days. I have a friend who is expecting so nothing will go to waste. Just curious and I have loved some of the products I’ve gotten from Target baby boxes. Now that we are halfway into November, I wonder when I should resub for the winter box.

  26. Goodbye Walmart! Cancelled. Done.

  27. Cancelled.

  28. Are you kidding me?? What a joke. They keep sending out the same cheap garbage for the classic box. How can they justify the differences between the two boxes. What a rip off.

    Cancelled. My box hadn’t shipped yet. Hope I cancelled in time.

  29. Just cancelled too. Not happy with Walmart , classic box is massively disappointing and what’s the point , it’s not even shipping for weeks yet.

  30. It’s not exciting, but I’ll use everything. I do wish they would make the contents of both boxes equal.

  31. I will say…this is dissapointing, however the demand for beauty subscription boxes is blowing up. I forsee Walmart stopping this…just sheer volume. This started as a way to test stuff and became “why buy fullsize…?? More samples will follow..just my thoughts.

    • You used to be able to order unlimited samples for free on their website daily, you did not even have to pay shipping or anything , and would get some nice goodies

      • I know!! I miss those days! 😊

  32. Trying to cancel on my phone, keeps saying cancellation failed, please try again later. First, they delay the shipping, and it’s the same crap we always get, no cosmetics, and now they’re basically forcing me to buy it. Not happy

    • I tried to cancel and received an error, I emailed they cancelled but billed me for the fall box anyway. I’ve only had a few interactions with their customer service but they’ve been dicks every time.

  33. I will say I’m excited to try the donkey milk sleeping mask.

  34. I’m glad I switched to the trendsetter box. But I’m with you guys, I’m going to cancel, not worth $5 anymore.

    • How do you know which version you will get? I’m 26. Will I always get “trendsetter”? I didn’t see an option to choose..??????

      • You can change your birthday in your profile to over 35 for classic and under 35 for trendsetter.

      • Yes, you will get the trendsetter until you turn 35, unless you change your b’day on your profile

      • You can also get both, sign up for one, and then go in, change your birthday and sign up for the other. They are 5.00 a piece, so it would be 10.00 each season for both.

      • Nevermind I checked my account it says trendsetter. Will I always get trendsetter because of my age???

  35. I have cancelled both box versions at this point. Not worth it.

  36. I’m with you guys. Just cancelled.

  37. I cancelled the classic but kept trendsetter. Amazing how few products are in the classic compared to trendsetter AND the products that are in the classic are not even worth $5. I wonder what the shipping hold up was for? I could have gone to any discount store and made up thousands of these boxes with no shipping delay so I’m pretty sure Walmart could have done the same.

    • Just wanted to say LOL!!! I love this comment so much.

  38. When i signed up for this box a few weeks ago, I didn’t realize there were two versions. Are they randomly distributed to subscribers?

  39. Nope! That “we’re sorry for the ‘shorted’ summer box” that I got had 4 items, this exact body wash and the hairspray. The in shower moisturizer is a repeat. Tiny foil packet of Olay and a sheet mask… I’m sorry, I know I said I wouldn’t complain about a $5 Walmart box but this one is ridiculous after all this wait. Unsubscribing now. Does anyone get the baby box?

  40. I got those exact items in the classic box. Waste of $5. I cancelled too.

    • You received your fall box already? So this isn’t just a sneak peak at some of the items, this is actually all that is in it?

      • Yeah, my sister already received hers and it was the same samples. 😕

  41. I know it’s only $5 but it’s not even worth that. What a rip off. I’m cancelling now!!!

  42. I just cancelled my Classic box. They hadn’t charged me for Fall yet. I wonder if they’ll still charge me for/send me this one or I caught it in time?

  43. Wow, this is even worse than the Trendsetter box. So glad I canceled both my subscriptions.

    And this whole long wait was for THIS? Looks to me like they could have thrown these samples together at any given time – it’s not like there is anything new there.

    • That is what i always thought…they take 3 months to put this freebie crap box together? Weird. Considering all the junk they make and sell… this?

  44. Canceled! Both boxes. Not worth it anymore – same with most Target boxes sadly.

  45. I love the Jergens wet skin moisturizer. With the sheet mask and Olay cream sample, it’s worth $5 to me. If they ever decide to actually charge my card and send this to me… Come on Walmart, this was supposed to come out in September!

    All the people who whine that this box of usable goodies is not worth $5 to them probably drop $5 at Starbucks all the time.

  46. I’m glad I canceled… did these used to better or did it just seem like it when I was newer to sub boxes??

  47. I’m glad I recently cancelled my subscription to both boxes. These really do look like a waste.

  48. While I do understand that this is only a $5.00 box, I’m a bit confused as to how the Trendsetter Box has many more items than the Classic Box, but that makes it worse as I’ve had/continue to wait for a longer time than usual to receive the Classic Box, and all to see that It has minimal items in it and nothing really exciting or new to try out.

    What caused this delay for a quite sadly curated box? Again.. it’s only $5.00.. but at least ship it out late and have it be curated with “something worthwhile” inside it and worth the wait!

    • I agree I jut sae that. The trendsetters has 11 items and the classic has 5. Dame ptice snd yes I seem to always be waiting for the classic to arrive. Also agree it’s a $5 box but the unevenness is not cool!’

    • It seems trendsetter has lots of foils and the classic only one foil. But I cancelled after lackluster summer boxes of duplicates.

  49. This is horrible…it’s not worth $5.. glad I cancelled..smh

  50. Looks like those of us with classic boxes are being jipped. 4 products and a foil!! Meanwhile trendsetter gets 8 products and at least 3 foils! I’ll be cancelling I think, I still haven’t been charged or heard anything about the fall box and we are half way through Nov. Boo Walmart.

    • I agree with you a 100% ! I will be canceling also.

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