Walmart Beauty Box Fall 2017 Box – Shipping Update

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Well, it’s been longer than expected, but the Fall 2017 Walmart Beauty Box will finally start shipping soon.

(FYI – I received this email for my trendsetter account, but not for my classic account.)

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Finally received my box today. It was conveniently shipped on the same day that I emailed my complaint to them (the 12th), which went completely unanswered until today (and of course the response was that it was delivered to me today…yes, 4 days later and a MONTH after I was charged).

  2. Has anyone still not received their Fall Walmart Beauty Box? I was charged the $5 a couple of weeks ago, but the status of the box still shows pending shipment.

    • No box for me either or even a shipping notice. They charged me in mid-November 🙁

      • no box for me neither.

        • Still nothing for me , they had N PROBLEM billing me in November but still no box BAH HUMBUG!

    • Mine still says pending shipment too

    • Nope. No box. Still says pending. I’ve emailed 3 times and have yet to receive a response.

    • I was charged over 2 weeks ago. I checked on the status when I saw the charge and it said pending. I checked it today, it says “on hold”. This is ridiculous. The fall box should arrive in fall, not almost winter.

    • Update: It now says processing shipment. But, it has been saying that for a couple of days now. At this rate I may get the Fall box and the winter box at the same time.

      • Mine says processing shipment and it has said this for the past 6 weeks! Very frustrating to say the least!!!!

    • My status says “on hold” now. I’m going to check to see if I have been billed, if I haven’t I am going to cancel this subscription. This is ridiculous. If I’ve been billed then I will cancel the subscription after I receive this box. The items have not been impressive and the shipping issue is ridiculous. My neighbor received hers weeks ago and she signed up for the subscription months after I did. #done with walmart beauty boxes

    • Ok, it’s Dec 10th and I’m yet to receive my box. I did get order confirmation on November 14th but my status still says processing shipment. Has anyone else got their box that was still waiting?

      • Yes!! I just emailed them asking what was going on.

        • Where are my fall beauty boxes?Already been charged.Not a happy camper

      • Yay, after 4 email, I finally got a response. My box is shipped and on its way. Good luck all. I know how frustrating this is.

    • I’m in the same boat. Was charged on the 16th. Emailed them on the 3rd and was told my box would be shipped out that week and I would have a tracking number by Wednesday. Here we are a week later and still nothing. My account still says “processing shipment.” I emailed them again today so we will see if anything comes from it. I called them out on how their emails say we won’t be charged until the box ships and that’s a big fat lie.

    • I was charged on nov. 17th for the fall box, my shipment says pending, still haven’t received my box, No shipment notification. Very disappointed.

    • I finally got my box. It was okay. I’m pretty sure I will be cancelling my membership.

    • I still haven’t received mine. I’ve tried contacting them several times. Nothing.

    • It’s currently December 20th and neither myself or my daughter (who lives in totally different city so it’s not like she’s in the same house as me) have received our boxes. I was charged on November 15th for both (daughter’s was a gift so I pay for it) and nothing. I emailed them through the site and I heard nothing back. I messaged them on Instagram and got a very generic description saying they apologize but I will be notified when it ships. For a subscription that is only 4 times a year and I’ve only received 2 boxes so far with 11 days left in the year, I’m incredibly disappointed. I really love the box because I love that I can find the products in basically any drug store and because the products are, for me, typical daily products rather than some of the higher end makeup, skin or hair care found in other subscriptions. This is definitely more my speed so I have really enjoyed getting this box for 2 years. I totally understand that companies have unforeseen issues that come up that may cause delays but with most companies, their customer service will usually communicate with it’s customers. Even if Walmart is experiencing delays, simply sending short update emails or something to reassure it’s subscribers they haven’t forgotten about us or an apology for the delay…any type of communication…I don’t think they would have so many people frustrated and canceling. Sad. But what’s more sad is that I really don’t want to cancel the box so I guess I have to deal with it but it’s just wrong that they said we will get 4 boxes a year and as of right now, I’ve only gotten 50% of that. In my opinion, that’s a failure on their part.

    • I emailed and what a coincidence I received tracking info a day or two later – seems like it prompted them to ship or something. My boxes arrived yesterday.

  3. This is ridiculous. Was charged for this weeks ago and still hasn’t shipped. Just cancelled.

  4. I just received the fall box which was horrible. It had 3 small items that I have previously received. When I started the beauty box it was great but has gotten very chinzy and cheap. I don’t need anymore hairspray or wet skin moisturizer!!! Please improve these and send new items every month!!

    • Teri Leaf:
      You are lucky you even got the box. Most of us are still waiting for shipment notification.

      Posting here won’t tell Walmart’s BrandShare that they need to change things… this is not them. Unless they take the time to read our posts, which I highly doubt. They don’t even respond to question emails directly to them. 🙂

      • Yeah, I’ve got no status on mine for this season. No charges on my card, either. I’m losing hope at getting anything besides foil packets at this point 🙁

        • Same here. no charge or shipping email. Thankfully in a month I get Ipsy, Birchbox, Target, Allure, Macy’s, Play! By Sephora and Boxycharm so I make our pretty well anyways but, seems they could’ve been more on top of it seeing as they only have 4 versus others 12.

          • I have seen the Walmart Beauty Box advertise on other sites that promote deals, savings Etc.
            There were many many negative comments including mine warning people. Of course the person running the site put pictures of the Box they received which of course was jam-packed full of new and great products.
            Quite a lot of people are cancelling… I was billed 5 weeks ago and still has not shipped and continues to say processing. I did email to cancel but have not heard back.
            Hopefully with all of the emails and cancellations Walmart will figure this out. Still very unfortunate that new people have received their boxes and people that have been with them for a while have not been billed or received boxes and it’s mid-november.

  5. I finally got a shipment notification today!

  6. This is crazy! I ordered this in September and I have still yet to receive. This is for sure snail mail 🐌 . I am so glad tho that I have 9 other subscriptions to fill my impatience, still processing shipping which is crazy! Contacted them and they said that they would email me with shipping info in the next couple weeks . It’s been way over a couple weeks! Probably will get this in December lol but not a great first impression for sure! We should be getting free shipping and waive the $5 for all the waiting we have had to do🙄

    • I signed up in september too and have not heard ANYTHING about my fall box. Ridiculous………

  7. How can I email walmart?I have 3 boxes and only want 2 but when I try to cancel a error comes up.

    • Melissa, there are all kinds of links starting at “Support” at the bottom of the page. When you click that, there are answers to common questions, then from there you can request help and I also see a “Help” button at the bottom right. Doesn’t hurt to try them.

      And it isn’t really Walmart — they subcontracted “Brand Shares” to do these boxes, so they are the ones who need to be contacted. I highly doubt asking at a store or calling Walmart would do much good.

      Gidget: The box you are describing is what I got for Summer, at the end of August when I first signed up. I hope it was it supposed to be a Summer box replacement for you.

      • Hi Mally, yes, the box I was sent is a leftover Summer box. It is apparently an apology box? At least that’s kinda how the last CS email reads… My classic box was missing 3 items. I never emailed to complain about it but did mention that in an email regarding the delay in the Fall box. The CSR was beyond rude & overly corrective. I do believe I read someone else had a lovely CSR response about the same things. I actually find this replacement box more useful. I did just check my account. No charge for the fall box yet.

    • Good morning everyone.
      Here’s the email address I write to,

      [email protected]

      *If you are not emailing from your account page, OR replying e to one of their emails, its best to include your account number as well as your name and address

      I am Not saying that they will respond…

      I have Beauty Box, baby box and l also got the Men’s box over the summer.

      *Beauty Box – I get either no response, OR Weeks Later I get response but it does not answer my question really

      Baby Box – the baby box was also late. I got that in late October. I did email and got a prompt response that it was a little late.

      Mens Box – I wrote this week to verify the men’s box was not a subscription, got an email within hours saying it was not. And they would announce if they are going to put out another box.

      I can only guess that they are overwhelmed, and/or ignoring us for the Beauty Box. Either way, it’s trying.
      They asked us to fill out Beauty profile, but when I did it said I was already subscribed. Why are we asked to fill that out and get to the end to be told not possible?! I would have really liked to try the natural sub, but I am not creating yet another account!

      *And just to note my original account was for the trendsetter as well as classic boxes. When I went to get the men’s box I had to create a new account. Same things with the baby box.. I got pop ups that they can only do a certain type of box per account… So I now have three accounts!! All have to be different email.

      My first and original Beauty Box account was recently changed to only trendsetter! But after I received 2 identical boxes with all of the summer items! And I have been subbing for a year.. I thought my boxes finally shipped early for Fall, and then realized it was the summer boxes. Bittersweet due to I think I was the last person possible to get those boxes in the summer, so they only had a few items each.
      So frustrating!

      I do however very much appreciate MSA site. Thank you all for updates.
      And I know that I am not cRaZy !! This is happening to others. And I would not wish that on anyone.

      I do look forward to seeing when people get their box, and all of the surprises in it.

      • LeiAnne, when I created my 2nd box, I tried to make it “Natural” – it came out on the account as “Classic”. I don’t think there really is a “Natural”! lol
        If I end up cancelling box #1 in December (that one is Classic too!), I will do a Trendsetter so I get two different ones! Maybe. 😛

  8. I was charged on October 23rd and received that same email. When I logged in to the website to see what was going on and why I hadn’t received the shipping notification I saw that they had my order listed as “on hold”. I decided to email them and this is what I got:

    “Hi Laura,

    Thanks for being in touch. Sorry for any trouble or confusion.

    The Fall Beauty Boxes are slightly delayed due to some updates to our website. Rest assured, they should ship soon, and you’ll receive an email confirmation once they do. We appreciate your patience and apologize for the trouble.”

    I get that stuff happens, but why charge me if my box isn’t ready to ship? And why is there such a delay? Hopefully the box is worth it.

  9. I haven’t gotten this email for either my trendsetter or classic but I never get any emails from them or charged either for the last 4 boxes. I asked a manager in a store about it and she told me not to look a gift horse in the mouth.

    • That is kind of rude from the store manager, I think.

      • I don’t know if it was rude …. totally depends upon tone and how it was said. Considering she doesn’t get charged for them.

    • Lol Michelle, Walmarts been making some errors lately, and I believe you are unique with this error? .., lol but it is on them, and you did try to have it looked into. Hope your luck holds up. Let us know how Fall box goes please

  10. They have a men’s grooming box for $7 now, too.

  11. Just to check, I signed up for another box a few days ago and was charged. That new account now says “in process”. My original account has no activity on it at all for the Fall box. I think I am going to cancel the older account if I only get the box on the newer account, since they will have obviously ignored it. I may restart that original account for Spring though, as their stuff is not all that bad. And who knows, maybe they will ignore the second account then so I will need another! lol!!!

    • They always seem to ship new orders first. Loyal customers have to wait.

    • That worked for me with the summer boxes. I cancelled and resubscribed and got both of my boxes quickly, chock full of stuff (as opposed to the spring boxes, which had 1/3 of what the reviewed boxes had).

      However, I just went to cancel and resubscribe, and cancelling won’t work. A few weeks ago I looked at my account and had four subscriptions total (two classic and two trendsetter), and I couldn’t cancel them. I e-mailed customer service, and it took over a week for them to respond and say that I now only had two. I’m not sure why I had to ask them to cancel for me and why it took a week+.

      So yeah, I think I’ll be stuck on the back end of the shipping list like all the other loyal customers, with whatever leftover crap they send me.

      • Getting stuck at the end with a box that has stuff missing like all the other loyal customers is exactly how I feel. I’ve seen a few others say similar things. My last 2 boxes were like that and that’s what I said in an email. I checked my account today & there’s a charge for zero so I clicked on that to see what it is and they resent me the summer box??? Ok, thanks even tho I didn’t ask for that. It’s scheduled for delivery today. I will reply back to this post. Since they did not sell out of the summer box, it will be interesting to see if it’s full or not.

      • Ok, got the gift replacement box. It has 5 items, full size Dove advanced care invisible anti-perspirant, travel size tresemme hairspray, travel size Dove go fresh body wash pear & aloe vera, travel size Aveeno daily moisturizing lotion unscented and a two pack of ecotools mask remover sponges. All of which will be useful except the Aveeno. Funny thing is, I get the Classic box and this isn’t even close. Not complaining. Totally thankful for it, it’s just odd…

        • That’s definitely the summer box. I get the classic and trendsetter, and both of my summer boxes were exactly the same – literally the exact same contents. It was fine because everything was useful to me.

          It sounds like they are at least listening to some people whose boxes have almost nothing in them. My spring boxes were all foil packets with one or two travel size samples, whereas all the reviews/reveals had multiple travel size samples and a couple of foil packets.

          But yeah, it seems super unfair that new subscribers seem to get the most stuff, shipped first, whereas loyal customers get the leftovers, shipped late. On the last post about this, someone said in the comments that they had gotten their box early last week (like Monday 10/23). I wonder if they got the fall box or a summer box.

  12. Thank you for the update Liz! Much appreciated! I get the Classic Box. Still no charge in my account. I will post here as soon as a see a charge.

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