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The PMS Package Subscription Review + Coupon – November 2017

Front of PMS Package Box

The PMS Package is a period subscription box to help you deal with your cravings and pamper yourself.

Back of PMS Package Box

My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

Open PMS Package Box

This review is of the Premium, $34.99 a month box. 

Full contents of PMS Package Box

The Subscription Box: The PMS Package

The Cost: $29.99 per month for the original package, or $34.99 per month for the premium package (with free shipping).

LIMITED TIME DEAL: Use code FRIDAY25 to save 25% off!

The Products: Snacks, beauty items, and feminine hygiene products.

Ships to: US for free, International costs vary depending on location.

Good to know: It looks like their pricing model recently changed. They no longer have the mini package that we had previously reviewed. You also get to choose the delivery date for your package to coincide with your period.

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Tampax Regular Absorbency Tampons box Tampax Regular Absorbency Tampons

Tampax Tampons in Regular Absorbancy, box of 10 – Retail Value $3.89

I’ll tell you right now, I am a menstrual cup kinda gal, so I abandoned tampons years ago. That being said, sometimes you are caught by surprise because you (read: me) always forget to put info into your period app, so these can still come in handy. Even though regular absorbancy is no match for my flow, it’s good to carry one of these around for an emergency or to help a fellow woman out in her time of need. They’ve sent this pack of 10 to cover you for at least a few days.

Two packets of Motrin IB

Motrin IB, 2 packets (with 2 capsules each) – Estimated Value $0.56 (Buy a box of 50 for $14.10)

Ibuprofen, my Queen, my bestie. I am a chronic headache person, so I always have ibuprofen on my person. I don’t get the worst cramps, but I definitely can feel like a tiny bit of hell when my period comes-a-knockin, so these little single serving packs of two are great to keep in my desk at work, or in my purse.

Front of Pure Radiance by Cala Honey Face Mask back of Front of Pure Radiance by Cala Honey Face Mask

Pure Radiance by CALA Illuminating Facial Mask Sheet in Honey – Retail Value $1

When you aren’t exactly feeling like running a marathon (although exercise is proven to relieve menstrual cramps), sometimes you just want to treat yourself and have a lil home spa sesh. The first of two sheet masks that The PMS Package has included is one intended to illuminate with honey extract.

front of Front of Pure Radiance by Cala Pomegranate Face Mask back of Front of Pure Radiance by Cala Pomegranate Face Mask

Pure Radiance by CALA Energizing Facial Mask Sheet in Pomegranate – Retail Value $1

The second sheet mask included will energize your skin with pomegranate extract. The mask itself is pretty straight-forward, smelling more like hand sanitizer than pomegranate, and dripping with essence. I popped this one for 15 minutes, hoping to energize my whole self after a heavy lunch, face included. After removing the mask, I rubbed in the inevitable extra essence, and after the initial stickiness kind of soaked in, my face felt pretty soft.

Opaline Bath Bomb

Opaline Bath Bomb in Rose – Retail Value $3?

I couldn’t find this lone bath bomb online (it seems like these are often a part of a gift basket), but I’m going to estimate a $3 value based on the size. This looks to be a rose-scented bath bomb that is ready to fizzle your sore body away. I’m a big fan of baths and when rose petals are involved, my interests are even more piqued. This is pretty heavily scented, so even though this bomb isn’t as big as your average Lush variety, it’s sure to get the job done.

Sheila G's Browie Brittle package back of Sheila G's Browie Brittle package Sheila G's Browie Brittle on plate

Sheila G’s Brownie Brittle in Chocolate Chip, 1 oz. – Estimated Value $0.70 (Buy a variety pack of 20 for $13.99)

You really can’t escape Sheila G in subscription boxes. I myself am not a big fan of this Brownie Brittle (it’s just a bit TOO MUCH for me), but my roommate loves it and was stoked to see me bring this home. If you are a choc-o-holic, than this is a great little snack-size bag for you that ensures you don’t go too hard on the stuff.

Big Little Fudge in Choc A Lot package Big Little Fudge in Choc A Lot on plate

Big Little Fudge in Choc A Lot, 1.6 oz. – Estimated Value $2.50 (Buy a box of 12 for $29.95)

I get why they call this “Big Little Fudge”. It’s small, yet kind of a huge piece of fudge. The flavor I received is called “Choc A Lot” as well, so I am preparing myself for a chocolate overload. One bite and I was like “Yeah, ok. This is SUPER chocolatey” as I slipped it back into its wrapper to take another nibble of at a later date.

Princess Choco Rocks Chocolatey Chunks Princess Choco Rocks Chocolatey Chunks on plate

Princess Choco Rocks Chocolatey Chunks, 3 oz. – Retail Value $3

Ok- I definitely made fun of these when I first saw them. I mean, c,mon. This is a period box that is already full of chocolate and pink stuff, and then you’re gonna give me something with the word “princess” on it? But then I ate these pale pink and purple metallic “rocks” and shut my mouth. These things look cool as heck and are addictively good. Would they appeal to me more if they were metallic black? Yes. But I will take these princess-form ones anyway. This tube has lasted me quite a while because just a small handful at a time is enough to indulge my craving.

Martinelli's Organic Mulling Spices package back of Martinelli's Organic Mulling Spices package 3 single serving packets of Martinelli's Organic Mulling Spices back of single serving packet of Martinelli's Organic Mulling Spices

Martinelli’s Organic Mulling Spices, 3 single serving packets – Estimated Value $1.65 (Buy a 20 pack for $10.99)

I thought that these were packets that only needed water added, but alas, you need some apple cider to enjoy these. Though I appreciate the fall vibes, I didn’t have any cider on hand to try these out. This box comes with three individual packets to spice up that cider though, which sounds super cozy, especially when your uterus is shedding it’s lining.

"Note to self" kiss marks notebook back of "Note to self" kiss marks notebook Inside lined pages of "Note to self" kiss marks notebook

“Note To Self” Kiss Mark Notebook – Retail Value $5?

Journaling isn’t the first thing I think of when I get my period, but I suppose some women may use writing as an outlet, or if you’re tracking your period or ovulation, you can use this instead of an app on your smartphone. I am literally drowning in notebooks, and this one is a bit too “feminine” for me, so I will most likely be passing it on to someone. The cover is a sort of faux leather with different colored kiss marks all over it and it’s pretty thick, full of lines pages.

pink diamond-topped pen close up of pink diamond-topped pen

Diamond Pen – Retail Value $3.50?

Even though these can be found on AliExpress, I’m not exactly sure if it’s the same one or not, so I tried to meet in the middle between the cost of similar there and on Amazon. This pen is a fuchsia pink and gold metal-bodied pen with a large fake diamond on top. It retracts the pen tip by turning and actually writes quite smoothly for a ballpoint. It has a good weight to it, even though it’s not really my style. This is a good companion for the notebook with all the pink feels.

mirabella lighten up vivid visionary eyeshadow in box mirabella lighten up vivid visionary eyeshadow open mirabella lighten up vivid visionary eyeshadow swatch of mirabella lighten up vivid visionary eyeshadow

Mirabella Lighten Up Visionary Eyeshadow in Vivid, .32 oz – Retail Value $29 (found on sale here for $10)

More pink! This time, it’s in the form of an interesting type of eyeshadow. I say interesting because this is a cream eyeshadow that dries to a powder. It has a really unique texture, and as I dabbed my brush into it, it reacted like a spongey, dense cream (which it is). Even though it’s a very pigmented and glittery pink, a little goes a long way. It glides easily onto my lid and was simple to blend out, and then build on. I’m not an avid eye shadow-wearer, nor a pink one at that, but this is something I’ve certainly never seen before.

Verdict:  The PMS Package was a little heavy on the pink items for me, but did deliver some tasty treats and welcomed beauty items. I love receiving sheet masks and bath products, so those were a big win for me. The tampons and Motrin will no doubt come in handy for me, and those metallic rocks are darned good. After totaling the retail values (and guesstimates), this $34.99 box came to a $54.80 value. No doubt, that $29 eyeshadow held up a big chunk of that value. 

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? 

When you sign up for a subscription, you will be charged at the time that the checkout process is completed. Your first package will be shipped within 7 days after the initial sign up date and recurring months delivered on the custom delivery date selected. The subscriptions are set to auto renew each month on the same date as the initial sign up date.

Value Breakdown: At $34.99 for this box, here’s what you are paying approximately per item:

  • Tampons: $2.48
  • Motrin x2: $0.36
  • Sheet Masks x 2: $1.28
  • Bath Bomb: $1.92
  • Brownie Bites: $0.45
  • Fudge: $1.60
  • Choco Rocks: $1.92
  • Mulling Spices: $1.05
  • Notebook: $3.19
  • Pen: $2.23
  • Eyeshadow: $18.52

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The PMS Package

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Written by Marne Orenich

Marne Orenich

Marne is a lipstick connoisseur, record collector, and twice over cat mom. She loves discovering new clean beauty brands and has quite the collection of beautifully packaged serums and moisturizers.

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Comments (8)

  1. This looks better than when I reviewed it. They kept sending chocolate that melted on me.

    You can put the mulling spices in red wine. Based on what you say in some of your other reviews, that seems like something you would enjoy.

    • LOL Ragan! Thank you, I never would have known! Yea, I think you did the mini box that seems to no longer be an option, and I was lucky to get intact chocolate. 😉

  2. This is a great idea for a box, and looks super cute. But is anyone else bothered by the exclamation point on the sticky note that should be a question mark?

    • HEATHER! That is the first thing that I noticed, but I didn’t mention it in the review. Totally bothersome. It’s like a command instead of a question. Hahaha.

  3. Pink eyeshadow: Guaranteed to make you look as crappy as you feel on those heavy-flow days. At least they’re consistent.

    • LOL! Yep! More pms’d. It might look good on some people yet I am not one of them.

  4. I really do love the idea of period boxes, but none have been just right “for me”. I wish there was one that allowed a little more personalization. That being said though, this is a pretty good box! I love the journal and pen (what a great idea), the face masks (nice!!), and makeup especially if I was allowed to personalize. 6 months ago I would have jumped on it! I can no longer have chocolate though, so …

    • Have you tried bonjourjoli? There is a goods only box and a regular box – you can personalize some of the items in both. I prefer that box to this one, since the curation is fun, and the snacks selection is great. – This box seems to have a bit more variety though.

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